YCMT Wants to Send You on a Date-Night!

Yes, that’s right! Hey, we all need a little break, right? I love going to a good movie and can sometimes even convince my husband to see a “chick-flick”! LOL! So I thought it would be fun to put a little something together so that you can have a date-night on YCMT!  We are giving away 3 of these! You’ll receive $60 in your PayPal account to do whatever you’d like! So take your spouse, significant other, best friend, grandmother, even a “mommy and me” date would be fun! 

It’s easy to participate….just check out the picture below with that handsome little guy on it.  That will fill you in on the details. There are a lot of ways to receive entries…and you can enter as often as you’d like! We will be drawing out 3 winners next Friday, August 3rd.  Like the picture says, we want YCMT to be the best it can be….and we’d love your help to make it that way!

Have a great weekend everyone!
-Kim 🙂




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37 responses to “YCMT Wants to Send You on a Date-Night!

  1. wowee!!! date night from ycmt? that’s great!!!

  2. Wow, what a cool contest 🙂

  3. Kathy

    Your creativity never ceases to amaze me! How fun!!! I’ve been working on several new things since the new products were listed. Now I’m motivated to get those pictures sent in! THANKS!

  4. Lana :-)

    Lovely site, etc. I love this concept and the SUPER customer service!!!

    Hmmmm is there an ebook on how to get the 4 year old princess to stand still for a photo?? If I ever figure it out, I’ll be sharing the cutie pics…


  5. Heather Bell

    What a great idea. My husband will just be happy I am away from my sewing machine for the night 🙂

  6. Shannon :)

    Whoo Hoo.. This is the best contest ever!!!
    Thanks so much for making it so much fun!

  7. wow awesome contest. I would love to win, I have been eyeing so many ebooks!!

  8. Oh how fun!! We should all have a date night with our hubbies 🙂

  9. Lori

    Great contest! Would love to win!

  10. I joined the affiliate program and added a banner to my blog. I had almost 150 visits on my site this week cause I was in the dog days of summer giveaway! That would be just in time for my 10 year anniversary in 2 weeks!!!
    I agree with the comment that DH would love to get me away from the sewing machine for a night!
    I couln’t see the whole date night logo, part of it was cut off.

  11. Date Night???? We need one of those, we only have Date days because DH works at night! lol it would be great anyways! Thanks for doing this Kim!


  12. Suzzanne Tenkhoff

    I love this contest and your site. I love the patterns. Please pick me for date night.

  13. what a great idea. we all get busy and just forget sometimes that we are…what!!….Married. Oh yeah! Thanks for reminding us. My hubbie hopes I win!

  14. Hello Kim,
    I have visited the site many times. It was not until today that I seen the other videos you have. I it is great that you all are making a difference by donating proceeds of a pattern in the Miracle Section to Children’s Hospitals. I will be sure to take a peek.


  15. oops – make a difference section

  16. Date night? LOL! I think not! I know exactly where my $60 prize would go – right back to YCMT! LOL!

  17. Date Nigh? What’s that 🙂 Is a babysitter included?? I would LOVE datenight!

  18. Melissa

    I’m off to go fight with my camera, I gotta get some pictures sent in!

  19. Karla L.

    I have purchased several patterns for other people to make, as I have no sewing experience (although, I am looking for a machine now :)! ) I absolutely LOVE this site and have told everyone I know about it!! I think it’s great that you are sharing with a great cause!!! This is a wonderful contest! How about rent a room to try to add to the family since precious 4 yr old princess won’t get out of our bed!?!? We need to make a brother or sister!!! Help!!!! 🙂 Keep up the great work!!

  20. A date night would be so much fun! I think we need to plan one whether I win this or not, lol. Thank you for the chance, Kim!

  21. Cindi

    What a great thing to do! Not only do I get great patterns, I may get a great prize too! Thanks!

  22. meagan

    🙂 Love the contest! I LOVE YCMT it truely is a FUN SITE!

  23. Alicia

    I love your website and all the new stuff, I have ordered alot of ebooks from you and I already have a wish list going for more! Keep them coming!

  24. Terri

    I LOVE LOVE your website and your creativity is inspiring!! I can only see a partal section of your instructions on how to win a date night. I look forward to your e-mails as new authors are added, my wish list continues to grow. I hope you get some down time – to enjoy the rest of the summer.
    Take care!

  25. Carla

    OOOH! What a fun contest!!! I haven’t been to a movie in over 2 years, and I am dying to get out and see “Hairspray!”

  26. Heather

    I love your website! I purchased three ebooks already! Keep ’em coming!

  27. Shari

    What a wonderful contest!! I have a newborn son and my 5 yr old daughter has missed having mommy all to herself. I’d be sure make a mommy and daughter date for me and my sweetie if we won. 🙂

  28. BJ Nestola

    As if the great ebooks weren’t enough, you sweetened the pot with a shot at “date-night”! Sounds great. I really like the concept of the ‘purchase points’ as well. I can’t wait to accumulate some so I can ‘buy’ even more instructions. 😉

  29. theskinnyonme

    Wow! With 5 kiddos I would love to have a date night, and know DH would too. You all are always so generous and make this site so much fun to be a part of.
    Rachel (personalchic@sbcglobal.net)

  30. What a great idea! I am all about date nights.

    Thanks Kim for such a cool website. I love it and it keeps getting better and better!!

  31. I could use a girls night out……the Brats movie is coming out soon, right? LoL! But seriously, this site is amazing!

  32. How fun is this contest? I would love to have a night out with my hubby!!


  33. I wannna win1 That would be cool! DH and I rarely get to go out!

  34. Karyn

    Wow…how I would LOVE to have a date night! I can’t remember the last time we did that! Good luck everyone! Can’t wait to find out who the lucky winners are!

  35. Stacey M.

    New site looks great!! Thanks for the date night opportunity!!

  36. Nadine

    Great Job on the website! You are truly an inspiration for women all over. Thanks for supporting Material Girls. We will continue to tell people about you.

  37. Jenny

    I love this idea!! How fun!! Yeah, I am totally excited. I haven’t been on a date with my hubby in….well, actually I can’t remember the last time. Our anniversary is coming up! I’d love to take him out to celebrate! 😉 Thank you for the opportunity!

    Jenny =)

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