A new video to share…and you just may know the “stars”…

We thought it might be fun to put together a little video highlighting the “I Made This!” section of the website. There are so many pictures there (we love that!) and unfortunately it was impossible to include all of them. So here’s a look at the most recent photos that were uploaded.


You Are My Sunshine



And if you have a picture to share, you can upload it at the new “I Made This!” section of our site. Thanks!



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8 responses to “A new video to share…and you just may know the “stars”…

  1. I love it Kim! Those kids are adorable and some of those sets look awesome enough to be sold! Great job!

  2. Gioncarla Lovato

    I just watched the video and I saw my “sunshines” it brought a tear to my eye! It was so beautifully put together! What a great way to start my day! As a customer it does make me feel appreciated. You rock Kim! YCMT.com keeps getting better and better!:-) Thank you!


    Keep up the great work!
    S in TX

  4. OK, Kim, that was awesome!

    And I’m sitting here in tears… “You are my Sunshine” is my Kelsey’s song. We even sang it at her funeral, with one amended line: “Thanks for taking our Sunshine Your way…”

    How fun to see all the those sweet sunshines and their big smiles 🙂

  5. ycmt

    Gigi – Thanks for sharing that. That really touched me.

  6. Barbara

    What a wonderful video. I was tickled pink to see my little ray of sunshine in it. I love that arrangement of “You are my Sunshine”. Who are the artists?


  7. It looks great!

    Gigi, that’s so sweet! 🙂 That’s always been my oldest son’s song as well.

  8. ycmt

    Hi Barbara! That is a such a beautiful version of the song, isn’t it? We were so lucky to get a license agreement to use it for the video — it is by an extremely talented lady by the name of Elizabeth Mitchell. You would just love her other songs as well. You can find her at: http://www.youaremyflower.org

    Kim 🙂

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