Can you relate? Win points for posting!

Scroll down just a tad below and you’ll find our new series called, “Women A Lot Like You!” That blog post will explain what that’s all about, but after I posted it I thought, “Hey! Let’s see how many others can relate to something these authors have said!”  So take a few minutes, read through their answers (you’re going to laugh and love it!) and make a post under that section about something you can relate to.

Post this week and next Friday I will draw out 25 names and give 25 points to each of their user accounts! You can use these points to earn FREE eBooks! Having a user account at YCMT is FREE and takes about 20 seconds to sign up. 🙂 For more information on user accounts, click here.

So, let’s hear from you! Can you relate?? 🙂




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3 responses to “Can you relate? Win points for posting!

  1. Kaysie Crook

    I can really relate to Karen’s (Growing Up With Rosy)aspiration to be a SAHM. That is my dream job too! I don’t think it would be a tough adjustment for me… I would definitely NOT be bored. I know that it would not be easy, but it would be oh so rewarding!

  2. I am so excited about this site! I love the networking! I enjoy how most of these styles and techniques don’t go out of style. 20 something years ago, I used to make hair bows and hats and sold them for my pocket money. Now there is a 10 year difference between my sister and I and 20 year differnce bewteen our children. Mine are grown and hers are young (oldest is 4) here I am I get to have fun all over again doing what I did 20 years ago! They are still in style! I love this site YCMT – I have purchaced a set of instructions last year – I have a couple more on my list (hopefully I purchase this weekend) to make new and fun items similar to what I have done but with a different technique!

    So it is this – I can relate to most of these stay at home Moms – I was one! Just wish I could have written a guide and sold it 20 something years ago! And now with my sister as a SAHM – making clothes and selling them, I make the hair accessories (and work full time 😦 ) Keep up the Great work Ladies!!!

  3. As I am reading through all of the stories this morning.. there are so many that made me think.. “Wow” that’s just what I would have said or did. I just want to tell Karen that My stress reliever is also a hot bath with good smelling bath stuff.. BUT you gotta ADD a delicious glass of wine and a LOCKED door! My dream job would enable me to be a SAHM while earning money doing the things that I love… making hairbows, learning to sew, general crafts! Staying home is a challenging job in itself but I think it is a rewarding one and it’s nice to know that you are home for your children when they need you!

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