Our First Episode of YCMT-TV!

Click here to watch YCMT-TV! (You’ll find it as the 5th video at the bottom of our home page – you’ll notice a picture of “aprons” as the beginning of the video)

I am so excited! After months of development, we finally have our first episode of YCMT-TV ready to show! We needed to keep it to a small amount of time just so that those with slower connections could still watch, but I think you’ll enjoy learning something new.

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Now, here’s the surprise…one of YOU will actually have your child’s name on this pillow shown in the episode!

So even if you’re not interested in making these, you may just want to watch to see if your child’s name is on the pillow! You’ll receive it this week!

After you watch the video segment, be sure to post to our BLOG! And hey, why not tell us what one of YOUR favorites things to make is! Someone who posts to this feature on the blog will win a finished pillow with one of your children’s names on it.  We’ll find out his/her name and bedroom colors later, but for now, just post to the blog, let us know what you think of YCMT-TV or even tell us what one of your favorite things to make is, and you could win!

Also, in celebration of this first episode, the eBook “Making Personalized Name Pillows” will be on sale for 30% off. Customers have made them for their children, for friends, birthday parties, Christmas…even someone mentioned they made them as party favors for all of the children! (Wouldn’t you love to have had your child invited to THAT party!) LOL! 🙂

So sit back and watch the first “official” episode of YCMT-TV. You’ll crack up at the “speed mode” that sets in during the middle of the segment, and you may just be surprised to see your child’s name on the pillow in the end! 

Quick note about the video — whether you have high-speed or dial-up, it should work for you. If the video “pauses” every so often, that’s ok. Simply let it run through once on your computer. It just sometimes takes time for it to “render”. Then once it has gone through once, you’ll be able to “replay” it again just fine with no interuptions. It is a little over 5 minutes long, but you’ll learn the beginning techniques to making this pillow so that you can apply the technique to ANYTHING.  Enjoy!

Click here to watch YCMT-TV! (You’ll  find it as the 5th video at the bottom of our home page – you’ll notice a picture of “aprons” as the beginning of the video)

Click here to view more details on the purchase of Making Personalized Name Pillows

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68 responses to “Our First Episode of YCMT-TV!

  1. So cool! So glad ycmt-tv is finally here!

  2. Carol Miles

    I love it I am so excited for YCMT cant wait to see whats coming next!!! I am off to buy another ebook:)

  3. Sarah / MMDesigns

    OMGosh, Kim!!! What a terrific video! Hooray for YCMT-TV!!!

    I feel I’m ready to try the appliqued name pillow eBook now because I saw YOU do it! I have never appliqued before and this has given me the confidence to try.

    Well done, Kim! Congratulations all around! 🙂


    (psst! Can the next one you make be Catie?? LOL!)

  4. Love, love the YCMT-TV!! I look forward to more of this feature!

  5. Jill

    I purchased these instructions and I can not wait to make a pillow of my own. I would like you to feature my daughter’s name on your pillow in your video.

  6. I love it Kim and CONGRATULATIONS! It’s a great idea and I love watching how you put everything together. I am so happy to be a part of YCMT. 🙂 Keep up the great work.

  7. Amy

    How cool is this?!! I love watching it on “tv”!! Can’t wait to see more!

  8. carrie

    Love it!!! I love everything I have purchased from YCMT. I have been eyeing this ebook and after watching this video I will definately be purchasing so I can make some pillows for my little ones. Can’t wait to see the next episode…and maybe my little boy or girl’s name!!! Love you YCMT!!!

  9. Tess

    I can’t tell you how much fun that was to watch. I love seeing how you are such a real, down-to-earth gal- and I really did learn a lot through watching it. It’s wonderful to be a part of such a great community here at YCMT.

  10. Tina

    WOW, what a great video!! Martha Stewart, look out!!!
    I am off to purchase this Ebook and get in on the summer sale! Thanks, I LOVE your site!

  11. Liz

    What a great idea! Loved it! My kids are Courtney, Sarah, Curtis and Cory for the purpose of the draw.

  12. Yay to YCMT-TV! As if we couldn’t get enough with so many awesome books! I can’t wait to see more!

    My daughter’s name is Koryn.

    Thank you again!!

  13. Robin Smith

    This is just Great! I had the sound turned off (my mom is watching tv – and I STILL understood what you were doing – mostly. Will people have the option of publishing this way instead of book format? Or will this be supplemental? Wondering….

    Robin – mommy to Jocelyn and Melanie, who love their twirl skirts, tutus, headbands, bows ….. and will probably love their name pillows, too.

  14. woohooo!!! I’ve been anxiously awaiting YCMT – TV! Go KIM! you did a great job. such a natural in front of the camera. 😉

  15. stacey moore

    I just love these!! Please enter us(Ethan and Ella)!!
    Thanks so much!!

  16. Natalie

    Yes! I LOVE YCMT! Loved watching the video. You also asked what else we like to make. Let’s see…. I love making just about anything for my home. I feel like my home reflects who I am and so it is something I very much enjoy doing.

  17. Jodie Potter

    Great job!!!! I had contacted you in the past to inquire whether my sewing machine would be able to sew the appliques on and you said yes…however I never got the guts to buy the ebook and try it. I have made baby bibs and tote bags like crazy…just never took the applique plunge! I am now going to buy your ebook with a new found confidence that came straight from watching YCMT TV!!! Seeing you demonstrate it takes a lot of the apprehension out of it and I cannot wait to get started!!!

    Thanks again and congrats!!!


  18. Crissie Fields

    Kim, Kim, Kim!!!!! Thanks so much! Sara Jane was THRILLED to see her name come rolling across the screen! I would have never in a million years guessed that I would be the lucky one and I just can’t thank you enough!!!!! It made Sara Jane’s day!

    I love the new YCMT-TV and I just can’t wait to see what’s coming soon!!! 🙂


  19. I have always wanted to amke these, I would love one to say Sarah

  20. Jennifer

    Wow I love the video! It just made me want to buy the instructions and tackle the project for my three kids–Reed, Gwendelyn and Olivia! Can’t wait to get started! Reed my four year old is so excited to spell and see his name that he wants it on EVERYTHING! Great idea!

  21. Melissa Boclair

    I watched the clip on the home page for the new video- very cool. I love the videos- makes it easier to do when you can actually see the project being made!!

  22. Pam

    I love the video – can’t wait for more! You’re funny – I’m a fabric hound too, except I usually say “cute fabric – I’ll have 2 yards!!!”

  23. Heather Bell

    What do I love to make? Pretty much anything. These ebooks have given me the confidence to try new things and my kids love having something mommy made.

  24. Lynn

    I loved the video! Neato. Martha Stewart look out! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  25. Penny

    Very cool.
    I love making these pillows, they are so fun and easy to put together.
    I did make them as party favors for my 4 y/o Daughters B’day and they were a hit !!! They cost about the same as I would have spent on junky stuff from the $ store, only the kids really liked these and have kept them, as oppsed to them being thrown all over the floor of mom’s car on the way home.

    People will see what you have created and want the same, I’ve just completed a big order somebody wanted as Christmas presents and have more orders to fill.

    Have fun w/ these, they really are as simple as they appear to be on the video 😉

  26. That was AWESOME…and I think we have the same countertops! LOL!!!
    I loved all the pillows – especially the one with the cow print and wester fabrics. I can get really “linear” in my thinking sometimes, I love stuff like this because it really sparks my creativity back to life again.

  27. Laura

    Once again, WELL DONE, KIM! This will bring a whole new element to an aready fantastic site. I have also made several name pillows – they are fun and make wonderful gifts!
    Thanks for all you do at YCMT!

  28. Sandi

    These are really great being that anymore there is such a wide variety of names. Gauranteed that you’ll never find my kids names on anything on a store shelf. My kids love stuff that I have learned to make from YCMT.com. What better item than a pillow that’s near them every night! Thanks for teaching and inspiring us!

  29. Kim!!!!!!! I’m just so very proud of you and excited for You Can Make This! Way to Go you amazing girl. That was awesome. 🙂


  30. Heather

    I think the video is great and I’m eager to see more! I have 3 girls and they’re all in to different colors but they share a room–this will be a great way to let each one choose the fabrics for their names, and I can coordinate all of the pillows to match their decor. WONDERFUL! So far I’ve only made clothes for my girls, and I LOVE the corset tops–I’m shirring everything in sight these days! This project gives me the courage to branch into a new area of sewing. THANK YOU, KIM!!

  31. Jessica

    Oh, wow! This is so exciting! YCMT-TV is going to be a big hit! This will be so helpful especially for us beginners because we can actually SEE exactly how to do each step! I have been thinking about getting this e-book for quite awhile, and now I definitely have to do it to take advantage of this great sale! (and to see the rest of this video) This pillow will be wonderful to make for my daughter because she has a unique name (it’s Japanese in honor of my grandma) and the only way to get personalized things for her is to make it or have it custom-made. Thank you so much, Kim!

  32. Kelly

    Wow I love it, I love everything that come you Ycmt.
    Awesome stuff!!

  33. Rae

    I am so impressed with both your website and now YCMT-TV! I love your products and while I haven’t made anything yet, I sure have had fun buying your ebooks! 🙂

    My girlies are Lainey and Emmie.

    Congrats on being such an awesome mompreneur!!

    Rae 🙂

  34. Marie

    Wow! I bought the e-book, but have yet to make a pillow because I can’t decide what color scheme to go with. Seeing you demonstrate it also inspired me to get started on one for each of my kids, and since everyone is throwing their kids names out there for the purpose of the drawing, I guess I will too!=)
    Isabella, Nathan and Madeline (we call her Maddie-which I thought would be cute for a pillow, to put her nickname on there).

    I’m interested to see more boy pillows, I’m having somewhat of a difficult time deciding what cool boy colors to use for a boy pillow.

    Isabella’s birthday is coming up and I am seriously considering doing these for party favors as well, lots of work, but oh the satisfaction of giving children something handmade that they can keep forever!

    Thanks so much!

  35. Christina Pepperoni

    I have two Kimberbell pillows already. I have five kids….so I am short by three. 🙂

    Love love loved the video Kim! Great job!!!


  36. How Cute!!! I love YCMT TV! I just made a trendy tote from YCMT today!! it was fun and easy and my daughter loves it!

    Can’t wait to see more YCMT TV!

  37. Jennifer Schrade

    AWESOME job on the new website!!! AND, ycmt tv, who’d a thought!! What a great idea!! I can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us! I check the site daily, somtimes even several times a day to see what’s new, lol. It’s my all time fav website!!

  38. What a FUN video! I definately need this ebook now 🙂
    These pillows would make such fun christmas gifts for my nieces & nephews, and definately one for each of my kids too!
    Thanks so much Kim for putting this together for us.

  39. Wendy Hillman

    Wow! I thought the eBooks were great, but this was phenomenal! I am a very visual person so this is just the kind of learning tool I need. I hope you start offering a LOT more video instructions! Maybe I will make my daughters, Hayley and Quinn, each a pillow now!

    Thanks, Kim!


  40. How Cute…Jordan, Courtney or Addison would love a pillow with their name on it.


  41. Heather

    I love YCMT-TV! Watching the video helped make the directions so much easier for a beginner like me! It was like a mini sewing lesson! Thanks KIM! Loved the pillow…

  42. Barbara Nestola

    I loved the video! The best part was being able to see the lovely lady behind YCMT and how down to earth you seem to be. I look forward to more YCMT-TV in the future.

  43. Wow! I think I can do that…off to buy the eBook, LOL


  44. Hana Lynch

    I just loved this video so much that I had to purchase the name pillow ebook. They are so adorable and I can’t wait to make Christmas gifts for my niece and nephews. Of course I’ll have to make them for my kids too. Wouldn’t Halle Mae look so cute on a pillow?! (hint hint!) Can’t wait for whats to come!!

  45. Marie

    OOps! I forgot to post what my favorite thing to make is! I love making anything for my two girls, skirts with embellished shirts are the easiest. But my newest favorite craze are the penny ponies and kate clips from the e-book by Marymo Handmade (fabric covered button hair ponies and snap clips). They are so fun and EASY to do especially since my oldest is outgrowing the hairbow stage! I’m an instant gratification kind of girl so finishing them in less than 5 minutes was awesome!

    I love YCMT, it’s been amazing!

  46. Stephanie Maynard

    I love the Video. It was great to be able to put your face to your name. I love the YCMT web site. It always has alot of fun ideas. I have one girl and four boys so its fun to make her clothes. Thanks for all that you do.

  47. Alexis

    Awesome video, I can’t wait for more! YCMT is so cutting edge, the best website ever. Thank you Kim for this wonderful gift to all of us out here who love to create!

  48. ~Deanna

    I watched the video last week but forgot to post that I did! I thought it was great…I really enjoyed it and think the videos will be a wonderful addition to the e-books.

    My favorite things to create… Well, I just bought the new crochet hoodie sweater pattern today and can’t wait to make it for my little girl! I’ve known how to crochet for YEARS but always did “boring” things like afghans… Now I’m having a blast making cute wearables for my daughter–things that would cost a fortune if purchased at a boutique! I can customize colors and she has one-of-a-kind outfits to wear!

    Last week I got the crochet fun fur cuffs pattern and think they will be great for the holidays (Halloween and Christmas) and also a pattern to make tutus, and plan to make a tutu for my daughter to wear on Halloween, and some to play dress up with.

    I’m sure I will be back for more things! I am so glad I found YCMT! I love the convenience of being able to find what I want, purchase it, pay by PayPal (my favorite payment method), and have the patterns delivered instantly to my email inbox. Now if I could figure out a way to have the supplies instantly delivered to my door, I’d have it made! LOL I am getting ready to run out and buy the materials to get started on my YCMT projects!

    Thanks again for this fantastic web site and I always look forward to the emails and seeing what all new e-books are available! I’m having so much fun! :o) Thanks, Kim!


  49. Shawnee

    Kim — You know I have purchased a lot of your e-books and to tell you the truth I dont even know how to really sew. I buy them to put in a book until I have time to really sit down and try. I really want this one…but I have a huge binder already and my hubby says no more until I sew something….from the ones I already have purchased. I was happy to see you live in Utah as I do…what a great idea to sell others ebooks. I received an email from a friend the other day and was surprised to see your email on it…so we must have a friend in common and didnt even know it. I congratulate you on the whole idea of this website…what a great idea and you definately have me looking and I dont even sew!

    Salt Lake City

  50. KIM! You’re awesome! That was a great video and congrats to the lucky Sara Jane who got the darling pillow. Can’t wait to see more videos… 🙂


  51. Lorie

    Kim–you did it again! When you first came out with these pillows, I thought they were so elegant and complex. Talk about an impressive pattern–it couldn’t be easier! Nevertheless, I can’t imagine how hard it is to do this, standing up, facing a camera—with SCISSORS! You are so lovely and make everything look so easy. Keep it coming–I’m addicted!

  52. Regina

    I loved watching the video! I purchased the ebook myabe 6 weeks ago, and started working on a pillow for my son, Jacob. So far, I am quite a novice with applique, and it shows! Especially on the curvy letters (any tips??). I ran out of thread, so will finish the pillow when I finally get more thread in the same color…But I love how easy the instructions are and all the photos–they help a lot!

  53. Elizabeth

    Love the video! For those that need visuals it is great. Sometimes I find written directions confusing but when you can see it in action it all makes sense!

  54. Elizabeth Carlyle

    Great Job! I love the idea that I can watch someone else do these projects. I am a very hands on learner and sometimes have a very hard time folowing a pattern – now you can show me one time or even just explain it and I understand perfectly. I have a friend who will come read the instructions and explain them to me so that I get it (she even had to do this for the new monogram machine I got). Maybe these “TV clips” will give her a break – LOL. Thanks so much.
    (Mommy to Alyshia, Taylor & Chris)

  55. Cindi

    Fantastic! Can’t wait for more! All of the projects from the e-books I have made have been so easy and have turned out great. I already love the instant gratification of downloading, and now video too! Thanks! Sure beats running all over town to find a pattern that is not as comprensive as YCMT!

  56. Nelda M

    I loved your fast speed mode with the music. It was cute. I saw one of my little ones name Sophie.

    This will be on my list of items to purchase.

    Thanks, keep up the good work.

  57. That was great! I loved it! I cannot wait to see more 🙂

  58. I finally got a chance to watch the video. I loved the fabrics you chose for the pillow. Congrats to the winner! And to YCMT for a great first episode!

  59. Nikki D.

    Thanks so much for the video – such a great idea!!! And BIG HUGE thanks for your awesome web site! Thanks to YCMT I now have more e-books than sense ;), but wouldn’t change it for anything :)!

    Thanks Kim :)!

  60. Gioncarla Lovato

    Love YCMT TV! Great idea Kim! I absolutely love everything I have purchased from YCMT. Thank you!

  61. YCMT TV is awesome! This is one of my favorite sites. Every e-book I have purchased I have loved making! My daughter Lorelai loves them too because I have made her a whole new wardrobe 🙂

  62. Rachel

    I just love this. Can’t wait to see what is next.

  63. Pam

    Wow – so many new books! I’m just curious as to how many hits this site gets – it seems to be catching on! And with TV, it will just get better!

  64. Debbie

    Hi Kim,
    I loved the video. It was very helpful. I bought this pattern already, but have not made my three kids pillows yet, since I just went back to work. I have bought so many patterns from YCMT, it is hard to pick my favorite. But I think the Growing Up With Rosy top would have to be one of them. I look forward to more videos. Thanks.
    Debbie KW

  65. Kaylene

    Kim, Fabulous video and I love the pillows. I have one my mom made me as a child and I can’t wait to make some for my boys.

    Or win one for Chance, Noah or Brady. 🙂

    Kudos again!!


  66. Susan

    I love this site and recently shared it with a lady who works at Joanne’s and didn’t know about the site! I love the pillow!!

  67. Kari

    I love that you are doing videos now!!! I have not bought any of the books yet because I am a beginner sewer and did not know if I would be able to do the projects. After seeing your video on how to make the name pillow I think I will purchase this book! I can always learn easier by “watching” rather than just reading. Hope to see more videos soon!!


  68. kerri

    I just purchased the name pillow instructions to make Christmas gifts for my girls. I can’t wait to start them!

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