Episode #2 of YCMT-TV!

When I first learned that there was a special foot you could buy for your machine that would “ruffle”, I was so excited! Then I got that “monster chunk of metal” home, and wasn’t sure how I was going to use it! LOL! So through trial and a whole lot of error, I managed to put together a few ruffles.

Well, now I know how to REALLY use this wonderful gadget  and I have Carla of CarlaC Dolly Designs to thank for that. She not only has made a YCMT-TV episode on how to ruffle with that “ruffler” of yours, but has also created a FREE eBook that you can download, too. You are going to love it! You’ll also want to check out Carla’s latest eBook so that you can put those ruffles to good use! 🙂 It’s called, “Portrait Peasant Tops and Dresses”.

Now how much fun is a give-away? (ummm…VERY!) 🙂 So after you download the free ebook and/or watch her video for YCMT-TV, be sure to make a comment here on the blog. We will draw out one lucky winner who will receive the most darling doll outfit you’ve ever seen! (And it’s the one she’s showing you on YCMT-TV!) Thank you Carla!

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78 responses to “Episode #2 of YCMT-TV!

  1. Laurie

    The ruffler rocks! It is the greatest gadget invented to make ruffles so much easier and it actually makes ruffles fun to do. I have a ruffler foot and thanks to Carla it does not intimidate me anymore. I also loves Carla’s patterns because you can create the cutest clothes for dolls with them. Thanks Carla for creating your wonderful patterns for dolls and children and for showing us how much fun ruffles can be with the ruffler foot. I am going to recommend your ebook patterns to everyone I know who loves to sew for their dolls and kids.

  2. Wow this was great! It’s fun to “meet” Carla too as I’ve emailed with her and she’s the nicest person. I have a ruffler that I got to help me with my Barbie clothes biz–I make lots of gowns and pulling gathers is just getting tiring! Well I have yet to use that ruffler but seeing this video and downloading the free e-book have inspired me! I hope you’ll keep this video available for later reference since I don’t know of a way to save this kind of video. Thanks again Carla and YCMT!

  3. Marie

    This video was so great to see a ruffler being demonstrated! I bought a ruffler attachment a few months ago and had the most difficult time figuring it out. I finally did, but have only stuck to using it one way. After reading the e-book and watching the video, it gives me a little more confidence to try it out again and use it to its fullest capabilities!

    The videos are so fun to watch and make it so easy and inspiring to start a project!

    Thanks to Carla for the wonderful video and her time and efforts creating a free e-book to use a ruffler, if you don’t have a ruffler, you’re missing out!

  4. Heather

    Incredible! Fantastic!! Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU to Carla for her wonderful e-book and video. Once again, YCMT has given a newbie sewer the courage to try something new and the things I’m making look so professional!

  5. Melanie W.

    THANK YOU!!!!!
    O.K. I’ve been wrestling with this ruffler for months. I knew it would be great if I ever figured it out. Very limited success. Thnak you! I feel like a girlfriend just let me in on some new sewing secrets. I love YCMT and I love you Carla for sharing your knowledge on using the ruffler.

  6. Rae

    I NEED one of those! Totally makes me look at patterns with ruffles in a new light. Thanks for such an informative video clip!

    Rae 🙂

  7. Jessica

    Wow! This video and e-book are SO awesome! Being a beginner, I didn’t even know that there was such a thing as a ruffler foot, and now I feel like I need one. I feel like I finally can do an OK job at hand ruffling, but now I see how much neater and faster it could be! Thank you SO much Carla! It really was awesome to see the person behind the many cute e-books. You gave me such confidence to go out and buy a ruffler attachment and to try using it. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this with us!

  8. julie

    Thank you Carla for de-mystifying the ruffler! Your ruffler e-book is awesome and for it to be free is a gift. Thank you also for your awesome e-book patterns! I have so many clothing creation e-books from YCMT and you write the clearest directions and give so much information and helpful tips. Thanks so much 🙂

  9. Debbie

    What a great video and e-book! Your directions make using the ruffler so easy to understand. Thank you!

  10. Meridith

    This video is just what I needed! I have been longing for a ruffler foot (with two young girls) but I have been intimidated by them. Your clear explanations and visual guides are just what I needed to help me understand it. Guess I will be adding a ruffler foot and some of your patterns to my birthday and Christmas wish lists! Thanks so much!

  11. Kelley

    What perfect timing. I just a ruffler foot this week and was so confused. I cannot wait to tackle it now!
    Many thanks for this great e-book.

  12. Thank you Carla!! Love your ebooks and this free ruffler ebook is just fabulous!!!

    your ebooks are always very detailed with clear instructions.

    It was great to watch you on YCMT TV! Keep up the good work 🙂


  13. wow that was awesome!!!!

  14. Let’s all raise our glasses to Carla for debunking the ruffle.
    I felt like a total moron a year ago when I went out and purchased a ruffler, and then realised a) I don’t know how to use this thing, and b) What am I going to ruffle. Since that day, my sewing machine has been collecting dust, sitting there, staring back at me in that intimidating way….thank you carla for sweeping away the cobwebs and single handedly making me understand what and how to use a ruffler….

  15. Amy Kirby

    I have used the ruffler many times never getting quite the same result. I didn’t understand quite how to alter the settings the right way to get what I wanted. This e book takes the guess work out of it totally! Its great we have someone to help us when our sewing feet come with little to no instructions! Thank you so much for taking the time to explain it in such detail!

  16. norma

    Love the ruffler information! Thank you so much for all the great things you do for us!

  17. marie

    I must say this is the first time I have really wanted to post a comment just because I have gone from being ruffle inclined (people ran in fear from my ruffles…LOL)to being able to make the greatest looking ruffles ever..I so love this website..thank you ladies and thank you CarlaC for the great book and great information, my husband no longer thinks my ruffler investment was a bad idea..thanks Marie

  18. Kristina

    Hooray for this e-book. I have been totally intimidated by the ruffler and now I am dying to use it. Thanks!

  19. Char

    Great video! That made it look simple enough I might finally buy a ruffler!

  20. Kristi Y.

    Thanks to Cindy for doing this. It really answered alot of questions I had about using my new ruffler foot. It was simple to understand but very filled with information. Thanks again.

  21. Tanaya

    I am serious when I say I can just kneel at Carla’s feet for this! Last week I stayed up to 1:30 am (despite me having to go to work the next morning) determined to FINALLY figure out my ruffler. I’d bought it about 6 months ago and had been back to the dealer twice to get help. They weren’t that helpful so I googled and googled til I found information that was only slightly helpful and not enough to keep me from wanting to hurl that thing into the wall!
    I had cut up strips of fabric and wrote down all these different settings to try. Long story short, my bobbin threads kept jamming, needle kept getting stuck. It was so frustrating!
    I went to work the next morning and posted on one of my Yahoo groups some questions as to why my ruffler was so evil to me! Somebody pointed me to YCMT. I visit YCMT every week anyway but Kim had just put it on that morning. I was in awe as I looked at the Ebook in amazement! So detailed, so clear and soooo complete in every sense of the word! I know I’m gushing and it’s not to win the contest either. I felt like my prayers had personally been answered! If you think I’m overdoing the praise try hand ruffling a dust ruffle ALL BY HAND when you have a ruffler you are scared of and you’ll understand why I’m so happy! I emailed Kim right away to thank her for making this available for free no less. I would’ve paid $20 for this easy! In fact I was so impressed by her clear instructions I bought Carla’s new Peasant top Ebook, and Easy fit pants to add to my collection of YCMT Ebooks. Those are great too! Thanks soooooo much Carla and Kim. Me and my ruffler have called a truce!

  22. I have loved my ruffler foot since the day I got it, and have used it for hours and hours of ruffles! I just watched the new YCMT TV on the ruffler foot, and I had completely forgotten about the screw that allows you to change the depth of your tucks. I can’t believe I haven’t been using the ruffler foot to gather as well! I can’t wait to go play with it again. Thanks so much for making this free video and eBook!

  23. Great tutorial – now we should all be able to use our ruffler with succcess! Thank you CarlaC! 🙂

  24. Kim

    WoW! How nice to finally *meet* you Carla! What a super video! Ive had my ruffler for almost a year now but never really got the hang of it till I saw your instructions! Time to get that baby out today and make something new (-:

    Carla your patterns ROCK!!
    Thanks so much for this great demo and instructions!

    Kim your website is Da Bomb! I just emailed my mom so she could get in on the action here too. We really appreciate all the work you put into this site to make it all so appealing and fun for us!


  25. Maureen

    Thank you so much, Carla. I bought a ruffler when I ordered my first set of patterns from you and it has made my life so much easier. Since I had to figure out how to use it on my own, I loved watching your video clip and learning a few more things about it.

    Thanks again for being so helpful!

  26. Thank you so much for this wonderful ebook! The ruffler foot is the perfect sewing machine accessory and the instructions are wonderful! I LOVE YCMT!!!

  27. Tiffany

    I have a ruffler foot and have never used it because I didn’t know how and sometimes directions are not very clear, but after watching this video I am going to try it out. Thanks! Tiffany

  28. I happen to have a ruffler foot (handed down from my Grandmother) and had no idea how to use it. I’m so excited to try it out I almost forgot to comment here.

  29. Deirdre

    I am so grateful that Carla has created both the ebook and the accompaning video for the ruffler. Like many others, I have a ruffler but it baffles me. Thanks to Carla, I’m ready to give it another try. I love all of Carla’s intructions and can’t wait to see more!

  30. Nancy Saller

    Carla’s instructions have made the ruffler seem like a dream. I need to buy one and give it a try – I can hardly wait to try it out! I have downloaded the eBook and know that will be a handy guide. Thanks, Carla!

  31. Kristi Y.

    I shared this with alot of friends at my local fabric shop. They were impressed. Being a new sewer they have been giving me and others like me help. I posted earlier about how great this tutorial is (Sorry Ms. Carla, I am terrible with names.) but this ebook and video has taken all the guess work out of using the ruffler. Thanks again to Ms. Carla (I got the name right this time.) And to Ms. Kim and all the others behind the scenes at YCMT for helping people like me learn a useful and beautiful art.

  32. Zannino

    Well … let me just say … I LEARNED something NEW about the ruffler! LOL I had NO IDEA that you should feed the fabric thru those little zig zag bars on the ruffler … I’m so happy that I watched the episode!!! Thanks Carla!!

  33. Tracy

    I just watched the video. Great job! I recently purchased a ruffler foot and hadn’t even had a chance to take it out of the box to play around with. Now I have the inside scoop and can’t wait to get started!



  34. Wow! I need this gadget!!!!

  35. Cynthia

    Love the video! Thanks for showing how to use the ruffler. I have several of Carla’s e-books. The instructions and pictures are great and the ruffler would help to make them a lot easier to sew.

  36. Heather Bell

    thank you so much for doing this. i got pathetic instructions when I purchased my ruffler. It worked well but by the time I got the settings right I might as well have done them by hand. thanks for showing us how to work the ruffler

  37. What a great episode! It was really a nice treat to ‘meet’ CarlaC and she’s a natural on camera.

    I’m off to search for a ruffler that will fit my machine. 🙂

    Thanks, Kim! You’ve done it again!

  38. Elizabeth

    I definitely need to get a ruffler foot!!! Never knew that putting on ruffles could be that easy. I am ordering one now! Great E-book and video! Thanks

  39. amy

    I have a ruffler that came with my machine, I’ve tried it but this makes so much more sense. Thanks for the info. and free info is fantastic. If it wasn’t so late I would go try it out again, oh well there is always tomorrow.

  40. Sandi

    So exciting! Thanks to Carla C for putting this together! I have been eying that ruffler foot for some time now but was worried about learning how to use it. Thank for teeaching me how to make my life easier!…now off to the sewing shop!

  41. Christina

    Wow, now I want to play too. I’ll have to see where I can get one for my machine. The video was very helpful and I’m sure the free ebook will be as well. Thank you so much for posting this. I hope to make some cute doll clothes as well. I love all of Carla’s designs.

  42. Amy

    Wow! She makes it look so easy! Maybe now I can figure out how to use mine!

  43. Debra

    Thanks so much for taking the time to help everyone else! Love your Doll Clothes. Debra

  44. Roseanne

    Great video. I d/l the book too, but haven’t had the chance to look at it. Looking forward to learning how to us my ruffle.

  45. Connie

    THANK YOU! I actually went out to purchase a ruffler this week because of this ebook! This book is fabulous! I was able to ruffle the twirl skirt I was making without feeling frustrated with pulling strings (and strings breaking!) Now, I feel like I can do any ruffling project! Thank you so much for making ruffling so much fun!

  46. Jan Schwanke

    This ruffler is the greatest thing since sliced bread. It was taking me hours and hours to gather the fabric for the twirl skirts. Now I can make several in the time that it took me to do one! I love YCMT!!! Keep up the super job!!! I love to do ruffling now~~~

  47. I am going to buy one of these now that I’ve seen the video!

  48. Trish Phelps

    First I would like to say, Thank you Carla for taking the time to help all of us by sharing your knowledge of sewing, and for the free e-books! Now, I know what the heck this thing is, lol!! I thought it was some kind of quilting tool my machine came with…hehe!! What a time saver!! I can’t wait to try mine out!! I won’t be able to use it for a while as I am scheduled for neck surgery on Oct 24th, but as soon as I am healed that’s the first thing I am going to play with. And when I feel confident, then I will use it to make one of the fantastic e-books I’ve bought from YCMT to make something for my grandbaby’s birthday. She’s turning 4 soon, and she just loves it when I make her something!! Thanks again!!

  49. Heather

    Hmmm.. I loved the ebook! I would never try to use a ruffler by myself… I’m going out today to look for one to buy! As always, Thanks for the inspiration!

  50. Where was this video and ebook when I first started using a ruffler foot lol Great Video and ebook! I am sure I will have to go back to the ebook now and then when I am ready to scream lol The doll dress is soooo cute!!

  51. Carla! Thank you so much for this wonderful Ebook! I am going out to buy a ruffler! I cant believe I have been pulling bobbin thread all this time and I didnt have to! lol

  52. Mellissa

    Wonderful! I just bought a ruffler and now it will be so easy to try to use it. Thanks for all of the information. I can’t wait to get started!

  53. Amanda

    Thanks for the wonderful insight and willingness to inspire others to make wonderful things. It is not easy with children to get to a local sewing shop to have someone with experience show you how to use a ruffler—NOW I can make all the dresses I want with ruffles for my baby girl.

  54. Barbara

    I have this foot and I’m so happy to see it in action. I’ve used it some but seeing this makes me want to get it out and make some stuff using it. Thanks!!!

  55. i’ve used my ruffler for years now. i love it, love it, love it! 🙂 P

  56. Susan Hoffman

    Wow! You really packed a ton of information into that ebook! Such a great resource for a beginner like me! I love all of Carla’s instructions. They are the best!

  57. I have been struggling with that *darn* ruffler for months, and just finally gave up. Until now!! I got, I finally got it!!! I also LOVED the tip about using a screwdriver on the ruffler. I needed it for the needle too. What a difference! Thanks so much!

  58. you make it look so easy with the ruffler! How does one calculate how to set the attachment to get the fabric of the skirt to match the ruffled fabric of the ruffle?

  59. Deb

    I own a ruffler and can recall searching on line on ways on how to put it to use. This video is awesome!! Carla makes “sew” easy to use as well as provides much needed info on what all the parts stand for. I can’t wait to take the rufler out and get some wonderful ruffles going for the holidays. Thanks again, keep up the great work.

  60. Lisa

    Hooray!! This was EXACTLY what I needed! I had a ruffler, and was attempting to understand it – there isn’t much help on the internet, or with the directions – so I was hesitant to try anything else until I saw this.
    Thanks so much to Carla C for such wonderful, very detailed, easy to follow instructions!! I can’t wait to get started!

  61. Shannon O.

    Carla I just can’t thank you enough for creating this faboulous ebook The Ruffler Unruffled. I’ve got to tell you I bought a ruffler thinking “this will be great, no problem.” Brought it home and thought “holy cow that’s one scary looking little contraption!” LOL :o) Now after watching your video and reading the ebook I think I can master this baby and make some fabulous ruffled creations with it.

    Thanks so much and I love your ebooks too!

    ~ Shannon ~

  62. Patty M.

    Wow- I actually have a ruffler that I have never used because I was too intimidated! I forgot I even had it- now I can’t wait to dig it out and try it! I can’t wait to make some cute dresses for my girls and their dolls!
    Thank you so much Carla and YCMT!

  63. Wendy O

    Thank you! I have so intimidated by the ruffler foot, but know that it would make my sewing so much easier and I’d do so much more! I can’t wait to try it out!

  64. I’m so excited to try your ruffler instructions & your doll clothing patterns are adorable!

  65. Hana L

    Thanks YouCanMakeThis.com and Carla for the ebook and video about how to use a ruffler foot. I have been wanting to get a ruffler foot but was so intimidated by it. Now I feel like I can figure it out w/ the instructions in the video and ebook! I can’t wait to get one and get “ruffling”!! (is that even a word?! :o))

  66. Tricia

    My daughter is going to be disappointed that I won’t have any more “screw ups” from the ruffler to let her cut up : ) Thanks for saving my fabric stash!

  67. Amy P

    I’ve been sewing for years, but had never heard of a ruffler until I bought one of YCMT’s patterns for twirl skirts. I “splurged” and bought the ruffler thinking I’d only use it once. I wrangled with it and finally figured it out. I wish I’d had this video then! It makes me want to rush home and ruffle up a storm!

  68. Carol

    Carla, Your video and e-book are amazing! I have always wondered how to use a ruffler and never tried it because I have never known anyone who knew how to use it. Now I know–thanks to you! I have always gathered by hand and hated it. I can’t wait to get a ruffler and try it for myself. I also look forward to purchasing your patterns! They look like they would be so much fun to make.

  69. a ruffler is on my wish list, we’ll see… Until then guess I’ll keep doing it the old way, sigh!

  70. Caroline

    THANK-YOU Carla! I was forced ~thanks to you ;)~to go out and buy a ruffler – used it last night and OMG it was sooo much fun. I still have to work out the ruffle factor part – i was too anxious to stop and figure it out first – but that’ll be easy peasy thanks to the e-book! 🙂

  71. Tina

    What a great video demo!! I just loved it. I have been wanting a ruffler for along time, now I REALLY want one! This is really so much better than running stitching lines and gathering by hand. Thanks for a great demo.

  72. Renee Williams

    I have watched this video and find that it is very helpful, but a little too late. At the beginning of the summer 2006, I recovered kitchen dinette chairs with black/white checked fabric and added a small ruffle for interest. My ruffler is practically an antique since it was purchased with an antique Singer treadle machine. However it is still working well. No hang-ups or rough edges and smooth operation. The one thing that Carla did not mention is that the fabric strips for ruffling should be cut on the bias if possible. This reduces fraying and gives stability to the ruffles. Also when matching checks and strips, the contrast in direction is complementary no matter how it is used. Thank you for this e-book. Although I have experience with my ruffler, I still learned a lot.

  73. Christina Z

    I loved this ebook and especially the video. I don’t have one of these yet, but have been dying to get one. I don’t really like gathering by hand, especially in tiered twirl skirts, because by the last layer, I am exhausted. So this is going to be my future reference for using this “monstrous metal contraption”. Thanks for making it easy to understand carla.


  74. Was told I had to have the ruffler foot. Ordered it and fought with it due to no instructions. Worked it out, but this video helped me with a few questions I had. Thanks so much for this video, I can now work with it successfully.

  75. Stephanie

    I just want to say say thank you for doing this video and Ebook. I purchased a ruffler a while back and haven’t used it as of yet. Now with the help of your Ebook and video I have the confidence I have been needing to get started. Yay, no more cramped hands or dreading projects that have ruffles.

  76. Michelle

    I just got one of these for Christmas & look forward to using your tutorial with it! Thank you!

  77. Tiffany

    This ebook is PRICELESS. I have had a ruffler for a while, but I had not taken the time to figure out what settings I needed etc. I knew it would take quite a bit of time. Your ebook made it SO easy. Plus, now I know exactly what settings I need for any project. It has made all of your beautiful patterns so much easier!

  78. Doris

    Carla thank you so much! The video and e-book instructions are so well done. I have been struggling with my ruffler and now I think I can do it. Doris

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