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handmade holidays

handmade holidays



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37 responses to “What are you making? Post & Win!

  1. Heather

    This year we (my 4 and 5 year old girls and I) made oodles of ornaments for family. I’m making a memory quilt for my mother. Her sister passed away at a young age only 3 after she was diagnosed with terminal cancer so I’ve secretly stashed some of her most memorable garments that I’ve been piecing together for a lap quilt that she can use every day. I’m also making a couple quilted “quillows” for my other aunts so they can use them to reind them of warm memories of their baby sister who passed away.
    For my girls I am making gaucho and corset top sets. For a close friend and her three boys: crocheted hat and scarf sets. Also working on two pieced baby quilts for sisters that are both expecting–these are always one of my favorite gifts! I always make TONS of cookie trays and I’ve decided to throw in some handmade coaster sets this year. I’ve got some extra handmade coaster sets and aromatherapy hot rice bags on hand for those “drop-in” Christmas visitors. I’m a busy little mama and still have a bunch of work to go!!

  2. I’m making Christmas Stockings and totes for co-workers. I have also made 3 little girl dresses for a needy family the employees where I work adopted (A set of 2 year old twins and a 4 year old). I am making an LSU infant outfit for a friend’s baby and a pair of LSU boxers for her older sister. I’ve also started a smocked baby boy outfit for another friends new baby boy. I just finished a memory quilt for my neice made of tshirts from her dad who passed away 5 years ago. I’ll also be making peanut butter fudge and pralines for gifts closer to Christmas. I’ll be busy busy busy till Christmas.

  3. Fatima

    Right now im making some baby booties for presents, some wallets, purses for presents…and the best ..is mm dont know what to call it..bcoz of my spanish.., i guess its some type of dressing for my bathroom..toilet…i can show pictures..,also doing some embroidery ..some blackwork….

    i guess im very busy huh..

  4. We have pledged to have a handmade holiday this year. So most of my gifts are handmade, although not all by me. I’ve bought a few from some great designers and artists on etsy.

    For my neice I’ve made her a duct tape purse that I’m filling with a gift card and some lip glosses she likes. I’m making my mom a messenger bag and an applique t-shirt she can wear to “cruise night”. For both my Mom and MIL, I’ve framed pictures of the kids I rendered in Illustrator. I am making my daughter some twirly skirt and my son a couple of button downs.

  5. Twirls for Girls, of course!! I am going to try and put together a family abc book with pictures. On the A page you put pictures of family members (or pets) that start with an A so on!!
    Thanks for the contest!

  6. Marie

    I love the chalkmats! I actually made those for party favors for my daughter’s 6th Birthday party a few weeks ago. They were a huge hit and didn’t take me as long to make as I thought-especially with my wonderful hubby helping to cut fabric.

    I’m making the bloomin dozen headbands for Isabella’s teacher as a Christmas gift and a few personalized name pillows for my nieces and nephews.

    Isabella (my 6 yr old) plan on working on some twirl skirts for the toys for tots (very near and dear to me as my hubby and I are both former Marines) so we are excited about that!

    For my mom, I’m doing a mod podge project of black and white photos of her grandkids on a wooden tray that I’m painting black.

    My current projects are Christmas A-line dresses from the e-book by Carla C. If they turn out okay, I will be making one for my niece for Christmas. Oh-and some really cute ties for my nephews stockings (they saw my son wear it and wanted one so they can be like their daddy…so many projects…so little time, but lots of fun!

  7. Desiree

    Thanks to youcanmakethis.com I’ll be making TONS of homemade gifts this year. I’m making my daughter a xmas jumper, my son a few ties, my nephew two Hannukah ties and pants for his birthday, and lots of dolly dresses and hats for various friends and relatives. Speaking of dolly clothes I’ve done two dresses for the Twirls for Girls project, and one peasant blouse with another cut out to sew. I also need to purchase a purse pattern (I just can’t decide which one!) to make some purses for friends and preschool teachers. I can’t believe I have so many projects in the pipes, but all these patterns are so easy and come together so fast I know I’ll accomplish them. I’ve also recommended the website to many others so they can make some handmade holiday items too. (And hopefully do some Twirls for Girls outfits to donate!)

  8. Melissa Boclair

    I am making tutus, applique initial tees, bibs, and starting the chalk mats soon. With money being tighter this year- I plan on making alot of gifts. More ecomonical and so rewarding to make a gift for someone and be able to say- I made this!!

  9. There is a ton of little kids between my family and my husband’s, and I can’t afford to buy each of them something, so this year everyone is getting name pillows! I am running out of time, however. There is only 26 more days till christmas! ahhhhhh…. I have to go work now. Merry Christmas Everyone!

  10. Heather

    I have made numerous handmade gifts this christmas with my daughter. She loves to craft just about anything! We made cinnamon and applesauce ornaments for our relative’s trees, a peppermint candy wreath for her class, and some scented gel candles for her teacher! The most fun was just doing it together!

  11. I will be making matching outfits for my daughters and nieces and a couple other little girls! All of a sudden I feel so rushed!! I really need to have the mentality of Christmas in July next year!! maybe, Kim, you can have something like that on YCMT in 2008 so the time does not pass us by!! I’ll also be canning some pepper jelly and cranberry jelly for my neighbors! And I may do one of the name pillows! I just need more time!! LOL

  12. Dawn

    My girls are making ornaments for teachers and aunts. My oldest dd is also making the pens with the flower on the top and floral wrap. I thought these would be cool for the girls in her class. I’m making my 2 youngest tutus for dress up and lots of crayon rolls for everyone.

  13. Kerrie

    I am making TONS of things this year, even for my own children because our big move totally blew the budget – LOL! Clippies, bows, tutus, bracelets, applique sets, soaps, bath salts, soup mixes – you name it!
    I know I’ve said this before, but I have to say it again – I just LOVE this site. The authors here have the most amazing stuff, things I would *never* come up with! I visited today and saw the chalk mat (amongst other things) and thought WOW!
    I’ve been at a loss for the little boys on my gift list, something like that would be perfect!
    Now I just need to stop drooling and get to work! 🙂

  14. K.Renfrow

    I am making zucchini bread with chocolate chips for our annual christmas breakfast which includes 18 people from where we worked for over 20 years.

  15. I am so happy to have been able to make lots of things this year. I really think those gifts mean so much more.
    So far I have made memory pillows for my mom, sister and aunt. I made a purse for my mother in law, scarfs for my father in law, nephew and son. I made photo collages (and framed them) for my pastor and his wife. I have also made some PJ’s for my kids, some doll outfits for Toys For Tots and mini chalkmats for the kids in my church class (I teach the 2 & 3 year olds). I am still trying to think of other things I can make for people.

  16. Marcie

    This year I’m doing a lot of counted cross stitch ornaments and embroidering names on our stockings! That is, in between batches of home made fudge, cakes, cookies and candies! I like to pass out platters of these with home made counted cross stitch ornaments dangling from the top of gathered, colorful wrap. Makes a pretty presentation for a delicious platter of goodies!

  17. Nancy Saller

    Thanks to YCMT, I have made two ties for two of my grandsons, an “I Spy” bag for my granddaughter and plan to applique some kitchen towels. I am also planning on making a small photo album for my Mom who is 90 years old – I took the pictures on Thanksgiving of all of the family including the dogs – so it will be lots of fun for her. I’ll also make up a cajun chex mix for my fellow workers and found a neat little book for home-made dip mixes that I’ll give to friends so they can make them up when they need them. I love to think up new and different ideas and try to make most of the gifts I give. Merry CHRISTmas!

  18. Nancy Saller

    . . . and of course everyone will receive a “Pocket Pal” made in CHRISTmas prints on the outside of their package. (Please check out my ebook on YCMT – they a cute, easy and lots of fun!) Thanks!

  19. I am making hooded towels, appliqued and monogrammed, for my girls (ages 6 & 7) to put in a bath set. I’m putting in lotions, bubble bath, loofah, hair brush, and the towel into a cute plastic bin I got and decorated with polka dots and their name.
    I’m also making their Christmas dresses, using the Growing Up with Rosie twirl top pattern (my most favorite pattern!) and some Christmas embroidery designs.
    My son (age 4) will be getting some new ties I will be making from the ebook I bought. He will match his sisters dresses.
    I am monogramming personalized sipper cups for his preschool class, and monogramming bath robes for a few teenagers in my family. I will also be making lounge sets (Growing Up with Rosie gauchos ebook) for my kid’s annual Christmas Eve pajama gift.
    Whew! I need to get off the computer and get to work!

  20. jmday

    I’m making these great ribbon storage boxes.


  21. I’ve made appliqued name pillows for my nieces and nephews, as well as leather-soled shoes, pajamas for one niece (and more still to be made!). Hopefully I’ll have time to make some cozy pj pants for dh and the kiddos, and some hoodies for my kids. I’m trying hard to use up stash, avoid the big box stores, and make it a handmade Christmas.

  22. Alison

    I am making shirts and quiet books and crayon rolls. thank you for this site!!! I LOVE IT!!!

  23. I’m crafting for my whole family this year:
    – My mom is getting crocheted afghan, coffee cup sleeves, and crochet thread jewelry.
    – My sister is getting handknit scarves, water bottle holder/purse, handknit sweater, and crochet thread jewelry.
    – My BIL is getting handmade moccs (my first time making these), a few handknit snowboarding hats, and some handknit socks for snowboarding.
    – My two nieces are getting assorted crochet shrugs and hats, and my nephew is getting a polar fleece hoodie and snowboarding hat.
    – My hubbie is getting a handknit Chicago Bears raglan sweater.
    – I’m still up in the air where my kids are concerned. They love hats, scarves, and gloves so that’s probably what they’ll be getting. My oldest wants one of those blankets that resemble a sleeping bag. You sit in it while you are sitting up reading or watching TV.

  24. Rae

    I had so many big plans and now I feel like the giant Christmas clock is ticking! I have a lot of things that I want to make, but on the “for sure” list are altered board books for each of the three sets of grandparents. This is my third year to do these. I’m also putting photos inside glass ball ornaments as gifts for family and friends. On my “hope to” list are lounge sets for my girls and name pillows for my children and other special kiddos in our lives.

    Happy Holidays!

    Rae 🙂

  25. Jess

    Medical bills this year took a huge chunck of money, who knew cancer was so expensive…
    I made swarovski and cats eye, bottlecap, necklace and bracelet sets for most of the female members of the family. I found out that I am really good at it, and I love to do it!

  26. Sarah

    With the weather getting colder, I thought it would be the best time to make hats and scarves for family.

    I bet they’ll like these: http://tinyurl.com/33m73f

    I am so happy that I ran across YCMT! The site is so stock full of great projects to make. It practically has everything you need to make each person happy.

    So here’s to homemade gifts!

    I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!

  27. Cheri

    We decided to go Handmade for the Holidays this year. My girls will be receiving a kitchen set (complete with felt food, apron and chef’s hat, potholders, and more), chalkmats, playsilks, pillow and blankies, art totes, and much more. I am very excited to have crafted their Christmas myself, and plan to make this a tradition. I know that they are going to love them for years to come, and best of all – I know that they are SAFE.
    Happy Holidays!!!

  28. Robin

    I will be making my mother and mother-in-law a handmade multi purpose tote! I just started last night and am so excited about this project!

    I also made my kids (ages 2 and 1) matching flannel lounge pants!!

  29. ellen harper

    I made oodles of aprons from thrifted bib overalls and denim skirts. I made Santa Sacks from Christmas themed sweatshirts. I made pin cushions from scraps of cloth and tiny sugars and creamers. I also made placemats, pot holders, and kitchen towels from tablecloths. Every thing came for the most part from items I found at a charity shop. I even got a lot of the rickrack and laces there. The rest came from the left over scraps and my imagination. I used a lot of my leftover trim scraps to make my Christmas cards. I guess the theme for this year is repurposed thrift items.

  30. Diane

    I made all-purpose totes for two of my kids teachers and my MIL. I made a sweet pea handbag for my SIL and I really need to finish up another sweet pea handbag for the last teacher gift by Thursday!

    Thanks YCMT. I love your web site.

  31. Kathy G

    I’m making purses, drawstring bags to hold coffee, stuffed robots, toddler skirts, notepad covers and oven mitts. Whew! I’m still working on them!

  32. oopsedaisy

    I’ve been busily sewing away for weeks now and am still working on my list!!! I have made a sweet pea handbag for my sister and came up with my own pattern to make a flat iron cozy for her. I have also made travel tissue holders and key chains for stocking stuffers. I’ve made a tote bag and a fabric coffee sleeve for my son’s teacher. Right now I’m working on 2 name pillows and some aprons, and if I have time I’d also like to make some coasters and placemats for my grandmother’s new kitchen. And of course I made some adorable appliqued clothes and hairbows for my dd to wear throughout the holidays! Love you ycmt…you’re keeping me busy!!!

  33. Christina

    I am working on bows…of course…some reversible headbands…a cuff bracelet made from pennies…an Indiana flag and Marine flag reversible pillow….a cloche hat, a line dress,and euro apron…tiny adorable refrigerator magnets from aquarium stones, tiny pics, and magnet tape…if I have more time, a few more pairs of decoupage jeans that need finished (they are mostly done)…a denim skirt from a pair of jeans….and some raglan hoodies…I know there’s more, but right now I am up to my eyeballs trying to get everything done…I still have to bake!!!!!

  34. holly

    i made a purse to go in our family white elephant exchange. my mom wound up with it and i couldn’t have been happier! she loved it. i also made a couple of really cool screen printed shirts! for my sister, i printed out a picture of her and printed it on a shirt. she’s 12 so you know she loved that! i did a skateboarder for my son and a shirt that said “grandma” on it with hand prints of her grandchildren for my mother in law.

  35. Tiffany

    I made several of Carla C’s twirl skirts with matching tops–some just with applique embroidery to match the skirt fabric and some with her peasant top. I also made several pairs of pants from Carla C’s pattern. I made a pair of PJs for my kids and my friend’s kids. I also embroidered several robes for family members and will be embroidering several more fleece jackets for my husband’s family (we celebrate Christmas on Martin Luther King Jr. weekend by renting a house in a “wintery” town.)

  36. april

    I just made a wrap skirt and i am now working on a matching pageboy hat for the outfit. i have really enjoyed everything that i have made from this sight and have to say it has saved me time and $. the patterns are easy to follow. i havent been sewing long. i owe everything i have learned from youcanmakethis.com. thanks again.

  37. Allyson C

    I just bought the gourmet cookie instructions. I made an adorable center piece for my birthday table. Everyone loved it and I got my first order. Instructions were great and my question were answered so quickly from the ebook creator. I just love this website. I also made a reversable A-line jumper that is so cute for my 2 year old. Thank you youcanmakethis.com.

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