Something new is around the corner…(well, TWO things…)

something new coming!



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10 responses to “Something new is around the corner…(well, TWO things…)

  1. Heather

    I’m getting antsy… like a kid before Christmas!

  2. tiffany

    i cant wait one thing i would like to see is a book on how to paint canvas shoes i know there is one on how to poaint leather but canvas shoes are more in my price range lol i am no good at doing things without instructions so someone that is talented at painting canvas shoes help

  3. Tiffany Glenn

    I am checking this blog everyday to see if the “news” has been leaked… agghhhh HURRY, I am the worse than a kid at Christmas…hahahaha!!

  4. april

    oooooooo what is it what is it. im sooo excited!!!

  5. Melanie

    OK…… THANK YOU!!!!!! Thank you for the library feature! You are sooooo great! Or is that sew great! My husband had just deleted the instructions for the raglan hoodie book I had just bought before I had time to make a back-up. I was really annoyed…. but figured oh well- human error. Thank you so much for including this feature as well as making it retro active. I can not begin to say how much I love this site. THANK YOU!!!! You always find a way to make the BEST even better!

  6. Tiffany G

    Ok Ok, I am ready for the 2nd!! Love the newsletter, but I don’t do well with suprises… hahahaa~~~

    Keep up the wonderful work ladies!!


    I love seeing what wonderful new ideas and projects your site comes up with!

  8. Judy Mazzari

    unseal those lips it’s hard waiting!!!

  9. Tiffany G

    I am with Judy, tell us what’s up! Pretty Please with Sugar on Top!

  10. Tiffany G

    Did you see that we are getting close to knowing…..?? Aghhh more pain… this is really killing me slowly…
    I think I type in my sleep!

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