Our new “You Can Sew This!” newsletter is here!

Ready to learn more about sewing? Want free projects, articles, reviews, coupon codes, ideas, and helpful hints? It’s not too late to sign up for our new “You Can Sew This!” newsletter. It is delivered to your inbox twice a month. It’s also free! (Read more about this newsletter in our blog post below.) 

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Our first issue goes out tonight! We also have a question for you!  Tell us what you love to sew!  Also, what sewing projects have you resolved to do this year?

youcan sew this! newsletter question

Now let’s chat about those sewing projects! 🙂

-Lorie and Kim



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50 responses to “Our new “You Can Sew This!” newsletter is here!

  1. Kim from Mississippi

    I just LOVE your new newsletter. I have just started sewing about 6 monthes ago. I am really enjoying your website and now your newsletter also because they have so many tips and pictures. I am always nervous about cutting into my primary fabric afraid that I will mess up but with your step by step guides I feel more confident then ever that I can make it……………Thanks for your help…………kim in Ms.

  2. Tina

    LOVE the new newsletter! How informative and fun, looking forward to the next one.

  3. The new newsletter is great! I sew for a living so my goal this year will be to sew for me and my family also. We have had a bad case of the cobblers children at my house. Looking forward to the next issue of “You can sew this”

  4. Heather B

    I love the cute little project that came with the first issue:) This year I want to get better at applique. I ordered a new clear zig zag foot so I will be able to see better in small areas. hopefully this helps!

  5. I love designing and sewing children’s clothing mainly but sometimes venture off into other areas – purses, totes, etc.

    I’m working on another epattern now and also some dresses to sell in my Etsy shop.

    I also want to make myself a couple of items: fabric binder, purse and a tote.

    I purchased some great fabric during the holidays and am looking forward to using it for many different projects.

  6. holly

    let’s see. this year i WILL sew a duvet cover for my bed. i will make pj’s for my children and husband. i WILL make at least one pair of knit workout pants for myself and a nice summer shirt for myself. i WILL also make some outfits to sell.

    love the newsletter. i was a little disappointed by the “e-books i love from ycmt”. not that it wasn’t helpful, informative, and well written. just that i thought it might be a feature better suited for the regular newsletter. instead of that feature i would have liked to have seen more sewing tips and demonstrations. the tips and the bias tape demo that were featured were awesome and very helpful.

    just my 2 cents. not that you asked. :o)

  7. Diana

    Lorie, that was awesome! I really enjoyed reading it. You shared some great tips in there and inspired me to do more of what I love. I loved your free project as well. I think it’s very do-able and I can’t wait to get started with some scraps from my stash! Looking forward to hearing more from you! Thank you!!!

  8. Tiffany Hallman

    I love this new newsletter! I can so identify with sewing for everybody but yourself! It is my new year commitment to myself to make a few things for me. I made a purse and I have some pants cut out and a jacket I want to make. I have been sidetracked many times, like now I am working on a valentines day outfit for my little girl. But the plan is to finish at least my pair of pants before my classes start ( i teach sewing) and I would also like to put some of my items on etsy.com. Thanks to all of you wonderful ladies, you are all an inspiration! Tiffany

  9. The ne newsletter is wonderful! Can’t wait to see what else you guys have in store for us – this is shaping up to be a creative year 🙂

    Karen G.

  10. heather*feather*boutique

    Hello! I just purchased about $150 worth of patterns from YCMT…so obviously I hope to start doing a lot of sewing again. Mostly for my daughter…she’s 9. To win some purchase points would be super-duper…cuz there are many, many more patterns that I would LOVE to buy! DH would kill me if he knew thou! lol Shhh! Don’t tell!

    I’ve been sewing for over 16 years. After I purchased my embroidery machine 7-8 years ago…I mainly started just embroidering! lol Ya’ll know it’s so much faster to just embroider a blank to spruce it up rather than sewing a whole outfit. So…for several years now I’ve only done the special occasion sewing…and now I’m just wondering where all the years went! I really want to get back into sewing again…before DD thinks she’s too old for me to make her stuff. 😉 I may have to start selling clothes to pay for all these patterns I want! HA!

    Thanks so much for the new newsletter!

    OH…btw…how do you become a tester??


  11. Robbi

    This was a much anticipated newsletter for me and you didn’t disappoint! The hints and tips were wonderful and overall the patterns shown were perfect. This is the type of newsletter to inspire and get those creative juices flowing. Just wanted to say I love it!


  12. I love the new newsletter. My goals for this year are to sew more for myself and my children, and get a more established client list. I would also like to know how to become a tester. I love your website and have almost stopped buying patterns from the store!!! Thanks for all the ideas and patterns!!!

  13. this is really a neat newsletter. i have two new great-granddaughters, born 5 months apart but the youngest stays up with the oldest one,size etc, i really want to get back to sewing and these 2 new newsletters are great

  14. Anne-Marie

    My goal this month (or, to be realistic, this year) is to finish all the half done outfits and projects I have stacked up. With a three month old son and a daughter in kindergarten, it’s hard to find time for me.

    My favorite things to sew are doll clothes and quilts, but I also enjoy making clothes and bows for my daughter. And I’m learning to knit. Okay, so I like to sew everything!

    I would like to see tips on ways to avoid appliques fraying when washed. I usually satin stitch over the edges, but lately everything I’ve done ends up fraying and not looking nice. Any tips, anyone?

  15. Teresa Pomerantz

    I love the new newsletter- I am a stay at home mom to 15 mo old twins and an aspiring photographer. I want to sew several outfits for portraits for my daughters. I already have made the no sew tutu and several bows. I want to make the apron dress. and the halter dress w/ ruffles.

  16. ycmt

    I love hearing about what you are sewing! This is a great question Lorie…our new sewing resolutions! Hmmm…I think mine would be to get into quilting again. I was on a roll there a few years ago where I made a quilt for each holiday/season. I would get together with friends and we’d all make a portion of the quilt and then put it altogether. We’d each leave with a new wall hanging. It was so much fun to sit, sew, chat, and EAT! LOL!
    -Kim 🙂

  17. Elizabeth

    Love the newsletter! I cannot believe that YCMT could get better but it has! My goal is to sew projects using the fabric I have before I buy more! Yeah right! Thanks for the site and now the added bonus!

  18. I love the newsletter! What a great idea. I love sewing for my 4 girls (they’re all into twirly skirts right now) and my 2 boys (who can’t get enough superhero capes and hats). My 7 year old daughter got a sewing basket from mommy and daddy for Christmas, so we’re tackling doll clothes soon (she’s made some softies and her own needlebook first!) It’s so nice to have a sewing buddy right under my roof!

  19. Pam

    Great newsletter! I especially liked the sewing tips. What do I want to sew this year? I want to tackle a real quilt. I’ve made several quilt tops and have made some blankets before backed with fleece, but I haven’t ever taken a quilt top, batting, and back, quilted it, then bound it. That’s one thing I’d like to do…

  20. kay Brown

    Just bought a new machine. My plans are to start appliquing. instead of just stalking beautiful children’s clothes, i will be creating them!

  21. lorieatyoucanmakethis

    Hi girls!

    I just wanted to say hello and “Thank You!” for the wonderful response to the newsletter and to the resolutions question. It sounds like there is lots of creative energy out there, ready to put to good use!

    Several of you mentioned a desire to do more quilting!! I’m excited about this because there are so many things to learn from the quilting process that you can apply to garments and crafts. We will be talking LOTS about the quiltings arts. Be sure to check out the quilting tutorial by Cottage Quilt Designs in the free section of the website. Here’s the link:

    Anne-Marie- Have you read Kim’s e-Book, How to Applique the Easy Way? I read it after I had similar troubles and her techniques helped so much. I try to always switch to a new machine needle when I start to applique, which helps. Be sure to use a medium-weight tear-away stabilizer as your base fabric, and you can also try using a wash-away stabilizer on the front. You can also play with stitch length and tension. If all else fails, sounds like you have an excuse to purchase a new machine! 🙂 Here’s a link to Kim’s book:


    Thanks to all for your wonderful feedback! We take your advice seriously and discuss all your comments. Feel free to drop me an email, if you wish, at lorie@youcanmakethis.com.

    Sew Now!

  22. Alison

    I’ve finally finished all the window treatments and bedding for our new home so now it’s on to sewing for my beautiful, curly red-headed, 18 month old. She’s a sassy little thing and I’m so glad to finally have the time to devote to making her cute, one of a kind outfits!

    I’ve been sewing for about 7 years and am delighted to have a little girl to sew for now! I’m excited to start on some of the fun patterns that you have!

    Quick question…I have an embroidery machine…however, have NO CLUE how to do machine applique with it…is there a beginner book on that?


  23. I’ve been sewing for over 30 years, but the one thing I HATE to make is curtains! Seems like I’ve always got a curtain project going on somewhere and put them off because I hate making them. If you could get together an ebook for cute curtains that weren’t a pain to make, I’d surely buy it!

    Love the newsletters!


  24. Desiree

    This year I hope my kids keep napping, so I can have some time to work on all the projects I have in my head! I would love to finish up some quilting projects I have stacked up. Seeing all the cute applique patterns on this site has inspired me to work on some designs of my own. (See mom! I can use that art degree!!) And I would love some more patterns/ideas on boy stuff, so I can branch out from ties and pants. Although I did make a raglan top for him tonight…hmmm…it’s working already!!

  25. Jodi Leo

    I really enjoyed making the free envelope and heart project! I am now searching for ways to expand the idea. The newsletter is a great resources as I love to sew. Although, I deisign clothes, I have several none boutique projects as well. I am not sure what I love to sew most…I just love to sew! Jodi

  26. Jessica

    Like so many others, one of my main goals is to sew something for myself, to just take that time for myself. Why is that so hard for us to do? We need it too. This year I AM going to make a purse, an apron, and whatever else sounds like fun for myself. I also definitely want to sew many more things for my daughter. I love to see how excited she gets when she sees something that I made for her. I am going to make more clothes for her, of course, but I also want to focus on the activity and toy projects for her. These will be fun for her and she won’t grow out of them (physically.)

    Lorie, thank you so much for that wonderful newsletter. I look forward to all the ones to come. (And I can’t wait to find something to put that adorable project on!)

  27. Tiffany G

    I love to sew for my kids, and to make presents for friends. This year I have promised to do more for ME!! I would love to see more projects for moms, pre-teens, and little boys! Although I would love for my girls to wear all the stuff listed, I have two over 10 now, and they well you know can be picky! Boy stuff is always hard to find, some cute long alls or short alls would be nice!!

  28. LINDSAY R.

    I’m so excited to see what great ideas are going to be in newsletters to come! I love your site and all of your amazing e-books

  29. Morgan

    I want to sew some clothes for my children and a purse for me. I also want to get some designer fabric, like amy butler and chocolate lollipop by Anna Marie Horner. I like others have a hard time cutting into my primary fabric afraid I will mess up and waste, I’m working on getting over it. I can’t wait to get some new patterns to really get to work!! Love the site, great idea!

  30. I just love your newsletter and really enjoy the free projects. I had purchased a ruffler foot, with no idea how to use it, but with the video I now know how to use my ruffle foot. Thank you so much!!!! This year I plan to make things with lots and lots of ruffles

  31. Kristina

    First of all, the new newsletter is absolutely awesome. I wish I knew how to upload a picture. I made the Valentines envelopes project and sewed them on a pair of my daughter’s jeans as pockets on the back. I have gotten so many complements. I just added snaps on the tips with a bow so they close, and they are too cute. I am really new to sewing. I stumbled across your website about 2 months ago and thought “I can make this!?… no way!” But here I am doing it. You guys are awesome, the instructions are perfect, and you can not find adorable patterns like these in any store (I’ve looked!) I am almost done making the peek-a-boo twirl skirt {ADORABLE!..yours, not mine. 🙂 } and am greatly looking forward to making a photo purse or clutch next. And hopefully I will be getting a little better at applique as well. 🙂
    Thanks so much guys! Your hard work really shows in the patterns. 🙂
    ~kristina in Cali

  32. Carrie

    How do I get the newsletter. I signed up a couple days ago but I didn’t get it. Do I just have to wait for the next one to come out? Thanks!

  33. carrie

    I love sewing children’s clothes and accessories….that is probably my favorite. To see my children wearing something I made and loving it is such a great feeling. I have also started making purses and totebags and aprons and really enjoy that…it’s nice to make something for myself too!!! Love, love, love your website!!!

  34. LINDSAY R.

    I had the same problem Carrie. I missed the first issue by a day. Could someone forward it to us? Is that OK with YCMT?

  35. ycmt

    Hi Carrie and Lindsay!
    I’m so glad you signed up — you’ll still be able to access that first newsletter by being a part of the newsletter list now. Newsletter subscribers will have access to that issue so that free project will still be available to you. 😉 Just watch for Thursday night’s “You Can Sew This” newsletter, and you’ll find it there. You’re going to love making that project!

    -Kim 🙂

  36. LINDSAY R.

    Thanks so much Kim!

  37. Awesome site and just loving the newsletter! THANKS!

  38. Lynn

    I’m loving the site. I sew a lot for girls and I sell purses to two children’s boutiques. But my promise to myself is to dust off my new serger and learn how to use it, especially how to make ruffles. Would love some tutorials on serger ruffles 🙂

  39. Tiffany G

    OHHH a new one already… yippie skippie!! I am so excited!!!

  40. Sue J.

    I love this website and the newsletters also. I have had trouble downloading the free patterns. I had no trouble downloading the patterns I purchased, just the free ones. I really want to make the purse. Are they very large files? Did anyone else have problems? I can’t figure out how I can download the purchased patterns, but have so much trouble with the free ones. Thanks for any help you can provide.

  41. april


  42. Tiffany G.

    Diddo to April..
    With 5 kids Sewing is my only sanity!!! Even when the needle breaks in the middle of my ruffle, I remain calm, because outside the 4 walls of my sewing room.. sanity is no longer an option!

  43. ycmt

    Hi Sue J.!
    We definitely want you to be able to download those free patterns. Is there an error message that comes up for you? Are you logged into your user account when trying to download the free ones? The files aren’t large, so there shouldn’t be a problem. Also, we have a new customer support service where your email will go directly to a technical guru who can help right away. You can reach them here:

    -Kim 🙂

  44. Christina

    I love the new newsletter especially the tips from the authors. The new project is adorable and very quick and simple. Can’t wait for the new one to come out. Thank you!

  45. Sarah

    I look forward to getting your newsletter every couple of weeks. Keep up the great work!! I enjoy sewing for my DD and trying new techniques. This year I plan to finish two quilts that I have put aside (one is now 5 years old!!) as well as make more things for ME!!

  46. Jennifer

    I have six kiddo’s, 3 girls and 3 boys. I love to dress the girls a like for special occasions (i.e. Easter, Christmas) and my two youngest are twins, a boy and girl, so I kinda like them to match too, so he usually has a coordinating tie or vest. My challenge is to find fabrics and patterns appropriate for the younget two girls (6 & 3 yrs old) that won’t be to childish for my oldest daughter (14 yrs old) and that I can find something masculine to coordinate with them for my boys! It’s a lot harder that it even sounds!

    I also want to get ahead of the game this year, have the halloween costumes done this summer, and the Christmas pajama’s done by Halloween! (that’s always the goal! hahaha!) It’s a lot of fabric x 6!
    I love the creativity that comes with this art… it’s awesome! Thanks for the fun and the encouragement!

  47. Just had to drop by and tell you that I totally am enjoying the new newsletter. I went out to the local craft store a couple of days ago and found some great fabric to try all the new ideas both from the newsletter and the website! Thanks for the inspiration!

  48. Misty

    I love sewing for my children! I’m self-taugth, but with the ebooks, success is pretty much guaranteed! I have a new baby boy, and would love to sew some clothes for him, such as the little shortalls and longalls with an applique or monogram on the front. I would love an ebook that would help me with that one! There is already a perfect little A-line dress ebook on YCMT that could be paired up with it to make a darling “Sister and Brother” matching set… I’m thinking holiday sets, portrait sets, etc.!

  49. ycmt

    I have good news Misty — we should have one of those soon! 🙂

    Oh, and congratulations on your baby boy!!


  50. Jill

    I am enjoying the new Newsletter and sharing this great website with my sewing friends. I would love to learn more about using my serger. I am pretty good at finishing off the seams, but that is ALL that I use it for. I would LOVE to learn the required settings to use my ruffler attachment for my serger. There is very little information out there and I would love to save one more step in my clothing creation… Any advice on Serger ruffles with the attachment???


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