“Click your Heels!” Win Prizes!


As part of our new, “You Can SEW This!” newsletter, we are excited to announce our first “Reader’s Challenge!”

Here’s the challenge:  we want to see what you make with Over the Rainbow and Under the Rainbow fabrics from Quilting Treasures.  If you don’t have them already, you can purchase them from your favorite quilting shop!  Here’s a peek at what you’re looking for!

Over The Rainbow       Under The Rainbow

Send us photos of your projects and automatically be entered to win one of several prizes.  Now, this challenge isn’t just for garment sewers—we want to see quilts, scrapbooks, home décor, and jewelry…anything that was made using these fabrics. 

We’d love it if you would take this challenge to other creative groups you’re involved in—SAHM’s, teachers, Sewing Guilds, church groups, quilting circles—spread the word that we want to see what everyone is creating!  Tell your friends to sign up for the YCST newsletter, as we’ll be announcing the winners in the April 3 newsletter.  The contest runs from now until March 20th, so you have just a few weeks to get your entries in! 

Send your photos to: Lorie@YouCanMakeThis.com.  Send one for every item you make with Oz fabrics.  Every photo submitted will be an entry to the drawing. 


$25.00 Gift Certificate to Over the Rainbow

Barrel Bag Prototype (You can make this, too! It’s our free project in the 3rd issue of “You Can SEW This!”)

1 Prize of 50 YCMT points (Use YCMT points to earn FREE eBooks!)

5 Prizes of 25 YCMT points (ditto on the above! YCMT points earn you free products!)

(2)  $25 Gift Certificates to www.YouCanMakeThis.com

Have fun!



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6 responses to ““Click your Heels!” Win Prizes!

  1. april

    well i can say i was at joanne the other day and didnt see any of these but again i wasent looking for them ill give em a call tomorrow and see if they have it! what a fun idea! one of my favorite movies. lets hope i find some eh 🙂

  2. april

    YAY theres one close by!!!just went to the sight! how fun!

  3. lorieatyoucanmakethis

    Hi April…

    If you don’t find these at a chain store, take a look in your phone book and look for smaller quilting shops. The larger chains tend to focus on a larger array of fabric types, so they don’t carry some of the designer quilting lines. I wish you luck in your search!


  4. Christy

    I just finished one last night, I’ll send it in soon, trying to get a good picture of my DD in it 🙂 She absolutely LOVES this fabric!!!

  5. Melanie W.

    Thanks for the extra couple of days. I have a few things to finish and I can not find my digital camera !!!!! UGH!! Now I have a couple more days….. Thank You!!!

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