Your Sewing Space!

As featured in our 3rd issue of the “You Can SEW This!” newsletter, we want to hear about your sewing space!

your sewing space
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53 responses to “Your Sewing Space!

  1. kmason910

    Ah, my sewing space. Wouldn’t it be glamorous to have a whole room devoted to sewing, with closets and cabinets neatly organized, clear containers displaying an array of pins, rick rack, buttons, and all the other fun embellishments that we oh-so-love to keep, collect, and dream up projects for?

    Unfortunately, I cannot claim to have such a glorious space to sew. Instead my sewing machine sits on the floor, pushed against a wall, typically with me hunched over it. My needles, pins, zippers, and buttons take up the bottom shelf of the pantry, smashed in place trying desperately to teem out and onto the floor. Yet, it’s my space, and I love it. It may not be ideal, and one day when my husband and I buy a house I dream of devoting an entire room to this absolutely wonderful hobby that I love and adore!

  2. Due to the fact that I live i a single-room-appartment, its a bit like having an own sewing room with bed, desktop and tv in it. πŸ˜‰
    I’ve got 2 big storage racks just for fabrics, ribbons and sewing magazines (and all other necessary accessory stuff) and a huge table, where my sewing machine and my overlock are placed. But well, if I’ve got a special project in progress, all the stuff is spread through the whole room πŸ™‚

    My dream would be a special (small) sewing room (without a bed and all this stuff in it), where it would be allowed to be messy and chaotic all the time.

    But well, at the moment, it’s a really good compromise and I’m glad to have all this sewing space just for me πŸ™‚

  3. Teresa Busby

    My sewing space is my sancuary. Its the one place that I can go to and Im no longer just a mommy or a wife. I am me, doing what I want to do with noone telling me how to do it.

    I do have a room devoted to my arts and crafts but my dear daughters have to share a room together so that mommy can have the third bedroom as my own.

    I put wire hanging racks on the wall to hang my fabric and clothes as I work on them and its great to stack things ontop of too. I use the closet for more storage..mostly for out of season and holiday items and boxes for shipping. I have drawer containers to seperate my ribbon.

    My computer and “office” accessories are in the corner and nicley placed next to the window so I can see the outside world go by….or watch my dog dig in my flowers…..again…LOL

    I also took thin curtain rods and attached them to the wall..they are great to putting ribbon spools on withouth getting tangled like in a drawer.

    So thats my space…its very small but its mine and thats what matters to me!

  4. Troy Tozer

    Surprisingly, I do have my own little space in the house. In our garage, there was a little ‘room’ that is approx 8′ x 8′ that the previous owners had made. My husband did some tweaking and it is my own space.

    Instead of finding desks or cutting tables, my husband put up counter tops that span the length of two walls. Above the counter tops, there are rows and rows of shelving that go all the way up the ceiling and is jam packed (literally!) with tons of fabric. I use the counter top for sewing, my computer space, cutting space, etc.

    I make use of a lot of plastic tubs under the counter space and an old dresser I salvaged that the neighbor threw out. I store patterns in see through bins in numerical order. My handy husband also has created specific storage needs for me. He hung thread organizers on the empty wall space. He created a drop down dowel system that keeps all the ribbons organized.

    Even with all of that, I am busting out of the seams. I have no more room for fabric and I would love to organize the fabric itself better because as of now, I can’t ever find that one specific color etc. I also have dressforms that I have to jockey around my small space. I’m working on better ideas though!

    Would love to share photos of my sewing space.. just let me know!

  5. Jessica B.

    Oh my goodness! I am so, or should I say “sew” jealous of Sherrie’s sewing room. I wish so much to have my own space to do what I enjoy, but unfortunately I can’t say that I do. When I’m in the middle of a project the dining room becomes my temporary space. Although not perfect I guess it works for me. I do all my cutting and measuring on the floor. And I have my sewing machine and all my extra fabric and sewing notions on the table. I do feel bad not having the table for eating on at these times, but it is only temporary until I’m done with my project. I’ve talked to husband about making a sewing space in the study near the computer where he’s always working (it’s the only possible place to put a permanent sewing space) but I’m not certain that I want that yet. Sewing is my ESCAPE, the only time I get to be alone with all my thoughts and ideas. So if I move it into the study, I will be having to share that space with him when he’s working on the computer or doing his school work. I do kind of dread giving up that only alone time that makes me feel so rejuvenated, but at the same time if I have a permanent space, I could have things so organized and projects would be so much easier to start, not having pull all of my sewing stuff out and setting it up every time. I’m torn on this subject. I want the best of both worlds, but it’s just not possible. So I guess I have to choose what option would have the greatest benefits, but I’m just not sure which one that is yet.

  6. EmmyO

    My space….like kmason910, I would love to have a room beautifully painted with beautiful wooden shelves, cabinets, etc. but because that is not an option, for now anyway, I have a section of the unfinished part of our basement designated as my sewing/craft area. I have an older butcher block kitchen table that holds my sewing machine, while providing me with some extra counter space and I have a old desk that is used for holding my serger. I do have shelves but not the pretty type that you see in magazines…oh..I can dream though.

    Honestly, I shouldn’t complain. I actually love my space because it is a secret getaway, of sorts, for me. I can go down, turn on some music and work ’til my heart is content. I have to admit, my favorite storage item in my area is a peg board that we have nailed to the studs, on that board I have small peg board hooks that hold dowel rods and on those dowel rods, I have all of my ribbon spools. It’s very easy for me to see what I have, what I need, and it is very easily accessible. (It was very cheap to do as well πŸ™‚ ) My space allows me to be organized but most importantly, it gives me a space to call my own.

  7. Stephanie

    Well, I once had my own sewing space…but I kept having babies and poof! It’s gone! I then moved to the front room of our house which is meant to be a formal dining room (but we “ain’t” formal people…lol! BUT – my husband said I was too messy and moved me into a corner in our bedroom.

    I have a sewing table that was once my grandmothers that is so very special to me. I have a tub of fabric that has outgrown the space and notions scattered everywhere. But it’s my space and I am at peace when I am sewing.

  8. Diane C.

    I have actually taken over the “enclosed garage” den and made it my sewing room/office. My husband hates the messiness of it and he always brings people in through the outside door to this room instead of the front door, which embarrasses me. This is their first view of our house. But I love my room. I have my desk and computer out there. My husband built me a work table the length of one wall with a purchased countertop and legs and design work of his own to match the bookcase. It is beautiful and I have my sewing machine, serger and other equipment on this table. I had hoped to have part of it as a cutting table but other things quickly took over the space. I have to cut on the dining room table right now. I have a large walk in closet across the back of the room that I outfitted with shelves and that is where I keep all of my fabrics and craft items. I love the space, but I just need to clean it up and organize it better. I have trouble with organization. πŸ™‚ I am organized but it doesn’t stay that way when I am working. πŸ™‚ Now to get rid of that outside door. πŸ™‚

  9. I’m still a novice sewer, and we moved two months ago. So, my sewing space is boxes and drawers of fabric and supplies upstairs in my closet, and my little Singer sitting on top of my grandmother’s 1940s Singer cabinet (you know, when you open the top, you can pull the sewing machine out and it’s got it’s own table). The sewing table is downstairs in our “parlor” (I think that’s supposed to be a living room). The light is lousy, but that’ll change someday. I’ve got beginner’s books, pin cushions and more stacked up on the book shelves in our parlor. It’s a pieced together workspace, but I finished a doll’s blanket for my daughter, and have hope of trying a couple of other projects. I’ve only “really” been sewing since last summer, so I’ve got a long way to go. (I didn’t want to learn how to sew in 7th grade, so instead of Home Ec classes, I was “cool” and took typing and computers – the very early days of computers in school. Now I wish I had taken Home Ec and the Shop classes . . . computers are everywhere, but people teaching me to sew aren’t.)

  10. Sherrie

    Thanks Ladies!

    I can’t take all the credit for this wonderful space. I have to thank my Hubby for letting me take over this room and building all the shelving for it.
    In the past I have been kitchen sewer, a bedroom/playroom seamstress and I even toke over half of the garage in my last house. LOL! You sew wherever there is space! Creativity has no bounds, no matter where you end up.


  11. Melanie W.

    Well, I sew at the dining room/kitchen table. It is the easiest way to work in sewing time with everything else going on. Usually my 2 1/2 year old plays near by lately pulling up a chair or stool and watching and jabbering as I go along. I still do not understand much of what she says but every now and then I catch a ” ooh, pretty!”. Most everything I sew is for her and she likes the attention she gets when sporting a new creation. Anyway, I do have some recent bargains that help. My husband worked for a television studio for 16 years and it recently closed down/relocated. They did not want the exspense of moving most of the furniture so it was sold cheap to employees. We got about 3 rooms of used furniture. We got a new marble top dining table which has proved useful to cut my fabric on. Also, I got an armoire with 2 side bookshelves. Most people assumed I would put it in the family room, but oh no – I put it in the spare bedroom to store my fabric , etc. I haven’t organized as well as I hope to yet, but it is wonderful. Much better than the empty diaper boxes I was using. Some day the spare bedroom will become my sewing haven. πŸ™‚ !

  12. Oh, I’m in love with my sewing room. My hubby hooked up with one of his friends who tears down office furniture and we got a whole Herman Miller outfit that rocks. I have storage, desktops and more desktops!! I love it! I just hung my thread organizer up last weekend. I have my fabric all organized by color, buttons in an old jar, zippers in a huge fishbowl, scraps in a rubbermaid container… it’s the only place in my house that I feel organized! πŸ™‚ I just hung a “graffiti” up above my sewing machine that is the definition of creativity. It’s very cool!

  13. kathy

    I placed a twin bed frame on cinder blocks. I salvaged a door from a neighbor’s remodelling project and placed it over the spare bed, which is only a box spring at this time. it’s the perfect height for the serger and machine, with knee room as the edge extends about 18″ and underneath is great storage space for boxes of fabric!

  14. lorieatyoucanmakethis

    You ladies and gents inspire me because you know how to make any space into your sanctuary–no matter where it is.

    I’ve had sewing spaces in unfinished basements and didn’t get much done because I’m deathly afraid of spiders! For awhile, my dining room table was my sewing space and boy, did it irk me when I had to put everything away for family dinners! Then, I moved my sewing machine to a plastic crate on the floor of our master bedroom, and every three stitches I had to stop and move my 6-month old daughter away from the machine.

    After that, we finished our basement (10 years in the making!) and my husband kindly let me take over part of the space he had been hoping to use for video games and antique barber chairs, and I filled it with all-things-sewing.

    I’ve learned lots from reading your comments today and I’m humbled. It’s not about where you sew, it’s about creating sanctuary wherever you CAN sew.

    Thanks to all,
    Lorie (You Can Sew This)

  15. My sewing space is in our unfinished basement. It seems I’ve been relegated to the basement, yet again, as that is where I sewed growing up. πŸ˜‰

    I have a cutting table, an old desk (my regular machine) and a card table (my serger). I have about 6 or so plastic tubs filled with fabric that I have to dig through, and little organizer bins for my notions. It is less than glamourous, but I have lots of space to be messy. My kids have a play area down there, so they keep me company sometimes, too.

    Someday we will finish it, and hopefully I will have a nice room to use for my sewing…I hope, I hope! πŸ™‚


  16. ycmt

    I love reading about your spaces!

    I understand all about carving any kind of space out for a sewing space. My sewing space? Well, it’s called a 5 x 5 corner of our unfinished basement. I shared that space with an old treadmill that collected dust because I didn’t work out on it (lol!) some old furniture, and boxes of seasonal decorations. πŸ™‚

    I got some good ideas from Sherrie’s room. There’s a picture in there of some fat quarters neatly stacked in a “shelf”. That shelf was actually a container to hold CD’s! I think she paid a couple of dollars for it on sale. So I’m going to keep my eye out for those kinds of things.

    I liked the idea of EmmyO had with the peg board. My ribbon spools are in a container and I never know what I have. Hanging them with the peg board is a great idea! And cute decoration, too!

    Melanie – I chuckled with your experience of the armoire! That was funny when you said that people assumed you’d put it in the family room, but oh no — you had another idea! Loved that!! πŸ™‚

    Keep posting everyone. I’m getting some great ideas here!!

    Kim πŸ™‚

  17. I blogged about my space here, a while back.
    I love hearing about everyone’s space.

  18. Karen H

    The space I claim as my sewing/crafting space is our dining room. Unfortunately, it’s one of the first rooms you see as you enter our house. I try to keep the room looking halfway decent by cleverly storing notions, thread, etc. in our buffet. When I know that company is coming over, I have to pack everything else up and stow it away in a nearby closet. One day I will have my own space where I can leave my sewing machine out, fabrics out, and unfinished projects behind!

  19. My sewing space is a bit, shall we say, ghetto? I cut most things on the floor of my spare bedroom. In the spare bedroom are my sewing machine, my sewing cupboard with all my fabric/crafts, a table that was supposed to be for my crafting but now hosts the 27″ television my husband decided was just too small and the treadmill that is rarely used! I am planning on mounting the tv to the wall so I can have the table back and use that for my cutting, but who knows when that will happen!

  20. My sewing space has always been an afterthought – or else tucked into some corner which was pretty much impossible to function in. However, at xmas time, my hubby took an old armoire that we had leftover from a recent room redo, and converted it into a sewing cabinet for me. He added fold down table tops that convert into a sewing workspace for my machines. The fabrics are now neatly folded and organized by colors and on the bottom shelf of the armoire. Sewing supplies are up above on the top shelf and the machine stow neatly in the main section when not in use. The whole thing closes up so you just see a nice armoire when i really need to be neat and clean everything up. As for cutting stuff, I have an old dining room table i use for that purpose. It works great and i finally have a dedicated space for creativity!

  21. Cindi

    My sewing space is my dining room. My dining room table is my all in one ….my cutting board, sewing machine and serger table, and folding area. I cringe at the thought of someone coming by unaanounced as it is usually a fabric disaster area. I have loads of plastic tubs lining the walls with my fabric. It is the first room as you walk in the front door and it is usually the messiest. I am very ashamed. πŸ™‚ Luckily I don’t have front door guests very often. I am secretly hoping the dishevelment will convince my husband to add on a sewing room for me. Hi my name is Cindi and I am a fabricaholic who keeps a disheveled sewing space. πŸ™‚

  22. kathy

    I know a lady who mounted a shelf at the end of the hall to hold her machine and she stands to sew.

  23. Tina

    My wonderful husband let me turn our formal living room into my sewing space. We replaced the carpet with laminate flooring and lined one wall with 3 floor to ceiling bookcases, which I use for books, magazines, fabric and all other storage. I have french doors that close the room off when needed. We went to Home depot and got a drawer cabinet meant for a kitchen desk, we attached an already made countertop on top of the cabinet at one end and 2 table legs at the other end, so I could sew in the middle AND the end. The other corner has a corner lazy susan cabinet with the tow kick cut off 3 inches to be the right height for sewing. We attached a corner countertop on that. My husband put several sheets of pegboard and shelves on 2 whole walls. I purchased peg shelves made for videos at an online supply company, this hold all of my ribbon spools. I also purchased peg paper towel holders from a supply store, this holds my stabilizers for embroidery. The peg board also holds all of my notions out in the open for easy visability. I have a folding cutting table and lastly my FAVORITE thing in my sewing room is a Hide away ironing board set inside the wall. I ran out of room for a standard ironing board and with this, I can open the cabinet door and pull it down when I need it. I must say, my sewing room is the most organized space in my house. I wish the rest of my house was.

  24. april

    dining room table and laundry room , i have a granite countertop in there that makes it quite easy but i think im gonna start hunting for walmarts that are remodeling ! what a great great idea!!!! never would have thought of it myelf :)once again i have learned something useful from YCMT! TY

  25. kathy

    anyone have pics they want share of their rooms? I’d love to see them. Tina, where do you get the pegs for stabilizer?

  26. Ivey C.

    My sewing space. Oh how I love thee!When I first saw my house about seven years ago, it was a total wreck! The real estate agent would not enter the house cause it was so bad!!!! I was not so sure about buying it but my mom said the magic words when we walked upstairs to look at the loft. She said”Ivey this could be your studio.” That is all it took.

    The space is about 20’x10′. I have a huge cutting table that is 80″x65″.A friend of mine made it for me . He basically made a stand using 2×4 wood.There is a low platform shelf at the bottom to hold see-thru storage bins that hold fabric and such.For the top of the table we used two unfinished doors. The doors are hallow so we put a brace in the center. Then I found some fun sewing theme fabric to cover the storage bins below.My sewing tables( where I keep my serger and sewing machine)are repurposed kitchen tables.I used those white closet organizer stackable shelfs(I found mine at Walmart) to build a wall and store my magazine collection.

    I love my sewing space and I encourage everyone to make a special place to sew.

  27. The space that I have to sew is the den that is in front of our house that my husband made into a sewing room for me and he added some shelves in the closet and along the walls and l two years ago for Christmas he got me a cutting table unit ( he complained about having to go into Joanns to get it) and he put it together in the room as it was too big to go in the door, so I had to move everything out and it took over the house. I love my sewing room and have my embroidery machine, sewing machine and serger against the bookcase wall and cutting unit in the middle against another wall and my patterns in drawers next to the window and my fabric is stored in see through containers and on a shelf and also on the shelves in closet . I am always moving containers to get to fabric in them front the shelves behind the containers. Before I had the cutting unit I had another table that was always crammed with stuff so I had to cut on the dining room table or the on the floor. I got my little sewing area when my daughters were 9 and 7 as I had to give up the bedrooom that I was in, so my daughter’s could have their own room. My husband has his own room for his computer and his shortwave radio. I loved the bedroom that I had as I had space for everything but I did not have space to cut so I cut on the pool table that we had in the family room and my daughters ( when they were babies) love to sit on the table on the other side while I was cutting and sometimes they fell asleep on the cutting board. I taught my daughter’s to sew when they were really young, my oldest Amy got a Kenmore sewing machine when she was 5 and she made a bag for herself and a some items for her dolls and when she was 8 I gave her my old Pfaff because i got a newer Pfaff and Amy gave her sister Jennifer (6) her machine and it was not common for all of us to be sewing at the same time, Amy was in one corner against one wall and Jennifer was against another wall and I was on the other side of the room. My husband sometimes complained about the whirring of the sewing machines but he said that he always knew where we all were. I also took my daughters fabric shopping with me when they were young and they learned to appreciate fabric and they picked out what they wanted me to make for them and their dolls and they used the scraps to make something for them also and Amy liked to make dress up clothes for herself and her sister using some bargain fabrics that we found. Jennifer does not sew much now, but Amy does and she took her sewing machine with her ( she lives in WA now) when she moved after graduating from college in WA. My computer used to be in my sewing room for awhile but it took up too much space so my husband moved it to the family room. I wish I had a sewing room with more space and where i could have my fabric on the other side of the room in containers that are lined up or so I do not have to move it all to get ot my fabric. My sewing area is a lot better now as the containers were stacked on each other and there were fabric mounds and I lived in fear that I would have a fabric avanlache that would bury me. Anyway, I am glad that I have my sewing room even though it is small. By the way, I was on a doll list for while and I won a prize for the messiest sewing room ( this was when I had the fabric mounds) and I got some doll oufits but I did not have the doll it fit so I had to buy the doll and she is known as my messy room doll.

  28. Christina Zacny

    My sewing space is pretty much everywhere. My primary space is in my bedroom (I have a very small house). My sewing machine is next to my bed, I have several wire stackable cubicles housing many different fabrics and notions, plastic shelving with even more, see through sweater boxes holding ribbon and many things for my bowmaking, and even more under my bed. In my closet, I have one closet rod holding 5 rubbermaid containers that hang that were originally designed for holding gift bags that now hold a few thousand yards of ribbon. I also utilize my dining room table, my countertop, occasionally my living room floor when I am deciding on a decoupage design layout, my coffee table, and even the top of my washer and dryer when drying recently starched bows. I get creative just about anywhere.

    I use used dryer sheets sometimes as a tearaway stabilizer, it works very well.

    I absolutely loved this week’s newsletter. The Wizard of Oz is one of my family’s all time favorite movies and we have owned several Dorothy dresses and many many pairs of ruby slippers. The nice thing is that I live in Northwest Indiana, less than an hour’s drive from a town called Chesterton where the Wizard of Oz festival is held every year. We go every year and my daughter who is now 11 still dresses as Dorothy for it, complete with dress, ruby slippers, basket and a stuffed Toto. If you really love Wizard of Oz, this is the coolest festival. A few years ago, the Grand Marshall of the parade was the munchkin who played the Lollipop Kid that hands the lollipop to Dorothy.

    Keep the newsletter coming…I love it and the wonderful tips and projects in it. I can’t wait to make the barrel bag. What a perfect bag for the kids to use to go to the beach and the waterpark, it has a built in beach towel holder…..LOVE IT!!!

    Thanks YCMT

  29. Tina

    I got the white 4ft by 4ft sheets of pegboard at Home Depot, it looks nice on the white walls. They have a section there for pegboard hooks also. The pegboard paper towel holder is in that section, the only drawback is that it only holds the stabilizer rolls that are the same size as paper towels. Awhile back there was a seller on ebay that had adjustable ones, I was lucky to purchase 3 from him for my longer rolls, but he doesn’t sell anymore and hasn’t responded to my emails. Walmart has sets of 3 peg baskets for $10 and I use these to hold my 3/8′ ribbon. Another tip, I purchased a magnetic strip used in a shop to hold tools, I screwed this into the stud under my pegboard and it holds all my scissors.

  30. Rhea

    I feel like I have died and gone to heaven! For the first time in 32 years I HAVE A SEWING ROOM! After sewing in an unfinished room in the basement, with cement floor, a hanging bulb from the ceiling and cement walls, I have a new space just devoted to sewing. The best part of it… is PINK! I decided to go with IKEA cabinets and closet. I purchased their black and glass top table with butterflys and plants and a shelf that looks like white lace on black. We have put in a nice PERGO flooring, and undercabinet lighting. I now have a space to sew, and scrapbook. I can’t tell you how it makes me smile just to walk into that room!

  31. ycmt

    WOW! You have all found such creative ways to use your space. I think some photos are in order! I’m reading through these posts and keep thinking, “I want to see a picture!” So let’s see ’em gals! You can send your photos to (thanks Lorie!!) and we’ll post them on the blog. Thanks!!!

    Kim πŸ™‚

  32. I would LOVE my own sewing room with splashes of Amy Butler fabric and all of my sewing organized in shabby chic looking antique furniture, all labeled and sorted!!!!! BUT the reality of that “dream” is no where in sight!! My fabulous sewing space is my dining room kitchen table. It is quite long because our family is big and it makes a pretty good workspace once all the food is cleared and the table is wiped down from the cute and dirty little fingers that touches it all day long!! My sewing maching and serger are tucked away in a small closet close at hand and all my fabric stash is in the laundry room. Oh, and then I have my current projects and ideas in a china cabinet in a side reading room!!!!! That’s the nitty gritty on my “sewing space”!! LOL

  33. Elizabeth

    I am like a few of the other people my sewing space takes over about 3 rooms. My husband did craft me a nice sewing table about 22 years ago and it sits in my bedroom fully covered over in supplies. You see since I sew I get everything (sewing related) that is left behind by anyone that passes away so I have tons of stuff. I have plastic tubs of fabric in my daughters old room as it has turned into the storage room. I do my sewing mainly in my dining room as that is where I of course have a large table for cutting and my computer is near by! I am hoping with my daughters leaving home that I soon can turn one of their rooms into a nice sewing room for me!

  34. Feines StΓΆffchen

    Hi from germany! As I donΒ΄t come to practise spoken and written english to often it might be a little “rusty” – sorry for that!

    I have two small kids (aged 4 and 2) so i urgently needed a space where i can just close the door behind me and leave all the “no-no” things on my sewing table.

    Both kids would love to use the sewing machine, rotary cutter, needles and stuff!

    The room is packed with things, there are two tables so that i just have to roll over to the other desk when i take a sewing break to head over to my computer.

    The room is filled with bookshelves packed with books, fabrics, ribbons, patterns, more fabrics, more ribbons, magazines, even more fabrics & ribbons.

    On the walls above the both tables i have several ikea mini chests of drawers for – who can guess? – right, ribbons!
    On my sewing table there are two more of them for sewing accessories, my sewing machine and my beloved overlock machine.

    Next to the left row oft bookshelves theres a cabinet/showcase dedicated to my next quilt.

    2 years ago I made a ragged heart-quilt fΓΌr my moms 60th birthday and i took care of having the double width of each fabric as I want to do the same quilt for myself.

    In front of the bookshelves waits “mount iron-me” for me to iron it (i hate ironing if it has nothing to do with sewing!) – right across theres the ironing board – behind the ironing board i have some large storage boxes with fabrics – new and vintage ones. I love to stroll over fleamarkets searching for the cute bedding-fabrics of my seventees-childhood.

    Some beloved fabrics has to be within sight from my sewing table as i love to look at them and touch them when i wait for the inspiration to come.

    My husband often teases me that my only aim ist to cover every inch of the little remaining space at the walls and the floor.

    I think IΒ΄m kind of a sewing messy as i just need to do some seams or to whip up a little sewn keychain and instantly the whole room turned into total chaos. Guess how it looks like if I decided to sew more than one piece at a time!

    One last thing, i had a non-sewing new neighbor visiting me for the first time, she looked absolutely surprised at my “sewing room” and when I later on said, IΒ΄m not sure to visit a german craft fair in march she had a big laugh and said: Looking at your fabric room over there stop visiting craft fairs and anything like this, youΒ΄ll need a livetime to use every fabric in there.

    I hope this was not to abstruse, if you wish I could send you pictures!

    I just stumbled over your blog and nwesletter and all the wonderful things on your website – I absolutely L-O-V-E it!

    With best regards from Germany,


  35. Amanda

    I wish I had my own room to devote to my sewing. We have a large kitchen/eat in area. I have taken over the far end of it. I recently purchased 2 file cabinets and an 8′ countertop. I made a desk from that. It holds my embroidery machine, sewing machine and computer. I store my patterns and notions in the filing cabinets. I also have a seperate desk that holds my 8 yr. old daughter’s sewing machine and a wire shelf that holds some of my fabric. The other fabric is in a cabinet (part of the pantry!) and even more is on 3 shelves in the adjacent laundry room. I have my scraps in my bedroom because there’s just no more room here! Thank goodness for lots of floor space. I just scoot the dining table over to the other end of the room and use the free floor space as my cutting area. At least it gives me a reason to never have an excuse to get out of cleaning my kitchen floors. hehe. They’re spotless! I would love my own sewing room though. I am running out of walls to add shelves and pegboard on and it’s just not big enough on my one lonesome wall.

  36. Christy

    We have a living/dinig area in which we only used the dining table a few times a year. Instead of putting my machine away each time I used it, I finally decided to just keep it out. Then I got a serger, then an embroidery machine, then my mom’s old machine in a cabinet and well…’s now my sewing area. Instead of cleaning and putting everything away (because where am I going to put it?) for Christmas, we all ate on and around the couch πŸ™‚
    The ironing board is always out and behind my sewing chair, my serger is on top of my mom’s old machine (which is in a cabinet) and my embroidery and general sewing machine are on one side of the table. I have an old silver chafing dish thing we never use so I put my most commonly used notions in there, and it sits on top of the table. Above the serger is a shelf with a spring rod and ribbons, jars of buttons, etc. I have a nightstand under the table with 2 drawers that hold my trims and embroidery stuff. Across the table is a dresser with a hutch that I share with my husband, one side is fabric and sewing books and magazines and his side has his work stuff. Then I have a laundry basket full of scraps in the hall closet and my patterns are all in a china cabinet also in the hall. It’s evolved and works for now. I actually like where I sit because it’s pretty much in the center of the house, I can watch the kids, TV, whatever and still sew. But like everyone else, I wish it was bigger!

  37. I have a brand new sewing space:) Years ago, my husband enclosed an area of our basement as my “craft” room and installed a long counter top and some book cases. I never sewed there because I felt too cut off from the family, so it was more like really nice storage:( Then, my husband decided that he needed a workout room more than I needed pretty storage, so he emptied the room and put his weights and stereo in there, Oh, and a mirror to look at himself flexing, LOL! All this time I continued to sew at the dining table, and my family mostly ate meals at our kitchen island (with stools….I’m not that mean!) Anyhow, we recently decided to remove a built in bar that the previous owners had put into our basement. Our goal was to create a craft/work area for our 4 year old daughter in the basement playroom area, but once the demolition started I got an idea:) There was an unused, very small storage room behind the bar area, so we took out the wall, added more of the same laminate flooring as the rest of the basement and utilized the bar and storage areas to become my new sewing room:) The best part is that it is completely open to the kids play/dance/TV area so I can sew without feeling disconnected! My husband installed pretty bi fold doors that run the complete width of the sewing room so that I can have it completely open OR completely closed off from the playroom. WooHoo! In the sewing room I have a sewing table made from an IKEA countertop that holds my sewing/embroidery machine and serger, two big bookcases for storage, a floor to ceiling peg board for ribbon spools and thread, a framed pegboard for all of my scissors and other notions, a wall where my full sized ironing board and cutting mat/ruler are hung, and of course….a phone! πŸ™‚
    I just got my sewing/embroidery machine and I’m scared to death to start using it, so I haven’t even used the room yet….but it’s all organized and waiting:) My first lesson on my machine is Thurs. night, so I imagine I’ll be christening the sewing room right after that:) Thanks for letting me share! pictures are on the way:)

  38. I LOVE my sewing room!! It was the kids play room, but they each have their own rooms and I “needed” a space for my mountains of creativity! It’s about 13 ft x 12 ft with a gorgeous vaulted ceiling. It has wood laminate flooring and a lage window with a window seat overlooking our front yard. My husband painted it a calming green color.

    My furnishings came from IKEA. I got two large tables there. One for my sewing machine and the other for cutting. I decopauged unfinished wooden shelves with coordinating scrapbook papers on one wall. These hold decorative boxes with ribbons, embellishments, etc. I hung two large peg boards over the tables. This is my favorite part of the room! We painted them pink, my favorite color. They hold my tools, notions, ribbons, and more in lot’s of different little cans and containers. I have my computer and a tv in there as well. I had a bookshelf that my husband painted white outside and pink inside. I use it to hold my inventory, fabrics, and lot’s of different boxes and storage, also from IKEA.

    One of my other favorite things is a 6 pain old window I got at our craft market. I painted the glass with chalkboard paint and 2 of them I covered with cork and fabric. This is so handy for notes, orders, etc.

    It is super organized and helps my creative juices flow!

  39. UGH. My Sewing room. LOL
    CUrrently I am using the dining room area as my sewing room. My china cabinet is packed with sewing items, and then the countless rubbermaid storage boxes stacked from wall to wall. We have a spare room that I am currently working on clearing out and organizing to make way for my sewing items.
    But my ideal sewing room, my dream of all dreams sewing room, would be a huge room filled with lots of cabinets, bins and shelves, a large cutting table…places to sort all my thread, ribbons, embellishments. A large window to the let sun in, lots of lighting, And a nice blue or yellow color on the wall…..Perhaps, when I get all this sorted out, I will have my cabinets and such in my room. Hehehe.

  40. I took our sun room and made it into my craft area/sewing studio. I am a former pre-k teacher so my office consists of small “centers” made for the most crafts I do the most, which would be sewing, hair bow making, scrapbooking, and painting. My room isn’t jazzed up like I’d like it to be, but it stays neat and tidy for the most part. I have some pictures on my blog here:

    My craft*dom! Where mommy reigns:)


  41. I have a great little room off my bedroom that the previous owner used as an office. Of course I use it as my sewing room where I can keep my sewing machine and serger set up all the time. It has great windows that overlook the backyard so I can always keep an eye on the kids playing outside and I keep it stocked with crafty things for my kids to make while I sew.

  42. We are just moving into a new house. After reading all these posts, I am bummed I gave the extra bedroom to my husband and son for a game room! My sewing/craft space will be in our massively oversized bedroom. The first half of the room will be our bedroom…which would be a big room on it’s own. The second half will be our workout area, my husband’s desk and my area. I have a craft desk ( I got for Christmas that will hold my sewing machine. My desk closes up to look like an armoire…this will hold my laptop and office/business stuff. We have our old dresser (actually quite new, but a leg broke) that we are going to cut the legs off of and it will become storage. My bags, drawers and boxes will all be stored in the walk-in closet, along with my ironing board & iron. After reading everyone’s ideas, I have decided to put up a pegboard above my craft table to hold my ribbon and probablyl a few straight pegs to hold my bows on bowcards.

    I can’t wait to get this all set-up and start working again!

  43. Charity

    Ok…I started sewing a little more than a year ago and NOW I see why women want to have whole rooms devoted to this hobby! LOL….However, with four children, I will not have that luxury for quite some time. I have an end corner of our couch. I have a little tea/end table that I pull in front of me with my sewing machine on it and sew. I have clear rubbermaid containers with my sewing stuff in it next to that end of the couch. That’s my sewing area! Not glamorous by any means but I’d LOVE to have one of those Koala cabinets to store everything away and bring it out when you sew but can’t afford that yet. Dear hubby promises to make something like that for me someday when we get the money for the wood and if we can find plans for something like that. But until then, I make do ok…my living room is a bit cluttered with a sewing atmosphere but I’m usually sewing away when not tending to the kids so it all works out ok!

    The icky part is cutting and ironing….I have to resort to the floor to do that….ick….I don’t have a big enough table…very tiny table and the most space I have to do anything like that is my hardwood floors so I always have to make sure they’re nice and clean. I always hate cutting and ironing…I really need to get an ironing board but I don’t know where I’d put it.

  44. Christy

    Oh ya, I forgot to mention, it’s always a MESS!@!! I sent in a very real picture of what it looks like when I’m sewing πŸ™‚
    How does everyone else’s stay so tidy???

  45. I love seeing the pictures! Allison, my favorite part of your room is that gorgeous window!!! how lucky you are! The one thing I feel like I am missing is natural sunlight. Anyone have any ideas how to fake it? And I love your colors, what a great atmosphere for sewing πŸ™‚

  46. I do have to confess, my craft room is not always so tidy πŸ™‚ I cleaned it up a bit for the picture. However, it is very organized, so I don’t have too much trouble keeping it neat. I work better in a neat and tidy environment!

    Thanks Carrie! It is a really great window with tons of natural light. I’m not really sure how you can fake it, but there are lot’s of ways to get really great light for crafting and sewing. The colors are bright and funky. That is the one room in the house that I could express it! πŸ™‚

  47. I wish I had a room just for my sewing things!! I use the end of our bedroom and store everything else in the closet. It is a HUGE pain to get everything out all the time and have to put it all back.

  48. Cheryl

    My sewing room is my kitchen unfortunately…but I can’t complain. Husband doesn’t fuss to much about it…the sewing machine sits on my table til I finish the project then I put it in a cabinet til I am ready to do another one. My serger sits on the kitchen cabinet near the microwave. I do all my cutting on the frontroom floor. I have another room…but I decided to make it into a little princess room for my (5) little granddaughters to have for their own sleeping quarters when they spend the night which is often. The oldest one is 7 then I have one 4, 3, 2, and 1yr old and I have another granddaughter on the way in the end of May. So I guess it will stay their room. LOL!!! Love those girls!!! Husband does talk about making me a shed to be able to work in…but I enjoy the kitchen really … I can cook and do my sewing at the same time!!! LOL!!

  49. Shawnda

    My sewing space is nothing to write home about. I just got a sewing machine for Christmas so right now it’s the dinning room table with things stacked on my dinning room wall; my patterns are all in a canvas bag, my material is in a box and sometimes left in the store bag, and I have a little caddy that has my threads and sissors. This is also my scrapbooking space. I live in an older house that doesn’t have much storage so still trying to figure something out.

  50. Kathy D.

    My newest brainstorm Sewing Space Is a Desk I bought at a Yard sale for 10.00 and since It’s one of the big ones.I had my husband CUT A HOLE -IN THE CENTER SECTION , to the right a little .And he built me a POCKET that holds the SEWING MACHNE;.So now It’s 300.00 Desk.LOL
    It already has , the drawers and deep storage .
    So now It’s NO MORE Dining Room Table for me.My Guest Room works for me finally.Now I can Quilt on a FLAT SURFACE.
    All I have to do , Is add a Table to the Left.And move some Furniture around .So everybod can still come and be comfortable.Not removing any charm.And COLLECT all my stuff out of the Master Bedroom Clost and throughout the Dining Room.I Love It, now maybe my Quilting will Improve.
    Good luck everybody..I’m a Happy camper.3-2008

  51. My sewing room is located on the second floor of my home in what used to be a nursery. It is the perfect room for sewing.

    I love my sewing room! It has lots of windows and the sunlight streams through in such a beautiful way. It’s a wonderful place to dream and be creative.

    I purchased 3 sets of Bookcases with nice deep shelves. Them I purchased several cloth covered baskets. The baskets are full now, and sometimes even overflowing but everything is close at hand. My cutting table is HUGE! Ou shoudl see how many projects I can pile on top of it! LOL! πŸ˜‰

    The chalkboard comes in handy for jotting down notes. I also have a magnetic chalkboard that is great for attaching pattern pieces and JoAnn’s Coupons. πŸ™‚

    I love my sewing table. It folds up into a compact size but it usually is spread open. It has a hydrolic lift for raising the sewing machine up and down so it is always at the perfect height for sewing…and the table has three nice sized drawers for keeping hoops and notions right at hand.

    My serger sits to the right of the sewing table and is easily accessable with a swivel of my chair.

    My sewing room has a closet and I can fold the cutting table down for storage. I also have a few of those fabric closet organizers; folded fabric stacks, and is easy to find.


  52. bobearly

    My sewing room is two rooms. I have a 120 year old victorian home in N.J. It has 6 bedrooms( which my husband and I had hoped we would fill with kids however that was not GODS plan for us. ) I use two rooms on the third floor. I have my old dining table set up with all my machines. I use my grandmothers old metal top kitchen table, in the other room ,as my cutting space. I am not very organized. You would think that with all that space it would be easy, however, it just makes me a bigger pack rat. I think that when you have limited space you are better about using every inch wiser!

  53. Maria Robertson

    we have a 2 bdroom apt. w/a dining room & that is my sewing/scrapbooking space!..i am hoping to move into a 3 bdroom home in the near future but this will surely do! & since we eat in front the couch i can sew & keep my eye out on my & My fav. tv shows..

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