Sewing Space Photographs!

We asked, and you provided!  Thank you to everyone who sent in photo’s of their sewing space!

From Carrie:


From Allison:

From Christy:

From Tina:



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8 responses to “Sewing Space Photographs!

  1. Wow! Can we say jealous much?? LOL

  2. Hi, i´d instantly move to Tina because of the Loads of Ribbons and supplies, to Christys because of the beautiful vintage table and to Carrie and Allison because everything is so tidy and neat! Really nice Sewing spaces! Best wishes from germany,Kati

  3. LOL! Mine’s only neat because I haven’t started sewing in it yet! That will all change this weekend 🙂

  4. Wow, I can’t believe how organized some are and that they have a room just for crafts. Mine looks more like Christy’s all over the dinning room table. =)

  5. I SO need to clean and destash my sewing room. It gets so ignored during the colder months due to my knitting/crocheting.

    With spring coming, I am in the mood to sew. I can’t get to things though. 😦

    I love seeing storage solutions. I’m addicted to it.

  6. Timi Lisa

    I love all the spaces submitted. My sewing space looks like all of them! I have a nice little organized space, but I always end up getting excited about different projects, and spill them from my sewing space into the dinning room, TV room. I’ve even hung freshly ironed fabric yardage over the shower doors! My husband just loves that… 😉

  7. WOW! They all look great.
    I so wish I had a space for all of my things!! Right now I use the end of my bedroom and everyting else is stacked in a closet 😦

  8. Melanie

    I love the organization!!! My sewing room is basically my dining table right now.. What a hassle! But with the remodeling of our house and the possibility of my hubby’s Business moving to down town I may just score a huge sewing room!!! I will have to refer back to these photos!!

    I love this site, I am inspired everyday!! It has been a huge blessing, and confidant booster!!!

    Anyways Ladies.. Love the rooms, Clean or messy we all are doing what we love and that in itself is wonderful!!!

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