Help Us Name the “No-Name” Knot Handbag!

Name this bag!

It has been so much fun to see the “Debut Purse” eBook being used and seeing your
photos! Well, the 2nd handbag from YCMT and Kimberbell Kids is ready to share, but
I have one little itty bitty kind of problem. Not a huge problem. Probably not a
BIG deal. But…a problem. I can’t think of a NAME for it!

Yes, you read that right. Not a big deal? Well, probably not, but I still would love a great name for it.

So here’s where the fun begins…

Here’s a few photos. What comes to mind when you see the photos? A BIG KNOT, right? (cute knot, but a knot). πŸ™‚

name this bag

Stay with me here…it’s about to get really fun.

I’m going to start the price of the bag at 9.95. But for EVERY person that makes a post here on the blog, the price of the bag will go DOWN 10 cents. So if 10 people post, it knocks it down $1. If 100 people post…well, you get the idea, right? πŸ™‚ (free.)Β 

So, make a post as to what we could call the handbag, and let’s watch that price go down, DOWN, DOWN!

In next week’s newsletter, the pattern will be available for the price you have helped me to set it at.
(and yes, it COULD be free.)

Don’t know of a clever name for the bag? Hey, that’s ok! Make a post about anything really.

Tell us something funny.

Tell us something you’re working on.

Tell us about your day.

Myself and the YCMT Team read it all. And the price will continue to go down in the meantime. πŸ™‚Β  That “NEW” price will be available for 1 week after it is announced.Β  Have fun!!

name this bagΒ Β Β Β Β Β  name this bag

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705 responses to “Help Us Name the “No-Name” Knot Handbag!

  1. CUTE Kim!!!!! How about the “Knot So Plain Bag”???

  2. ycmt

    Thanks Crissie! You’re our first post! We have the price down by a dime! Keep it coming!! (and great name by the way!)

  3. Oooh, ooh WAIT. I have another one. You don’t have to count it though! lol! How about “Knot Your Mom’s Bag”??? That one is cracking me up! lol!

  4. Ok, this is cheesy:) “Knot” your average bag.
    It is a really cute bag. I don’t think it has to have a name.

  5. Kristi

    What about the Sassy Knotted Sash Purse?

  6. ycmt

    I’m counting that! 2 dimes down! πŸ™‚ YOU are cracking me up.

  7. Linda

    How about the Big Bow Bag? Or Present Purse Bag/Present Tote Bag cause it looks like a big present wrapped in a bow and something to store goodies in, like yarn, current sewing project, etc.

  8. Naoi Leialoha

    the “Knotty girl” bag

  9. Sarah

    How about “Knot Ordinary”?

  10. Elisa Leialoha

    This Knots for you…

  11. Elisa Leialoha

    The present bag

  12. Kristin

    How about ” Bowlicious Bag” ? The bag is Very Cute!! I can’t wait to make one.

  13. Ritz Young

    I don’t really have a name in mind for the bag, because it’s 1:55 AM here in Florida and I’m up surfing the net for some financial aide help for school. My Incredimail notifier (animated butler) says “You’ve got new mail, ma’am.” And low and behold I have the latest YCMT newsletter. I love reading about the new things going on in the YCMT world.

    While I’m here, I just want to share what kind of a crappy few weeks I’ve had. First off, Monday of last week, I got 2 tickets, one for an expired tag (mind you, I was on the way to the tax collector’s office to renew it, the day after it officially expired) and for not wearing my seat belt. Hrmmmm…my 2 front tires weren’t even off of my driveway yet. So I’m still mad about that. Then on Wednesday my 2 yr old had to get stitches on her bottom lip because she slipped and fell in the bathtub and hit the bottom track of the sliding door. And then today I find out that I may be losing my financial aid for school, because I’m not progressing. I’m a court reporting student, so it’s at your own pace. It’s crazy. I can make woven headbands, cheer bows, sew, crochet, but my fingers won’t move fast enough to type 140 words per minute in machine short hand. So I’m extremely frustrated with that.

    But I’ll just leave it to the Lord, because he can deal with these things far better than I can.

    Oh, a name just popped in my head…how about:
    “Knot your momma’s purse”

    It’s Chic and definitely not something that my mom would carry on her arm!

    Just an idea.

    As I started writing this…Crissie has posted it twice, so at the beginning of my comment, it’s down to $9.75 + my post…so $9.65!

  14. That is a gorgeous bag, Kim!! πŸ™‚ Here are my ideas for names:

    Knot a la Mode
    Tie One On
    To Tie For
    Knot ‘n’ Vogue
    All Knotted Up

    Good luck!

  15. Heather

    I think it should be called “Audrey” after audrey hepburn, it’s classic and stylish, like she is

  16. Ritz Young

    Crissie, girl. I should have read your second post. I guess GMTA (great minds think alike) — so off to the drawing board again πŸ™‚

  17. robyn

    How about “WotKnott” Bag.

  18. Kim

    Pinwheel Bag?

  19. Linda

    Trying to make the Present Bag/Tote sound better, how about, Multi Purpose Present Bag/Tote? It could be used for a birthday gift filled with items, yarn for the knit/crocheter. etc. Or what about Fabric Wrap Bag? Portable Present Bag with Bow? I’m not good at naming things! =(

  20. Sarah

    My sister’s husband had a name for the bag, but apparently they couldn’t get it to show on the site. It is telling them it was already said.

    Here is what they want to put for the name:
    The “Knotty Girl” bag
    (name came up by Naoi Leialoha)

  21. How about “Knot a Problem Bag”

  22. I love Knot Ordinary but in the interest of the game – how about the Knot Sew Bag.

  23. Janny Bijlstra

    That’s a very nice bag ! I like it very much ! What about “NOT KNOT FREE BAG” ? I can’t wait to buy the e-book.

    Lots of love from Holland sends Janny.

  24. Diane

    How about The Knotty Bag!

  25. How about All tied up?

  26. LOL… or something to do with all the loose ends being tied up.

  27. Carol

    How about the city girls knot bag

  28. Here’s my suggestion for the “No-Name Knot Handbag”.

    Since the knot to me looks like it’s the bow on a square shaped present. And since any purse of mine – is, well – mine…….
    AND since my handbags contain several items of great importance to me that I use with my mind…….I’m just going to play around with the spelling and submit my name for this handbag with a double meaning to be:

    “The Present of Mine Handbag.” Did you get the double meaning? (“The Presence of Mind Handbag.”)

    It looks like a present to me. Yet, it contains what some ladies may call their “brains” – meaning some very important things that they need and use.

    OK. That’s my submission. Thanks for reading.

  29. Christi

    That is so cute! Funny when I first saw the email before even reading the paragraph I was thinking “that’s knot a purse” it looks more like a handbag. I’d call it the “Knot a Purse Handbag”

  30. Christi

    I’ve came up with something else after I posted that…how about the “Knot a Purse Tote”

  31. Meagan L

    How about the What Knots Bag! That bag is really cute! Good Job.

  32. This bag just has such a vintage Hollywood feel to me – what about naming it something like “The Starlet”, or “Audrey”? Ha! I’ve got it – “The Knotty Starlet” ;o)

  33. Katya

    Hows about the Gnatty Knot Bag

  34. Oh, goodness, I’m suffering from sleep deprivation, and I think I’m getting the same bug all my kids have had, but I just thought of another one lol!


    Ok, I know that one is bad, but I couldn’t resist!

  35. Katya

    or Knot Forgetting

  36. “Knot Your Average Handbag”


  37. Christine

    “Forget me Knot”? I know it is a play on words, but I find it to be an unforgettable bag, and a lady should never leave home with out her handbag!!!

  38. Pascha

    How about the knot hard to make bag?

  39. Pascha

    ok, here’s a goofy one: to bag or knot to bag

  40. Kris

    How about “All Wrapped Up”…or wait a minute…how about “All Wrapped Up and Nowhere to Go Bag!” (Kind of like my life!) LOL By the way, this is such a CUTE bag! I can’t wait to make it!

  41. Annie

    “Tied up in Knots”

  42. Sarah

    How about “Why Knot”?

  43. ycmt

    I am cracking up! Thank you everyone! This is so fun to read – We now have 43 of them!! πŸ™‚

    Ritz- Sorry about your bad day today. Hope tomorrow is a better one for you, and that your little girl’s lip heals quickly.


  44. I think it’s a really cute purse and although I giggle when reading the “knot” names they don’t seem to fit (IMO). Yes, there’s a knot, but there is so much more to the purse.

    Because it is pretty with unique character, my first thought was to give it a girls name. Actually when I saw it I said “Kimberly Bag” or “Kimberly Sue Handbag”. No I don’t know anyone by that name anymore; I just think the purse looks like a “Kimberly”.


  45. Lynda

    I love the bag. It’s sew cute.
    I’d like to name it
    The Sew Tied Up Tote
    A Knot in Hand – bag
    Bow-tiful Bag
    Knot your bag, It’s Mine – Tote

    Thanks. Can’t wait for the pattern to be available.

  46. Carol Feltman

    What a neat bag!!! I do not sew–but I love this bag!
    How about calling it—-The Knottingham
    or—-Luscious Lady
    or—-Knotters Dream
    or—-Knot so Fast!!
    or—-Knotting off (nodding off?)
    or—-Getting to Knot you
    0r—-Knot on a Sundae!!
    or—-Love Knot
    OK–I got carried away but it is an adorable purse!!

  47. RuthAnn

    I didn’t read all the e-mails, when I read the newsletter , saw the is really nice by the way…my first thought was….
    Whats KNOT to Like Bag!
    I’m going to keep thinking as I really want to purchase this e-pattern , it would be even better if it were FREE!

  48. Sarah

    Knot just sophisticated… It’s very stylish too! LOL!

  49. MMMM I am not good with names. But I love the bag! very stylish. I look forwrd to the opportunity to purchase the pattern to make my own though.
    Thanks Kim.

  50. Rachel

    How about ?
    Hotty Knotty Handbag – LOL
    Haute Knot Handbag
    Chic Noeud (pretty knot in french)
    This bag says French to me for some reason.
    I love it and can’t wait to get this pattern!


  51. Rachel

    one more for the count:
    Le Chic Noed (The Pretty Knot)


  52. SIMONA

    How about “Knot and the city”?

    It’s a very cute bag!!

  53. Sarah

    How about “Knotty but nice”?

    Lovin’ that bag, by the way. Can’t wait to make one. I already have my fabric picked out.


  54. Sarah

    The “Knotable Toteable”

  55. Sarah

    Here’s another one for you:



  56. How about,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Ima Knot,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,?

  57. You ladies are awesome! You have picked all the names I was thinking about. Not sure if you put this one down, but how about: “The Knotty Bag” Like naughty…lol

    Valerie S.

  58. maycee

    Here is another one for you . ” BOW-GUESS ” ….?

  59. pookie

    how about pin wheel purse. just a thought.
    very cute.

  60. Amy

    How about, “Knot Yours”……..but it could be!

    Love your bags!

  61. kiwigirl

    The love knot bag

  62. Kayse

    Since it looks like a wrapped gift, how bout “Under Wraps” ??

  63. Wendy

    I love it…. the “Love Me Knot” bag!


  64. Kayse

    I got another one………… Knotty but Nice

  65. dasoriginals

    Whirly Knot

  66. Christy

    I immediately thought of Audrey Hepburn. The knot reminds me of the scarves she used to wear. Classic yet fun.
    The Tiffany
    The Hepburn

  67. Barbara

    How about the “Bow Tote”

  68. dawn

    Hope this wasn’t said-it’s not too original-“Knot your everyday bag” Love the bag!!!!

  69. Connie

    Love the Bag and I think “All Tied Up And Ready To Go” or could be “All tied Up And No Where To Go”

  70. Patti

    “Wrap it Up!” Excellent bag, I can’t wait!!!

  71. Sue J.

    My choices are……”The Not-a-ble Bag” and “The Knot-a-Bag”.
    It is gorgeous.
    Sue J.

  72. I was gonna say “Knot your Grandma’s Handbag” or “Knot your Mother’s Handbag” but I see someone already said similiar. Love the bag….

  73. Holly D

    “K”not your typical handbag!

  74. Sherry

    “The Kimono Bag” . It reminds me of one of those Obi belts on a kimono. Very cute bag Kim.

  75. The first thing that entered my mind was “The Knottingham”. This is a really CUTE bag!!

  76. Vicky k.

    My choice is Knottingham. I can’t wait for the pattern. It is really cute!


  77. Christina

    How about “The Knotty Purse”?

    I love your website and both newsletters–and have way too many patterns for one grand-daughter!!

    The newest pattern from Carla C is just adorable, and I will get that when I get home!!

  78. Donna Morgan

    I can’t wiat to make this and I know my DD with try to steal it, so my name suggestion is “The Knot Yours Bag!”

    I’m new here and love reading the posts.

    Donna M.

  79. Lexie

    How about Cosmopolitan Knot Bag? I love the bag and would really like to have the pattern. The cheaper the better!!

  80. Jan

    What’s KNOT to love?

  81. Carolyn

    How about “Knot Appeal”

    It is a great bag. Good luck on getting it named.

  82. Sarah E

    The first thing I thought was “Knot your ordinary bag” Now after reading the other comments posted I see some of us are on the same wave length! Great bag Kimberly – very chic.

  83. It’s Knot You, It’s Me!

  84. Sabrina

    Soleil Fantasy which is Pinwheel Fantasy in French πŸ™‚

  85. Gayle

    It looks like a bow. It should be the “BOW-utiful” BAG.

  86. Sabrina

    And another … Soleil Pochette or Le Soleil Pochette … which is Pinwheel Handbag or The Pinwheel Handbag in French πŸ™‚

    When I first saw it, I immediately thought “Pinwheel” as well, but it’s too elegant for just plain ol’ Pinwheel, so I searched for a more sophisticated version of it. LOL

  87. Sabrina

    Ok, last one … La Mulino a Vento … which is The Pinwheel in Italian (my husband is Italian, so I had to throw this in for good measure – LOL)

    Sabrina πŸ™‚

  88. Frances

    How about “Bowknot”

  89. DEB FREY

    It’s KNOT What You Thing Bag, is what I first thought of for this bag, it is so cute, can’t wait to buy the pattern. Deb

  90. Teresa

    How about “Naughty bag”…..oh, wait, I meant “knotty bag”
    brainstorming here…..”knot one over”…..hehehehe….
    “tie one over”………..”knot over yet”………”knot-a-ble bag”
    “just one knot”……..ok, i’ll be back if something really good pops into my brain!!! πŸ™‚

  91. Pat Bell

    I think a great name for the bag would be the short and sweet the “Bow Tote” Really a cute bag!!!!


  92. How about “All Tied Up Bag” or “Sew Knotty Bag”.

    This bag is beautiful!!

  93. Carol M

    Love the bag it looks like a pinwheel to me so How about”Pinwheel bow bag”

  94. How about “Chic Bag” or for all the Brits (my daughter included) “Smart Bag” or just to be really random “That’s My Purse”.

  95. Linda Vee

    How about the “Knot so Naughty” bag. This bag is absolutely wonderful. It’s a life bag. Pack it well, and you’re set for life. Really wonderful. Linda

  96. Judy

    First thing I thought of was Buttons and Bows Tote, esspecially the black and white bag, which background could be buttons. Great bag, whatever it’s called.
    It looks Gift Wrapped!

  97. How about “nuts about knots”

  98. lsdlong

    I have several suggestions:

    Pretty Knotty
    Tie Me Up Pretty
    Sew Knotty
    Bow in the Know
    Knot Worthy

  99. Tina


  100. Tina

    “Twisted” – the bag is super cute! I cannot wait to get the pattern.

  101. wow what an adorable bag! I want it! haha
    to me it reminds me of a pin up girl style, it has the clean lines and flirty bow.
    I dont know what a name should be but I love the names already mentions….”no name” is cute too! LOL
    I will think about it and get back to you!

  102. holly

    i don’t really have a name to suggest but i wanna knock a dime off the price! i LOVE #8’s suggestion, “knotty girl” bag. LOVE IT!

    today is my birthday and i will be working on a sun dress for my aunt!

  103. sarahau

    Not a whole Lotta knottas!
    Hot knot
    sassy gift bag

  104. D Weiss

    How about “Knifty Knot Bag” ?

  105. Ellen

    How about Knotty Scarf Bag? I think it looks like a scarf tied around a bag?
    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  106. Okay I haven’t the time to read through all the posts to see the names already mentioned… here are my suggestions:

    *Drop Knot Bag
    *Forget Me Knot
    *Knotty Ham Bag
    *Stop, Drop, and Knot Bag?


  107. Feeling Knotty πŸ™‚

    Happy birthday Holly. It’s my daughter’s 7th birthday today.

  108. Leslie

    I think there are some cute names already listed, but I’ll suggest The “I’m so Tied” Bag…..

    Keep suggestions coming I want this pattern for Free!!!!

  109. allmaude

    How about Knot for everyone?

  110. lindamarie

    I really like this bag… it is so very different then most

    so… drumroll….

    I do think it is

    knot just another bag

    but, it deserves a more sophistocated name…. hmmm…

    love me knot?
    plain old bag..KNOT

    well, maybe I didn’t help name it, but I did help reduce the cost by 10cents, no?

  111. Deanna

    I was surprised to see 58 replies, and someone sort of had my idea already, but mine is slightly different so will go ahead and share it. The first thing that came to mind when looking at the knot was “Pretty Pinwheel Knot Purse” or “Pretty Pinwheel Knotted Purse”.

  112. Kim M.

    Love the Bag! Love everyone’s comments and names. Mine won’t be as clever as everyone elses; but here it goes…
    Fit To Be Tied

  113. or Nutty about Knots

  114. Erika

    How about “The Purse Knot Forgotten”
    or “The Forget me Knot Purse”

  115. VO

    I love this bag! I have been pulling fabrics out of my stash in anticipation.So many cute names…I like the idea of a glamorous star’s name from the 40’s perhaps.

  116. Ellen

    Why “knot” call it the “Love Knot” Bag (because I love the knot), or the “What’s Knot to Love” Bag. Can’t wait to get the pattern!!

  117. Leiah

    How about the “Knot so stuffy” bag

  118. Christine

    How about…. All in a Twist Bag?

    Although I have to say that “Le Chic Noed” is the best!

  119. Maureen

    How about Sassy Sac?

  120. Kara

    “Knot your Grandmother’s Purse”
    “Knot Like Everyone” purse
    “Knot yo’ Mommas” (okay kidding)

    that’s all I’ve got for now.

    Have a great day everyone!

  121. Donna

    I like a lot of the choices above too! How about “Knotted Elegance”?

  122. Juanita

    My first post to this site! Love reading the name suggestions!! I am not very original but a name or 2 came to mind:

    Knot Simple
    Bag-o’ Knots
    Love Me Knot
    Knuts for Knots

    I could go on and on.

  123. Kathy

    When I first looked at it I thought of “Pinwheels”.
    “Pinwheel Party Purse”

  124. amy

    It’s already been said but I like the “Forget Me NOT Knotted Bag” Because I think everyone will ask you where you got that fab bag.

  125. Susie Mattern

    I had a couple of thoughts that were the same as the others. I do love the bag – how about the Love that Knot bag?

  126. Really cute purse!
    I was going to say “The Knotty Girl Bag” (I really like that!) but I seen someone else said it already. πŸ™‚
    Great minds think alike I guess! LOL
    I can certainly see lots of different possibilities for this bag, you can really mix it up with different fabric combinations.
    Keep up the great work! I really enjoy getting your update emails!

  127. Sherri

    At first glance, this reminded me of a pinwheel, but as I was scrolling through I saw that already. It also reminds me of a classy lady’s knotted scarf.

    Classy Lady?
    Lovely lady
    I am terrible at naming I think!

  128. Knotty Chic
    Knot Your Average Bag
    The Knotty Bag
    Chic & Knotty

  129. Colleen

    How about the Knottingham. Not quite as funny as some of the others but for such a chic purse the name works.

  130. Betty Bauman

    It’s cute. How about “Tied Up In Knots”

  131. Ellen

    Knots to You

  132. Vicky k.

    Here’s another one:
    Love-me-Knot bag

    Vicky K.

  133. DeAnn

    I can’t think of anything new – there’s lots of cute ideas out there. I really love the bag, though! It’s great to have an outlet like this pattern to use all the wonderfully cute and beautiful fabrics out there – especially since I have two boys! I can’t wait to get this pattern – hopefully for free!!

  134. Lynn

    I don’t have a name for the bag ( at least not one that’s been done already!!). It looks like it will be a winner bag! We’re in the middle of yet another winter storm here in Canada and I’m planning to sew a “sock monkey” diaper bag for our first grandchild due in September.

  135. how about “The knotty date bag”
    or “the knotty handbag”
    or “the knotty purse”

    something along those lines

  136. Tina

    Sashy Chic Bag

    When can we buy this great pattern???


  137. Amanda

    I didn’t read them all, so I hope it wasn’t mentioned.
    Knot your average bag
    It’s an awesome bag. I have it on my want list!

  138. Ellen

    To “tie” For

  139. Lynn

    I don’t know if it is the fabric pattern or what, but it feels very Asain to me.

    How about the

    Obi Purse (OBI is the belt on a Kimono)
    Twisted Kimono

    It is also very spring/summer- pinwheel parade

  140. Lynn

    Just saw “forget me knot” that is cute!

  141. Mindy

    I was thinking the “knotty and nice bag, but I think someone already said that! I also like the “knotty girl”! Very cute bag, I want it!

  142. Kathy Hallford

    Guess I see things a little different! The first thing I thought of was a Pinwheel ! I can see it blowing in the wind and enjoying a summer shopping trip. I would put a cute embroidered charm on the “knot” . Perhaps seasonal… for casual. or maybe a lovely “brooch” for dress. It offers so many options! Knot just another bag!!

  143. How about “Knot Just Any Ol’ Bag”? It’s adorable!

  144. Actually when I first saw it I didnt see a knot, I saw a pinwheel so my first thought was the Pinwheel bag. But now I have a couple of names…how about knottylicious bag, Up in a Knot , Knotingham Bag (you know like Buckingham Palace???) Well thats my ideas right now…its nearly 8 am…LOL I woke up early!

  145. pat

    I’m not good at naming things, all I can come up with is Knot Now. I can see me making several of these to go with my favorite outfits.

  146. Hayley

    Ohhh super cute!! How about this one…the Knotical Tote (like nautical) or the Summer Knot Bag (like some r not). Yeah that’s cheesy, just thought I’d throw it in πŸ™‚ My favorite is Knot your mom’s bag. This one’s going on my want list. Thanks Kim!!

  147. Sheryl Braun

    how about “The Knottingham”?

  148. Renee Salinas

    How bout the “knot a problem quick and easy purse”??

  149. I like the #49 Le Chic Noed.


  150. Pam

    knotty bag
    love knot
    fret knot, it’s in the bag
    knot a lot
    not bought knot bag
    knotted bag
    all tied up
    no loose ends
    hanging on (when you get to the end of your rope…)
    the nice girl’s knotty bag
    knit knot

    I like the one about, Haute Knot (as in Hot Knot)
    hot knot, that’s one cool bag

  151. Cheryl

    Love, Love, LOVE the bag! I’m thinking it’s a “Smart & Sashy Handbag”.

  152. Kara

    my 4 year old son asks what I’m doing and I said “thinking of a name for this purse, what do you think?” he looks at it, gives me a disgusted look and says “Knot for BOYS!”. Funny that he didn’t even realize he put the word “knot” in it.

    I love kids.

  153. Ronda

    There are some great names on here. I hope I am not duplicating..Tie it up!
    This is a great new bag!! I can’t wait to get one.

  154. It is a beautiful bag!

    How about:

    Metro Knot Handbag.

    It looks modern and urban.

  155. gwans

    I make bags for my daughters, and I love this one. How about “Knot a Bag”. Love the website and the weekly news letters. Thanks. gwans

  156. wow! there are a lot of great ideas. the only one that keeps popping in my head is “To be or Knot to be”.

    How about “Knot Holding it Together” handbag….hee hee! Only because I am barely holding it together!!

    “Knot Enough Bags” pattern.

    Sorry, I know they aren’t the best ideas…my brain hasn’t started yet today.

  157. Maggi

    I might call it a “Ty-Me” bag…………….

    Cute idea..can’t wait to see the pattern…..

  158. Lindsey

    I like the
    “Forget me Knot” idea.

  159. Tomi

    How about “Bow Tie Beauty” ?

  160. Becky

    I have been on a bag making craze these past few months. I don’t use them, but love to make them. I have made them for friends and neighbors, but when I have extra I put them in a box to put into my church fund raiser that happens in August. My friends say that I should sign up for the local craft fair, but on the patterns of some of the bags it says that you can’t sell the bags that are made from those patterns. This bag is super cute. When I first looked at it I thought it looked like a gift!! So maybe it could be called “the gift bag”.

  161. Or how about:

    The Noeud Moderne Handbag.
    ( Modern Knot)

    I thought it looked French too.

  162. Jan

    My first thought was ” All tied up” and I see someone else had the same idea….LOL!
    Love the bag, it is so classic and chic!

  163. Tomi

    This one might give the wrong idea, but … “Tie One On”

  164. I LOVE this bag and CAN’T wait to purchase the pattern!

    For a name, how about…


  165. emma

    I love t his bag, it is so cute and different. How about “Knot an Old Bag”. Different, but maybe catchy. It is such a cute bag. I have to make some of these.

  166. Lanaya

    How about “wrap it up” or “handy or knot” or ‘Knots so handy” hand bag.

    Hope these havent been mentioned yet.

    toodles, Lanaya

  167. It is so cute! It looks like a pinwheel to me. How about Pinwheel Pizzaz?

  168. Marsha

    I looked at the bag and thought It’s just “Beautiful” who wouldn’t want such a Beautiful bag? Love it!

  169. Oooooh! I like Knotty Girl bag! That’s a great one! I can’t wait to make this one:) (Especially if it’s free……heehee)

  170. sewinmamaw

    I think it should be called “Knot Your Bag”

  171. missylea

    “What Knot???”

  172. tammylee

    How about just “My Bag”, cause if I have it then it’s knot yours. LOL Too cheesy?? hahaha

    Seriously, I like the idea of a regular name, like what was mentioned before – Audrey, Kimberly, or how about Lucy or Lucille for Lucille Ball.

  173. Mary

    Wow, haven’t been to the YCMT site in a while–this is just so much fun! I can’t wait to stitch one of these purses up in a pretty nautical fabric. And while I like “Sailor’s Knot Tote” or, as suggested before, “Knotical Tote” the problem is that it won’t make sense when done in a different themed fabric. It just reminded me of my dad teaching me to tie a sailor’s knot for my little sailor dresses–that must have been 40 years ago. Since he had been in the Navy and I adored him, it’s a wonderful memory, and I appreciate your reminding me with your beautiful bag.

  174. I LOVE that bag!!!! Can’t wait to make one!!!
    Was this already mentioned? The “Ready-or-Knot” bag?
    I’ll try to think up some more…
    Everyone have a great day!

  175. Heather

    “not just a knot” bag
    “Forget-me-knot” bag
    “Knot Difficult to Make” bag πŸ™‚

  176. Jodi

    Wow, everyone is so creative!! I love the ideas. Mine was Forget Me Knot, but I see that’s already listed.

    I lloved Knotty Girl and Tie One On.

    Today I will be working on finishing 18 firefly costumes for the Kindergarten musical.

  177. Teresa Pomerantz

    How about:
    1-2-3 Knot With Me Bag
    Or Knot your ordinary bag
    My Tie Bag
    One more knot Bag
    Tie me Down bag

  178. Patti

    “Knot” Your Ordinary Bag!

  179. Jaime

    How about something expensive sounding? Like “The Knottingham”

  180. Shelda

    How about “The Knottingham” or “Knotty & Nice”.

  181. Kay

    How about Wrap It Up Bag …. or the Wrap Bag?

  182. How bout “fit to be tied”. Although I think Knotty Girl bag is the cutest suggestion so far.

  183. twisted sista tote

    I loved reading some of the other ideas. There are some good ones!!!

  184. Susie

    This is “Sew Knot Your Mama’s Handbag”. So stylish. I’ve never made a purse, but this one is now first on my list!

  185. Jennifer

    Knot your Average Bag
    Love it can’t wait to try it out!!

  186. Janelle Miller

    Super cute bag!! love it, I thought along the lines of “KNOT” too–and came up with: “Knot Another Bag” or “The Knottingham” but as I was reading and saw all the people with Hollywood inspired names I got to thinking, yeah that’s Hollywood, I can totally see that! So I thought who in hollywood is all about Fashion…
    PARIS. (ugh I know…but work with me) LOL..

    Paris Handbag
    Knot Paris (hee hee)
    The Paris Purse

    And that works with the European feel of it too!

  187. Alice

    Knotting Hill

    I’m “knot” too good with catchy names.


    OK, I’m a geek!


  189. Caryn

    Knot Today Honey.

  190. I love that bag – it is so cute!

    How about the following:

    ‘Knot your ordinary tote’
    ‘Tote me Knot’
    ‘Knot about town bag’
    ‘All about the knot’

  191. How about the “KnottingHam” bag? “Knotting Hill” bag
    Oh…I hope we get it for free!!! πŸ™‚

  192. Meridith

    What a very cute bag!!! How about Knot too Difficult to Sew. Or…Better Knot let it Out of your Sight! This bag would be sure to be swiped as cute as it is!

    Of course, it has already been mentioned, but Knotty Girl is a great name! That one would get my vote!

  193. I have a few…
    Forget-Me-Knot Bag
    The Gift Bag
    A Present for you, darling
    All Tied Up and No Where to Go Bag
    Knot Bought Bag
    Tying the Knot Bag
    Mai Tai Bag
    Love’s Me Knot Bag
    Knot’s Landing Bag
    Lover’s Knot

  194. dawn

    I LOVE this bag! And I am Not a purse person! I will be buying it!
    I like the french name above!
    But if I need to post a name…
    Knotty sophisticate

  195. Olivia

    Cute bag Kim! How about the “Knottingham” Bag?

  196. Therese Ruff

    I love Knotty Girl! I think it is a flirty design.

  197. “Knot Just Another Handbag”

    Cute idea!

  198. Jeannette

    I have a couple… I see at least one has already been mentioned, but it is my favorite!

    -Knot your Mama’s Purse
    -Knot Yours
    -Knot So Sassy (Knot Sew Sassy)
    -Knotty Bow

    I also agree with reference to Audrey and French relationship so how about:

    -Paris when it Sizzles

    Which is more commonly known as Together in Paris… Would that be

    -Knot in Paris

    Okay… I will just read what everyone else has to offer. πŸ™‚

  199. Carrie Lee

    How about – She loves me, She loves me knot

  200. Lynne

    Since the belted and cinched waist is a popular look right now, and some of these belts are tied – how about the “It’s a Cinch Handbag” ? Or going along the lines of the movie star inspiration – The Kelly Kerchief Bag in honor of Grace Kelly who wore all of those delicious and elegant kerchiefs and scarves. Luv, luv, luuuuuvvvvv the bag and I’ll buy the pattern no matter what the price!!!!! I already know what fabric I’ll use πŸ™‚

  201. I was going to say “All Tied Up”…but there really are some very creative ideas on here.

    Curious to see what you end up with.

  202. Gertie

    I like “Knot Your Average Purse”.

  203. I had a completely different take on this bag. To me the knot looked like a propellor so how about the “Cessna” for a name.

  204. I have no idea what name the bag should have, but I do know I love it. “Knot” many things catch my eye, but that bag sure did. I am about to dig through my stash right now to get prepared to make it! I am placing another vote for “Knotty Girl” I love it!

    Thanks so much for posting other peoples creations with the patterns you sell, it gives me so much inspiration. I have a huge backlog of dresses and such to make for my little girl!

  205. tammylee

    Another one, how about “Twist and Shout”. Twist for the bow and shout cause you just want to shout it out that this is a great bag!

    This is fun!

  206. Claudia

    The “Why Knot Go Out Bag”
    “Big Ta-doo About Knotta”
    Love your site!
    Love your patterns!

  207. Rae

    I LOVE this bag and hope we get if for FREE!!! πŸ™‚ It’s soooo cute! How about:

    Tie one on Bag

    Knotty Girl Bag

    Knot-ical Bag

    Okay, I have nothing, but we’re down .10 cents more!!

    Rae πŸ™‚

  208. I love the bag! I think the name should stay the “No-Name Knot Bag”.


    I love the Bag. Its name should be Surprise

  210. Samantha

    Very very cute bag! And it looks like it’s going to be a great deal next week. πŸ™‚ I love all of the word play on “knot.” I was thinking “Knot your Grandma’s Bag” or “Knot Your Average Bag” or something like that. I think the Knotty Girl Bag is a cute idea too that someone else posted.

    I think this pattern has tons of potential. I think it would go well with the nautical look that is in fashion at the moment…

  211. Rosemary

    I love this Purse and think it should be called My Surprise. like Where is my Surprise or where did I put My Surprise?

  212. JANE

    how about naming the new bag… BOWBAGDACIOUS ?

  213. Lanaya

    How about the “pinwheel” bag it kinda looks like a pinwheel.

    Hey….its another 10 cents!!!!!! :0)

  214. Okay, here’s my suggestions:

    Bow Just (a play on Beau Geste)



    It’s early for me still πŸ™‚ That’s the best I can do for now, but it’s an adorable purse.


  215. Marie

    The first thing that popped in my head was “The Knotty Mom’s Handbag”.

    Can’t wait to get the pattern!

  216. Amy B.

    Such a cute bag! I LOVE IT!! Don’t have a name for the pattern, but definitely a cute one!
    Can’t wait to add this to my collection of YCMT patterns! Kim you rock girl!

  217. Susan

    how about..”Nacho Bag”

  218. tammylee

    Ok, one more then I think I am done.

    If you want just a regular feminie name how about “Cordelia”. You can tie a knot in a length of CORD or string. Probably too far out there, but worth knot, I mean shot……LOL.

  219. Kim

    How about the Sassy Sash bag. I like the “knot” names, but I think they remind me too much ot “knotical” LOL!! I know cheesy. My favorite so far is the “Audrey Bag”!


  220. Nancy

    How about the “love knot” bag….it is really cute!

  221. KarenH

    I love this bag!!!

    So my suggestion is:
    LOVE Knot Bag

  222. mimis8

    What popped into my head when I looked at this beautiful bag is “KNOT A PROBLEM” bag. I hope you are going to sell it as an E-Book because I have to have it.


  223. Angie

    When I first looked at the bag I thought what a cute windmill. So then I got to thinking…..everybody is so “green” aware these days it needs a name along those lines……So how about “The windmill for Life” bag. Just my 2 cents. LOL

  224. Janet

    “Knotty girls have fun purse”

    “The knotty lady’s bag”

  225. Tammy

    I don’t have a name suggestion, but I love the “present” ones listed above.

  226. donna

    bag names,

    This Bows for you
    NotNot bag
    Bow N Go Bag
    Bowlicious Bag
    Bow Over Bag

  227. Kim

    What a cute bag!!!! THe knot is shaped like an “x” so how about the “Cross Your Heart” Bag??? Dumb I know, but I can’t really think of anything fabulous!!!!!!

    ~ Kim L.

  228. faith

    I vote for “Forget me Knot” Very Cute!

  229. Naomi

    I can’t think of a name myself, but I saw “Knotty Girl” in an earlier post and I think that is really cute. Can’t wait to sew it.

  230. madhu

    This one came to my mind …




    How about the……………….Neat and tiedy tote!

    Always enjoy looking for new patterns and projects on your website.

  232. That stinkin’ bag is so cute! I love Knotty Girl and Audrey (which have already been suggested)…how about Knot So Plain (or Plane, since as someone already said, it looks a bit like a propeller) Jane.
    Can’t wait to make one!

    Karen G.

  233. Kelli

    I think the “knotty girl handbag” is the best name for it. It’s so cute and I can’t wait to get it–even better if it was free! Thanks so much, Kim!

  234. Pam

    How about “Knot your Grandmother’s Handbag.” Keep posting ladies – I love free stuff!! Pam

  235. Monica

    This is the cutest bag. It’s definately one of a kind. I have to have this pattern. How about “Knot”ably Chic” for the pattern name. This is soooo cute!

  236. lizziemaxine

    “What’s Knot To Love” about this bag.

  237. Jill

    What’s Knot to Love

  238. Cheryl

    When I looked at it .. it looks like a present.
    What about “Presently Knotted” Handbag.

    But again the others have came up with some real cute suggestions too!!!

  239. AJ

    I like:

    Forget me Knot
    Knotty girl
    All wrapped up
    and someone suggested “Audrey” which I like because that is my name.

  240. Christy

    The “Pinwheel Purse”. It reminds me of an old-fashioned pinwheel, especially if made in fun summer colors.
    Or the “Hot Knot Bag”. You could even make a baby bag and call it the “Tot Knot Bag”. ; )

  241. Audra

    I’m not sure of a name, but it is adorable. I’m not sure if it’s been said, but what about “Knotty bag” or the “what’s knot to love bag?”

  242. april

    the “newname” handbag?

  243. Linda

    Love this bag! My suggestion is “Knottingham Bag”….It’s elegant, feminine, and very useful.
    This is fun….can’t wait to see what you pick.

  244. Margaret

    This purse is very nice. When I first seen It I thought of a
    love knot. So my suggestions is “Love Knot”.

  245. Cheryl

    How about “All Tied Up”

  246. Andi

    This bag is so cute. I can’t wait to make it too.

    Knot your ordinary Tote
    Knott-i-licios Bag or Tote.

    But also like… “Knotty Girl Bag/Tote” and “Audrey” like the other suggested.

    Beautiful bag.

  247. LAURIE

    Cute Bag!

    How about “Knot One ON” Bag.

  248. RitaB

    How about ‘Why Knot’

  249. laura

    how about the “Kot for Nuthin’ ” Bag

  250. Caryn

    How about the “What’s Knot to Love” bag?
    Really cute, it’s going on my list.

  251. Delaine

    I love that bag!!!! I’m not really good at this , but my suggestion for a name is “no-name (no- nahmee) bag. This would cover any fabric color or theme we would choose to use.OK it’s worth a dime!!!!!

  252. Donna Cabral

    How about The “Knotty but Nice” bag?

  253. laura

    another idea…

    “Knot your average bag”

  254. RitaB

    Oops, I see that already up! Change that to ‘Why not me”

  255. Delaine

    I had another thought, no-nahnee knot bag.

  256. Hi
    I love “forget me knot” suggested above
    How about “the knotty (read naughty) purse
    Or “the bowtique bag” since it kinda looks like a bow

  257. “the Knot so plain jane”??????

  258. Loretta Kimbell

    What about “Forget Me Knot” Handbag. I can’t wait for the pattern.

  259. joi

    Oh I LOVE it! There were several that I thought of that have been mentioned already… here are a few more

    Twist of Fate
    …Loves me knot
    All Tied Up
    Knotting Hill
    Carpe Pera (Seize the purse)
    Embrace ( it kinda reminds me of a giant hug)
    Tie The Knot

    okay, I’ll stop for now! πŸ™‚


  260. What a cute bag to make for my 17yr old granddaughter, so think i would call it…..

    “He loves me, He loves me knot bag” πŸ™‚

    I enjoyed reading all the different names..but we need some more or you will be calling it “Knot a “free” bag pattern”

    Hope everyone’s day doesn’t get tied up in knots!

  261. Kim

    Most that came to mind have already been posted. So I thought of another one. Kind of corny, but “Knot to Trot.”
    The ones I like best are Knotty girl and Knot-i-licious. I love the bag and can’t wait to make it!

  262. Knot-it-up Bag
    That’s my contribution. There are some really great names, here πŸ™‚
    Cute bag!

  263. Loretta

    How about “Bow Bedazzle” Bag.

  264. Michele

    It is a nice looking bag. I thought “Sew Stylish Knot Bag”.

  265. joi

    okay, i lied…ONE MORE!!

    Ready or Knot


  266. April

    I think Audrey is the perfect name for this bag. But no matter what you call it, I cannot wait to make one!

  267. Elvis still lives! How about “All Tied Up” for this cute litte bag?

  268. How about “Knot just another bag”

    It’s really cute!

  269. joi

    Knot for Me


  270. How about this? “Knot a care in the world” bag?

  271. Jennifer

    How about all wrapped up?

  272. Tiffany

    I haven’t read all the post so all of these may have been said…
    – Knotty bag
    – All tied up bag
    – Knotty chic

    Any way you name it, it is cute! Tiffany

  273. joi

    Knot by Choice


  274. How cute is this bag!!! and I want the pattern for free lol

    I do not like the word Knot! personally i don’t see a knot, i see a cute bow! But the word “Chelsey” keeps coming to be. You should just give it a name, like the Chelsey Bag, or the SoHo bag. I must be feeling New York today lol


  275. Jennifer

    Or maybe all tied up?

  276. joi

    Knot Enough


    okay… i think I’ll take a break… lol

  277. Ramona

    This is a really cute bag! Here is an one:

    Chic Knots Bag

  278. Ramona

    Here is another one I just thought of

    Ohh So Knotty Bag!

  279. CSue

    Knotty but Nice

    Sew Knotty

    Truly Tied Tote

    “Tied but True”

    Simply Twisted

    How many are we up to now?

  280. Tanya

    I like “Knotty but Nice” (yes, it’s been said before), and how about “Knot a Boring Handbag”?

    I love all of the creativity on here!

  281. Erin

    I think I like “Knotty Girl” the most. That is the first thing that popped into my head when I saw the photo. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one. Love the bag!!!

  282. What about calling it Knot Just A Bag
    Love it !!

  283. Patty

    My suggestion is “Knot Another Bag”-
    I wish had a better suggestion but my brain is fried, I was up most of the night painting a piece of furniture for my daughter’s school auction. 😦
    I’d much rather have been sewing…

  284. Julia

    All tied up!
    Knot UR Ordinary Sac

  285. danielle

    I’m Knots for this bag! so how about “Knots about Bags”:)

  286. Morgan

    How about the “What-a-knot” handbag?

  287. Karin


  288. I think you should call it the “Sassy Lassy” bag. I love the sassy look!

  289. What about naming it:

    1. “The Knot Yours” Knot Bag
    2. ” ‘Tis Knot’s 4 You!” Knot Bag
    3. “I’m Knot Kidding” Knot Bag
    4. “Knot to be Messed With” Knot Bag
    5. “Knot to be Played With” Knot Bag
    6. “Knot 4 the Plain at Heart” Knot Bag
    7. “Knot Messing Around” Knot Bag
    8. “Kid U Knot” Knot Bag
    9. “Knot What U Expected” Knot Bag
    10. “The Knot Impossible” Knot Bag

    I know it’s a lot but this was Fun!! Thanks.

  290. Jill

    Very cute and so many great names already!!!! How about “Bow-ti-ful” bag.

  291. Kimberly

    It reminds me of a beautifully wrapped present….perfectly presented bag?

  292. Sarah

    Cute cute cute! I’d like to submit “Knotty Knotty”, “Fun with Ties Purse”, “Fit to be Tied”, “The Clara Bow Bag” (actress from the 1920s-the original “it” girl).

    These are so fun reading! I hope we get it free!


  293. beadbling

    Well every name I could think of is already posted. “Knot your typical purse” was my first thought but my all time favorite ones if we get a vote are “Sew Knotty Bag” and “Knotty but nice.” Thanks I can’t wait to make me one.


  294. Michele

    Knot your Momma’s bag.

  295. Susan

    The Why Knot? Bag

  296. Charity

    I love this bag! So cute! I can’t think of a name offhand but it looks like there are plenty of cute suggestions mentioned above.

    I am working on making 3 dresses for my 3 girls for Easter…busy…busy…busy…Hope I get done in time.

    Would love to make this bag. I am usually toting around something and this would be perfect to carry my things in!

  297. Shanda

    This bag is just too cute! I can’t wait to make it.

    I really like the “The Knotty Mom’s Handbag.”

  298. Okay, haven’t read all the comments, but what about the “Knot-Named Bag”? Looks cute whatever it’s name will be.

  299. Catherine

    Love the bag…”Knot Too Shabby”.

  300. Sarah

    I love the bag but I have no idea for a name. There are some very good suggestions up above though.

    I too am working on Easter dresses for my 3 girls.

  301. Salinda

    I’ll second some of the others. I love “Bowdacious” and “Knotty but nice”

  302. beadbling

    How about “I’m knot buying it.” Let’s keep this blogging up and we all can say that when we get it for free.


  303. Lisa Leimone

    CUTE!!! Here are my name ideas..

    “Tie the Knot!”

    “Knot now, I’m shopping Bag!”

    “Knotty Hotty!”



  304. Cyndy Clairmont

    How about “Tying the Knot”. Hopefully no one has posted that.
    I love, love, love your patterns and so do my daughters! I even showed my Quilt Guild how to make one of the purses.

  305. Nicole

    Cute bag pattern! First thing that came to my mind when I saw it:
    The Forget-Me-Knot Bag πŸ™‚

  306. rgb1007

    how about tie the knot bag

  307. Grandmato4

    I can’t think too well before my caffeine fix–but I like “Knotty Girl Tote” and “Knot so Plane Jane”. I think it’s darling whatever it’s name!

  308. Sharon

    Wow! just received e-mail 3-5-08 and thought I would be early. Wow, I love purses — here are a few suggestion …

    Classie Knot Bag Classical Knot Bag
    Sexy and Knotty Bag Knot your Bag
    Simply Knotty Just Call me..Knotty
    Knotty”n Nice Sweet and Knotty
    Perfectly… Modern and Knotty Simplify the Knot
    My Knotty Bag Knot Another Bag!
    MY/ Dressy Knot Bag Knot Your Every Day Bag
    Have to finish my coffee. Sharon – Western PA

  309. Jenny

    Wow, there are some very creative girls out here! My idea was
    Twisted Tote

    But after reading the list, I think my fav is “knotty girl bag”
    there are some fabulous names there – Kim looks like you will have a hard time picking! πŸ˜€


  310. how about sash satchel? Looks like a pretty scarf sash, and satchel just ryhmes. πŸ™‚

  311. A lurker

    knot just another handbag?

  312. Mem

    That sure is one cute purse – I’d make one for my daughter and the colours would be wild because I wouldn’t want her to forget it anywhere!!

    As for a name… how about “Forget me Knot”

  313. Sharon

    Oh – my titles all ran together. Hope you all can tell there are two titles across.

    Clever Knot Bag.

    Sharon (Western PA)

  314. RaLinn

    I will make this bag, because it doesn’t look “homemade.”

    My name suggestion is, “CanKnot live without this Bag” or shortened, “CanKnot Live Without It.”

  315. wendy

    Great bag! “Love Me Knot Purse!”


  316. I LOVE the suggestion for twisted sista tote… and cessna is CUTE.

    I agree with the thoughts that KNOT should NOT be in the name… don’t know why, it is just too obvious.

    I DO think it’s old-school, classy, chic, VERY Audrey, very nautical,…

    I also like the idea of giving it just a woman’s name…

    So my suggestion is the “Hailey”…

    Hmmmm… what are we down to now? πŸ˜‰

  317. reina

    i like the idea for audrey, but what if you combined it with my other favorite “knotty bag”. then it could be “audrey’s knotty bag”.

  318. panella

    Looked at the bag and thought it looked like a butterfly, so have to say The Butterfly Bag

  319. Donna Houck

    Great bag! Great name suggestions! The first eight that I thought of are already posted. How about: Knotty But Nice Bag! Didn’t see that one listed.

  320. How about the BowBaLicious Bag!

  321. Karen Sterling

    Everyone has posted so many cute ideas already!!

  322. blondiesews

    I have a name….”All Wrapped Up”

    Love the bag!! Can’t wait to download it!!

    Thanks for all your sharing

  323. guppylovesshark

    I love the suggestion on # 140 – To “Tie” for.

    I’m going to add
    Tie the Knot
    My Obsession
    Top Knot-ch

  324. Lindsay R.

    I suggest the Bailey Bag

  325. Anna

    The “Tie one on” Tote?

  326. Desiree

    Knotty n’ Nice. (Or Knotty n’ Knice LOL.) Or the first thing I thought of was the kids show, “Make Way for Noddy,” but Make Way for Knotty. Or since the first purse was the Debut, how about Debut Deux. :^) Or Take Two.

  327. Deb

    So many of the ones I thought of have been posted and there are so many great ideas posted already…what about ‘Tied up in Knots’ bag?

  328. blondiesews

    i guess I read a bit up and someone already suggested that one…

    Ok here is another

    “New York Present”

  329. Hi Everyone,
    I think the name for the bag should be FRIENDSHIP KNOT BAG
    the reason being that we are all friends wanting to share with everyone on this site, we are like a family of friends with the same interests , I call this friendship sharing, hence the name for the bag.
    Happy handworking to all.
    Priscilla (Pat.)

  330. How about “All Tied UP”, “Knottingham”, Bows and Babes”, “Pretty as a Package”, “Knotty But Nice”. So many possibilities.

  331. Elizabeth Carlyle

    It reminds me a of present – So I say call it ” Surprise Tote” – I can’t wait till you get it up – If you do it soon I might have time to get it made for my daughter before we leave for the hospital. For all of you “prayers” out there if you don’t mind adding my 12yo to your list she is going in for heart surgery next Tuesday.
    Love the purse –

  332. Emily

    may I enter “Knot in Time”

  333. How about “Tie One On”

  334. lorieatyoucanmakethis

    OK, I know I’m on staff, but I just love this handbag, Kim.

    I think you should name it the “Knotical” handbag!

    Love it!


  335. Haven’t read all the suggestions, so this one might have been posted already, but what about “Knot Your Ordinary Tote”

  336. Joni

    My first idea was Knotting Hill because the version you made with the flowers reminded me of that English movie with Hugh Grant.. which I liked. It seemed like that kind of flavor but I think it has good lines and is easy to assemble and CUTE! In addition to the trendy style it has, it could be made with birthday fabric (like balloons and cake and gifts) Christmas fabric (with angels and glitter and lights) and look like a Present or with Asian fabric (sash and Obi tie)or Latino fabric and look very holiday oriented (bright contrast ties of Cinco de Mayo)
    Because of the fact that it could be very versatile I think it best to name it something that implies its ease to assemble?, or the many ways it could be used (versatility)?
    Whatever the price, if I could think of many different things to do with it and it was easy I think I would have to get it and have it on hand.

  337. Judi

    Knot to shabby
    Knot so hard Handbag

  338. How about “Knotty”? It’s lovely and I’m looking forward to sewing one.

  339. lilcottageboutique

    I love the purse and can’t wait to make it! Everyone’s name suggestions are so fun and clever too! Glad I don’t have to choose. =)

    Here’s mine:
    All Tangled Up
    Knotty But Nice
    Knotty Lil Bag
    Knot So Fast!
    Mine Knot Yours

  340. Denise


    I didn’t have time to look through all of the suggestions for naming the bag.
    I came up with:
    The Sophisticated Knot Bag
    The Elegant Knot Bag
    The Uptown Bag
    It is a really great bag!!

  341. Jessica B.

    Ohhhh, Kim! This bag is gorgeous!!! I’m so excited about this purse! I loved your first one so much, and now this one I am in love with as well! I can’t wait to make it. Honestly, I would have paid full price for this great purse, but to get it free is also exciting! You are so much fun, Kim. Sorry I can’t think of any other names that aren’t already listed, but there are SOO many great choices there.

  342. Bridgette

    I wanted to suggest The Knottingham Bag but, I see someone beat me to it. So, How about

    The Knot So Plain Handbag
    I’d Rather Knot

    What’s the price at now?

  343. Mindy

    I like the idea of a name, so what about the “Monroe” After Marilyn? This bag is so chic and sassy! I absolutely love it!

  344. lilcottageboutique

    I know I already posted a few names but some more came to mind…

    Knot So Nameless

    Good Luck! Camie

  345. lilybuglane

    CUTE bag…. how about the Hautey Knoty bag…?

  346. Carlita

    This bag is so great! Anyone would love to get one as a giff. How about “dream tote” or because of the season “spring dream knot tote”.

    Good luck choosing! There are a ton of cute suggestions!


  347. I like that purse/handband. It needs a good name and you have recieved some great ideas for it. I just want the price down! πŸ™‚

    How about naming it after your favorite classic Movie star? I like the Audrey or you could call it a Catherine. I love those Hepburn ladies!


  348. Betsy K.

    How about the “Knotty but Knice Bag?”

    These are my honorable mention ideas, any of which may have been posted before:

    Knot Now!
    Why Knot?
    Tie One On

  349. “tie me up, tie me down”
    OK, I will put myself in time out for that one!!!!!

  350. Lisa

    Knots of Bows!

  351. Sarah

    In reference to post #154 by Kara.
    That is so funny! Thanks for the laugh. Kids are so adorable. I asked my husband… he had nothing. I should have asked my kids!

    I love all the names that are posted so far! Looks like we might be or are getting this for free! I am excited about it and can’t wait! The handbag is gorgeous Kim.

  352. “Tied in knots”. This handbag makes me think about the way you feel when anticipating a 1st date, then a 1st kiss, your wedding…etc. It is a 1st in all aspects. Gives you that giddy feeling in your stomach anticipating making it in so many different fabrics and combinations. Fun, definitely!!

  353. How about “Knotty but Nice”? It might already have been said but I haven’t read through all the 300 plus comments!

    The bag is ADORABLE. I love your newsletter!

  354. Kris

    Kim, I think since your very first purse was called “The Debut”, you ought to call this one “The Encore!” Seems fitting to me!

    Just beautiful. I’ve had so much fun reading these this morning. There have been some amazing ideas shared!!

  355. DeAnna

    “No Knot-Sense” tote

  356. Betsy K.

    Oh I like the idea of giving it a lady’s name, and in deference to my grandmother, who used to tell of how her grandmother would tie her hair back and tie it with a gigantic bow (I have a picture of that!), and how her Gran pulled her hair back so tight that she thought her eyes would wrap around to her ears when she did it!

    The Dorothy Bag!
    or, Dorothy’s Big Bow Bag
    or simply, Dorothy’s Bag

  357. I didn’t read all 333 comments before mine, but what about “It’s a Wrap”
    Cute bag!

  358. Betsy K.

    Clearly I can’t let this go — I looked at the picture one more time and this one sprang to mind:

    X Marks the Knot

    My apologies to those who have had the same “original” thoughts before I did. I was not intentionally stealing somebody else’s thunder!

  359. Krista

    Oh wow! You have gotten so many great suggestions. The few measly ones I could come up with have already been mentioned.
    Very cute bag!!

  360. Christina Zacny

    OK, this is kind of corny, but how about To be or Knot to be

    Keep up the great work YCMT


  361. Pam

    Darling bag — how about “It’s A Wrap”!!

  362. Pam

    I thought it looked like a present.
    The Present Knot Bag

  363. Holly Neal

    OK, you guys have been busy, and I don’t have the required time to look this up! If it hasn’t been suggested, how about “The Forget me Knot” purse?

  364. Kathy

    How about “bowtiful Elegance”

  365. “Knot-UR-Bag”
    “Trampling the Town” with style of course
    “Bodacious Boutique Bag”

  366. Mara

    How about:
    “Tied up in stitches”


  367. stacie

    The no”knot”sense bag :0
    Whatever the name, it sure is cute!!

  368. Colette Barker

    How about THE CHIC KNOT BAG!

  369. Cheri

    Simply “Present”able

  370. Jeannie

    How about the “Twisted Sister” Knot Bag. I love the purse

  371. Debbie

    How about “In the Loop” Purse. A knot loops around… right?
    Anyway, I do not sew so I need someone to make me this purse.
    Soooooo cute!!!

  372. how about “Knot my Style”…..

  373. Karen

    Lots of fun ideas! How about “Knot Now” or “Knot Tonight”. Love the bag.

  374. Brenda

    Wow! There are a lot of replies! My votes goes to Forget me Knot! I like that one! πŸ™‚ It’s such a totally cute bag – can’t wait to make one!

  375. Denise

    Thename could be “All Tied Up”

  376. Denise

    It could also be Cute, Yet Knotty!

  377. Shawnda

    The first thing I thought of is that the knot looks like a pinwheel. Maybe the Pinwheel Purse. I love YMCT and all the downloadables. Haven’t posted before but I did make 2 debut purses; use one as a diaper bag and gave one to a friend for leap day (frog fabric of course).

  378. Kim T

    There are some great ideas here! To go along with a simple sophisticated name, how about Knotingham?

  379. Ritz Young

    Holy moly look at all the responses! You ladies are great!!!

    How about “Whimsical Couture”?

    “It’s about me”

    “Perfect Stitches”

    “Sew Me Pretty”

    “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

    Ok, I need more brain food, LOL

  380. Ritz Young

    “Kim Couture”

  381. Kim

    I haven’t had a chance to read all the responses, and this has probably alread been suggested since its not too original, but I think “Knot your average bag” would be a cute name for it! This bag is adorable and I can’t wait to buy the pattern!

  382. Elizabeth

    How about “knottylicious”!?!? lol

  383. Carol

    I love all the cute names! I don’t know if these was already mentioned.

    Tied With Love
    Presently Tied
    The Easy Tie Bag

  384. ann driscoll

    Should be getting things ready to start a new job tomorrow, so I don’t have time to read all the name suggestions. Sorry if this is a repeat. I love this cute little bag! How about “Tie One On”. That’s the first thing that came to my mind when I saw it. Can’t wait to find out the price. This may be my first purchase from you.

  385. The minute I saw it, I thought it looked like a japanese cloth wrap (A furoshiki). In fact, I looked at a wrapping guide* and it looks so much like the first one on the list, which is called the Otsukai Tsutsumi, so why not:

    the “Tsutsumi Bag”?


  386. Oh I have another one – The “Knotty Never Looked So Good” Handbag/Tote or The “Knotty Never Looked So Nice” Handbag/Tote

    That bag is so dang cute, I can hardly wait until next week to buy it!

  387. How about, uniquely knotted.

  388. celia

    The knot seems to be hugging the bag so I’ll name it; the “Hug Bag”

  389. Jeanne

    knaughty bag

  390. Lisa

    Didn’t read all the way through to see if this has been said, but what about the twisted Knot purse or twisted knot bag.

  391. Debbie

    My suggestion is LOLA
    Love Our Laughable Attempts…

  392. Melanie

    I love this bag!! SO cute…So here are a few…

    Knotty and Nice….
    Knots about you….
    Knot another handbag!!! (The hubby will more than likely be saying that!)

    Oh I am sure I will think of more…

  393. tammylee

    WOW look at all the responses! How soon will we hear which name has been chosen?

    So many names to choose from, I sure wouldnt want that person job………but I do want this purse!! LOL

  394. Pam

    It reminds me of a present/package so I would call it “Good Things Come in Fabulous Packages bag.”

  395. Lisa

    I have to have this pattern!! On my list for christmas presents for quilt friends!! Lot’s of fun fabrics out there for this beauty!

    How about…

    For my Friends!

    Beauty- Bow!


    Sassy Stuff!


  396. Lulu

    1st time reader here & I just love your site and this handbag! For some crazy reason the Double Dutch Knot Bag popped into my head when I saw it! Don’t ask, I must be tired!

  397. Michelle

    Very cute bag! How about “Knot Your Ordinary Bag”.

  398. Ronaka

    Whats in the name
    Just leave it “NO NAME”
    The Bow Bag
    “Knot a lot of Money”

  399. Monica

    My favorite of this list is Kim Couture.

    Good Luck.

    Can’t wait to get my hands on this one.

  400. Eve

    how about The Big Knot?

    i like it!

  401. Tricia

    Bowlicious Bag
    Knottylicious Bag

    Hey… I tried! LOL


  402. karla lovering

    I absolutely love it!! Can’t wait to get the pattern! I like all of the ideas posted, what creative minds! OK here is mine, it may have already been posted I didn’t read them all?

    Haute Knot Tote

  403. karla lovering

    How about All Tied Up

  404. You’ve got lots of names to choose from. This is a super cute bag!

  405. karla lovering

    Knot Squared

  406. I don’t have a new name, but as soon as the pattern is available it will be: “My Knotty Bag”. LOL

  407. Somer

    We read Daisy-head Maizie for Dr. Suess’ birthday. And since I have a daughter named Maisy, daisies are a favorite flower at our house. So the purse, the story, the daughter, the longed- for-season and the flower got me thinking. How about the “Loves-me-knot” bag.

  408. ycmt

    WOW! I have absolutely no idea how to choose! LOL! Thank you!! Keep them coming…and if you couldn’t tell by now, the bag will be FREE next week! Wahoo!

    I got a good chuckle out of the 4 year old’s response to the bag- that was hilarious! Kara, you’ve got a cute son! LOL! (Post #154)

    Keep posting your ideas! Somehow we’ll get it narrowed down! πŸ™‚

    -Kim πŸ™‚

  409. carrie

    Wow…so many names to choose from! I think every possible name I could think of has already been said! I love the purse though and can’t wait to make it…

  410. Misty

    Wow what a bunch of great names
    Here is mine
    “The Whatz Knot 2 love Bag!”
    Everyone have a great day

  411. Caroleta Rogers

    How about “Not Just a Knot”

  412. Kristy

    knot-thing ordinary purse pattern (nothing ordinary purse pattern

  413. Windy

    I have never used a blog before and I hope this works. It took me forever to find where I think I’m suppose to post. LOL and in the meantime all the clever names have been suggested!
    So don’t count me absent, just count me “Knot Present”

  414. lilybuglane



  415. Cheryl

    How about “Presently Mine”
    Here’s a few more suggestions:
    “Knot My Stuff”
    “Knot My Present”
    “Presently Knot Yours”
    “Tied Up In A Knot”

  416. Heather

    It reminds me of a Kimono. How about the Kim-ono bag, playing off of your name too.

  417. Vicky k.

    How about the
    why knot bag


  418. Jenn

    The “Fit to be Tied” bag

  419. Carmen

    Knot Just A Bag
    The What Knot
    Knot Simply… A Purse

    So many good suggestions already, it’s hard to come up with one that hasn’t been used.

  420. Kimberly H.

    What about the “Forget me Knot” bag!

  421. Roxanne

    They are all so great…I saw all of my ideas already posted. Glad to hear it will be free! This is an awesome bag!

  422. Erin

    How about the “Knottingham” bag?

  423. Teresa

    I quickly glanced threw the comments, but there are so many!!! And some GREAT suggestions, too… How about The Fabulous Knotty Bag!

  424. Deborah

    I love that purse how about: “The wraped bag”

  425. Jodie Potter

    Hi Kim,

    What a cute purse…my name suggestion is based upon my thinking that the Debut purse was easy…so how about:

    “IT’S KNOT HARD!!” Purse

    Not the greatest suggestion…but what the heck!?!?!

    Great job on another beautiful creation!!

    Jodie P.

  426. Rita

    Instead of a knot for decor, how about a bow and name it “Bow-Tux” because it is better than “Bow-Tox”? I know it sounds corney!

  427. alissa

    How about the:

    Classic Knot Bag
    Sew Knotty Tote

  428. Melanie

    How about:

    Have Knot, Want Knot

  429. MEL

    How about the:

    Tie-Bow Bag

  430. barbara hopkins

    hi. i have several names in mind. so here goes;
    the knaughty bag!
    knottingham bag!
    knot connection bag!
    my knotty bag!
    knots-alot bag!

    i could go on,but that probably would take awhile. but, here’s just a few off the top of my head!!! by the way, i love the purse!
    barbara in missouri

  431. barbara hopkins

    a few more …
    it’s knot the bag!
    my knot bag!
    everything’s coming up knots bag!

    just a few more to think about!
    barbara in missouri

  432. Teresa

    Or, The Knotty, But Fabulous Handbag.

  433. barbara hopkins

    more to think on;
    it’s knot my bag!
    up,up knot away bag!
    fit to be tied knot bag!
    let’s knot and say we did bag!
    anchors,no knot away bag!

    barbara in missouri

  434. Amy

    wow! So much fun to read all the suggestions. Can’t wait to get the free instructions. So excited to start looking at fabric choices.

  435. barbara hopkins

    more,more,and more!
    my fair knot bag!
    it’s not my bag,it’s my knot!

    barbara in missouri

  436. Linda Currier

    How about a twist on bow and call it the “Beau Bag”.
    Love your fabric combinations.

  437. the lovely bag is a “What? Knot?!

  438. Sharon

    what about “Haughty Knotty”?

  439. Patti Johnson

    Love the bag! Love all the names suggested….my first thought when I saw it was as others have said it looked like a present.
    Whatever the name it’s a great bag!

  440. Melanie

    Oh how about “the ties that bind”
    Simple…Yet says alot for all of us who just adore this little hand bag!!

  441. Simone

    Very nice bag!
    As to a name for it….how about “knot your ordinary everyday bag”

  442. Brenda Hall

    Knot no ordinary bag
    Love the bag!!!!

  443. Amy Rivera

    I think my best ideas are already here!

    The first thing that came to mind was “Knot your average bag” and “Knot your Grandma’s purse!”

    Very cute. I think I would love it in denim and bandana fabrics.

  444. Camille

    How about “Hip to be Square” Knot Handbag? Whatever you call it, it’s darling!

  445. Amy Rivera

    Maybe “Knot the Mama’s!” sort of like the “not the mama” from Dinasaurs.

  446. Tristana

    How about the

    Basic Bowdacious Bag
    Tie Tote Bag
    The Simple Sack

  447. Tammy

    When I saw the picture of the bag, I thought of “Why Knot make this purse?”. I know it sounds dumb..

  448. Jen

    Cute! How about Chiq and Knotty.

  449. Melanie W.

    WOW!! I can’t believe how many ideas have already been posted. Lots of names I thought of have already been mentioned …. I had to stop reading my eyes were glazing over.
    Very cute bag… free would be even better as I am watching an electrician work on my house for a lovely $2500. UGH!!!
    Knot Around Here Handbag
    Knotty and Nice
    Go Knots Handbag

  450. Shannon

    I love the bag, here’s my idea the “knot a minute too late bag”


  451. Wow!! So many great names!! I really like “fit to be tied” #184. That’s as far as I read though! I also like “Audrey”. I really like “free”!!!!! LOL Cute Cute bag!

  452. Tricia

    How about “Knot you’re DAUGHTER’S Purse”?

  453. Tricia

    Oops, I mean “Knot your DAUGHTER’S purse” : )

  454. Misty

    I thought of “pinwheel” when I saw this bag, but so did a lot of other people. Hmmmm…. There are pinwheels in Holland… How about “Going Dutch” ??? That is sort of a play on words too…It is a purse afterall! πŸ™‚

  455. Misty

    I meant “windmills” in Holland…LOL!

  456. UMTerp

    How about pinwheel knot bag?

  457. How about Knot n Twist?
    I don’t care just get the pattern down to free!!!!

  458. Missy

    You guys have come up with some great names so far. I like “the What Knot Bag”. I use that word a lot. I can’t wait to see the final results.

  459. Liz

    I love that bag! It is so cute. I can’t wait for the pattern!! I can’t think of any names, all the ones I thought of have already been posted πŸ™‚
    Good luck picking out a name. It won’t be easy.

  460. Linzd

    how about… All Knotted Up or maybe Know Know Bag, or Kimmy’s Knot

  461. Linzd

    oops.. I meant Know Knot Bag

  462. Diane

    How about “All Wrapped Up”

  463. Connie

    Don’t have time to read all 400 plus replies just now, so… I’ll just mention my favorite, “Knot your mama’s handbag!”
    Whatever you’re going to call it, I can’t wait for it to be available. Really neat pattern!

  464. michele

    When I first saw the bag, which I have to have, I thought, “The Knotty Bag.” However, I noticed that name more than once as I was scrolling down to leave a comment.

    Guess I’m really KNOT an original, am I?

  465. Elizabeth

    I haven’t read them all so if this was said I apologize. How about “The hold it all together bag”?

  466. Vicky k.

    How about Knot your shopping bag


  467. ” HAVE KNOT” …. you have a knot bag.

  468. berrytownkids

    “Wrap it up”
    “All wrapped up”
    “Tied in knots”
    “wrap me up”
    “keep it together”
    “Nudo Bolso” knot bag in spanish
    “nudo totalizador” knot tote in spanish
    “arco bolso” bow bag in spanish
    hope it helps!!! πŸ™‚

  469. Joan

    Very cute! How ’bout “Knotty and Nice”

  470. Teresa

    ooohhhhh, I like the “knot so plain bag”. I think you should pick that one πŸ™‚

  471. Jennifer

    How about the “Kimberbell” Bag?
    I also love the “Encore” idea too!

  472. sydney8

    love the bag, i’ve made quite of few of the first free pattern, and bought it to my quilt class, i belive that everyone went to sign up for your newsletter and projects
    i thought of
    tie one up
    lots of great ideas for names love this site!!!

  473. Jean L

    How about Knot’s Landing, or Knot’s of Fun.

  474. Gaby

    Fit to be tied bag?

  475. Kris

    OK Kim, how about “You Can Bag This!” I crack myself up. LOL! You rock, Kim!

  476. LydiaC

    The “not so plain” or the “tie a knot” bag.

  477. Melanie W.

    Knot’s Landing
    Notable Knot
    Knot Sew-Sew

    These I thought of on my way to WalMart.

  478. Linda

    Ok here goes — In a Knot, Knot to trot, All Tied Up with Somewhere to Go Bag, Knot your Average Bag….

    Great Bag — have to zip an email to a co-worker – and resident “bag” maker at the Sewing Shop I work at – I embroider she sews bags.


  479. Lisa M

    I love this bag, it’s gorgeous. My suggestion is “The Knot Too Shabby Purse”

  480. sadiebugmom

    I scrolled through all of the comments and may have missed this one, but how about:

    Fit to be Tied

  481. Just wondering…. since there are so many posts, are you gonna pay us to get the pattern? LOL! I can’t wait to play with it, and I can’t wait to see which name you finally choose πŸ™‚

  482. gina snyder

    That is adorable. How about “Knot in the Lifetime!!”


  483. Melissa B

    How about “Knot too Shabby”? Love the pattern!

  484. Keri

    How about

    Preciouse Package Purse
    All Tied UP Bag
    Love Knot Bag
    The Big Knot Bag

    Great bag, can’t wait to try and make one.


  485. Suzanne

    My favorite is the “Forget-Me-Knot” bag! Can’t wait to get this one!

  486. Thelma I

    How about “Knock Not Our Tote?” I can’t wait for the pattern, I love purses.

  487. “The Hottie Knottie”
    I dont know if anyone else came up with this because there are so many entries.

  488. Judy Bailey

    I love this bag. I have not read all of the posts yet; so, someone may have already suggested the name Why Knot.

  489. Mary Hayward

    How about “One is Knot Enough”–it’s so cute, I’ll be making a couple for myself and several more as gifts!

  490. Heather B

    I have no cute names that haven’t been said yet 😦 but I like the idea of using the words wrapped or bow instead of knot. Knot always reminds me of somehting nautical and this bag doesn’t scream that to me

  491. Well, I tried to to read all of the post but, there are just so many!!!
    My favorite is “Knot your daughter’s bag”. Only because they are always taking my stuff.

  492. Rose Power

    Forget me knot tote
    Mama’s knot bag

  493. Shelly

    Knots your bag!!

  494. Tracy Hughes

    How about “knot” your ordinary bag – or- “knot’ your average bag?

  495. Athema

    Lots of names all ready taken but I also thought of

    PRESENT-ly Knottie
    All Tied Up

    All in Knots not

  496. Tracy Hughes

    Ok, nevermind, both of the ones I said have already been posted! – Guess i should have read through them first!

  497. Sheena

    I have an idea, how about knotty bag or how about Tie-Bow (like tae bo the martial arts exercise).

  498. Lisa

    I’ve decided I need on for every outfit!!

  499. Lisa

    How about “my bag, knot yours”. Cause you know everyone is going to want one.

  500. Nelda Machovsky

    I would like to suggest “The Sassy Sash Bag”.

  501. Athema

    gotta another one

    Knottie but nice

  502. I haven’t read through all the names again… but how about :

    The Haute Knot Bag
    The Hawt Knot Bag
    The Hot Knot Tote

  503. How about, “Knot Named”?

  504. Judy Mazzari

    How about Nottie Bag!!!

  505. Purse with Purse-onality
    Purse-onality Plus

  506. SuzannefromTexas

    The “All Tied Up” bag? It’s really cute.

  507. Teri

    The Haute Knot Bag

    I cannot wait for this pattern to come out!

  508. Tiffany

    The Knotty Bag

    I can’t wait to see the pattern!

  509. Jana

    How about -The Pretty Package Handbag–perhaps the “Knot So Hard”(to make) Handbag?

  510. Chris

    How about the Nifty Knott

  511. Kathlene

    Knot-E-Licious! I want to make one! For Easter maybe?


  512. Terri

    I thought perhaps something totally different so here are a couple of words, that to me, describe the bag. I’m from Hawaii so I just thought to submit “hawaiian” type names this time around – hehe!!

    Kawaii Knot Bag – Kawaii = Cute
    Ka Nani Knot Bag – Ka Nani = The pretty one

  513. Diana

    Love that purse. It’s adorable.

    How about Knotting Hill Tote

  514. Rita

    I thought I’d suggest something other than focusing on the knot. to me, since this knot also looks like a bow tie to me, how about “Bow Tie Bliss”?

    it’s a GORGEOUS bag and i can’t wait to get the pattern!

  515. Roxie

    How about “Knot Just a Cute Bag”

  516. Sara

    Unfor “knot” able
    Nuts for Knots
    All tied up
    Knoting to it

  517. Kathy Scott

    How about “bow-dacious”.
    The “Y-Knot” Bag.

  518. Teresa Busby

    I like everyone’s ideas…so many creative names.
    Im thinking “knot-A-Bag”, or “Knot-A-Purse”
    I dunno…Ive seen better names but I would LOVE to have one of those!

  519. carolynn79

    how about “fit to be tied”? This is my first addition to the blog. I feel pretty high tech right now! jk super cute bag!!

  520. Loretta

    What about——Forget Me KNOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can’t wait to get this pattern.

  521. Lisa Leimone

    How about this……

    “Kicking it up a Knot-ch”!!


    “Knotty Bling!!”


  522. Cindi

    I love all the ideas… can’t come up with something better than what has already been said. I love the bag and can’t wait to make one. Thanks!

  523. Ginger Nelson

    All of the suggested names are great! What a cute bag!

  524. A Perfect Knot
    Tie the Knot

  525. Ruth Ann

    “Kick it up a Knotch”

  526. Jean

    Bow knotty bag. Very cute and can’t wait to make it.

  527. Kathy

    How about Knot a Granny Tote

  528. Michelle

    Love the bag!!! so many people have come up with great names – I am sure that mine has probably been mentioned already as well…..

    The Gift Bag

    it works whether you make it for someone or for yourself!

  529. I loved the debut purse, and now I am counting down the days until I can make this one too! What a cute bag!

  530. Jessie

    It reminds me of a fancy present, so how about

    Presently Adored

  531. robin

    I’m not sure what I’d call it and I’ve not read most of the other responses, but my first thought was that it looked like a gift… the all wrapped up purse/tote?
    Whatever you call it, I like it. πŸ™‚

  532. Vicky k.

    It’s knot going to snow bag
    knot shopping bag or
    I’m knot shopping bag
    knot loving you bag or
    Eleg-knot (elegant) bag
    chic-knot bag

    I am having way too much fun. Good luck to reading all of the entries. There are knot a few to read!


  533. WOW! So many wonderful suggestions! When I first saw this gorgeous purse I thought a great name for it would be “The Knotty Kimberbell” or “Kim’s Knotty Bag” or even “Kim’s Klassy Knot Karryall”.

    Kim this is great! I can’t wait to make one! Thanks for the great designs!

  534. Diane Rodgers

    Knotty n’ Hot Bag
    Hot Knotty Bag
    Knot-to-Trot Bag
    The Beautiful Knot
    The Bowknot Bag
    The Fabulous Topknot Bag
    The Knot to be Forgotten Bag
    The Neat Knot Bag
    Natty Knot Bag
    So Many Knots, So Little Time
    The Knottie Hottie
    The Bonnie-Knottie Bag
    The Sassie Knottie Bag
    It’s Top Knot!
    The Hot Knot Tote

  535. Diane Rodgers

    BTW – PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let me know when the pattern is available for purchase!!!

    It is ….
    -another suggestion- :o)

  536. nicole

    i loved the knotty girl comment. i don’t have anything original, just enjoyed reading everything. nicole

  537. This is Beautiful!! For the name, how about something really simply like….. “Why Knot a Hand Bag”….
    I can’t wait to try it!!

  538. Eileen Kicken

    I admit I didn’t read ALL of the replies so this 1 could have been given already–but how about “The Topknot Bag”?

    Great pattern!

  539. Renae

    Wow, all the ideas!

    I like forget-me-knot.

    Can’t wait to get the pattern.

  540. Gerda

    How about “Knotty but Nice”???? I like the bag – good job!! πŸ™‚

  541. Dee Dee Rodriguez

    This bag is definately stunning! I’m “knots about it” or maybe I’m just “tied up in knots.” Seriously, okay truth be told, “sometimes I feel like a knot.” Thanks for sharing…DD

  542. Stephanie Givens

    How about ” It’s Knot Sew Bag”

  543. Melanie B.

    Ohhh I really like the Hawaiian names.. so pretty!!

  544. How bout… I’m a frayed knot?!?! Sorry could not resist…

    Knot Your average Bag
    Love Knot
    Not today

    Just a few….

  545. Christina Zacny

    how about

    That’s Knot All
    Knot your typical bag

  546. Christina Zacny

    oops, one more. How about…

    It’s Sooo Sashy (as in sassy!!!)

    Love the purse, can’t wait to add it to my collection of ebooks from here

  547. Knotty little bag, LOL

  548. I think this funny bag should have a funny name, why (k)not
    “(K)not your bag”
    Can’t wait to sew this cutie!

  549. Nancy

    I like the idea of a girl’s name.

    How about Grace?

  550. LINDA A

    Love the bag. Can’t wait until the E-book comes out. How about the “SEW KNOT UGLY” or “WHAT’S KNOT TO LOVE”

    It’s too cute.

    My daughter’s will love it.

  551. I looked at the purse the day the first post came out and I came back today… the name that still jumps out to me is the “Twisted Sister Handbag”. πŸ™‚ My 4 year old says that she’s going to call it the “Prettier Purse.” Always one for an explanation, she elaborated for me: “Because, you know, prettier means it’s prettier”.

  552. Lynne Marie Pisano

    There were so many better ideas, but here’s the one I came up with BEFORE I read through some of those. “Knot Just Casual Bag.”

    Well, at least I’m contributing to the price dropping — LOL ;).

  553. GREAT BAG!

    How about
    “Knot’s of fun”

  554. Krista

    Knot your MaMa’s handbag.

    Love this and I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on the pattern.

  555. Janet Cobb

    How about the “Bow-tiful” bag or the “Bow Me Over” bag?

  556. Sarah

    Knots about You

  557. nicole

    i am loving all the ideas!

  558. Looking at the bag, it reminded me of the windmill in Holland so why not “The windmill bag” or … “Gone with the wind”

  559. melissa

    how about “nodo di moda” it means trendy knot in Italian

  560. Pat Bell

    When will the bag be available on


  561. Cheryl

    Eyecatching bag- my first impression was a pinwheel- and I see that someone else thought that too.

  562. peggy

    I’m not a creative person, so can’t come up with a name; but I love this bag. How do I find/get the free pattern? I haven’t been registered to this site for long, so not sure how things work.


  563. Deb

    It’s Knot YOUR Bag!
    Okay, I am sure with 566 other replies that has already been thought of.

  564. I think “all Knotted up” is a good name. I love the last pattern!

  565. Valerie

    I LOVE this purse – it’s so trendy!

  566. Emily T

    Knot your Momma’s ol’ handbag
    So many great names this is going to be tough!!

  567. Kelly

    How about knotty and nice bag. Or Sassy knot purse? It’s really cute!

  568. dcmjcook

    How about “Pinwheel Bag”. Sure is cute!

  569. Connie Douty

    My first throught after I thought, I must have that pattern, was that is a KNOTS TO GO bag. I can make casual or dress it up to go anywhere and it can be the finishing touch to any dress outfit or even with jeans and a t-shirt in denim and red polka dots.

    I am want to make it for myself and get a list of those who when they see it will want me to make them one.


  570. Mary

    Wow! You girls really do go to town with this stuff. I’m beginning to hope that the final choice is has nothing to do with the word “knot.” I am nutty from reading your “knotty” comments. Still love the bag though and will purchase it, regardless of the name.

  571. Candi

    What about a knottybook instead of a pocketbook.

  572. Helen

    There have been some great suggestions, which I’m sure I can’t top. No coffee yet this morning! I think the bag is adorable, and I’m hoping to get the pattern and actually MAKE one, lol.

  573. Candi

    How about fashionably Tied up! lol, I like Knot your momma’s purse. it was my first thought

  574. Tanya

    The knotted pinwheel bag! For some reason when I look at the pics a pinwheel comes to mind!

  575. Christine

    How about The Stardust Tote?

  576. Marlene

    Love the name choices…can’t wait to download the pattern.
    My favs are The What-Knot handbag or Knot Your Average bag. Thanks!

  577. Jodi Pagano

    Didn’t read through the whole list, so this may be a repeat.

    How about “Knot for Nothing!” as it will be offered free!

    LOVE the design. I made the last design, too, for a friend. And I’m having a hard time giving it away it turned out so cute!

  578. Sooo many posts. Don’t know if anyone has posted this name but I was thinking of the “Why Knot Bag” with a tag line of
    “Going out with friends? To Run Errands? To a Date Night Dinner? Why Knot use this purse…it’s perfect for every ocassion!”

  579. Ronaka

    Fit to be tied

  580. I’ve been following these comments since there were only about 30 or so . . . but there’s always room for more ideas:

    Knot Now Bag (or Purse or Tote or Carry-all or whatever)

  581. How about “Tying up loose ends” πŸ˜‰

  582. emubird

    How about the Windmill Knot Bag……….it is so cute, can’t wait to make it………

  583. Martie V.

    Very cute bag…..

    “Knotty but Nice”” is my choice.

  584. Eika

    How about “The Forget-Me-Knot” bag. I am sure if someone sees it they will not forget it.

  585. Shawnee Fischer

    What a darling bag! I think it should be called the “It’s Hip to be Tied bag”. So darling!

    Keep those great patterns coming!


  586. Windy

    Wow! look at all the clever names. I’m Knot sure if this is the right order or if it should be reversed…”WANT KNOT”, HAVE KNOT”. Either way I want this pattern!! Great job!

  587. Ellen

    I love Knotty but Nice, too!

  588. zeeny

    Great names!! How about “Naughty knot Bag”

  589. Kristi

    I thought of another one. Knots Desire Bag.
    Hugs, Kristi

  590. Kristi

    Simply Chic Knotted Purse, I am on a roll.
    Hugs, Kristi

  591. Trina

    I like “Hip to be Tied” and “Knotty but Nice”. Fun names. The first name that came to my mind had no reference to knots. When I looked at the picture Audrey Hepburn immediately came to mind. Don’t ask me why, I can’t provide and explanation. Weird I know. So I say the “Audrey Bag”.

  592. Renee

    “Knot Yours” (because it looks so good, it should be mine!)

  593. Darlene

    “Knot Just a Bow”

  594. Vickey Crozier

    Here’s my entry: Hip To Be Square-Knot Bag.

  595. Vickey Crozier

    Or… To Tie For Bag
    Or Tie One On
    Or Fit To Be Tied

  596. Terri Jones

    I have been reading all the posts and cannot think of anything already stated. My favorites are “Knot your bag, but mine” and “Knot your mother’s bag”

    I have been busy making diaper bags for my 2 grandsons. One was born on March 4. His is a Superman bag. The other will be here in August (an international adoption). His will be made out of Old World fabric to celebrate the two continents of his life.

    Can’t wait to make Gramma a purse…I think it is my turn.

  597. Deb

    How about……certainly KNOT!

  598. Jen

    Lots of ideas…

    Here’s mine:

    Twisted Chic
    The Perfectly Wrapped Bag
    All Wrapped Up


  599. Faith

    My idea has already been used “What-Knot” bag, but I like the Audrey Hepburn idea also, because it looks soooo classy – like her!

  600. Nicki

    What about the Knotty Girl Handbag? I haven’t read all of the post to see if this had already been suggested. I can’t wait to see what the end result of the name will be!!!

  601. Dana

    KJA Bag = Knot Just Another Bag

    TK Bag = The Knot Bag

  602. Karyn

    How about the “Knot Your Mama Bag” or the “Knotty Girls Tote”!?! Sorry if this is a repeat of anyone else’s idea(s) — I haven’t had time to read all the posts yet!

    Love the bag though… too cute!!!

  603. Karyn

    Here’s a couple more… the “Knot to be Forgotten” or “Knot to be Without” bag.

    Okay, that’s all for now! :o)

  604. Betty

    Really cute bag – How about “Knot Mine” or “Knot My Bag”

  605. Mimi

    How about Knots Berry Farm Bag…really cute, I like this one a lot. Mimi

  606. JudyD

    Black Tie Affair

  607. Sharon

    One more idea “Knots Landing” Hehehehe!

  608. Melanie W.

    Know Knot Bag

  609. Alana

    Like so many others, my first thought on seeing the bags was a pinwheel. I’d like to suggest “Knotty Pinwheel”.

  610. Linda

    When I first looked at the bag windmill blades and pinwheels jumped out at me, so I’m thinking of a pinwheel on a stick that you hold to the wind. In Australia some of us would call this a “Whirligig”.
    So: A Girly Whirligig bag
    or: Whirli-girly purse.
    I Love it, regardless which name you go with.

  611. Knot Yours…not the most original, but great bag.

  612. Lisa Leimone

    how about…

    “Sassy Knot”

    “Knot-to-be forgot!”


  613. I think that it looks like a pinwheel. What about “Perfect Pinwheel?”

    BTW, I love the bag! Very unique!


  614. Tiffany

    How about The Knotty Haute Bag?

  615. Classy bag…can’t wait to make it…I think of windmills, pinwheels, and presents as well as a knot when I see this. So many of the posts have fabulous names suggested.

    Since you call it a knot, big but cute, I was thinking of The Lotta Knot Tote.

    Whatever you choose, I’m sure it’ll be great and just so we can purchase or get the pattern one way or the other, I’ll be happy! Thank you.

  616. heather*feather*boutique

    OMGoodness! There’s about a million posts, huh!!? LOL

    The first thing that came to mind when I saw it was also a windmill or pinwheel. I don’t think I could add another name someone hasn’t already came up with! LMAO!! πŸ™‚

    BUT…I sure hope Ritz Young’s week has gotten better! πŸ˜‰


    P.S. I loved the “Gone with the Wind” one!!

  617. Mary Helgesen

    Name that bag: What about

    Knot just pretty

  618. linda

    How about “The Knotingham”?

  619. Tamara

    Such cute names. I love this purse — so cute and sassy.

  620. Nichelle

    Wow, what a cute looking bag! I enjoyed making the Debut bag and can’t wait to make this one too!!! Now, for the name – How about the “Perfect Knot Bag”. It really is perfect looking.

    Have a wondeful day!

  621. Katie D

    I’d like to add my names to the hat for the bag pattern:
    Knot Without My Fabric bag
    To Bag or Know to Bag….
    Tied up in Knots

    Thanks for the fun!

  622. Donna Mac Rae

    what about :

    Knot4U – 4Me – who’t want to share
    The Elegant Knotz handbag –
    Classy Knotz – a solution knot a problem

    LOL… It is a classy looking bag though!
    Time to go look at the other ideas…

  623. Carey Dieleman

    There are so many mentioned already! I didn’t read through all of them πŸ˜†

    “all tied up”

    “Knot so ugly”

    ” Playful purse”

    I don’t know I might as well tell you about my day. It was wonderful, the sun was out & packages came in the mail. πŸ˜† Good luck finding a name. I can’t wait to get this pattern, it is so cute!

  624. Donna Mac Rae

    I;ve changed my mind… sarah further up had an idea, I think it should really be “The sophisticated knot”

  625. lgdesigns

    I hope this hasn’t been said already I didn’t have time to read all the post. But how bout Knock Out Knot Purse? Anybody know what we are down to?

  626. Cindy

    How about “Knot just any old bag”?

  627. Jamie

    My first thought when I saw the purse was of Audrey Hepburn, like other posters before. Next it reminded me of the 50’s movie ‘Where the Boys Are’. The convertibles and streaming headscarves in the movie reminded me of this bag. So I would add to the list of potential names: Where the Bows Are.

    The tails on the bow reminds me of the ‘fins’ on the ’50’s Cadillacs. So another suggestion might be The Caddie Bag.

    Other names that popped into my head for various reasons are: The Lolita Bag (Young & Sweet with a Twist), Gigi Girl Bag, Bonne Amie Bag or Bonne Amie Valise, The Knot Too Preppy Bag, The Kinked Kelly Bag, The Classic Twist Bag and The Redux Pocketbook.

    Oh I could go on and on because I love this bag! It’s time for sleep. Wake me up when it’s available because I can’t wait to make this one!

  628. Michelle

    Twisted Tote

  629. Dale

    Very Cute…How about “Knots About You Bag”.

  630. Tina E.

    It is so so elegant looking that I would suggest

    Tina (lol)

    I haven’t read through all the suggestions, so don’t know if these were mentioned.

  631. Connie Wine

    How about “Knot so Naughty Bag”?

  632. Kim

    I think it looks like a “City Sash Bag”. It looks classic and modern all at the same time. Its a really great looking bag thats for sure, no matter what you name it! Good luck picking just one name from this list!

  633. kag

    Knot your bag is still my favorite name. (Especially those that mentioned that there are already people in their lives~ daughters, sisters, etc.~ that will want it!

  634. How about “All Tied up”?
    It’s a great bag by the way! I can’t wait to sew it out.

  635. jamie

    ” I knot U”

  636. E.C.

    Elle – Knot bag

  637. Nancy

    Knotsbury Bag! Help me, I can’t find where you buy or download this bag. Thank you!

  638. Loral K

    How about “So Knotty Bag” or “A Knotty girl bag” or “All knotted up”. These may have been mentioned already but holy smokes there is alot of post!!

  639. Darlene Strickland

    how about
    knotty but nice

    Hpw ab

  640. Amy Kirby

    Knot your Average Handbag

  641. Pat Hayrynen

    After reading some of the clever names, I’m hesitant to offer “K’not’ for everyday.” Hope you don’t have too much trouble deciding on a name (I know I would!). Pat

  642. Cynthia VanLandingham

    How about ‘Knot Yo’ Mama’s Bag” ? It is so cute, congratulations on your latest great pattern.

  643. mary lou

    well, the knot sorta looks like a cross, so how about “hot-crossed bag” or “hot-crossed purse?”

  644. That’s a great bag!! Very cute.
    How about the “Sew Knot Last Year” Bag?

  645. Malaika

    I’m new to this so I hope I am doing this right. I was thinking something like Bow-T-Full Bag or Tied & True Tote or may be just My Prerogative

  646. Natalie

    Since every imaginable name has been picked, I am just voting lol! I like Sassy Sash Bag or What Knot Bag!

  647. mary

    I’m thinking “Tie one on! ” using a larger Times roman numeric 1 in the name. This blog font , while excellent for it’s purpose, just didn’t have the right “look” . Besides, now everybody can tie1on and not feel guilty.

  648. Jan

    I love your bag!! The bow reminds me of flower petals in a way. So fresh and pretty! I would love to make your knotty petal purse!! I love all of the names everyone has come up with too!! Jan πŸ™‚

  649. Erin

    The immediate thing I thought was “Knot Your Mama’s Bag”, but it looks like everything I thought has already been posted. I also like “Knot Sew Ordinary Handbag”.
    Can’t wait to see what the price will be!
    Love it!

  650. marsha

    How about “Knot Your Everyday Bag”

  651. marsha

    Here’s another:

    What’s Knot to Love

  652. Sue Binder

    Knot Sew Bag

  653. Misty

    Just adding to the post count, i am very excited to make this bag i have my fabric in mind all ready…. LOL

    THE WHATZ KNOT 2 LOVE Bag !!!!!!
    That is at least what i thought when i 1st saw it ..

    Purses are my downfall Just ask my Husband I am pretty sure i am not the only one…..LOL

  654. Lisa Leimone

    My fabric is dying to be turned into this BEAUTIFUL purse!! I’m going to make one for each of my sewing “Sista’s”!!

  655. Heather

    How about the knotty bag or maybe knot so knotty, or bow beautiful.

  656. Deb Jones

    WHAT? The Hot Knot Bag!

  657. Susan

    Knot a bow bag! Love that bag!!!! I can’t wait to make it!

  658. Rebecca

    What an adorable purse! Its remind me of “forget me kNOT” purse… Can’t wait to make it!

  659. Lisa

    I love all the whimsical play on words names with “knot” in them, but it seems to call out a more sophisticated name….like “Sophia” Can’t wait to make myself one and I know what mom is getting for Christmas! πŸ™‚

  660. mary lou

    hi. how about ‘x marks the bag’

  661. Lisa Leimone

    Spent the weekend with my sewing partner in crime, of course we had a blast!! We made the most beautiful messenger bags! We like to throw in these small quick projects between quilts, great instant gratification!!!


  662. Lisa Leimone

    YIKES!! My last post was number “666” !! Scary!

  663. DeAnna

    no knotsense bag πŸ™‚

  664. Carol

    Love that bag… too many great names for me to think of anything. Good luck with choosing. πŸ™‚

  665. Sarah M

    I love the ‘Knotty Girl Bag’

  666. Sas

    ‘Me Knot You’

  667. Heather B

    how about the “ovation” purse as in your standing ovation after the awesome debut purse πŸ™‚

  668. Angela M

    What’s “knot” to Love

  669. Glenda

    This is an awesome and cute cute sophiscated looking bag………..

  670. How about “The Sleek and Chic Handbag”?

    I think it’s lovely. πŸ™‚

  671. Melanie B.

    You know.. I have been looking at this bag over and over..And I have to say it is looking a bit like a pin wheel to me.. So summer chic!!

  672. Carrie

    What a great bag. I can not wait to make it. There is some great names and ideas here! I must agree that it does look like a pin wheel style. I was thinking of maybe doing one in navy, white and red, a nautical theme. Thanks for the chic design.

  673. Loretta K

    So many names have been left and hopefully this hasn’t.
    How about “Bow Me Knot” bag.
    Can’t wait for the pattern!!!!!!!!!!

  674. Sharon

    I thought of one more “Debutant Kim”. (may be mispelled but I think you know what I am trying to say.)
    Tomorrow is THURSDAY — how much for the purse now????

    Can’t wait for the pattern. This was fun…..


  675. Lisa Leimone

    Wow , there are alot of great names to choose from!

  676. Tina

    How about “swirly whirly girly purse”

  677. Misty

    Is it Thursday yet? i just am adding to the post count again .

    I have been at the dentist for 2 days straight now and my mouth is killing me.ANYWAYS!!!!!
    I love all the cute clever names and can’t wait to make this bag .
    I still say the “Whatz Knot 2 love” Bag
    okay pain meds kicking in
    have a great day and can’t wait till tommorow. :0)

  678. Lisa Leimone

    Look’s like this is going to be a project! I showed the purse picture to my Mom and now she has a list going of all the friends she would like to make it for!

  679. Heather

    I really like the “Knotty Girl” name.
    How ’bout “Why Knot?”

  680. E.C.

    knots about U

  681. Ronaka

    Knot to envy me

  682. pookie

    I really want to make a tote so mabe this can be my very 1st.

    I agree it looks like a pinwheel, and kina a tidy little bow, so how about the “Bow bag” or the “double B”
    or a real name like suggest I Alexandria or (something) Lynne. πŸ™‚

    it’s very cute and eye catching.

  683. Lisa Leimone

    How’s about…

    “Tied to perfection”

    or because of all the stuff in the new’s about BAD husband’s, us girls got to back each other up!! So let’s call it…

    “Iam Woman!!”

  684. Lisa Leimone

    here is a cute one…

    “Sew Chic!!”

    “A Bow to remember”

  685. I found straight this beautiful side, although I actually looked for something else, but I would like to take part also.
    Here some ideas from Germany:

    mrs. elegance
    little sharpens bag

  686. Vickey

    Can’t wait to find out what the NAME is! This is so much cuter than the usual, run-of-the mill tote. I’m sending this link to my aunt — she and her neighbor team up to make the cutest handbags and I know they can be really creative with this pattern. SO! When will be pattern be available???

  687. pookie

    I know I can’t wait either, I am excited about this bag…

  688. Cher

    How about the Bow Belle Bag??

  689. Cher

    or BowBella Bag……. Bella meaning Beautiful

  690. Laura

    Didn’t have time to read through the “knots” so this one might already be posted, how about “knot sew square” !!!

  691. Melanie B.

    Hmm Did anyone get this pattern yet?

  692. Amanda

    i keep checking back and I haven’t gotten a new newsletter or anything with details. I’m dying to try this pattern. πŸ™‚

  693. Melanie B.

    Same here….No news letter yesterday at all….Hmm

  694. ycmt

    It’s here – YEA! We wanted to work out some last minute details, but it’s now available in the “what’s new” and “handbag” sections of the site. Thank you so much for your help with naming this — we can’t wait to see what you make!! πŸ™‚

    Have a nice weekend everyone!

  695. G.J.

    Well in all honesty, this is a bag you would think is a tote with a twist. It need not a name but it is a fashion statement. I love the idea actually and I think you had something going here. You took a tote and gave it some spunk. most people just wouldn’t do that to a tote. Not ur average plain jane. Nice.

  696. Colleen Fleming


    (Nacho bag) (Not your bag, get it… yeah it’s cheesie!)

    Very cute Bag! Very cute ideas!

  697. betty nichols

    My idea is– Forever knots—-

  698. cheryl boykin

    love it….where can i obtain the pattern????????

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