Another way to win buried treasures!

Treasure Hunt - Part 2



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80 responses to “Another way to win buried treasures!

  1. Let’s see….. If I was stranded on a deserted island, the one ebook I wouldn’t want to be without with be CarlaC Dolly’s Embellished Twirl Skirt for Dolly and Me. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made this skirt and I absolutely ADORE it.

  2. The best ebook I have purchased was actually the Boutique Dresstop and Bottoms by SewSensible. I have made two of the tops and two bottoms (one to match a different ebook) with one more in the works. I can’t tell you how many compliments I get on her outfits. Yesterday I went to MOPS with Kaitlyn in her newest Dresstop and Boutique Bottoms. I heard over and over “I wish I could sew” and “I can’t believe you made that”. I kept telling the ladies if they at least have a sewing machine they could actually sew following the easy ebooks offered on YCMT. I may have to print off a sample page to show them how detialed the patterns really are.


  3. Kris

    I LOVE any stitchery pattern put out by Needle in a Haystack. It gives me some “quiet time” to relax and enjoy doing something creative for my home. I also love making some and giving as gifts as well!

  4. Kris

    This one I loved making because it was so quick to work up. I made one for each of my children’s pillowcases. 🙂

    And here is another one I made as gifts for friends:

  5. Camie

    I love love love the Bella Twirl Skirt and Lexxi receives so many compiments every time she wears one of them! At 2-1/2 she’s obsessed with pirates so I’m really excited about this “Treasure Hunt” and where it’s going to take me in my sewing. I gush every chance I get about YCMT! Thanks for such a truly amazing site!!!

  6. Melissa

    I love all of the ebooks on this site!!!!! I love the twirl skirts–all of them! But my favorite one is the Bella Twirl!!!! You get to play with so many fabrics and add fun hidden details!!!

  7. Jessica B.

    Oh my goodness! Every single time ebook I’ve bought from You Can Make This is a treasure! It’s so hard to pick just one! But I really think that the Marvellous Mouse Designs Boutique Mini Tote has been awesome because they totally complete any outfit I make for my daughter, and they get alot of attention.
    One of the ebooks that I’ve been eyeing for a long time is the Make Your Own Fabulous Tiered Baby Doll Top by Toni Hamel Designs. I’m definitely going to have to get this for summer!

  8. Melanie W.

    The stripwork jumper by Carla C is probably my most freqently used pattern. Carla gives lots of tips and super detailed instructions. And of course those patterns for doll clothes are just a little extra bonus. Sometimes I take and idea from one pattern and put it with something from another pattern. It is so much fun creating different designs. She always attracts attention no matter where we go.

  9. Heather B

    Myfavorite pattern is Carla C’s easy fit pants. I have made pants for my boys, cute capris for my DD, shorts and I love that there are so many ways to embellish them!!!!! My favorite pattern ever.

  10. Melanie W.

    The corset top has been on my wishlist from day one. I don’t know why I haven’t gotten it yet. It just seems like there is always something new that I buy instead. I love it. It is so cute. My litle girl is turning 3 in May, so maybe I’ll bite the bullet and get it soon.

  11. Melanie W.

    The corset top has been on my wishlist from day one. I don’t know why I haven’t gotten it yet. It just seems like there is always something new that I buy instead. I love it. It is so cute. My litle girl is turning 3 in May, so maybe I’ll bite the bullet and get it soon.

  12. Elizabeth

    My absolute favorites and I have made them over and over are from Pouty Princess! The apron front jumper dress and strip work twirl skirt. I have made these in many different fabrics and each time they have come out great! I would love (on my wish list) but is a little pricey!

  13. Tiffany

    I love all the patterns and I plan on buying so many more. I always have a hard deciding which one to buy next. But, one of my favorite patterns is the Easy Fit pant by Carla C. They sew up SO quickly that I know I can get them done in whatever little time I have. With this pattern I never have a reason to not have an outfit for my girls with whatever theme is going on. We have St. Patty’s pants, American pants, PJs etc. and many more to come!

  14. Kristina

    I have a bunch of favorites, for sure! Someone already mentioned the corset top with the shirred back. I just finished this for my 3 year old and I love it! It is so cute, and looks so professional, I am so pleased!
    I would recommend getting the bundle for this one, you’ll definitely want to make the twirl tool skirt and peasant top too. The peasant top is so easy and quick, but comes out looking fabulous!!
    ..oh, and did I mention it comes with a free pattern to make a matching outfit for a doll??? Awesome!!!
    Another favorite of mine is the peek-a-boo twirl skirt. This came out so cute and my daughter loves it. It’s such a unique design, she gets complements on it all the time.
    My new favorite that I just purchased earlier this week is the Annette reversible sun dress. I can make this in under an hour, and my daughter just LOVES picking out fabric for new dresses. The only problem is the fact that at any moment she might decide she wants the dress reversed– and I’m slightly against stripping in public. 🙂

  15. Another vote for the CarlaC Easy Fit Pants! I have a little boy, and finding cute, stylish patterns up until now had been pretty difficult. These were so easy to make, I’ve made three pairs of pants and a pair of shorts. While shopping with his babysitter yesterday, they kept getting stopped by shoppers who wanted to know where she got the pants. She told them “His mommy made them!”



  17. Heather Roe

    Oh my, I am reminded of the Goonie days (U gotta love that movie)! I have purchased many patterns, from diaper cakes to wrap skirts, Easter baskets, appliques, purses, dresses…the list goes on. I have found that my sneeky little habbit of staying up late stems for my need to sew. I love that in the wee morning hours, I can download a new pattern and start on it right away. YCMT is my getaway! I have a passion for sewing and a YCMT feeds it. I love the array of patterns offered and the great low price for such a boutique style.

  18. Lisa

    Just about every pattern on the site is in my wishlist. They are all great… The most recent one that I purchased is the :

    It is so cute and I can not wait to make them. I just have to clean out my sewing room first – that may take a while.


  19. Carrie

    I found a treasure chest on the Tana Tutu Dress area. What a cute idea.

  20. Jenny Milewski

    I love the a line pattern. It’s like making two tops or dressing at one time because it’s reversible! It’s a cinch to make and I’ve made several already!

    I also LOVE the belle Elysse Pinafore dress. I know my girls will be wearing them as dresses now and later, as shirts! LOVE IT! 🙂

    Jenny M.

  21. dawn

    I love the tshirt dress pattern from Duck Soup Originals and can’t wait to try out the new pocketbook pattern-need more time!!! This is the pattern I’m probably going to get next Looks great for warm weather-which I can’t wait for-but also good for any time of the year.

  22. Kelli

    I love every pattern I’ve tried so far. I’m working on the Annette Reversible Sundress for my daughter now for Easter! I say working on it, because I’m adding a few things here and there–the dress itself sewed up in NO TIME!!
    And if I get a chance tomorrow, I’m making my little man (just turned 2) a tie to match his big sis!


  23. Christina Zacny

    I have so many patterns from YCMT that I couldn’t choose just one!! But, I still am completely in love with the layered tulle twirl skirt

    I also want this one

    they are just the most darling patterns in a bundle pack

    I also would love this one

    *SIGH* So many adorable patterns, so little time!!!!

    Keep up the good work


  24. Erin

    Where do I even begin! I love everything I purchase from YCMT! A couple of my favorites are:

    Easy Fit Pants
    Boutique Blankets

    There isn’t enough room on this blog for my Wishlist!

  25. Feines Stöffchen

    My treasure is the She loves me she loves me not Handbag cause the design is fresh and original and I treasure how gratious you gave it to all of us!

    Hugs from Germany,


  26. Cindi

    Anything by Carla C is FANTASTIC! I have made her portrait peasant tops and her easy fit pants over and over. I just recently made my girls Easter dresses using the Sinply sweet tops and dresses and it is my newest favorite pattern ever! I also loved her ruffler video. Her designs are my treasure!

  27. April

    The entire youcanmakethis site is a treasure to me. I taught myself to sew with the ebooks I’ve purchased & come back for more very often. I have purchased dozens, but the one I make the most is the double layer strip work twirl skirt.

    I recently purchased this bundle & am loving the simplicity of the pants & how easy it is to personalize it to our tastes.

    On my wishlist right now is this Dainty Designs ebook…I think it’s the only one I haven’t purchased yet.

  28. Kristi

    Here are two I found. I really have enjoyed this.

    I did find lots that I added to my wish list. I am learning so much from all of the ones I have already gotten. I am so glad that there is a place I can go to get fun patterns for my girls and learn so much. Here are a few I added to my wish list.

    Thanks for making this so fun. I am lucky that I know I can come here and lose myself in inspiration from all the great patterns and projects.

  29. Juanita

    I love this site and the newsletters. Naming the knot bag was so fun.

    My wishlist is long and includes almost everything available! What I want right now is the “Make a Gallery Clock” for my FIL’s house and the “Vertical Stripe Swirl Shirt” for my great-niece who is 3yo and loves to twirl around and play princess!

  30. Leslie Dowding

    I have not had a chance to order any thing yet but i will be soon.
    Here are a few things i CANT wait to try…

    ok so i go carried away and added a little more than a few… theres just so much more Id love to try…

  31. Coutney

    I have so many favorites! I just found this site last month but have already bought and tried so many of the patterns! I just made my girls some new spring dresses with the tiered dress pattern. SO cute!!! I love how they turned out!

  32. Amy

    I am waiting for the ruffled capri pants pattern to be available. Those are too cute!

  33. pookie

    I spend my whole check on patterns and fabric, I am such an addict and my little angels love the outcome, they are the best dressed kids on the block thanks to YCMT. here are the book I and and a list of what I have on the wish list.
    Easy-Fit” Pants for Dolly and ME! (BOYS, too!)
    Adorable Criss-Cross Top or Dress
    Bellabebeco Gaucho Pants
    Bundle Pack: Make the Daintiest of Designs PLUS FREE Bonus eBook!
    Bundle Pack: The “Growing Up with Rosy” Set – Top, Gauchos, Flower
    Drawstring Purse
    How to Make a Children’s Apron
    How to Make a Newsboy and Cloche Hat
    How to Make Ruffled Gauchos
    Portrait Peasant Tops and Dresses
    The Belle Elysse Pinafore Dress
    The Perfect Dress
    Make a Stripwork Ribbon Top
    How to Make Rumba Pants
    How to Make a Gauze Shirred Blouse
    Make Your Own Fabulous Tiered Babydoll Top
    Halter Dress and Top with Shirred Back!
    The “Growing Up with Rosy” Angel Wings
    Vertical Strip Twirl Skirt
    The Euro Treasures Collection
    The Perfect Tiered Twirl Skirt
    How to Make a Double Layer Stripwork Twirl Skirt
    Learn to Make A V-Strap Halter Dress or Top
    Make a Stripwork Jumper 4 Dolly and Me!
    Euro Patchwork Twirl Skirt

    Princess Corset Top and Dress
    FAITH Double Layer Dress Top
    The Bowznstuff Petal Skirt
    Make an Apron Front Jumper Dress

    I love dainty designs. I made the stipwork top for the 3rd and 1st b-day outfits (THEY WERE A HIT) MY TWO BABIES ARE BOTH BORN IN AUGUST)

    I would love to see more patterns for my older daughter (she will be 11 in july)
    keep up the good work…


  34. When I get back stateside (overseas military) where I can be near a craft store, I would like to try these ebooks:
    Jewelry is one thing I haven’t tried yet.
    A couple other things on my wish list are:
    Right now my daughter is to small for the cardigan and not interested in dolls (bears however…).
    I think this hat is to cute and may just get the ebook now:

  35. I have made several of the Ultra Tiered Twirl T-Shirt Dress. My daughter LOVES them. She actually has enough to wear a different one everyday of the week, plus some. It has made our “budget” wardrobe into an adorable one, thanks to the use of some cheapy t-shirts and adorable fabrics.

  36. Heather

    The corset top is on my wishlist. I’ve not purchased it yet because of the shirring. My machine doesn’t shirr very well.

    I love the woven headband instructions from Little Cans of Beans. And the Easy Fit Pants by Carla C are super easy and very cute.

  37. Heather

    I also love the Fireman Applique patterns. I made a pair of overalls with the appliques and they turned out too cute!

  38. Tiffany G

    I can’t say enough about this site in general… but if you make me pick favorites…
    I would have to say anything by
    Sew Sensible
    Carla C
    These two ladies have knocked my “sewing” socks off when it comes to directions and details. These patterns give you so much room to create to or add on, and they be used for “sew” many different items!
    A couple months ago I was sewing pillowcase dresses and LOOK AT ME NOW!!
    I owe it all to this site and the pattern makers!!

  39. Melanie B.

    I am itching or stitching to try the Machine embroidery designs.. All of them!! haha. Anyways.. I love all the patterns I buy here! Can’t speak enough good about them all!!

  40. Mindy

    I just purchased this bundle pack and made my first boutique top tonight! I AM IN LOVE! Not only is it easy to make, but it looks ADORABLE on my 4yo!!

  41. Jessica B.

    I recently discovered another treasure here on YCMT. The i Love U stitching by Needle in a Haystack. I love it! I couldn’t believe how easy and fun it was to make even though when I started I didn’t know the first thing about stitching. This time I made a pillow for my parents, but I can definitely think of many other things to put this on and give to my loved ones. Thanks for the great e-book Shelli and YCMT!

  42. Teresa Busby

    My favorite one sew far is the bottlecap Jewelry by The Little Peanut Company…… I made a pair of Snow White bottlecap earings for my 5 year old..she loved them!

    I also really enjoy the Swimsuit ebook by King Designs…I actaully used this pattern to make dance leotards for my girls…It shows how to add a little skirt in the middle of the I made it longer like a tutu and it came out GREAT! I got so many compliments at thier dance class…here is that link…

    A few others Ive purcahsed and enjoyed is the hooded bath towels by jack and jills……

    embroidered birthday cupcakes by abigailmichelle…..

    and the shopping cart seat cover by nany deliz…….

    My wish list is too long to list but Im very interested in learning more about jewelry and I love machine embroidery!

  43. Tara

    I have made outfits from lots of the patterns on the site. They have all turned out great. I think we got the most compliments on the peek a boo skirt. I am drooling over the crochet patterns. The purses are so adorable. I need to take a crochet class. This treasure hunt was fun. I found the treasure on the new strappy sundress pattern. Maybe that is a sign that I should buy that one next LOL. Tara

  44. Teresa Busby

    my girl’s love helping mommy in the kitchen…this is definantly on my wish list…a mommy and me apron!

  45. carrie

    Well…I really have loved every single pattern I have purchased! It’s totally an addiction! I really love Carla C’s patterns…the a-line dress and easy fit pants are definately two of my favorites. I love that she includes doll patterns…my little one is just getting big enough to really get into dolls, so I will probably be making a lot of little doll clothes in the near future! I also have really enjoyed the Belle Elysse pinafore dress. I have sooo many things on my wish list I won’t even begin to name them all! I have really been wanting the peasant top ebook and I also have really been eyeing Carla C’s simply sweet tops. Eventually I will get to all of them…if I don’t go broke before then!!!

  46. carrie

    I just realized that I was supposed to post the links with my message…I’m not the most computer savy person and for the life of me I cannot figure out how to do that!!! So sorry about that!

  47. oh how fun!!!!

    If i ever learn to crochet! i want this pattern!

  48. I love all the patterns I have bought. And believe me I have quite a few. I too, am waiting for the new ruffled capri pants.

  49. kag

    Ok, the one I have purchased that I LOVE is the ties for boys. It is so easy and quick! You cannot tell that it is handmade (except that he now matches his sisters…but other than that!).

    On my wish list? The twirl skirt for dolly and me, the hostess apron, and the perfect dress…just to name a few…

    Oh, and I love my Knot-so-lovely bag! (or whatever you named it, I’m drawing a blank right now!!)

    I’m going to stop now…

  50. I love all of Dainty Designs. Her newsboy and cloche hat is the best. No matter what you make..pants, twirls, dresses, it is so easy to make a matching hat. I can make and cut them in under a hour…

  51. I would also love to see maybe some more ebooks for boys!!

  52. lilcottageboutique

    I already posted my favorite but I had to come back and say that I truly have loved every e-book I’ve purchased/received for free…which is now over 75. They’re all printed out and categorized in multiple notebooks! (I know…crazy!)
    Melanie W. posted a pic on “I Made This” and said someone asked her if it was “normal” that she made matching Easter baskets to go with the kids’ outfits. I loved that because I get that all the time. One woman was actually annoyed with me for ALWAYS having my daughter in my handmade creations with matching accessories and asked if I ever just dressed her in anything normal. ROFLOL!!! Personally I feel those snarky comments stem from jealousy so I am quick to let them know where I purchased the patterns and how unbelievably simple they are to follow.
    As a 34 yr old mother of 2, I suffered from severe social disorders most of my life until I found YCMT. It has truly been a Godsend in that I have found what I love to do…SEW…and I have found people that love my creations and that has been huge therapy for me. I have come so far out of my shell and the future looks amazing. Who knew a little ol’ web site could do that?! LOL!
    Thank you thank you thank you!! I appreciate what you are doing here and my kids are enjoying their more outgoing mom…not to mention the fun clothes!!

  53. Charity

    I LOVE this site! I just found it a few months ago and I wish I had found is sooner when my girls were much younger because they have the most ADORABLE patterns for little girls!!

    My girls are now both 12 now..sigh…and cannot wear most of the patterns listed on the site and I have a 7 year old DD as well who wears basically the same size as my 12 years olds…sigh…LOL….so….I would LOVE to see more patterns for older girls on the site.

    I am aiming to purchase the TWEEN skirt pattern very soon since I think that would be perfect right now!! It’s on my wish list! I am wondering about the double layer stripwork twirl skirt too….Maybe I can adjust that to fit them as well….they like the look of that one. Has anyone had any luck making this for older girls?

    I have purchased the doll patterns by Carla C and let me tell you, they were the easiest doll patterns I have EVER put together. I made the peasant top for the dolls and it was super easy. It was the easiest pattern to read and follow along. I thought it would be perfect to try to teach my girls to sew with. They want to learn to sew and her directions are so clear cut and the patterns turn out wonderful when completed! Highly recommend!!

  54. Melanie W.

    Hey Carnie! I also have many of my patterns printed off and in notebooks!! I love that you caught what I wrote on my “I made this pic”. I love creating all of these fun outfits. Mostly for my daughter, but I try to come up with something for my son when I can. I love this site and try to tell people about it whenever I can. Someone was commenting on my daughters dress while we were out last week. I told her about the site and she seemed really interested and said she was getting inspired. Most people say things to me like I didn’t know anyone sewed anymore.
    I love I guess the site itself is the TREASURE!!! Thanks soooo much Kim and all the great pattern designers!!!

  55. ycmt

    Thank you everyone for your comments! I know it means a lot to both myself as well as each of the authors. To hear what YCMT has meant to you, or to hear about your success in a hobby is so rewarding to hear! Camie – your post really touched me. Thank you!

    So many of the things you’d like to try are things I want to learn how to do, too!! Ahhh…not enough hours in the day, right?

    We have a LOT of prizes to give away! You’ll know more soon! 🙂


  56. Rebecca

    I have to agree with some other mamas, I’d LOVE to see some bigger girl sizes. My dd is in a size 10 and really the only item I can get is the “tween skirt” I will be buying that next for her.

    I have learned SO much for the ebooks I’ve purchased. I already knew how to “sew” but I’ve bought books on how to applique and crochet and it’s really expanded my knowledge of these techniques. The ebooks were so great and I really learned the techniques well just from that lil ol book!

    My favorite pattern I’ve used so far has been the Growing up with Rosy Twirl Top
    I made it for my friends daughters first birthday outfit with the Heather Ross Goldfish in a Bags print and it was TOO cute!

  57. Jessica B.

    I have seen some of the things you’ve made in the I Made This section, and they are just GORGEOUS. It really is amazing what YCMT has done for so many people. I totally agree with Melissa, YCMT is THE TREASURE. YCMT not only gives us adorable things to create, but with that it gives us a boost of confidence, gives us a sanctuary to escape from our hectic, busy lives, and it really does help any of us come out of any shell that we may be hiding in when people everywhere we go ooh and ahh at what we have accomplished. Your story touched me and gives me another reason to love this website as much as I do. I learned just about everything I know about sewing from the e-books I’ve gotten, and I’m so grateful for that because now every time I sew something I get all of the benefits that I listed above. Thank you Kim and all of YCMT for affecting us all the way you do.

  58. Missy

    I have bought Carla C Dolly’s ebooks and they are great. I wish I had more time to sew. I am always amazed by the hair accessories that are created. Some of those are on my wishlist.

  59. leapinlilies

    I have a rather long wishlist, but the one I will be purchasing next is the Boutique pincushion. It will be the first thing I have made that is all MINE in a long, long time. 🙂

    (I actually came to the blog because I saw the treasure chest on this page, but, of course, someone else had found it. 🙂 )

  60. kag

    Here is another pattern that is on my wish list:

    One of the things I love about this site is that all of these patterns are so easy (more actually, they are explained so well that they SEEM easy). And the results are beautiful! They are great! Keep up the good work!

    I am now on my second she-loves-me-she-loves-me-knot bag. I just love it!!,

  61. Crystal

    My favorite patterns are The Perfect Dress by Elleaelle, The Beret Hat by Belle Ellyse and the Simply Sweet Tops and Dresses by CarlaC.
    My daughter is the one pictured on the I Made This! section for the Beret Hat and for the Perfect Dress.

  62. Kelly

    I love this pattern, and so does my daughter. She loves anything that she can twirl and this does a wonderful job of it.

    Not only that, but I would love to try this one as well. I really think that my daughter would love it as well. She is such a girl and loves to have dresses to wear.

  63. Courtney B.

    I am so excited about the new instructions for the knit jumper in the newsletter! I am going to go buy them right now!

  64. I don’t know how to do links, but I just found this site and the very first e-book I ever bought was Carla’s Dolly and me Twirl skirt. I am very new to sewing and this was a delight to follow. I even made up my own halter top to go with it. The book is well thought out and perfect for a newbie like me. I just started the mystery quilt and can’t wait to see how that turns out too!

  65. Leslie Dowding

    Ok ive been trying to place my first order but have came across some problems with me visa card, hopefully ill have it sraited out tomorrow and this is what ill be getting!

    I cant wait!!! I already bought fabric and am ready! Ill post pics when im done!

  66. Leslie Dowding

    ooooops… I mean my Visa card and straitened out…. lol

  67. Christina Zacny

    Thanks for the coupon code! I just purchased two patterns (actually, a bundle pack and a pattern) with it! Now I have a few of the items I have been wanting from my wishlist. I just looked at my library, and I am going to have to start making the things I have been buying. I’ve been kind of lazy lately, so I have some cut out, just not sewn together.

    Thanks again YCMT

  68. Dulcie
    Carla C’s The Ruffler Unruffled…OMG !! I can’t say enough about this Freebie and the details in this eBook.
    I was just before tossing the ruffler out the window and continuing to ruffle the old fashioned way…BUT here came Carla with her book.She must have known that I needed the help.
    I now am not afraid of it and use it so much that I stays on my machine more that in the box collecting dust!!

  69. Rachel

    I love the designs on this site, they are so fun! I have LOTS on my wish list, but the two “basics” I’d like to get next are:

    There is so much I can think of to do with these patterns, I can’t wait to try them out!

  70. pookie

    Yes tks for the coupon just saved me almost 15 bucks. (yes I spent over 100 dollars.) *blush*(I am an addict)

    I have so many project on my to do list and with warmer weather on the way, I am so excited…
    Thanks you! Thanks you!Thanks you!Thanks you!Thanks you!Thanks you!Thanks you!Thanks you!Thanks you!Thanks you!Thanks you!Thanks you!Thanks you!Thanks you!Thanks you!Thanks you!Thanks you!Thanks you!Thanks you so much…

    ps I have tons of pics to send in too.

  71. LOL, Pookie! I have to fight the urge to buy new patterns. I almost bought one today, okay two, but decided to wait because I have three patterns I’ve yet to make an outfit with yet. I may go ahead and buy this one tomorrow.
    This was #2 I had in my cart before I backed out of the transaction.
    My only hold up on the cardigan is my daughter is firmly in 12 months right now and that one starts at a size 2.

  72. Well… I did it. I decided why put off till tomorrow what I can do today and bought before I logged off last night. Now I need to go buy some fabric to mach the twirl skort I’m making.

    My daughter might just be sporting these two at MOPS on Thursday.

  73. Tiffany

    My wish list… The list is so long. So, here a few 🙂
    The new knit jumper
    Shirt bib
    The Perfect Dress
    Come and Go in Syle Handbag
    Wrap Skirt, Flared Skirt, Headband combo
    Raglan Tees
    Pleated Skirt
    Peek a Boo Skirt
    Fairy Wings and Tutus
    Full Tutus

    And of course, the new ruffled capri pants to be out soon

    Now, just to decide which to buy next. My girls will be the best dressed around 🙂

  74. Carlita Justus

    I don’t know if I could pick a favorite ebook. I love everyone I have made. I am a big fan of Dainty Designs. I love the frilly stuff! I do know you all make me wish I had time to make one of everything on the site. Everyone is so inspiring. It is to bad all you creative people live all over the nation. We would have sew much fun sewing together! Keep up the great work ycmt!

  75. Danielle

    I LOVE the little cans of beans headband instructions. They are so detailed and so much fun. I love making hairbows, but these instructions really opened up a new door for me with the older girls! Cannot say enough good things about these instructions!

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