You Can Find this Treasure! Ends April 2nd

Sponsored by the “You Can SEW This!” newsletter, we are sending you on a treasure hunt!

Buried Treasure

To help you find that buried treasure,
we have narrowed the  search areas down
to sewing related categories. You’ll find
“buried treasure” in the following areas:

Quilting (You’ll find 5 treasure chests!)

Doll Clothing (3)

Clothing Creation (16!)

Make a Difference (1)

Handbags (7)

Home Decor (6)

Toys & Activities (2)

Since many of the “prized treasures”
are going to be given away by our
talented jewelry authors, you will also
find TEN buried treasures in the
Jewelry category!

Would you like to know more
details for this treasure hunt?!
It’s easy to do and will be a lot of fun!
Let’s work together to find
all 50 treasure chests! Why?
Keep reading….
Find buried treasure at YCMT!

Remember, once you find one, make a post. Post the page that the treasure was found and it COULD contain REAL TREASURE!  One post per person, but if you’d like to post to “CHAT” we’d love that, too! 

When all 50 treasure chests are found, EVERYONE on the entire “You Can SEW This!” and “You Can MAKE This!” newsletter lists, will receive a surprise! Gotta love that! 

Here’s what you are looking for:
treasure found

Have fun!



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128 responses to “You Can Find this Treasure! Ends April 2nd

  1. Sharon Kociban



  2. Janice

    Found: treasure chest at Simply Hearts Tablerunner by Cottoage Quilt Designs 🙂

  3. I found one on Make A Bubble Skirt by Pouty Princess Designs

    I hadn’t noticed until all my clicking that so many clothing patterns are on sale. Do you think my husband will notice if I buy a couple more? LOL…

  4. Lynda T

    Hi, Isn’t this fun.
    I found one on The Growing Up With Rosy Twirl Top page in doll clothing.

    Thanks YCMT.
    You have such great patterns

  5. Ann

    I found a treasure chest on “Reach for the Sunshine” Quilt page.

    Regards, Ann

  6. Suzanna

    Hi, i found two under Home Decor. 😉

    1.”I love U” Hand Stitching ->
    2. FREE! Simply Hearts Tablerunner ->

  7. Christine Swanson

    I found one! It was on “I love U” Hand Stitching pattern in Home Decor. I hope I did this right!

  8. LuLu

    I’m finding way too many projects to add to my ever growing to-do list

  9. Meagan

    I found one! This is a great idea. Have a wonderful Easter holiday.

  10. Wendy

    I found one too! It is in the “She Loves Me…She Loves Me Knot” Purse.


  11. Beth

    I found one on

    Bundle Pack: Make Gorgeous Fringe Jewelry!

  12. KarenH

    I found a few in Jewelry! 🙂
    “Beaded Rings”
    “Create a Bracelet and a Jeweled Headband”
    “How to Make Beaded Flower Charms”
    “Create Beaded Barrettes”
    “Make a Beaded Pony-O”
    “Bubble Glass Soldered Art Pendants Made Easy”
    “Bundle Pack, Make Gorgeous Fringe Jewelry”
    “You Can Make Polymer Easter Beads”
    “Make A Boutique Bracelet”
    THIS WAS FUN!! 🙂

  13. I think I found the only one the above person did not list in jewelry. I found one in “How to Make Custom Soldered Glass Art Pendants”. I have these instructions and they are wonderful. I will only post one find b/c I think that is in the rules.
    Thanks this was fun

  14. Frances

    I found one in Jewelery “Make a Boutuque Bracelet” site.

  15. Patti

    In handbags…
    “Photo Wristlet or Cosmetic Bag or Keyfob Purse”

    The laundry is going to have to wait!!!!

  16. Sabrina

    Sew a Strappy Dress.

  17. Sabrina

    Tana Tutu Dress

  18. Sabrina

    The Wrap Skirt

  19. val

    I found a bunch but did not realize I had to post the page on the blog. they all said found when I clicked on them so I just kept on searching for one that had not been found LOL. I find this all very confusung – but just scrolling thru the long emails is confusing to me LOL. now I can not find how to get back to the website as the links in my email do not seem to work
    – ok finally found one again here.

  20. Sabrina

    The “Belle Elysse” Tiered Dress

  21. Sabrina

    Oh, I’m sorry. I screwed up. I was only supposed to post once – sorry … got carried away. Keeping quiet now …

  22. Carol M

    found one Growing up with Rosy Twirl top
    Love this site

  23. Robin

    I found one in the dolls – Sew Boutique 4 Dolly: A-Line Dresses and Tops. Fun!

  24. Jennifer S

    I found one:

    BabyPrincessJewels Boutique Jeweled Headband and Boutique Bracelet Instructions Ebook

  25. I found one in the Mystery Quilt Block

  26. Katie

    I found one in home dec. Needle in a Haystack’s “I Love U” hand stitching pattern.

  27. Just kidding it wasn’t the Mystery Block it was the Simply Hearts Table runner.

  28. Jenny

    Found one in “Make a stripwork jumper for dolly and me” by CarlaC Dolly Designs.

  29. Liz

    I found one!

    By Oh So Lovely, The Multi Fabric Pleated Skirt

  30. Christina O. Bigelow

    I found one in Make a Stripwork Jumper 4 Dolly and Me

  31. Amy

    “I love U” Hand Stitching

  32. pat

    I love you hand stitching

  33. kag

    hostess and me apron!

  34. Liz E

    Found one!

    Simply Hearts Tablerunner

  35. Kami

    I found ~Sew Boutique 4 Dolly: A-Line Dresses & Tops
    Make a Bubble Skirt
    How to Make a Layered Tulle Twirl Skirt

  36. Cindi

    Found one: Bella Twirl Skirt -

  37. Yeah… I found one in the

    Always such fun games here! I’ll post it on my blog soon.

  38. Anne

    Rick-Racky Christmas has one

  39. Heather

    ruffled halter top

  40. Kristi

    Well, i found them all but I will only leave one. I found it at Peek-a-Boo Twirl Skirt.
    This was fun!

  41. I found one in jewelry, in Make a Boutique Bracelet…

    This is great, Thanks, Kim

  42. Heather

    Found one in How to Make Trendy Totes!

  43. Jodi

    I found one on “How to Make a Trendy Tote”!

  44. Teresa Busby

    i found on under pocket pals in the toys section…im sure its already been found though….i think we are only suppose to post one finding right?
    I guess I should have logged on much earlier…lol it was still fun

  45. I found the pocket pals one too 😦 I was so excited! I know it’s already been found , (even in the post right above mine, LOL!) But I was too excited not to share (I’m a dork….I know) I also wanted to comment that these would be adorable in an Easter basket. Hmmm……..

  46. I found one in the Home Decor Section!

    “How to Make a Lotus Flower Pin”

  47. I found one in How to Make Trendy Totes!

  48. Lisa Leimone

    found one in the Jewlery section under “Easter Bunny Beads”

  49. Charlotte

    We found it! With my son helping me. The children see me on this site often, Usaully they don’t hang around. But today the Treasure caught both of thier atttention. They stayed, we found it! In the Jewelry. How to make a Beaded Flower charms.
    This was fun but even more with the Kids!

    Thanks Charlotte

  50. Missy

    Have we found them all yet?
    Here is one, but I think it has been found already.

  51. Kris

    Found one!! Make Your Own Monogrammed Pillow!

    Thanks for the fun! Good job everyone!

  52. Hawley

    I found one it is with the peek-a-boo twirl skirt under skirts and dresses with You can make this

  53. Heather B

    I posted on the other “new” blog post as well….but I found one in the growing up with rosie twirl skirt with peek a boo

  54. Monica

    Found one! Strappy Sundress

  55. Donna

    Found Treasure Box in Jewerly at Make a Boutique Bracelet. Having fun. What a great idea. A treasure hunt!

  56. Donna

    I thought we were suppose to post just one find. Hope I did it right!!!!

  57. Amy

    I didn’t see the Criss-Cross Top or Dress posted yet, or I just missed it.

  58. Desiree

    Found one here

    One of my favorite “new” patterns I’ve purchased. (Oh, who am I kidding? All the patterns I’ve gotten from YCMT are my favorites!!)

    Oh, also one here:

    Can’t wait to get this one. I see this kind of dress listed on eBay a lot and have been wondering how to make it!

  59. Kiddy Kouture

    “She Loves Me Knot” handbag has treasure!

  60. Treasure found! I found one on the page for the Peek-A-Boo Twirl Skirt by Growing up with Rosy…she creates the cutest skirts!!!

  61. I found a treasure in the home decor section in the Boutique Pin Cushion

  62. Doris

    I found one…..the Boutique Pin Cushion! This was fun!

  63. Nancy Gunn

    This is my first time on You Can Make and I was very excited to find a treasure box on the Free Download for the “She Love Me, She Love me KNOT” Handbag site. Hurry, because today March 21 is the last day for the free download.

  64. Jane

    Late to the game, found one—- at the Ribbon Twirl Skirt. Looks like a great pattern. Have to try this one.

  65. Melanie B.

    I found two…. One on the wrap skirt pattern and One on the Strappy Sundress….

  66. I found one in Nana TuTu I love your site my favorite E-Book is Apron front jumper I have made about five of them

  67. Christina Zacny

    I found a treasure box in the sew a strappy sundress by Pretty Baby Boutique. I think this is just a darling dress

    also in how to make a layered tulle twirl skirt which happens to be my absoule favorite skirt I have seen on YCMT

    There is also one in the boutique pin cushion which is just darling

    there is also one in the spring flowers stitchery patterns

    I know everything is found by now, I think I may look around to see everything else that has a treasure box by it.

    Even if I do not win anything, I “treasure” my patterns I have bought from YCMT in the past. I have two cut out and ready to sew when my Bells Palsy eases up. I usually get it only on the right side of my face (and then I kind of hole up in the house for awhile until I stop looking like Quasimodo), but this time it affected both sides of my face, so it is hard for me to see too well right now. Thank goodness I can type without looking at the keyboard!

    Have a wonderful Easter everyone!!


  68. Christina Zacny

    Whoops, I guess I should read everything before I post, sorry I posted too many

    Here’s the link for the the boutique pin cushion

    Sorry I got carried away

  69. Stephanie Hall

    I found one on the ‘She Loves Me Knot’ handbag description, and one on the ‘Twirl Skirt’ description!

  70. I found them all. hehehe. But I was good…I only posted my one. I have all the links saved too. and I have a huge wishlist now. LOL
    So much fun. There are lots of new items as well that I havent seen before too.

  71. Francine

    Treasure found on simply heart table runner. Thank you

  72. Barb

    I found one!
    Spring Flowers is such a beautiful pillow.
    Thank You!

  73. Barb

    Found another while surfing today, not sure if it has been posted. Cute little tutu dress:

  74. Jeanette

    I found a treasure chest on the CarlaC Stripwork Jumper!

  75. Shannon O.

    Found one on the great new Strappy Sundress pattern by Pretty Baby Boutique :o) Love that dress and it’s been added to my wishlist!

  76. Shannon O.

    Didn’t see that the sundress had already been found a bunch, LOL :o) What about this one Bubble Glass Soldered Art Pendants Made Easy! These look fun too :o)

  77. Brittni :)

    Found one in the multi-fabric pleated skrit pattern!!! 🙂 YAY!

  78. I found a treasure chest under the home deco. on the Design Your Own Monogrammed Pillow page.

  79. Jenn

    I found this one. I have been looking at this book on my wish list for a month now.

    Can’t wait to see what the treasure is!

  80. Lissa

    I just found one on the bella twirl skirt pattern.

  81. Christy

    I found one on CarlaC’s Make a Stripwork Jumper 4 Dolly and Me!

  82. Mishelle

    I found one in the patch work twirl skirt!

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