Take a Look at the TREASURES You May Win!

Over the last 2 weeks, you have worked together to find all 50 treasure boxes on www.YouCanMakeThis.com You’ve also told us some of your favorite eBooks or ones that you wish you could have!

This week’s “You Can SEW This” newsletter will tell you what EVERYONE has won since all 50 boxes were found. And some people will also be winning actual “treasures” donated by jewelry authors at YCMT! We want to thank those authors for their generous donation. We also drew out names of winners who will win donated eBooksΒ from those who posted their wishlists! πŸ˜‰

Β Winners will be notified and just may receive some of the following REAL jewels!

Treasures at YouCanMakeThis.com

To learn how you can make these beautiful pieces of jewelry, please visit each of these authors:

-Learn how to make Bubble Glass Soldered Art Pendants by Be You Boutique! Click here.

-Learn how to make a Funky Fringe Barrette Bling or a Clustered Fringe Bracelet by So Very Gigi! Click here.

-Learn to make Beaded Rings by T8r Bugs! Click here.

-Learn to make a Boutique Bracelet by Little Peanut Company! Click here.

-Learn to make stamped jewelry by Joyfully Crafted! Click here.



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28 responses to “Take a Look at the TREASURES You May Win!

  1. april

    I love YCMT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i say it everyday!

  2. We really need a “Future Wish List” option for those of us with younger ones who are not ready for:


    I don’t want to forget about these items in the next year or two when she is finally getting old enough for them. If I leave them on my Wish List I find they are already getting looked over. =(

  3. Leslie Dowding

    I think YCMT is the BEST place to find Patters/Instuctions and I also love all the little extras! YCMT ROCKS!

  4. Erin

    I am addicted to YCMT!!! I check the site everyday to see if there is something new added that I can’t live without.

  5. Melanie W.

    I thought I was the only geek who checked the site every day!!!!LOL!!!!
    I get so excited when I realize a new picture is loading. I think what is it!!! Yeah! What I can make next!!! I’m looking longingly at the new knit jumper dress. HA HA!!!


    and I still need that corset top pattern …. and oh and I want the halter dress with shirred back …. and … well I could go on all day!!
    I have the instructions for the soldered art glass pendant just need to gather the supplies. I love all the jewlery. I’m getting that itch!! I love trying something new.
    Happy Creative Endeavors Everyone!!!

  6. Misty

    I check every day to…more than once! I’m waiting for the ruffled capri pants that were on the homepage a little while ago. I can’t wait until those come out! I think I may be addicted too!

  7. Jessica B.

    Wow, I guess YCMT has a huge following of geeks that NEED to check this site numerous times throughout the day. And I am proud to be one of those. My day wouldn’t be the same without getting my YCMT fix. I’m constantly watching the I Made This section, always checking to see if anything’s been added to What’s New, and trying to decide which project I want to try next. Thank you so much Kim and YCMT staff for making it so exciting and so much fun for your faithful geeks to keep coming back to every day!

  8. ycmt

    April, Jennifer, Leslie, Erin, Melanie, Misty, and Jessica —
    Wow! You ladies are just really neat, you know that? What nice things to say. The YCMT staff and authors really love what we do.

    I’ve probably said this before, but I also can’t wait to check the “I Made This” section every day because it is so fun to see what you are making!!

    Misty – I’m hoping for the ruffled capris to be available next week. πŸ˜‰

    Do I dare tell you that we have another surprise at YCMT? πŸ™‚ It won’t be for several more months, but it’s “in the works” lol.

    Thanks for your support gals – it’s good to have friends!

  9. Jessica B.

    ohh noo, Kim……another surprise! How suspenseful! We’ll all be waiting on the edge of our seats, as we check our favorite site every day to see if there are any new clues or ideas as to what other things you could possibly have in store. With all the surprises you’ve had for us lately, what more could there be?!?!

  10. Tiffany

    I just wanted to let you all know that I am glad to find out I am not alone. There must be a ton of us who check the site several times a day. I check the I Made This constantly to see the great creations and gather ideas for my next project. This site has turned me into a sewing Mama. I now make as many matching outfits for my girls as I can. Before this site I enjoyed sewing and I loved the outcome of a matching outfit for my girls, but I was frusterated each time in the process. With these fantastic ebooks I now have to confidence to try anything on the site. Not only that, I tell everyone I know that they can do it too. I think I tell someone almost everyday about the site. THANKS! I also have my eye on the new knit dress–one more new thing to learn–and I can’t wait for the capri ruffle pants.

  11. pookie

    I am also an addict….I spend my whole paycheck here and on fabric….
    I would like to see a few things though, so I hope it is okay to make request becasue you authors are all so creative and wonderful, here are my request, how about a few things for older girls so they can match the younger ones. my oldest is 10 adn in a size 14-16 I hate useing those store bought paper patterns…I hate everything about them, so she get left out alot…also I would like someone to make something about sleeves, as I am terrified of the things, I would love to face this fear with a cute shirt, love the peasent tops but maybe something short sleeved and laid back…not sure but maybe even a toutorial (sp) on them…..

    please keep the beautiful creative work coming…
    and many thank yous

  12. ycmt

    Pookie – I love that idea and there are definitely plans for the older girls…and women, too! (we have to make things for us, too, right?) πŸ™‚

  13. Kristina

    OMGosh!!! I CAN NOT wait to get the stamped jewelry pdf from Joyfully crafted! When will this tutorial be available?? I have long coveted knowing how to make this type of jewelry! Youcanmakethis is BY FAR the absolute BEST website for patterns around. From beginners to experts anything you want, you can find!
    Does anyone have any suggestions on doing free hand embroidery??? SWAK has started an itching for embroidery, but I currently lack the funds for a new machine that can embroider (seeing as my sewing machine is only 3 months old!) I think it’s funny, my husband doesn’t agree. πŸ™‚

  14. Erin

    I am glad to know I am not the only “geek” out there. I am waiting for the ruffled capris too! They are just too cute!

  15. I am a “geek” also..lol.. I have it in my toolbar and check a few times a day. My husband thinks I am crazy!! I would like to see more boys clothes also. I have a tween and a boy who would love to have more things made by momma!!

  16. Teresa Busby

    <~~~total YCMT addict….. i think we should start an addicts group…lol okay I’ll go first…..

    hi my name is Teresa and Im a YCMT addict….

    everyone together..hi Teresa!…..LOL

    okay im done.

  17. Leslie Dowding

    Hi My Name is Leslie and im a New YCMT addict….

    Ok whos next? lol πŸ™‚

  18. Jessica B.

    Hi Teresa! Hi Leslie!

    My name is Jessica, and I too am a YCMT addict.

  19. ycmt

    You ladies are too funny. Thank you!! πŸ™‚

    Cher — I have good news for you (and anyone else who is looking to make some boy stuff.) CarlaC is working on a new bowling shirt for boys (and girls, too!) that is so, so cute! Maybe she’ll let me sneak in a picture for you to preview! And if anyone is nervous about sleeves or buttons, no worries. If you liked her free ebook, “The Ruffler…Unruffled,” well… there’s another treat in store for you. πŸ˜‰


  20. pookie

    tks, for the info. I did fear buttons and won: but sleeves are so scrary….. I can’t wait for the new books to come out. Also just found out my cousin is having a boy, So I will be making a few things for him….

    thanks YCMT,
    my sewing skills getting better all because of you…


  21. Mindy

    Okay, I am also another addict, but I am newly addicted!LOL I can’t get enough and am always checking for new patterns! I hate store bought patterns now and find that I only use patterns from here! I am so excited to hear that Carla is coming out with another pattern! I LOVE everything she does! I currently have my eye on the woven headbands bundle! My 4yo is starting to move from bows to headbands so that is on my wishlist as well as the strappy sundress! cAN PAYDAY GET HERE FASTER?lol

  22. Suzan

    Count me in!! I can’t decide if I am an addict or a fanatic!! I love this site and CANNOT get enough! Thanks for such a fabulous site!!! I’m happy to hear Carla is coming up with more stuff.

    So may things to make…so little time!!!

  23. lorieatyoucanmakethis

    Hi Kristina…

    If you are interested in embroidery, but don’t have a machine yet, you might take a look at the Stitchery section of the site. We carry some stunning patterns by Needle in a Haystack. The patterns are easy to follow and the results you get are so professional! If you don’t have basic skills, start with Stitching Essentials. There’s also a bundle-pack with Stitching Essentials and two other gorgeous patterns. There’s a link below!



  24. Christina Zacny

    Jeez…I haven’t even gotten my youcansewthis newsletter yet and just stopped by the blog to see if anything is new yet, and there sure is!!!!

    I have sooo many ebooks for my 4 yr old, but sometimes my tweenager gets left out (or should I say tweendult). She loves a lot of the things I make for my little one, but not to wear to school. I would love to see some more fashions in this age range.

    Even better would be a you can make this for children, with projects that they can make with supervision that would spark their creativity. My 11 yr old made her first outfit at age 10 (a corset and twirl skirt) and she has a lot of friends her age that like to sew. Her best friend is 12 and designs her own purses.

    Thanks so much to everyone at YCMT for everything on this site.


  25. Kara

    I love this site! I believe I’m slightly obsessed. I’ll get on the site during my two little ones naptimes and find I stay here almost the whole time looking at all the “treasures” I would love to make! My poor son sort of gets jealous when I make my 7 month old daughter clothes to wear so I would love to see more boy creations on here, he loves his tie that a friend made for him from this site, I have yet to make one.
    Ladies/authors THANK YOU for showing me clothes your Mommy makes CAN be cool!!

  26. lorieatyoucanmakethis

    Oooh–Christina! What a great idea to put up some crafts for kiddos! Hmmmmm….


  27. pookie

    what I would like to see, is a simple sleepwear set. (shorts,pants)3/4 sleeves something cute amybe a nitegown too. PLEESE, I have looked adn looked for the perfect pattern nothing suits me…I need it for a 19 month old. size 24 months. All the patterns like this are for 3 and up. going nuts because I bought the cutesest print and can’t use it for what I intended it for…


  28. Christina Zacny

    I popped back by here to look at what’s new today and lo and behold, there is a pattern for cabbage patch newborn clothing….My daughter has a huge cabbage patch collection, with several dolls that need clothing. She is going to FLIP!!!!!!!! Payday can’t come soon enough!!!!!!!!!!


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