Free Download! Welcome in Spring!

We promised a surprise for everyone when all 50 treasure boxes were found, and it’s now available all this week!

We thought it would be fun to have you make something for your home! This finished pillow would be great to showcase on a bench, shelf, couch, or even your child’s bedroom. Just a lil’ something different and “cheery” to brighten anyone’s day. They are so quick and easy to put together, you could even make them for gifts! The applique instructions are also included!

Have fun!

-Lorie & Kim

Free Download!

Find the free download here.



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11 responses to “Free Download! Welcome in Spring!

  1. Jessica B.

    Ohhh, such a cute pillow, Kim! Thanks so much for the free gift! It’s wonderful as usual! What a great time time we all had with that treasure hunt, too! This ebook treasure is definitely going into my treasure box, I mean binders.

  2. Teresa Busby

    how cute! my 5 year old loves helping mommy sew little things. I will have to get her to do this one with me, and she can pick her own fabrics and keep it on her bed…she will be so proud.
    Thanks a ton!

  3. lorieatyoucanmakethis

    As always, Kim–your appliques are simply the best, and oh, how cute that pillow is! Thanks for always thinking of the community–you give so much from your heart.


  4. Christina Zacny

    What an adorable pillow Kim!!! Thank you so much for this free pattern. I’ll have to show this to my daughter, because she is wanting to redo her bedroom and she may want this pillow for her bed.

    Again, thank you for yet another great pattern!


  5. Lindsay R.

    This is absolutely adorable! It has so many possibilities with all the beautiful fabrics that can be used to create it! THANK YOU 🙂

  6. Leslie Dowding

    HOW CUTE IS THIS??? My Daughters are going o fight over who gets one first.. lol Thank you for the pattern!

  7. Melanie B.

    Oh Thank You so very much!!! This is just perfect for my kiddos room. Just adorable… You ladies are just so sweet to share this with us. Thank you again!!

  8. Mindy

    Thank you for the wonderful pillow! I have never made a pillow, so this will be my first! I want to make one for each of my little girls’ rooms! Thanks again for sharing your wonderful pattern with us!

  9. Barb

    Thank you for the beautiful spring pillow! Just what i needed after a long winter.
    Yes we still have snow 😦 but it is finally starting to melt!

  10. pookie

    Thanks, may have to give it a whirl.

  11. Camie

    Perfect project for a snow day! We’re under a Winter Storm Advisory today and the kids are home from school, so this will be a perfect project to warm us up! (I hope the Spring warmth spreads to my poor bulbs that weren’t expecting any more snow!! LOL!)
    Thanks so much YCMT…you are simply the BEST!

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