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71 responses to “Think about this…

  1. Tanaya

    What I sew most often is girl clothing such as skirts. A-lines and twirls. I love to see girly girls!

    The fabric that I purchase the most is quilters cottons. There is such a wide variety of prints and colors and it’s ultra easy to work with!

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Project Runway! And I love Tim Gunn, (Make it WORK!) so you know what my choice is!

    There are lots of FABULOUS designers on Ebay who keep me in awe and inspire me to come up with unique and different ideas. I also get inspired seeing adult clothing that could be made in a mini-version and not look too grown-up. Like blazers for boys or a cute sleeveless dress or little 2 piece skirt suit for girls.

  2. Jessica B.

    Mostly I sew clothes for my little girl. I just love seeing my creations on her! I’ve also loved making purses from the e-books I’ve bought and gotten for free on YCMT! I can’t wait to get my hands on the new e-book from Sweet Pea Totes! There are so many e-books right now that I desperately want to buy for my daughter, as well. I just need the time and money. 🙂

    For my main inspiration I am always looking at the I Made This section (so many creative girls and even one guy that I’ve noticed). I just LOVE seeing all the adorable things that everybody has made. Thank you all for the inspiration you give me by the wonderful pictures you send in.

  3. Pam

    Mainly I sew for my girls (4 & 2 years.) I am sure at some point they’ll think it is lame, but right now, they like it when I make them things. I also sew for the home and for gifts. I mainly purchase quilting-quality cottons and fun knits. I look at custom clothing for sale on-line for design inspiration. I also love to look at new e-books (I have purchased more than 50 of them!) I don’t actually make all of the things in the books, but I like to understand the process of how things go together.

  4. Heather B

    I love to sew peasant tops and dresses and ruffled pants reminiscent of holly hobby type outfits. I think little girls look so cute in them (especially mine). I love paisley and floral fabrics.

    For inspiration I look to the I made this section as there a lot of neat ideas there. I also look at the more expensive boutique clothing available online as I love the look but won’t pay the price for things I can amek myself 😉

  5. I mostly sew dresses for my daughter (or friends’ daughters).

    I mostly buy quilters cottons for the dresses – such yummy colors!

    Hmmm…I don’t regularly watch either of the shows, but it would be a toss up. I love both clothing and interior design.

    I look everywhere for ispiration, but mostly ebay and etsy to see what the designers are up to. I see a lot of stuff that is the same, but every once in awhile there is something beautiful and unique.

  6. terryp

    I sew baby quilts and handbags. I live in a small town and when someone I know, or there children) become pregnant I start working on the baby’s quilt. If they did not have a theme yet I try to match it to my memories of the mother of father. Really interesting sometimes, since I knew they from 5 or 6 to 20. Thank god people can and do change.

  7. terryp

    Everything is inspiration to me. Colors, peoplel, dogs, cats magazines words. I have too many ideas for the short time I have left (hopefully I sill have about 50 years).

  8. At the moment I’m into doing alot of appliques on purchased t-shirts as it is quick and easy to do and can make plain t-shirts look like a piece of art.
    My favourite fabric at the moment is quilters cotton. The designs are amazing and there is even a good range of prints for boys!
    I’d love to be on Project Runway if only I could draft and sew under pressure! I like looking on blogs for inspiration. In particular I love seeing what other Mums have made.

  9. My three year old munchkin is the current guinea pig for my sewing escapades! I’ve made him pants, both knits and wovens, shirts, and hats. Working out my sewing skills on children’s clothes is both rewarding, and forgiving!

    I, too, buy most of my fabric from quilting cotton lines. The newer designers produce some nice, medium weight fabrics that translate well to kids’ clothes.

    And my inspiration comes from all the wonderful sewing-mommy bloggers out there!

  10. Most often I sew for my daughters….. a dress and bottoms to match. I mostly purchase Amy Butler fabric but recently ventured to Ginger Blossom and am looking at Jennifer Paginelli’s Bell Bottom line!! Love it!! I get inspiration from looking at different fabric lines, from the outdoors, and from the mood of my daughters!! 🙂 One color can inpire me, along with the rain or breeze, vintage patterns, and I love to see what others are creating! They inspire me! oh, and Project Runway! 🙂

  11. I love to sew most anything! I have been making summer clothes for the grandkids, purses, stuffies, and now I’m getting back into quilts.

    I love to walk through a fabric store and just grab what appeals to me at that moment. Then I decide what to make from it 🙂

    I get inspiration all over the net and from local stores. Sometimes things just POP into my head and I go from there…

  12. Christina

    I have to say that I sew mostly for my 11 yr old and my 4 yr old daughter. They love it when I make new things for them. I usually ask my 11 yr old what she wants and how she wants it done first. That way, she isn’t disappointed with something that is too girly for her.

    I also wanted to add that for inspiration, I go to my 16 yr old daughter. She is both an artist and a graphic artist, both self taught, and has such a great eye for things. She sees the details in things I would have overlooked. I always ask her about color combinations or design before I sew a project and her ideas are just so fresh that I can’t go wrong with her opinion.

    She also does a lot of graphic art for me and some amazing photo retouching.


  13. I mostly sew clothing for girls. I love to make twirl dresses and I love to see little girls look like little girls.

  14. What I sew most often is children clothing, mainly girls up to about a size 4.

    The fabric I purchase most often are those by Fabric Finders. I like their pique line.

    Although I enjoy watching both I love Project Runway.

    My inspiration comes from different areas. I design children’s clothing and sometimes I get ideas from adult clothing I see that I can adapt. I get inspired by others who sew – friends, customers, etc. I get ideas sometimes as I’m lying in bed about to fall asleep. I am also inspired by fabric. Many times I purchase fabric then decide what to make from it.

  15. TD

    Mostly I sew for my girls and my friends children. I have mostly made my girls skirts and dresses, but am making them more pants now. Occasionally I will make a home decor item. However, I really love making my girls cute outfits, and they are still young enough to get excited about the set and love it. The smile on their faces is the best part.

  16. Tom

    I mostly sew things for my beautiful daughter. But I have been branching out and making handbags and wallets for my wife and her friends.
    I like to use quilter cottons. I will also purchase some less inexpensive cottons to use as trial runs on a new pattern.
    Project Runway is a favorite show of ours. Make it work people!
    My daughter is the inspiriation behind most of my creations. She helps pick out the fabrics, and she even sits on my lap and helps pull out pins as I get to them. Some of our most memorable father/daughter moments have been spent behinid the sewing machine!
    I browse EBay and the “I made this section” of this website. I also visit alot of blogs of designers and get lots of inspiration from there too.

  17. sugarbug

    So far, I’ve mostly sewn bags, but I’m starting to venture out into clothing.

    I try and make most of my projects out of thrifted or recycled fabric, but I do usually buy some linen, since I never seem to find enough used, and also fusible fleece for my bags.

    I love Design Star, but I would be on there getting my room designed by one of the contestants, rather than being one!

    I am constantly inspired by the blogs of other crafters out there. I’m always scouring Flickr for inspiration!

  18. Elizabeth

    Right now I mostly sew children’s clothing.

    I try to buy the newest fabrics from the latest designers but I am a bargain hunter and like to get the most for my money. This means I shop around and watch sales.

    It would have to be Project Runway. I am presently designing a high school class to teach based on the show!

    I get my inspiration from other designers and the latest trends.

  19. Yassiry

    I mainly sew for my daughter and nieces. Though, sometimes for my sister…if she harrasses me too much, lol.

    I mostly use 100% cotton fabric because it doesn’t give my daughter the ‘icky ichy feeling’, lol. Plus, I always find such cute & gorgeous prints. I’m a sucker for euro and japanese prints 😀
    I also love, love, love linen and dupioni silk.

    I like both shows but I prefer Project Runway.

    I’ve purchased quite a few ebooks here. YCMT has lots of pics to get inspiration from. I also go online to check out posh kids’ boutiques so that I can try to come up with something unique for my girls.

  20. I just love to sew girls clothing! There are so many fun ways to create unique and funky sets!
    I love to purchase fabrics with a bit of a retro flair to them, I just love the 60’s inspired prints that are out right now, everything from bird and mushrooms, to swirls and explosions of color.
    I would have to say project runway if I had to choose between the two.
    I find inspiration everwhere! From my daughter’s to the wonderful designers I see on ebay and etsy. I just love creativity and seeing new ideas at work.

  21. Dina

    With two little girls at home, 4 and 2, I love to sew clothing for them! I love to make them sweet little dresses and outfits that are one of a kind.
    I look on this site a LOT for inspiration…I’m so glad that I found it but now I’m addicted! I also love looking at the boutique clothing on ebay and figuring out how to make it myself.
    I’m not picky about fabric -yet, the girls love anything with princesses or as long as it is pink I’m good! I shop around for good deals and use my coupons at Joann’s! (ours went out of business and I bought over 60 yards of fabric for $100!) My husband has even started buying me fabric!

  22. Lorraine

    My fabric of choice is printed knits. There is a huge warehouse in town that carries all the leftover fabric from all over that is much cheaper than the chain fabric stores and they have lots and lots of knits. Mostly I make baby quilts, the tied kind for all the new mothers I come across. Then I love Clothing and bags. I am really interested in fabric embellishment at the moment. I just got my first serger and am trying to figure it out. I just want to try everything. I learned to sew making barbie clothes and when I got to take sewing in the seventh grade I was amazed to learn that clothing had armholes and crotches. Silly Me. I look at mail order catalogs for inspiration, watch people and lately I have been looking alot at YouCanMakeThis.

  23. Paula Smith

    My first passion is quilting, but right now I am sewing clothes for my 2 daughters and 3 neices since I have discovered I can sew clothes that fit.

    Back to my first passion…I purchase quilting fabrics for everything I make, be it quilts, clothes, purses….

    I get my inspiration from the “I made this” section of YCMT. I just love looking at other’s projects. I have made things I never would have thought I could before.

  24. Right now I sew mostly dresses and skirts for my girls (3 & 4.5) They LOVE anything that will twirl!!! So I am using quilters cotton a lot and anything light and summer-y! I also make bags with the decorator weight fabrics.

    I don’t have time for TV so am not familiar with those shows!!!

    For inspiration I look through ETSY!!!

  25. I sew mostly aprons, and of those…..mostly little girl aprons (even though I have all boys, go figure)

    Favorite fabrics? Who could choose…. I love anything by Sandi Henderson, Amy Butler, Heather Bailey, Joel Dewberry….I could go on all day!

    I would have to go with Design Star

    I get my inspiration from everywhere…..bloggers, other etsians, forums, my kiddos and friends

  26. Teresa

    I am pretty much a beginner sewer, but I am trying to learn how to sew shorts, jonjons, etc. for my 2 little boys.

    I love to use fabric from Michael Miller and Fabric Finders.

    I guess I would be better suited for Design Star.

    For inspiration, I look to my friends — so of the most creative gals I know!

  27. Juanita

    My main sewing right now is quilt blocks and patching up rips and tears (the non-fashionable ones, that is). I love to sew clothing but haven’t gotten back into it for a while.

    My inspiration comes comes from YCST and YCMT. I love to look at all the new ebooks and what the tester have done.

    Keep up the excellent work!

  28. The thing I sew most often right now is quilt blocks.

    I purchase quilters cotton most often. I love the wide range of colors and there are so many cool vintage inspired designs out right now.

    I think I would prefer to be on Project Runway. They are so much fun!

    I find my inspiration in a lot of different places. I find it from quite a few bloggers, magazines, catalogs, nature….

  29. I sew dresses most often because they are the most fun to make!

    I buy a lot of Michael miller fabrics.

    I don’t know what designing stars is but i LOVE project runway!!!

    My inspiration comes from all sorts of places but mainly it starts with the fabric 🙂 LOVE going to fabric stores!

  30. Lori Taylor

    1. I sew mostly girls clothing!
    2. I love moda fabrics!!!
    3. Project Runway all the way!!!
    5. I look at my kids toys for inspiration. the colors of crayons, barbie etc!!!

  31. Maryann

    I sew dolls, clothes, what ever i am in the mood to do. but mostly girls clothes and dolls, would love ideas for boys. tween age.

    I buy cheap.. lol walmart bargin bins. i love to make things that can be made with little money, effort and time. sounds impossible but can be done. with 4 kids money time and effort is in short supply

  32. Jen

    I mostly sew girl’s dresses, I LOVE to make tee dresses, also some twirly skirts and appliqued tees.

    Fabric … I’m on a real Free Spirit kick lately. LOVE Heather Bailey and Jennifer Paganelli’s lines.

    I guess those are TV shows? LOL! I don’t watch TV so I have no idea!

    Inspiration … everything … what kids are wearing, catalogs that come in the mail, YCMT’s what’s new page, popular fabrics … everything makes me want to sew these days!

  33. What do I sew most often? Bags and totes
    What fabric do you purchase the most? I choose mostly cotton fabrics. Whatever catches my eye – I love the designer fabrics but can’t always afford them.
    My inspiration comes from everywhere – my kids, my surroundings, the fabric I look at, landscapes, moods, feelings and colors.

  34. Mel

    I love to sew anything pretty. I keep coming back to dresses and soft things for babies.

    Girly cottons, satins, and Minky are my weaknesses. Like to put them all together.

    I have no idea what those two shows are (I’m assuming they’re shows!). My free time is spent sewing, reading or doing laundry for a household of 7!

    Inspiration…beautiful things, babies, gorgeous fabric, other people’s amazing creations.

  35. Em

    I sew for my girls and some of their friends. I get the pleasure of knowing something is one of a kind without paying outrageous boutique prices.

    I love quilters cotton fabric. The colors, patterns and variety allow me to create a more contemporary look.

    I hate to admit that I don’t watch either show.

    I look for inspiration in child boutiques, websites, “I made this” section on YCMT. All wonderful resources!

  36. – Most often I am sewing burp cloths or experimenting with dresses for my 7 month old.

    – I purchase mostly cottons. I also buy a lot of tulle for tutus.

    – I would love to be on Project Runway!

    – I look on YCMT, E-bay, or just search for a theme I have in my head.

  37. Alison

    1. I mostly sew for my almost 2 year old, who knew having a little girl would be sooooo much fun! I’ve been making handbags for years, though.

    2. Fabric…what kind DON’T I buy? Our city is blessed to have a super fun quilt store that always has a great stock of the latest and greatest. As they say…”she who dies with the most fabric, wins!!!”

    3. Project Runway, all the way! I’ll admit I’m kind of a big deal (in my own head) and of course I’m fierce (ok, that’s in my head, too). I’ve watched every episode and can’t get enough.

    4. Inspiration…everywhere…but mainly I had the opportunity to live in the South for a while and I fell in love with the way southern ladies dress their little girls. Doesn’t everything need a monogram and how awesome is great smocking?

  38. Sue Porter

    I mostly sew for my 7 grandchildren, although I do sneak in a thing or two for myself now and then, I saw a great handbag that I want to do from one of the newsletters last week, can’t wait! I also use alot of cottons and love quilters cottons for the patterns and colors. I get inspiration from seeing what others on this site have done and sometimes from TV. There are many great sewing show out there!

  39. tammy

    I mostly sew clothing for my daughter. An boxers for my son and the neighbors kids & husband. After they saw some I made for my son they demanded me to make them some too. .How funny. So now for every birthday or holiday i make all the kids boxers . Even the girls love the, I add lace to em for the girls.
    I buy all kinds of fabrics. quilters cottons, i buy from many different places. But I hate that cloth is so expensive anymore. All of our walmarts have done away with their fabric dept.So no it is like a search game trying to find suitable fabrics for sewing for kids.
    I get my inspirations from every where online, books magazines. stores and people watching. And my daughter also tells me a lot of what she would like me to make for her.
    I love to look online and search boutique sites for neat cool ideas. And i dearly love the Imade this section of your website it’s toally awesome. Their are so many talented people here

  40. Hirohito says : I absolutely agree with this !

  41. amy

    I’m sewing pillowcase dresses right now and headbands out of vintage fabrics. My fabric is all from thrift stores or yard sales , it’s all vintage old linens pillowcases sheets or just old fabric I’m trying to stay green well actually fabric is so cheap when that is what you use. I love it. I wouldn’t want to be on either show to much attitude ya know. I look at blogs , etsy , magazines, anwhere to be inspired My 5 year old helps too, but she has funny ideas on what matches . Green and green do not always look good together. IMHO.

  42. 1. I sew mostly for my daughter (she is 4) and my son (he is 8), I’d like to match their outfit, especially for special occasion (July 4th, halloween, etc.)

    2. Cotton or quilt cotton…it’s easy to work with and easy with my children skin (they have eczema…)

    3. I love project’s challenging!

    4. I get my inspiration from ebay designer and lots of magazines, but the most important inspiration is from my kids who tell me what they want, or what theme they like and I go from there

  43. linda

    My favorite things to sew are things for my girls–especially my 4yo–everything looks great on her…I’d like to start sewing more for my 3yo son, but it just really seems like a girl’s world out there. I’d like to see some rough and tumble boy’s clothes and fabrics designed!

  44. Jeannette

    I love sewing for my children (6 yr boy and 4 yr girl), every once in a while I take a break from sewing for them and I sew for friend’s children!

    I take most of my ideas from my children. What they are drawn to, what things they have enjoyed and want more of. I have been known to take them window shopping on ebay, esty and ycmt for ideas, but we talk about making it our own.

    This site has taken my sewing into a new area. I have even found myself making a “knot” bag. LOVE IT!

    I would like to see more ideas for my son. Things that would follow with the current styles for BOYS his age. He is great about what I have made him, but we feel limited.

  45. Tanya

    What i sew most often is dresses or clothing for my little girl.
    What fabric I purchase most often are the popular printed fabrics such as michael miller and robert kaufman.
    I would rather be on design star
    and my inspiration comes from a variety of places.. Ycmt, ebay, etsy, and through friends on the chat boards…

  46. I purchase most of my fabric from Banberry Place and Reprodepot. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Euro and Japanese fabrics. They are so stink’n cute and wonderful to sew with. As for what I sew, EVERYTHING! I have been sewing since I was 4 and drafting patterns for around 15 years now (I also teach fashion design at a local Prep School). It definately feeds my creative juices.

    I am very very very excited about KIDs Can Make This! I have a 9 year old daughter who loves to sew and I can’t wait for some fresh ideas to throw her way. My 12 year old son enjoys sewing as well, so I hope there are some wicked cool boy projects too. Because my students have always been teenage girls (no boys???what’s up with that???), I am a bit lacking on the dude ideas. My son and I are currently working on a goolley suit (sp?)- lots of camo and randomly died scrim- It looks like a combination of a tree and the monster from the black lagoon. He designed it, I am just helping him construct it. YIKES! BTW- This is to wear for paintball and airsoft, definately not to be worn at the mall with mom!

    I just LOVE SUMMER!

  47. I sew for my grandchildren and my teen daughter.Often I venture into something for myself.

    I use mostly cotton fabrics for the granddaughters. I smock all their dresses. I like cotton for play clothes as well. My teen daughter likes the stretch knit fabrics and some cottons.

    For inspiration, I look everywhere. Sometimes I just dream up my design. For gifts for military families, I think military. I have made several things with phrases about freedom.

  48. Kelli

    I mostly sew clothing for my children and for my relatives children. I don’t really have a preferred brand of fabric, it just needs to hold up to kids and be cute at the same time! I do absolutely LOVE tinkerbell fabric, I guess that is my weakness… I wouldn’t like to be on either show, I would rather just make stuff at home. I get my inspiration from the fabrics that I buy, and as I learn new techniques and work with patterns more, I am starting to see how parts of different patterns can be combined to make something new. I love the look of some of the boutique clothing that I see on E-bay and Etsy but am just a little too cheap to pay the prices they want, so I create things similar (and often a much cuter version) for way less!

  49. I’m just really learning to sew at this point. The majority of my sewing at this time is koozies (2 straight seams).

    I usually purchase calicos or broadcloth.

    I’ve never seen either show (with 3 kids, I don’t get to watch much tv)

    For inspiration, I check YCMT and miscellaneous websites.

  50. holly

    i mostly sew little girls’ dresses (for my daughter) and women’s tops (for myself).

    i used to purchase alot of cotton fabric. but now i purchase knit material the most often.

    i would most def rather be on project runway.

    i go to ycmt and craftster for inspiration.

  51. I love to sew clothes for my children and other children in my family. I am really trying to start making my own clothes too- but find the fitting involved to be very difficult. I also love to sew bags, toys, crafts, and dress up clothes.
    I wish I could narrow down to one favorite fabric choice, but I am a fabric-a-holic!!!! I just love it all. I have 3 little babies to sew for though… so I would say I probably buy licensed prints and cottons and knits- when I can find them- the most.
    I have never seen the Star show, but Project Runway is my favorite show ever!!!! I love it soooo much!
    I would say that I get most of my inspiration from the fabrics. I usually see them and know exactly what I want to do with it. The problem I have is finding a pattern like I want. I have only recently started trying to draft my own or change commercial ones. But I’m still learning and not very confident. I would love to learn more about drafting my own patterns. That is an ebook I would have to have!!!

  52. I am very excited about the Kids can make this section.
    I sew as much as I can and my kids can’t wait to learn.
    My sisters, my mother, and I LOVE sewing and fabric and they are
    ready to jump on the bandwagon. My son especially, and he is only 4.5. I, like others on here, am always looking for new boy ideas. Plain shorts and pajama pants get old… I would love to see new/more difficult patterns for little boys. He gets jealous that I sew for the girls so much. But I get tired of making p.j’s and jams and he is getting a little old for jon jons and overalls.

    As for the ycmt 101. It is not very useful to me- I am a pretty seasoned sewer. But I think it is WONDERFUL for beginners. I remember being sew frustrated when I was learning. I always went to my Mom- but for those who don’t have someone to go to…. this will be a great resource. I love it. Maybe later on down the road, you will add more difficult techniques. I would be interested in that.

  53. krisitna

    I always sew clothes for my kids. I tried to adapt a pattern for me, but figuring out how to do darts and bust lines is not my thing! I love sewing dresses, peasant tops, and purses to match for them. It makes me so happy to hear how excited they are when I finish a dress for them. My three year old will gasp and say, “Oh, Mama. Did you make that for me. Ohhh! I LOVE it”. No critiques, no criticism, just pure love and adoration. You can’t beat that!

  54. I am new to sewing right now I make crafts that are no sew. I love to use Fleece, Flannel, and Cute Cottons. I go to other crafter’s sites for inspiration. I wish that I could sew so well that I could open up a little girls boutique all hand crafted clothing.

  55. Courtney B.

    I sew baby items most often. (blankets, bibs, burp cloths, clothing)
    I use a lot of cotton (especially LOVE anything Michael Miller). I also LOVE minky and use it in nearly everything I do!
    I would much rather be on Design Star.
    My children are the main source of my inspiration. I am also always keeping my eyes open for ideas from everything I see and how I can incorporate them into my designs.

  56. I mostly sew wedding items right now, since my business is going so well! But I also love to sew clothes for my daughter as often as I can

    Sigh…I am mostly buying bolts and bolts of satin. But I love to buy colorful, funky prints, or old fashioned, coordinating romantic prints in cotton.

    I would love to be on Project Runway…I am SO wanting to take a patterning or draping class, and learn to drape fabric, and draw my own patterns. I can usually figure out an outfit, but to be able to draft complicated patterns would be amazing! But then again, I was in the process of getting in Interior design degree a few years back, so I wouldn’t turn either down.

    For my business I take inspiration from wedding magazines, blogs, and just my own experience (I was a florist for many years specializing in high end weddings). For my family, just looking around is inspiration…spending hours in fabric stores, on sewing forums, places like this…inspiration is everywhere!

  57. Deb

    I am (at this point in time) sewing rag quilt purses/totes from quilting cotton.

    A new version of Project Runway would be my favorite: something more like Project Repurpose. There is so much beautiful fabric out there that is no longer being worn or carried. It is a fun challenge to figure out what is can be re-made into to bring it back to life!

    I love YCMT for the convenience and the unique patterns that can not be found in the typical fabric stores.

  58. Candice

    I love to sew clothing for my little girls and make a little money on the side by selling a few of my favorite creations! I love Jumper style dresses with matching appliqued jeans and any Farbenmix patterns!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Project Runway! It is my all time favorite show! I even have my husband watching it with me now and it is fun to see how our taste in clothing differs.

    Right now I am very into funky prints in wovens and knits! I love knits for the durability and comfy feel to them and wovens are always a favorite because I can add lots of fun little details to make each project my own!

  59. DEB FREY




  60. Betsy K.

    I am working on being a designer of something — either infant/toddler clothing or adult accessory-wear and jackets or a quilt artist or, or, or,… it changes everytime I get inspired by something new. Space constraints and family disasters have kept me from gettings started, but I’m hoping to solve some of those problems very soon! I get a lot of inspiration from this site because I see how many amazingly creative things can come from a deceptively simple design. I am also inspired by my own children, books, magazines, subway billboards, art museums, folks on the street, my garden,…

    I am an artist who loves to create — this is just my latest medium and I’m looking forward to diving into it head first!

  61. Ginny H

    I’ve been a sewer since I was 10 1/2 years oldand I have my degree in Fashion Technology. I sew clothing, recycle clothes, handbags, home furnishings, hand and beading embroidery, ribbon embroidery, jewelry making and the list can go on and on.
    I am a fabricholic! I love to buy fabric, keep scraps and received fabrics from others and browsing in a fabric store.
    I get my inspirations from fabrics as well as what’s out in the fashion, magazines, etc.
    I love sewing and being creative!

  62. Paula B

    I love making anything cute for my twin girls. This website has all that and more. I fell in love with the twril skirt pattern and love how they look on the girls. There are to many cute patterns that I don’t have time to make them all. I wish I did.

  63. mary lou

    i love sewing costumes – anything from infants to adults. i’ve made things for dancers, party-goers, trick-or-treating and also an awesome santa suit complete with robe and bag. i’ll try about any fun fabric out there but usually go for basics like cotton and denim for clothing. satins, tulles and other evening fabrics go into alot of my costumes and evening gowns. i use canvases upholstry fabrics for totes.

  64. Kathleen

    I love sewing for my 2 granddaughters, they look so sweet in the unique patterns of YCMT! I used to wonder where those cute clothes came from on e-bay and in upscale boutiques, I no longer wonder, I know and now these are available to me! Thanks YCMT! I have become a “I want it all” girl, I want every pattern for children and the time to make them all. I am having sew much fun with the e-books. Thanks again YCMT!

  65. kathy

    I sew quilts and children clothing the most. I also add machine embroidery. it is my stress buster.

  66. W Lawrence

    What I sew most…
    I sew for my 3 granddaughters. Mostly smocked dresses or hand embroidered designs. I have another granddaughter coming, so I’ll be back into baby dresses, blankets and all the neccesities.
    I also sew for my teen daughter. She is harder to please so, she doesn’t get as many outfits as the granddaughters.
    I make home decor for my daughter in law and do lots of alterations for my married daughther as she is tiny and petite.
    My inspiration is from magazines, ready to wear and sometimes I even come up with original ideas.
    I get fabric at a local smocking, quilt shop. I also order online from GOOD quality shops.

  67. W Lawrence

    What I’d like to see on the teaching films….
    My teen daughte is interested in knitting and chrochet. She would benefit from films in these two areas.

  68. Susan Greggain

    I am really into machine embroidery, so when I find some materials that I really like I buy a stash of it and then either find a design or one of Chantell’s quilts and sew away. My newest want is to learn to digitize.

  69. I most often sew anything really girly for my daughter. I especially love A-line jumpers and twirl skirts.

    I most often purchase beautiful and fun fabrics, and they’re most often cottons. I kind of got on an animal kick this spring: the Duck Duck Goose, cows, chicken, etc.

    I don’t know which show I’d be on! I’ve never watched either (I know, shame on me 😛 )

    And my inspiration comes from many things. Sometimes from a set I see online, from a pattern, the fabric itself, or an idea I have in my head.

  70. Melanie

    I think my inspiration comes from the fabric stores, the rows and rows and rows of potential smiling up at me telling me what they all want to be.

    I mostly buy construction type fabrics: twills, corduroys, denims, bottomweights. I have so much of all the rest that I have to come up with something to coordinate or applique!

    With my 2 boys I make their pants and jackets and dress shirts and pj’s, almost anything except t shirt knit, I’m so afraid of the stuff! I hope to get better at it, but until then, I buy a shirt or two, then finish off an outfit with pants w/ cuffs and pockets, and coordinating jackets or vests.

    I love to sew all kinds of clothing, especially free form free size flowing comfy stuff for me, drawstring pants and peasant tops. Being a stay at home mom, I have to be comfy and stylish and ready for anything!! So, I bet I would have to be on Project Runway, although I’ve never watched the show!!

    On to the next project!!!!!

  71. Christine Swanson

    I mostly sew handbags but would love to sew more clothes for my daughter. I purchase a lot of Robert Kaufman fabric because they are fun and whimsy. I think I would like to be on Project Runway even if just to meet Tim. He is so great!! Inspiration, well I love to look here at YCMT but tend to browse Etsy the most. They have FAB stuff on there.

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