2 New Features at YCMT!

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We’re excited to bring you 2 new features at www.YouCanMakeThis.com!  This first is an addition to our YCMT-TV series!  It is going to be called YCMT 101 and members of the YCMT team will show you the basics of sewing and other techniques found on our site!

In short, less than 5 minute, video clips, you ‘ll learn the basics of sewing.  If you already know the basics, you’ll like knowing that even more advanced sewing techniques will be shown on video in the near future. We want you to be successful and this is a fun way to showcase the possibilities. 

It doesn’t stop at sewing though. We have filmed and will be broadcasting episodes for crochet, too! Your feedback lets us know what you’d like to see, and we can tell that there are many who would love to make so many of the darling crochet items found on the site, but do not know where to start! So we are also including segments for that, too. 

We’ll work to create episodes in other areas of design, as well. Tell us what you’d like to watch and we’ll see if we can help!

So head on over to the home page of www.YouCanMakeThiscom. Scroll down to the bottom where you’ll find video and you’ll find YCMT 101 there. Learn the basics of using your rotary cutting tools, different methods for gathering, how to install a zipper, and more.

Kids Can Make This!

And the second piece of news is that we are opening a new section of the site called, “KIDS Can Make This!”  Beginning in June, visit our site each week for a new FREE project download that you can do with your children! That’s right…KIDS can make this, too!  We’ve read your comments and know how much you enjoy sharing your love of learning something new, with your own children and grandchildren. So we’re going to help you create some fun memories (oh,and a fun project, too!) each week this Summer.

Kids Can Make This!

Let us know what you think! Post in the comments section about something you think your child would like to learn how to do!  Do you think your child(ren) will like this?

Or post about something you’d like to see shown on YCMT-TV.  Tell us if you learned anything new, if there was a good reminder, an ah-ha moment, or about someone you’re going to share this with. We’d love to hear from you!



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111 responses to “2 New Features at YCMT!

  1. What great ideas! I love the KIDS Can Make This section coming. I’ve got almost a month left of school, and I’m still wondering what I’m going to do with my 6-year old daughter. This will be a fun addition to our summer. Thank you!!!

  2. Dina

    This sounds really great! I can’t wait to see what you have in store and to try them out with my two daughters! Thanks a bunch!

  3. My kids love to work with their photos. They also love painting. Things like that would be wonderful.

  4. Jennifer

    My kids love to make things with me! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!

  5. Oh this is sooo exciting!! My daughter is so into my sewing right now and says she cant wait to start….shes only three so we stick to paper and paint but soon!
    Cant wait too see the projects!!

  6. this sounds like a great idea. I would love projects I could do with my kids. Like for Father’s Day and Holidays, even presents. I think that there should be sections for ages, like crafts I could do with a 5 year old, and ones I could do with a 2 year old.

    I would also love to blog about it on my blog!

  7. Alicia

    I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us! I have two boys and a daughter that would love to create things with me but it is usually stuff that I have to tell them, ” not this time mommy has to make this for someone that has paid for it so it needs adult hands”. They will be so excited when they get to do kid projects with mom!

  8. Sarah J.

    Oh how wonderful!! I have 5 kids… this will be a perfect way to have fun with the kids and teach them something at the same time! I am sure they will be excited too. They absolutely love creating things with me! Thank you so much for doing this!! Kick the boredom to the curb… our “kids can make this, too”!

    I LOVE IT and I am sure they will love you for it too! I can’t wait until this starts… I’m so excited 🙂 A great way to spend quality time with the kiddos!

  9. amy

    This is great! My kids love to make things. I’m sure it will be great for church too. Thanks.

  10. Annie H.

    Sounds fun. I can’t wait to make things with my kids.


  11. margaret

    This is such a great idea as i love to try and include my Littlie’s in my crafts but sometimes struggle with suitable activities, sew cant wait hahaha.

  12. Kristi

    This is just too cool. My oldest daughter learned to knit using a loom a couple of years ago. The other day she asked if I had any new things I could teach her to make. At the time I told her i wasn’t sure. Now I can tell her “YES!”. And we can spend some quality time together doing things we both love. Thank you! Now summer will be filled with projects to make and I won’t hear “I’m bored!”

  13. my girls will be so happy to have some projects that we can do together this summer. they love crafting with me. great idea!

  14. Oh wow, I cannot wait for this section. I have two little girls who always want to craft just like mommy. I feel like I’m always telling them…..’not now girls, this is for mommy’s show (craft show)’. Now we can make things together for them! I will keep a look out for the new section. Thank you YCMT!

  15. Lynne

    oh, I’d love a tutorial on how to do button holes – I really suck at them, so I’d love to see what I was doing wrong.

    I would also be interested in the digital scrapbooking – I really are not sure how you go about doing this, so a TV section on what it is and how you get started would be great.

  16. Lynda

    I am so excited that you are going to have Kids can make this too! My girls love being crafty and usually they just let loose, but this will really give some structure to their time and leave them with something wonderful at the end.
    Thanks so much YCMT Team.

  17. Paige

    Oh I can’t wait for this! I am teaching my 6 year old to sew and this way we can add other things to our fun summer. She loves to be creative.

    I also love the YCMT TV stuff. Please show us hot to add piping to our outfits. I am scared to try and use it b/c I hear it is hard.

  18. Stephanie

    I am looking forward to seeing the projects for Kids, as my daughter always wants to do what I am doing. So this will be something we can make together. Thanks so much, what a great idea!

  19. Liz

    I am really excited about these e-books! I have 3 school age children who are going to need some fun stuff to do this summer and the fact that we can do it together makes it even that much more wonderful! Thank you so much for thinking of this!

  20. Tay

    I love the idea of having projects for kids. I have 3 daughters, ages 10, 7 and 3. They love to make things, especially the older two. I’m teaching my 10 yr old to sew, and she’s just at the point where she can start making very simple projects all on her own, without Mom’s help. She will love this.

    As for suggestions… A simple hair bow holder project would be fun for kids to make. Either attach a wide grosgrain ribbon to a metal ring to hang, or go all out and use an 8×10 purchased canvas, have the kids paint flowers or their name or anything! then attach long streams of grosgrain ribbon hanging down from the back, to clip their bows on. I’m planning to do that with my girls once school is out.

    I know my oldest would love to make clothes for her 18″ (AG) dolls. Simple ideas for that would be awesome. I’ve made flanel pajama pants for my girls and matching ones for their dolls. I had to make up the doll pattern, but it’s so simple. And my girls love taking their matching dolls with them to sleepovers.

    Good luck with this new venture!

  21. I love it, especially if you have something for boys too (robot??)

  22. linda

    My kids are PSYCHED! They love anything crafty–will you include a segment especially for preschool aged children and younger? I know sometimes projects are geared toward elementary and older, but this summer I want to be able to include the younger kids in projects too! Are you looking for ideas? I’d love to contribute!

  23. Ellen

    Both ideas are fantastic. Summer is a great time to try new projects with the kids. I look forward to each issue of YCMT and You Can Sew This. Keep up the great work!

  24. Patti

    I love the video section…even though I’ve been sewing for years, I am always on the lookout for techniques that I may not have thought of before. And I have always wanted to learn how to crochet, so I am definitely looking forward to the “how to” videos on other subjects.

  25. Kelly

    I am really excited about the “Kids can make this” section!! I have 5 children, and this will be great to share my love of crafting with them!!

  26. Christina

    Oooohhhh…..I love both of these features and also the fact that they could be used in conjunction with each other! I had suggested some time ago that I think it would be great to see projects for the kids and here it is.

    Thanks so much for some new great features to your already excellent website!


  27. Carlita Justus

    Wow I can’t wait. My son is always inventing things. And both children love to help me do everything. I can’t wait to see the projects. Your website get’s better every week!

  28. Jessica B.

    Oh my goodness! This is really exciting!!! I always say it but here it comes again….. Just when you think YCMT is the best out there and couldn’t possibly get any better, they do it again! You always have a way of improving on what we didn’t even think needed improving. My daughter and I are going to love the Kids Can Make This section SOOO much! I love letting her be creative with projects and this will help a lot! I can’t wait to see what projects you come out with!

    I am also so excited about YCMT 101. I’m really looking forward to learning how to crochet. I really hope this is something I can pick up well. It would be so great to have a crochet project to bring along while traveling or waiting somewhere. Can’t do that with my sewing projects as much as I love sewing! 🙂

    P.S. Thank you so much, Kim, for mentioning the pillow I made for my parents’ anniversary in the newsletter. For all you out there who’ve never stitched before but would like to just see what it’s like you should check out this e-book. It really is so easy to understand, and Shelli is so sweet if you have any questions. I think if you do try it, you may get hooked on it! 😉

  29. Meridith

    I love the idea of the Kids Can Make This projects! I have 2 creative little girls who just love to make things with my fabric scraps, with paint or markers. These projects will certainly be a great addition to our summer.

  30. Erica

    This is a really neat idea. We’ve been out of school now for a week and the weather has kept my kids inside. They would love a new project each week. We still have 4-H projects to figure out too so hopefully it will help with that. Thanks!!

  31. Denise

    The Kids Can MAke This sectionof the email made my day because my little ones always want to help mommy make something and this would be perfect for them.

    Thanks so much…you guys rock!


  32. wondermommy

    I think it is great that you are going to have a Kids Can Make This crafts! My kids love to craft, but it is hard for me to keep coming up with ideas. Thanks so much!

  33. Teresa Busby

    oh im sooo excited about the “kids can make this” section. my 5 year old is always begging me to let her help with my sewing but im so nervous she will get hurt. im not sure what would be safe for a 5 year old so im VERY excited that YCMT is making a section just for that! Im going to tell her right now and I know she will be just as excited.

  34. Courtney B.

    SO excited about the Kids Can Make This ebooks! WOW! I can’t wait to see what the first one is and do it with my kids! We love to do crafts together and I know we will all enjoy some new ideas! YEAH! I can’t wait until June!!!

    Also very excited about the YCMT101! As one that was self taught it will be so nice to SEE how to sew! And, I can’t wait to see what advanced techniques you add in the future!


  35. Amanda W.

    Very excited about the new features! I don’t have kids yet, but will save the ebooks to do with my kids in the future! Will love the tutorials! Excited to see what all you have on there! Going now!

  36. Diane

    Both ideas sound great – I can’t wait to learn how to crochet the adorable hats you have on the site and my kids love crafts! Thanks!

  37. Jeannette

    I am so happy to hear there will be a kids can make this section. I have been stewing over sewing patterns for something useful and easy for my son to follow. Figure if I can get him sewing now, sister will follow shortly.

    They are both very interested in what I have been doing in the craft room and the sewing and embroidery machines seem the perfect answer.

    I look forward to some great introductions to my obsessions for my children!

  38. Kathy

    Wow, these are both wonderful ideas. My grandchildren will love the Kids can make this. They will be here next week, for a couple weeks. Then they will be going back to Germany, and mom can plan projects for them each week. They love doing projects, especially my grandson. My grandson is 7 and my granddaughter is 3. I also think some of the moms at mamasource website will love this idea too. I am going to post this link on my page. What a great idea just in time for summer fun while there is no school to keep them busy. I LOVE YCMT, it’s the best website, and just keeps getting better. I love looking at all the projects, and have a hard time deciding what project to try. The videos will be great too. I am looking forward to some crochet stitches to learn. I do know the basic single and double, but would love to learn more.

  39. Amy

    I’m also excited about the Kids Can Make This section. I’m addicted to this site and my daughters like to check out the I Made This section with me.

    The videos sound great too. Sometimes it is so helpful to see something (almost) live and in person. And I’m so glad this site is pro-crochet. Some aren’t, and for those of us who can’t knit (and I mean “have tried numerous times to learn, but just can’t get it”), it’s nice to have such a cute array of patterns to choose from.

  40. This is so exciting. I am always looking for things to do with my children that will keep the creativity going. We love to have craft parties here at our house…all their friends look forward to the craft ideas. We are now axiously awaiting your new section!

  41. Tanaya

    Once again you guys come up with another idea to make me love this site! My daughter is 3 going on 4 and I often am at a loss for how I can get her involved with sewing at her age. She wants to learn! So hopefully you guys will provide me with projects and ideas to bring me and my “little lady” together. I look forward to some grat craft projects!

  42. Brenda

    I think the kids can make this idea is terrific! I can’t wait to see what wonderful ideas you all have come up with!

  43. Lisa

    I love the ideas in the ‘Kids can make this’ As an adult, I find great ideas to use from this site. I love to make gifts for people & their kids and your site gives me inspiration for new ideas.
    I love to teach young girls to sew. I have given out your website address to many girls. Young girls don’t get to take sewing classes ( Hone Ec Classes) in school like many of us did.
    How about some ideas for preteens ages 8-15. I find that many girls in that age are getting back into crafting and sewing. Thanks for the great site.

  44. Michelle

    I love your You can Make this website! I am excited to download some things for my children to make! They love to craft and sew, so this will be great to have things geared especially for them! We would love to see some easy to sew skirts or dresses and they love purses, bags, and accessories too. Easy to read and patterns that are easy to navigate through would be a plus!
    Even scrapbook ideas would be fun. I am all for practical things they can learn that will help them be better seamstresses and crafters, while making something fun and useful! Thanks for the great ideas and websites!

  45. Cindy df

    What a FUN idea. My son sits at my featherweight & makes a loud clunking noise like he is sewing – so cute. My daughter just keeps reminding me that she wants to learn when she gets older. Other crafts would be so wonderful until they are both ready to sew!! Great ideas with great timing!!

  46. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I am so excited about the YCMT for kids. I am always looking for craft projects to do with them. I am also excited to check out the videos! Thanks!

  47. Leanna

    I am so excited about this. My little girl will be 4 next month and she has been my “helper” and design consultant for more than a year already! She will take fabric and sit contentedly and “match” She loves to fabric shop and look at patterns. She has her own little toy machine, but knows it is a toy…… biggest drawback, she likes to crawl under the table and help. Learned the hard way what it means to”be so nervous I could thread a running sewing machine” the night she climbed under and pushed down the serger presser foot while I was trying to tread it!! Now some fun stuff for her! Hurray!!!

  48. I love the idea of Kids Can Make this section!!! Its an answer to my prayers! Summer comes around and I tend to run out of ideas sometimes and end up playing referee with all 4 of my kids being home all day. They are all creative so it will be so great to have that weekly porject to look forward to! Thank you!

  49. Tiffany Hallman

    I am so excited about the site for kids and the new YCMT tv! I had already planned that the kids and I would do one craft project a week during the summer, they will probably con me into more, but I am looking forward to the ideas from the YCMT team. Thanks! Tiffany

  50. Sara Ledbetter

    When you think it can not get any better there you go again! I thought the SWAK sister site was about as good as it gets and then you add these two new features. How did you know that I have 3 kids and a secret desire to crochet all of those cute little things. lol Thank you guys for all that you do. I love your websites and absolutely refuse to buy cut out patterns anymore . Thanks again.

  51. Kimberly

    I love the Kids Can Make This!!! My girls are always watching whenever I make anything and I’m so excited to have access to projects that “we” can all do together.

  52. Paula Smith

    I am excitedly awaiting Kids Can Make This. My 8 year old daughter loves watching me sew and helping me decide which fabrics and patterns, etc. We’re gonna have so much fun!

    I’ve already been watching the videos. I am planning to try the floss method of gathering next time I make ruffles. That should be real soon since I’ve been putting ruffles on just about everything that doesn’t move!

  53. Lorie

    WONDERFUL IDEA!!! I love the idea to together with the kids and get them away from the T.V.!!!!!

  54. pookie

    I love to watch the videos that have been on in the past…you are my sunshine was so cute I almost cried….

    can’t wait to see the kids can make this. I have 3 girls ranging form 10 to almost 2 and they are so interested in everything that I do so it wil be cool that they can participate in these activites too.

    rave on the site all the time…


  55. pookie

    whats up witht e quilted squares…It’s hip to be square.. (sorry couldn’t resist!)

  56. Shawn

    I think this is a great idea. With 3 kids home during the summer, I can always use things for them to do. I can’t wait to start watching the videos. I am a newbie to sewing so anything will help. Thanks again. Shawn

  57. I would love to see a YCMT 101 on Shirrring from start to finish starting with winding the bobbin! Look forward to watching the videos! I just LOVE this website!!!!!! Thanks so much for all you do!

  58. krisitna

    What an awesome idea! My daughter loves and adores all the outfits I make for her, and always wants to sit in my lap and help.

    Crafts that you can do with your kids will be a wonderful addition to help all us moms (and dads!) include our children in a hobby that we all love so much. What better gift can we give our children than to teach and pass down something we love to do?

    I am so excited to see this section as I am also a substitute teacher. Many a time I have walked into a class with no lesson plans and no idea what the children are working on. Usually I feel like a babysitter and the principal will just tell me to watch a movie with the kids. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have crafty ideas that I could possibly implement in the classroom? No more babysitting for me!

    Thanks YCMT team, you continue to amaze, impress, and deliver!

  59. Angie

    Love the Kids Can Make This idea! Checking your website for the new project will give me something to look forward to this summer!

  60. Melanee

    This is so exciting. I promised my kids that I would host craft and sewing ‘classes’ for them and their friends this summer. This will be great to pick up projects for our ‘club’. Your site has such fun and uptothe minute projects I can’t wait to see what your coming up with.

  61. Kelly

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the idea of the free kids projects each week – how cool is that!?!?!?! My daughter will be “SEW” Excited, she absolutely loves helping out on all my projects!!

  62. Jenn

    I am so excited about the kids can make this! I love to do projects with my kids and my nieces. I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with.

  63. I am so excited about the kids can make this portion. Also it was great to share your 101 section with a newbie sewer.

  64. Kami

    I can’t wait for the kids projects.

    I liked the 101 video on gathering with floss, but it didn’t say what type of floss. I’m assuming embroidery floss.

  65. ycmt

    Hi Kami – Great question. The video shows embroidery floss, but I have also done that technique with dental floss! 🙂 Who knew! You can also use elastic cord or jean thread.

  66. I LOVE the idea of the kids can make this! I have very crafty wannabes in this house. 🙂 I am always looking for ways to keep them entertained.

    I also can’t wait until the crotchet episodes come out. I have been drooling over the patterns since the beginning, but have no one to teach me how to do them. A tip, if you can keep us left-handers in mind, that would be GREAT. 😉 If not, I will just learn with the other hand, lol.

  67. Robin

    I can’t wait to see the projects for kids! My kids enjoy sewing right now. Thanks so much!

  68. I am so excited. My oldest who is 9 has been wanting to create so bad This is so perfect THANKS A MILLION YCMT. I am so happy to have found you guys.

  69. Brenda

    I am so excited to see what you have in store. My kids are always wanting to “help” with what I’m working on and it will be a pleasure to have something special to do with them!!!

  70. Teresa Pomerantz

    I had no idea that you had videos! Those are great- and the quality is very good on the 101 videos! Thanks for putting those up there- they really explain in terms even I can understand!

  71. Karyn

    I am so excited to see that you will be offering projects to do with the kids — and for FREE! What a great idea! I am constantly looking for great crafts & projects to do with my kids, ages 4 and 2! How perfect!!! We can’t wait for June — We love YCMT!!!!!

  72. Stephanie

    I can’t wait for the kids ideas. I have been looking for ideas to fill the summer days with my 2 girls. If these Ideas are anything like the other things you offer, they will be awesome!! Thanks for all the great ideas you share with the creative community!!

  73. HOORAY! I am very excited about the kids can make this. My kids love to make anything so they will be excited too 🙂 I think I am more excited that I will have help with ideas to keep them away from the Wii most of the time.

  74. Andrea

    I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us. This summer I am going to be teaching my daughter and her friend how to sew. So this came a the most perfect time.

  75. Melanie W.

    WOW! – YCMT – you guys must sit up nights thinking of new ways to be fabulous!!! What a great new avenue with the kids can make this. My friends will love checking it out!!!
    I can’t wait for the crochet tutorial as well. I have been struggling with my self teaching, a video will help a bunch. You guys ROCK!

  76. Tina

    As a former kindergarten teacher, I know how much children enjoy craft projects. What a wonderful addition to your site. Can’t wait to see what you have in store.

  77. dawn

    I can’t wait to see your children’s crafts! My girls all love to create and the older girls are getting interested in sewing. I’d love to share some new crafts/projects with them and with a new baby in the house, it will be so easy to check out your site. Thanks for helping me out with the summer coming!

  78. Elizabeth

    What a great addition to your already fabulous site! I have a few little visitors this summer and I cannot wait until I get the ideas so I can begin my planning!

  79. Marlene

    I LOVE this idea! My 6-year-old daughter, Kat, loves to sew and craft just about anything. Can’t wait to see what projects you have for us!

  80. Elizabeth

    LOVE IT! Everything you do is golden! I have 3 kids who love being crafty & creative just like their Momma, so this will be of big interest to us! Thanks for all you do!

  81. Pascha

    My kids love to make things they can then use. So, crafts like that would be so great. Like something they can play with when they are done would be really enjoyable. Thanks so much!

  82. I can’t wait to see all the videos. I’m a new sewer and I’m trying to learn as much as I can!! THekids stuff sounds so fun! My daughter will love this!

  83. ann

    I am personally excited to see the kids can make this too coming into reality. This summer I am home schooling three grandchildren and helping to keep 3 preschoolers busy. It will be a great help to me with all of the children. Thanks for the great new ideas!

  84. Melissa

    I love the idea of kids can make this- I can’t wait!!!! Thank you so much !

  85. Desiree

    I started an art club to do with the kids in my mom’s club, so I’m really excited about the new Kids Can Make This, too section. I’m sure it will provide us with tons of great projects to do this summer with the kids. I don’t have a lot of time to search for projects online, so this will be a great one-stop resource for getting craft ideas.

  86. Hello from Hungary!

    I am looking forward to learn the ideas to make fun things with my daughters!

  87. Judy

    My granddaughter (almost 5) has been a crafter since she started doing ‘pictures’; she’s been helping me sew buttons onto a bag for her and now we’re looking forward to more challenges over the summer. Thank you for including the smaller people in your ideas.

  88. Natalie

    YCMT just keeps getting better! I love this idea for projects for kids!!! I’m so excited to see what you have in store! One thing that I think would be fun for lots of ages would be t-shirt stenciling!

  89. I can’t wait for the Kids Can Make This! I have 3 little ones and they are always looking for a new project and I can’t keep up! This should give me some great ideas to keep them busy this summer.

  90. tori

    I love this idea! I have 7 children and the older ones love to sew. Sometimes, as a busy mom I can not always think of a quick easy project for them to come up with. This will be very helpful!

  91. What a cool idea! My little guys are always wanting to do things with mommy, so this is a perfect opportunity. YCMT and all it’s sister sites are quickly becoming my very favorite places to be. I just love everything about all of them. Thanks so much and keep up the great work!

  92. Jamie

    I can’t wait for all of the projects this summer. I will be looking for a ton of new things to do with them to keep them entertained. I can’t wait for the new projects. Thanks YCMT!!

  93. My Daughter will LOVE LOVE LOVE this. Maybe some of the neighbor kids or friends will want to join in the fun!!!

  94. Tammylee

    Oh, I love the idea of the Kids Can Make This! My dd is older but I would have loved to have had something like this when she was younger.

    I can’t wait to watch the videos. I am a beginner, so I am looking forward to learning all I can about sewing!

    Rock on YCMT!

    Maybe I should have said “Sew on YCMT”!!

  95. Monique

    I can’t wait for the Kids Can Make This projects! My 8 year old son would love me to let him sew something. I need a great easy beginner project to teach him with. My 4 year old daughter is really into cutting and pasting paper so I think she would enjoy scrapbooking projects.

  96. Courtney B.

    Can’t wait for the first kids download next week!

  97. Juanita

    I have loved all the new ideas at YCMT. A Kids feature is excellent! Kids really love to do crafts and can be occupied for hours and then have something they are so proud of.

    Also the videos. I love the idea!!! I learn by seeing and doing moreso than reading instructions. My problem right now is that I am still in the dark ages and have dial-up! So seeing the videos is almost impossible. Living in the mountains is wonderful but there are a few definite disadvantages (dial-up).

  98. Camie Mann

    Oh I can’t wait! We’re into the 2nd week of Summer break and my son is “bored”…at 11 years of age…oh my! This will be great for he and I and his 3 yr old sister to pass some time. Making memories we can touch and keep in our hearts as well.
    We’re very excited!!
    Camie, Maxx, & Lexxi

  99. Denise

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! My kids and I are SO excited about the projects for kids!!! My kids love to sew, paint, create things, etc. They will be very excited to have projects for them to do over the summer. We are always trying to find fun, new things to do for summer break – this will be a great help!!

  100. Tonya

    I love YCMT TV It is nice to have the e-books, but It is often most helpful to see it done!!!! Thanks!!!!!

  101. I cannot wait to see what is going to be in the Kids can Make this section. My boys really want to learn to sew and make things like their Momma. We are all really excited about this

  102. Clo

    my kids have just started their 3 MONTH summer break so I am really looking forward to this.
    Great news, thanks

  103. kag

    I think the kids can make this too is a great idea!

    Thanks so much for taking the time to do it!

  104. krisitna

    I am still waiting for a YCMT-TV session on crochet. I tried to learn online, but without enough pictures and details I failed miserably. The one thing I know for sure about the YCMT team, when they teach you how to do something, they TEACH you how to do it. No confusion, just clear pictures, great instructions. So imagine my glee over YCMT-TV! I am DYING to know how to crochet so I can buy the ladybug and cherry tops. They are pretty much the cutest things I have EVER seen. There are also so many cute crochet hats I would love to do, once I can just figure out how to make a basic knot. 🙂

  105. Roxanne

    I’m really excited about the Kids Can Make This program coming this summer. Can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store for us.

  106. Kelly Hampton

    I love this and can’t wait to start doing projects with my daughter!

  107. Christy

    I am SO looking forward to the “Kids Can Make This” series! I hope it encompasses a wide range of ages, mine are 4, 5, and 9. They will be so excited if they can all do the projects!
    Thank you!!

  108. Cheryl

    Since we have the grandkids most of the summer, your “kids” projects are great for curbing the boredom. Thanks for the fun projects. Happy Birthday YCMT, may you have many more.

  109. Juanita

    I am a little slow in posting here. But my one child is grown and I have no one to do the Kids site with and the TV series. Well, I don’t go there much because I still have dial-up–nothing else available to me. And, yes, we do have electricity and indoor running water!! 🙂 I did manage to download one of the TV 101 series and found it to be very information and easy to follow. It actually downloaded better than most of the videos I try.

    Both the new series are wonderful, wonderful ideas!! I wish I had something like this when my son was small. He would have loved it! If I ever get a faster network, I will “burn up” the TV 101 series!

  110. Juanita

    HA, HA! My memory really is bad! I was reading back over the posts and found one from me! And I was moaning about dial-up then too! Sorry, folks, to complain so. Will try to remember longer than overnight! :{

  111. Chandler

    I am so glad you added this section. I’m really looking forward to doing some things with my daughter!

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