Kids Can Make This, Too! Our 1st Project is Here!

We’re thrilled to announce that our first project of the summer is here! Your responses to our newest addition of YCMT has been fantastic! It’s yours for FREE, and we’ll keep posting new ideas all summer long. If this is something you’d like to post on your blogs and share with friends, feel free to grab our logo at the top and share with others about these fun projects! You’ll find the free download under the, “Kids Can Make This, Too!” category on the left-hand side toolbar of the site.

Our first project is learning how to make paper bag mini-books! Assembling them is very simple, and being creative with them is even more fun! Our mother-daughter team takes you through the steps of assembling the book, and then shares with you two different ideas of what you can do with them!

This is the perfect project for children of all ages! For the little ones, Mom can assemble the books, but for the older children who are learning to sew, this makes an excellent beginner’s project for sewing a straight line!

And finally, we’d LOVE to hear what your kids think of the paper bag books. Post to our blog! We’d also love to see what kind of books they’re making! Send in photos to the “I Made This” section of the site. This way we can all cheer on our next generation of creative kids!




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7 responses to “Kids Can Make This, Too! Our 1st Project is Here!

  1. Oh I LOVE this!! Love it love it love it! I’ve been so busy with work and home and creating that I haven’t had a chance to visit the blog much in a long time but I’m so glad I did today.
    You guys are always adding the BEST new things!
    I cannot wait to make this with my kids, although I’m not sure I want to let them near my machine – LOL! Just kidding. 😀

    Thanks so much for giving us ideas to stave off those inevitable summer cries of “I’m BORED!!”


  2. Jeannette

    What a great start to sewing. A little sewing a lot of art work. I can even tie in the reading and writing I want to hit on this summer. Thank you so much for an excellent start.

    Any chance we are going to get step by step instructions for a child to make a stuffed pillow? My son is eager to make one, but I would rather he has to read and follow the instructions. Better lesson that just do what I say.

    Thank you THANK YOU!

  3. ycmt

    A stuffed pillow? Absolutely! We have several fun sewing as well as art projects planned! 🙂

  4. Excellent! We made our first one today to use as a thank you card for my daughter’s teacher. Friday is our last day of school, and this is perfect. My daughter (finishing kindergarten) put something she learned on each page, even simple addition on the pages with the flaps. Perfect and personal. Thank you very much.

  5. Courtney B.

    AWESOME! Thank you! My kids are going to love this! Perfect for Father’s Day, too!

  6. Christina

    Isn’t this adorable! I think we make some on a larger scale though since we have quite a few paper grocery sacks from our last shopping trip. Thanks again!

  7. Sara

    Thanks for such a great craft project! This is definitely on my “to do” list!

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