Help Us Celebrate YCMT’s 2nd Birthday!

YCMT Turns 2!

It’s amazing what can happen in 2 years. has become more than just a place who carries eBook products. Over the last 2 years I have learned first hand what not only “building a business” is all about, but more importantly what that can do for others. 
Learning something new is so exciting. Once you learn how to do something, you want to share it with others. You want to make that special gift for someone you love. You want your child to beam as she proudly wears and exclaims, “My mommy made this for ME!” 
You know that “gift” was made especially with that person in mind. You know that when you walk by something in your home, that it was designed with that “room” in mind. You know that when people ask where you bought that item, you can happily say that you made it yourself.
What the women authors, extraordinary women, many who are moms, can now say is that they are a published author. They had a talent and are now sharing it with others. Yes, they are also bringing in that little extra income, too, which helps their families. On the other end, someone like yourself is learning a craft, a skill, a talent that also helps others. Perhaps you are someone that has now started a business of your own. Maybe you are a grandma who can’t wait to see the look on your grandchild’s face when they open up that box. And maybe you are excited to now teach a friend, neighbor, even your own child, a skill that will bring a lifetime of fun and joy. 
So, while we are an “eBook company”, what has happened over the last 2 years is much more than that. It has become a community of women (and I know there are many men, too!) who have a love of learning and sharing in common.
Thank you for being a part of our “You Can Make This” community. Thank you for having the “can-do” attitude to learn something new, despite wondering if you REALLY could make that. And from what I have read and seen, you really can. The entire YCMT Team, management, authors, and testers, appreciate the opportunity you have given each of us to do what we love. Thank you.
We’d love to hear from you. Week 1 in our celebration of our 2nd birthday involves posting to our YCMT blog. You can win, too!

Week 2 will bring a special surprise gift from us to you. Watch for that during the 2nd week of July.
Have fun creating and MAKE it a great day!

YCMT Turns 2!



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374 responses to “Help Us Celebrate YCMT’s 2nd Birthday!

  1. Kristi

    Happy 2nd Birthday YCMT! It has been a blast and I look forward to many more years of exciting things to come. I have learned so much over the last year. Thank you for making this a place that embraces “thinking outside of the box”!

  2. What I love about YCMT is the variety of patterns that aren’t available in any store! The ebooks are available 24/7. Did I mention that I love shopping in the middle of the night???? 🙂

    My favorite, so far, is from Carla C–The Ruffler Foot Unruffled (or something like that)! It’s changed the way I think about gathering and ruffles. I now LOVE to make ruffles!

    Thanks for such a great site…and Happy Anniversary!

    Dana in Indiana

  3. Catherine

    YCMT enables me to send a message of being open to life. In my opinion, when people see my littlest (and fifth child) all dolled up in hand made outfits with matching hair bows (and sometimes even decoupaged shoes!), the message I am sending is that my fifth child is cherished and adored. Somewhere in there I think there is a positive, but subtle message that being open to life, that being open to having more children (especially when society probably thinks you have too many already, lol) reaps wonderful rewards, and brings great joy.
    Also, because I was able to develop my applique skills through YCMT ebooks, I was able to branch out and get creative, and make a one of a kind outfit for a senior citizen that brought her great joy. Now I feel like I can sew anything at all!

  4. I want to thank YCMT for offering items and patterns that you can not find anywhere else. When I see things at SewForum that are unique many times I learn they are from this website.

    Have a wonderful 2nd Birthday!

    Thank you

  5. Lesley in TX

    I am so glad that I found this site!! I love it so much and I am constantly checking for new ebooks!!!

    The patterns are so easy and there is such a variety of different things you can learn how to do! It is such a great source for crafty people to find new things to do all in one place!!!

    Happy 2nd Birthday YCMT!!! I can’t wait to celebrate many more!!!!!!!

  6. Jill

    I LOVE YCMT. I have bought so many e-books and have found this website very useful. I don’t know what I would do if there wasn’t YOUCANMAKETHIS. Keep up the great work!

  7. Jill

    I LOVE YCMT. I have bought so many e-books and have found this website very useful. I don’t know what I would do if there wasn’t YOUCANMAKETHIS. Keep up the great work!

  8. april

    Happy Birfday and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for keeping me sane all this time 😉 now,,,,,off to sew 🙂

  9. I never thought I could sew clothing after being discouraged by store patterns. In the past year through YCMT e-books I have been able to create things I never even could have dreamt! Thank you so much!

  10. Melanie B.

    Happy Birthday to you.. Happy Birthday to you.. Happy Birthday dear (Now breathe Deep) You Can Make This!!! Happy Birthday toooooo yooooouuuu!! Ok So I am not such a great singer, so I will stick to my day job!! Any guesses what that is?!?! SEWING!

    Thank’s to YCMT and all the Authors I can proudly “Singer” at the top(Stitch) of my lungs and say that You all are such a blessing! You all have encourged me through inspiration to become who I am today with my sewing.

    I had only dreamed of a place like YCMT that is until I met a dear friend AKA SewSensible! She led me to the light of YCMT. I sing the praises of Aimee and Her fabulous patterns to everyone I know. I find myself now leading others to this wonderful site!

    My birthday wish for you all here at YCMT is many many more happy years of inspiring people just like me! God Bless and once again Happy Birthday!!

    Melanie Bushby

  11. Heather Flores

    LOVE this site and recommend it to everyone I know who sews… and happens to be at JoAnn’s while I am shopping for yummy fabric for the latest YCMT creation for my wee ones!!! You’ve put the fun back into sewing!!! Your designers ROCK! — Even my 3 year old wants to know when she can start to sew, too! We have a BLAST picking fabric and pattern styles for the latest “creation”! Thank you for putting creativity within reach for “the rest of us”! 😉 “ROCK ON” YCMT!!! – Heather in Colorado

  12. Jen

    Happy 2nd Birthday!!! You have taught me so much & I love that the patterns are unique and not like the one in the stores. You have also listened to customer feedback and suggestions & I think that’s what has made this website so great!

  13. Kellie

    I too have certainly enjoyed browsing and purchasing items from the website. I can’t wait for the weekly email that comes out to see the latest and greatest!

  14. Charlotte

    Happy Birthday! Two years is a great age! I think this site has given those that think they can’t the abilty to know they can. That first item you make for a child in your life-that you make with such love….and then to see their faces light up….is anything better than that? Here’s hoping you make it possible to bring enjoyment for many years to come.

  15. Happy Birthday!
    I have to say my favorite thing about YCMT is the great sewing patterns! Also the web site is so easy to use i can just click and buy 🙂 I am going to go buy the new growing up rosy pattern for leggings and the knit jumper pattern Thank you so much for having this great site

  16. jessie

    i love the variety of You Can Make This. There is a little something for everyone!
    Happy Birthday!

  17. Teresa

    I love all the pictures that are included in the patterns, and the step by step directions that so thoroughly explain things. I also love the helpful tips you get form authors like CarlaC! If there is a better and easier way to do something, she will tell you!

  18. margaret

    hAPPY BIRTHDAY YCMT, I love how i can just go to ycmt and buy a pattern with out even hesitating to think (i wonder if i could make that!!) so far you have helped me learn to knit and sew, and this week to crochet.
    Things i wouldnt of even dreamed of doing before stumbling across your sight.
    thanks again and look forward to many more years of insperation : )


  19. Liz

    I love all the fresh ideas that you are always showing. And the great selection of free items to get us started. Thanks for it all and I look forward to another fabulous 2 years!

  20. Happy birthday! I’m so glad I found the YCMT site. I love the range of patterns and that there are patterns for both boys and girls.

  21. Kristin W

    I love the variety of adorable, easy to sew YCMT e-book patterns! I always find inspiration at YCMT and enjoy the freebie patterns as well as the ones I purchase here. Thanks YCMT & Happy Second Birthday! May your third year be even more successful!

  22. Erin

    I am in awe of the amazing strides YCMT has made in the past 2 years! I have loved the site from the very early stages and just can’t believe what great ideas you keep coming up with that keep making it better! I check the site everyday to see if anything new has been added to the “I Made This!” or to the “What’s New” sections. Keep up the great work!

  23. Dianna

    I love it that it doesn’t cost me a fortune to learn a new skill! This is my favorite website EVER!!!

  24. Happy 2nd Birthday!!! I love your site! I find myself daily checking the “I Made This” section to see what people are different with which ebook. Other sewers are my inspiration and your ebooks are my tools. I only wish I would have found your website two years ago instead of early this year. To all the “ooh” and “aah” my daughter wore her newest mommy creation to church yesterday. She ran around oblivious to all the attention she was getting in her Boutique Bottoms (by SewSensible). I just want to say thank you for making me look good. Because your patterns are so easy I’m able to sew them making others think I’m an excellent seamstress. I keep telling them they could do it too, but they don’t believe the ebooks are that easy. I’ve been thinking about having them over for a mini sewing party to show them they CAN do it.

  25. Leslie D.

    I Love YCMT and all the awesome e-books.
    I Love the fun games and conests.
    I Love how the e-book/patterns are easy read and understand also the great pictures to guide you unlike store bought tissue paper pattern that are also a 1 time use 1 size deal…
    I Just Love every thing about YCMT!
    Oh… and the freebies are always a plus!

  26. I love YCMT! I too love that everything is available 24/7. I’m in Alaska and do most of my shopping in the middle of the night, as well.

    I also love the variety and quality of the patterns/instructions.


  27. MaryAnn

    Happy 2nd Birthday YCMT! I am really happy for coming across your website. From the patterns I have purchased and received here, I have made beautiful outfits for my 3yo daughter. She loves dancing around the house in her pink tutu and twirling around in her “Dainty Designs” outfits. The free crochet hats with flowers are a quick gift to make and instantly light up a little girl’s face whenever they are given as presents. Its a nice feeling when someone you just met is thinking “You thought of me enough to make me this!”. How special is that?

    Anyway, my little girl is asking for a pink horsey, a real one! Can anyone come up with a stuffed horsey pattern so I can buy it and make it?!

    Thank you for such a wonderful website. You have made a difference in many lives that you do not the whole story about.


  28. Trish

    Happy Birthday YMCT!! What I love about this site is of course the patterns, and everything else the site has to offer, which is a lot of wonderful things! I love the library, it is so awesome to be able to go to it at anytime and re-down load the patterns I’ve purchased when my computer takes a dump 😦 Which we have all gone through! I think that was the one of the best ideas! But what I really love is “I made this section” I really enjoy seeing all the wonderful clothing that have been created by loving mothers, aunts, sisters, and even husbands!! =o)

  29. Aimee

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY YCMT!!!!! I love the YCMT site. I love the versitlity of the patterns and the ease of reading them. For the life of me I can’t seem to understand standard patterns but the patterns on YCMT are so easy. Now if only I had unlimited money to buy all the WONDERFUL patterns out there!!!!


  30. Christine

    I love your site! Your site has been the best thing that I have found. I am new to sewing and have learned so much from the ebooks on your site. The patterns and quides have been fantastic!

  31. Barbie

    I love your site because I find unique, up to date styles to make for my daughter and sometimes for me too!
    And all the pictures on you ebooks make everything so easy!
    Love it!

  32. Janet Evans

    What do I love about YCMT? Let me see now. Could it be the cute patterns that are not available anywhere else on the planet? Or perhaps the fact that I can get the pattern immediately without having to wait for the mail or go to the store and sit at the pattern table and search heavy books hour after hour? Maybe it’s the great variety of patterns and information available, or shopping in my pj’s. I know, it’s all of the above and more. Your site is amazing and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have made sewing fun again. So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY YCMT! (I wish I could include confetti in this message!)

  33. Happy birthday to you! How exciting. Thanks for the opportunity to win! Your birthday, we get a prize — what a concept! 🙂

  34. Mrsmhill

    Happy birthday! Since I discovered your site the creative juices have been turn on. Maybe I will write that pattern for some of my own creations.
    Keep up the good work from everyone that is a part of this great project.

  35. I love the creativity. It is so interesting to see the same pattern made in so many different materials. I love the newsletters and the I Made This photos.

  36. Happy Birthday, YCMT!!! Just wanted to let you know that I love the website. I have been such a procrastinator and get frustrated in sewing very easily. I have a very hard time following patterns that you buy in a store, but with the ebooks, it makes everything sooo simple. I have created something new every day this week. I love the variety that YCMT has to offer. I find myself checking daily to see What’s New. It is just an amazing site to enhance the creativity of others and to give my girls the clothing that I want them to have but cannot afford to buy already made. Thanks for providing us with an affordable way to give our children those beautiful boutique clothing.

  37. Heather

    I love YCMT! It has simplified sewing for a beginner like me! The pictures in the ebooks help me see how to complete the project instead of struggling with sewing lingo on patterns that can be complicated and confusing! The ebooks cover a large variety of crafty projects that appleal to me! Thank you for all your help YCMT!

  38. Let me chime in with another Birthday greeting. It’s very difficult to start a new business and especially via internet only, but YCMT has done a marvelous and exceptional job.

    I most love about YCMT is that I don’t have to leave home to be able to create something new and outstanding. I do a small home business and make a few “playwear” pagent outfits for customers, and it’s so easy for me to direct them to YCMT, and from there we can together choose the “look” we want to achieve.

    Thank you to YCMT for making my life a little easier and furnishing enjoyment each and every time I visit your site.

  39. Tracy

    Happy Birthday and many more! Thank you so much for allowing me to both share and learn.

    I LOVE that I can be creative any time, day or night!


    Tracy’s Tots

  40. Such cute patterns offered on this site! Love the eye candy, and the e-book idea makes it easy 🙂

  41. I love YCMT!! It is the site I see referred to most often when people are looking for certain patterns. The styles are fun and easy. THANK YOU!!

  42. Loralynn

    Congrats on turning 2!! I have really enjoyed all your wonderful goodies and look forward to many more years of birthdays for you!

  43. What an inspiration you have been. Happy Birthday!!!
    I love the website and look foward to what’s New every week!

  44. Julie J

    What I love about YCMT is that I can actually understand the patterns. I find most storebought patterns to be so confusing and the directions are often unclear unless you are a sewing expert. The e-books I’ve purchased from YCMT have all been so well written with lots of photos. They make it easy to achieve great results. Happy Birthday YCMT 🙂

  45. Judy

    I just found this great site. I enjoy sewing and crafting and always looking for new ideas. I have found so many new and creative ideas at this site. I want them all. I’ve purchased a few and really like the free ones. Youre newsletter has so much to offer. Always coming up with new ideas. Happy 2nd Birthday YCMT. The perfect site for me

  46. Sherry

    I love YCMT! I want to thank you guys for making this a wonderful website that I have sent many friends to!

    Happy Birthday
    Thank You

  47. Twob4him

    Happy Birthday YCMT!!! I just love the inspiration that you provide along with the excellent patterns (Thanks Carla!) and wonderful ideas! I love seeing everyone’s creations on I Made This, too! My three girls love to wear special clothing Mom made and you help make that all possible. Thanks again and I look forward to many more birthdays at !!!

  48. Faye Rains

    I like the fact that I don’t have to wait to get instructions. I can start immediately after I receive my e-book. The instructions and pictures are so clear and easy to follow. I love the freebies that you can try before they go up for sale. I love the fresh, new ideas.
    Thank you for such a fun and creative site.

  49. Happy Birthday YCMT. YCMT has allowed me to share my passion for making and designing children’s clothing. It has been so satisfying to see my designs being sewn by customers and worn by precious children all over the world. What a blessing!

  50. Dina

    Happy Birthday YCMT! I hope that there are many more to come! I truly don’t know what I’d do without you guys, I check the site everyday for new ideas and inspiration. I absolutely love the ebooks! I find that they are soooo much easier to follow than the traditional patterns. You have helped me make some wonderful outfits for my girls and I will continue as long as you do!!! Thanks!

  51. Teresa Busby

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY YCMT!!!! I am such a HUGE fan of this website. It has opened so many doors for me and given me a great opprtunity to enhance my own sewing hobby. Ive learned so many new crafts and gained so much experience from this website that I truley have to thank YCMT for everything they stand for or I dont think I would know half of what I know about sewing and crafting.

    So HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Now bend over and take your 2 spankings!…….and 1 to grow on! LOL

  52. Kris

    I love the fact that as soon as you purchase them, they are available. I hate waiting!

    All the books I have bought have been wonderful – easy to understand, step by step instructions.

    HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY!!!!!

  53. Happy birthday YCMT! There is so much that I love when I get to expand my creativity into projects I otherwise may have never tried, instant downloads so when I am ready to sew the ebooks are at my fingertips in minutes. But, what I appreciate most is that it has given so many women the opportunity to create ebooks and share their talents with us. What a fabulous opportunity for a creative women to supplement or create income for themselves and their families!

  54. Carol

    Happy Birthday! Looking forward to many more!

    Love your site! Love getting my patterns instantly and love looking through the free stuff.

    You have built a great site!

  55. I don’t post often, in fact i’m not sure but i think this may even be my first post and i’ve been here for over a year! And im not posting to win anything, i just wanted to say that i am glad that your site is available for so many people. The hard work that you all put into the website is unbelievable and very admiring. Keep up the great work and have a very Happy anniversary!

  56. Kristy Cole

    I absolutely love this website! It is full of creative stuff for some of us who are creatively challenged!!! It has also helped me open up my mind to think outside the box!!!

    Thanks a bunch!!!

  57. Julie

    Happy Happy Birthday To You!! I love this site my oldest daughter (she’s 81/2) and I love seeing all the patterns you have on here, the ebooks are wonderful and we love seeing what everyone makes and get soo much inspiration on this site!! It’s a place where my daughter and I can connect on a crafty level! Thank you soo much!!!
    Julie from Indiana

  58. Amie

    YCMT is such a unique site – connecting creative people with wonderful ideas. Congratulations on 2 yrs. “And many more…” as they say.

  59. Amy

    Happy Birthday YCMT! I love the way everything is explained with pictures each step of the way. Reading and Seeing are two seperate things. With YCMT You get both making it twice as good. I tell everyone I come in contact with about the site. My friends and I often meet up to show each other our new creations, and the fact we are supporting other moms who know what we need in clothing is an added bonus.

  60. Happy 2 Years!! I have loved watching your business evolve these years. Thanks for the great work and customer service.

  61. YCMT has given me the ability to self-teach myself. The e-books are user-friendly, and give so much information. I have a new found creative outlet that brings me hours of fun and enjoyment! It feels so good to make something for my daughters and friend’s daughters and really know that with every step of it they were lovingly thought of. It’s like cooking with love, you know it’s in there!

  62. Happy Happy Birthday YCMT!!!
    What in the world would I do without you!!! I owe all of my sewing career to YCMT!! Without this website I would be LOST… ok well honestly in the sewing room bald with a seam ripper in hand rocking!!! But Thanks to you, I have a head full of hair and wonderful handmade items!!!
    Also, YCMT is in my everyday life, yes I too am addicted to the “I made this” section. I love to go and see all the cute outfits, the inspiration is wonderful!!
    I can’t say enough about YCMT!!!
    I LOVE IT!!!!!
    Thanks for all the help, the giggles, the inspiration, the motivation, and of course Thanks to all the wonderful pattern Designers!!!
    Happy Birthday and Best Wishes for a VERY BIG Future!!!!

  63. Margaret

    Happy 2nd birthdy….. I love YCMT and its side groups YCST and YCET. Thank you for all that you put into the newsletter
    and passion you put in the group. There is a wealth of imformation. Look forward to the next year.


  64. Tammy

    I love YCMT!! There is a variety of patterns available and the download is quick.


  65. Happy Birthday! I love seeing so many moms produce ebooks – and seeing even more moms gain confidence as they develop new skills! Well, all that plus I’m an instant gratification kind of girl, so getting the ebooks downloaded within minutes makes your site a huge hit with me 🙂 Thanks for all you do!


  66. Amy

    Hard to believe you’ve been supplying my addiction for two whole years! I’ve had a blast “decorating” my children with so, so many of your wonderful patterns. I look forward to more great things to come!

  67. Paula Smith

    Happy Birthday YCMT! I am so thrilled to have found several months ago through Sewsensible’s blogspot. I am addicted. I can’t seem to follow comercial patterns but have made the cutest stuff from most (all but one) e-book I’ve purchased here. Besides the patterns, I love the “Look What I Made” section of the site. I really enjoy looking at other’s creations. Thanks for the awesome website. I share it with every sewing and crafty mom I meet.

  68. Carrie

    Happy Birthday, YCMT! I love this website. I have enjoyed making all of your patterns that I have downloaded. And I always cant wait to give them to someone to see their reaction. I have made things for bday gifts, mother’s day gifts, and teacher gifts. Everyone comments on how well made they are. Thanks for all of you ebookers for your detailed instructions. I hope to have my own ebook soon. I love the newletter and cant wait until the next one comes out. I love the treasure hunt and the mystery quilt. Hope to do another one soon. Thanks YCMT for making this website available and easy to use.

  69. I love browsing this site for patterns and ideas! I am super excited to get my sewing machine out and actually give some of these a try!

  70. Paige

    I love this place. I love that I have gone from a new sewer to an experienced one all because of your site. Not only have I gone to an experienced one but I am also making a little money from it to help pay for our upcoming adoption of a little boy from Thailand. I have also started build a great friendship with one of the moms who create patterns on this site so it brings so much more than just patterns but relationships also!

  71. Jen P

    Ever since I found your site, I keep coming back to be inspired! You have definately made sewing more fun! I have been sewing since I was 8 and I plan on teaching these skills to my children. Thanks for the creativity! Happy Birthday!

  72. Happy 2nd Birthday!!!!! I can’t believe how fast time has passed!!!
    I love this website, I found it at it’s infancy and now it’s turning 2, sniff sniff…. I’m happy to be party of the YCMT family starting from buyer to tester to now author. This is my favorite website and I love seeing it grow! Can’t wait to celebrate more birthdays to come!

  73. CJ

    What I LOVE about YCMT, is that I am a visual learner. I just started sewing 1.5 years ago, and I already feel like a pro, thanks to you guys and your fabulous ebooks. I love the step by step instructions with pictures. It’s SO much easier than opening a pattern and trying to figure it out. I also love the variety, you can always find something amazing, and there is always something new…. I don’t even buy normal patterns anymore.
    Happy Birthday YCMT…. and many many more.

  74. Melissa

    Thank you for all the inspiration you have provided . I have gained so much confidence in myself and my abilities. I have learned to make things that I never thought I would and you are always providing new and fab ideas!

  75. Conni

    Happy Birthday YCMT!! I love your site and appreciate the workmanship of your talented designers. I have made things I never thought I would be able to…thanks to you!! Happy Birthday with loads more to come!!!

  76. Mindy

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! The reason I love YCMT is because for someone like me who is a self taught sewer, the patterns offered on here are priceless! They take you step by step, with pics and tips that you just can’t get with a store bought pattern! I learn so much with each pattern I get! The tips and tricks are PRICELESS! I LOVE YCMT!

  77. Shauni

    This is such a great site! My mom taught me to sew when I was little and I’ve had a sewing machine for several years now. However, I’ve never done much sewing, mostly because I didn’t feel confident in my skills and because I thought it was sort of an old fashioned thing to do! But recently, I realized that if I don’t start improving those skills that my mom taught me, they will be lost on me and I will not be able to pass them down to my daughter. I discovered this site sort of by accident, but immediately fell in love with the unique and trendy designs for little girl’s clothing. I soon discovered that by combining these great patterns with the great fabric available, I can create amazing things for my little girl–and that sewing isn’t so old fasioned after all!

  78. Dulcie

    I have enjoyed everything about YCMT since I started coming here.My daughter doesn’t hesitate to tell people MY MOMMIE MADE THIS FOR ME!!
    I can’t believe how much I have grown as a sewer/embroider since I started using the patterns from YCMT.
    I don’t buy “store” patterns anymore.I know if there is something in style I can find it here!!
    Thanks to all of the ladies *and gentlemen* behind these wonderful patterns and ideas.And to everyone at YCMT … YOU ROCK!

  79. Shannon

    Happy Birthday YCMT!!!!!! I’ve grown so much as a self taught sewer from seeing these patterns. Its helped me tweak things I did before into skills I’ll use forever.

    Thank you and can’t wait to see whats next!

  80. I’m new to the site but I can tell I’m going to love it here!

  81. I am an instant junky, so YCMT is a great fix!
    Happy Birthday and congrats on turning 2!
    hugs, Julie

  82. Monique

    I really love the enthusiasm of the whole site. I look forward to visiting YCMT when I am thinking of a project. Every Spring I get a creativity bug and I just want to make things. This year thanks to YCMT I was able to make my kids many pairs of really cute pants – which they needed desperately.

  83. Donna

    Happy Birthday YCMT. It’s great to have a chance to tell you what we love about YCMT. I love all the different items you have and how you continue to add more. And I love that you involve all of us in your site. That makes YCMT very different and special. Thanks, and bunches of Birthday Hugs, Donna

  84. Tina

    Happy 2nd Birthday! I cannot believe the site is only two years old – it’s so organized and offers such a variety of patterns and projects.

    The thing I most appreciate is the exposure to designers I otherwise might not come across. The range in difficulty in the patterns is also nice. Even though I am not a beginner sewer, I always appreciate a quick and easy pattern.

    Congratulations again on two successful years and a bright future!

  85. Melisa

    Happy Birthday YCMT!!!

    I love love love everything about YCMT. Especially how easy it is to make all of the items.

    Thanks for a febulous 2 years!! Many more to come.


  86. Roxie

    Happy Birthday.
    I love your site and you are an inspiration. I have a small embroidery business and it is fun to see you do so well.
    Keep up the wonderful work. It will be exciting to see what happens on the 10th birthday.
    I have a little girl turning 12 any patterns you could suggest for her (tween) would be great.
    Have a beautiful day.

  87. Erica

    Happy Birthday!! It is always fun to check in and see what is new!!

  88. I stumbled across YCMT accidentally and now I can sew clothes for my kids. I never thought I would learn how . . . but here I am, with 3 sewing machines, and boxes and boxes of fabric and accessories in my house. And I know what to do with them!!!! Thank you for excellent patterns and instructions. Off to print a pattern to make a pair of shiny red pants for my daughter for the 4th of July parade! Thank you for everything.

  89. Tanaya

    In my best singing voice…..”Happy Birthday to you, happy Birthday to yooooou”!

    I love and am addicted to YCMT! Honestly this site has helped me become a much better and more well rounded sewer and designer! I’m a visual person so the Ebooks help me the way no written pattern instructions can! I have bought atleast 15 or more of the Ebooks and will buy more in the future!

    Happy 2nd YCMT!

  90. I LOVE everything about YCMT. I’ve bought several ebooks and I’m always so excited to see what’s new! All the patterns are easy and fun to make. I can’t wait to see what the next several years bring! Happy 2nd birthday!!!!

  91. Rebecca

    I love this site… it seems like anytime you need to know how to make stuff its there… I love how easy it is to find stuff too.. Congrats on your big day… It’s always fun to know that there is a place you can find anything to make to safisfy a crafting craving!!!! Thanks

  92. Cherry

    Thank you so very much for this wonderful website. You have something for everyone of every age and make it easy to find and select items.

  93. Heather B

    I heck this site nearly every day just to see if there is something new. i remember when the site first started and there was the twirl skirts and applique and now it has expanded to almost anything you can think of to make. It’s great to find patterns for things I want to make but even better to find an ebook for something I wold otherwise not even thought of!

  94. Heather B

    sorry heck= check 🙂

  95. leslie

    Happy Birthday YCMT! You’ve come a long way baby!
    Who can resist the instant gratification of instant downloads?

  96. Jeannette

    I am so glad I have found this site. I started embroidering about 20 months ago and sewing came just weeks after. Now I find my first passion sewing and my second to add great embroidery designs the the sewn garments!

    My children are both better dressed as a result of the patterns from You Can Make This. They are known around town as having unique and great clothing. My secret: You guessed it: YCMT.

    Thank you!

  97. Robin Smith

    Wow! Is it only two years!?! Feels like I’ve been coming here just about forever.

    What do I love about YCMT? That’s easy – I love telling other women who admire something I’ve made, “You can make this, too,” and sending them to That’s what I love! Thank you for this.

  98. Wow happy 2nd Birthday!!! What do I love ? EVERYTHING!! Shopping at 2am, being able to download and print different sizes as my kiddies grow but most is when we go to a playdate and the compliments on the clothes 🙂 These patterns arent available in stores so no everyone is wearing or making it! How fun!!

  99. Dawn

    Happy 2nd Birthday! I can’t believe it’s been 2 year already.
    I love this website! I’m glad it’s been a success

  100. Amy M

    I Love this YOU CAN MAKE THIS! I have enjoyed your ebooks, It has really helped me take my creativity to a whole new level. Thank you for this great website.

  101. Courtney B.

    Happy Birthday YCMT! So glad I found you!

    I love so much about this site. Mostly I love the fact that I went from thinking “I could never making something like that”, to “Wow this is so easy with such great instructions”, to designing my own items! So exciting to come so far in such a short time! I also love that YCMT this back so much with freebies, newsletters, and YCMT points! I look forward to seeing YCMT in my inbox!


  102. I LOVE YCMT and recommend it to EVERYONE who I know hasn’t heard of it yet! My favorite thing is how instant it is. I LOVE not having to go to the store and searching manually through drawers of patterns. It is so convenient to just buy and print! And not only that, but you really only have to print which pattern piece you need! Happy Birthday to YCMT and we love you!!

  103. Jeanette

    What I love about YCMT is that I am making gorgeous clothes for my daughter that I would’ve never thought I could do! And it’s all because this website has brought in talented women who have created the best ebooks and instructions so that I can do the unthinkable!! Thanks & I look foward to many more years with YCMT!!!!!!!!!

  104. Emily

    Happy Birthday YCMT! I am addicted to this website! Your patterns are absolutely adorable and I love the feeling of accomplishment when I finish projects from your site. Not to mention how cute my girls look in the clothes, bows, etc. They look as if their outfits have come straight from an upscale boutique…I love the secret of knowing that’s not true! Plus, my girls love the fact that the things I make for them are truly for them…another way of showing my adoration of them to them!

    Don’t change a thing YCMT, you’re doing everything right!

  105. Beth

    Happy Birthday!!!!! Keep those ebooks coming!

  106. My favorite thing about YCMT is the instant gratification! Once I purchase something, I can instantly download it and get to work!!

    I also love being an author! I am so thankful that Kim is able to advertise in major magazines….something I could not afford to do on my own!

    Thanks Kim (and the rest of the YCMT team) for such an amazing venue and HAPPY BIRTHDAY YCMT!

  107. Joshua Lund

    Happy Birthday YCMT!!!! I love checking every week to see what is new, and to find new was to make the patterns I have already purchased. I think that it is also a great outlet for those entrepreneurial moms! Great job! Keep it coming! THANK YOU!

  108. Candice

    Happy 2nd Birthday YCMT! I love all of the wonderful Ebooks that I have purchased so far and I can not wait to get more! Without YCMT, I would still be learning the basics! Thanks so much!

  109. Kelly

    What I love about YCMT is the POSSIBILITIES! I have never felt so many possibilities with a commercial pattern. I can get as creative as I want with any of the Ebooks that you offer.
    I also love referring people to YCMT when they ask if I made something. I tell them that it is so EASY, and they should check it out!

  110. Nikki

    Happy 2nd Birthday! I LOVE this site! I have been sewing for about as long as this site has been around and I have learned so many techniques from the patterns that I have purchased. I LOVE CarlaC’s patterns. It is great for a beginner to sew step by step instructions instead of trying to figure the lingo on traditional patterns. In fact, I have learned how to better use patterns from using many patterns on this site. I also love to see pictures of other people’s interpretations of the patterns.

  111. Kaysie

    What’s not to love?! Seriously, YCMT empowers women (and some men) in all walks of life by giving them the tools and encouragement they need to contribute to their family’s well-being… either by making things for their own family or making things to sell and therefore helping to support their families financially. YCMT is encouraging people to relearn the lost arts of our past; sewing, crochet, knitting, etc… the valuable skills that some of us never had the chance to learn from our grandmothers and mothers. YCMT is more than just an online store, it is a community where we can come for guidance, support, and friendship. You have made such a difference in my life. Thank you,!

  112. DEB FREY


  113. Jamie

    What I love about YCMT is it makes me feel like I can be just a little bit creative! I never thought I truly had a creative bone in me, but I can find something that I can do and do it well with the great instructions! Thanks!

  114. Jessica B.

    Wow! What you have accomplished in two years! This ride has been amazing watching you evolve all this time. And the reason I think you’ve had so much success is because you really listen to what people want. It is truly amazing what you have done for myself and others over this time. The confidence we now have to do something we enjoy is awesome! Thanks for all your hard work and creativity to start something that is so much fun and so helpful for all of us who never thought we could sew. Keep up the good work and I hope every year just becomes more and more successful for you.

  115. Teresa

    I love the 24hour access! The ebooks are great. I’m a visual learner so the pics are fantastic. Many times I just search thru all the listings to see what others are doing. I’d much rather search on the website than run to a craft store. And, the selection is outstanding!!
    Happy Birthday!!

  116. Happy Birthday!! I just love YCMT and have learned so much from the ebooks I have purchased and there is so much more to learn!

  117. Jennifer

    Happy Birthday!

    This is a site I am on weekly. I love seeing all of the new patterns. My favorite thing about it is that I get my order instantly! I made my little girl very happy last week when she got to pick out her first pattern to sew on her new sewing machine. 🙂

  118. Emily

    I love your site and have loved it right from the beginning. All the ebooks are so inspiring! I love that, as a busy mom, I can get the inspiration to create, go right to the site, and download a pattern instantly! No draging the kids to the store for me any more! Thanks so much for seeing a need and filling it superbly!

  119. Happy Birthday YCMT! I love this site. You inspire me daily!

  120. Natalie

    I truly LOVE the “can do” attitude of YCMT. Kim – you are so positive and I love the whole idea of You CAN make this. What a boost to people everywhere who want to craft but aren’t sure they can. You make it easy and do-able! I sewed for years when I was younger but hadn’t sewn for a long time since. Your patterns are real confidence builders. You rock! 🙂

  121. I love that I can find so many great ideas on YMCT. If I am at a loss for what to make to spice up my child’s wardrobe or my business portfolio I can always trust YMCT to have that extra cute outfit or pattern.

  122. What I love about YCMT is that it makes my sewing so much more convenient and I get immediate gratification. If I have time at 10pm to make something, it is great that YCMT is open and always has the cutest things. I have stopped buying the major store patterns and mostly only use YCMT patterns. I always check here first. I aspire to one day be creative enough to author an e-book and be on YCMT myself. 🙂

  123. Anna

    I can’t believe it’s been 2 years! Love this site and love the confidence it gives beginners! You’ve done great putting this site together and I look forward to many more years (and many more patterns)!

  124. Happy Birthday YCMT. I love all the opportunities that this site has given me and all the wonderful customers who make the site possible!! As a designer and customer myself, I have enjoyed every opportunity that YCMT has offered to me!! Andrea Nelson Designs

  125. Wow, Congratulations YCMT! It doesn’t seem like its been two years since I came upon this site. I love YCMT because each and every ebook I have bought I have been able to understand and complete items from them. You do a wonderful job of making sure each author has clear instructions for us to use. I have many interests, from bow making to sewing, and you cover it all! I look forward to more!

  126. KarenH

    Happy 2nd Birthday YCMT!
    I love the variety and the ability to shop anytime I want and getting my order when I pay for it. I love not having to wait for a store to open the next morning or make a mad dash before they close for the night or even better for the order to be shipped to me!

  127. Erin

    I can even put into words how much I love this site. Everyone is great and the ebooks are amazing! If I am ever looking for something, I come here first and always find it! I am addicted to this site.
    Congratulations on your 2nd anniversary!!!

  128. Laura

    I was so excited when I came across the YCMT website recently. The patterns from our local stores are so boring but these patterns ROCK! I’d never used an epattern so I was a little leary. I finally decided on the twirl skirt for $14.95 – I’ve never paid that much for a pattern in my life but it was worth every penny!! I’ve made a couple skirts now that have turned out adorable. The instructions were incredible and so easy to follow. I’m looking forward to my next epattern purchase.

    Happy Birthday, YCMT! Thank you so much for making sewing sooooo much fun!!

  129. Jenn

    I am so glad I found your website this year. It has been inspirational for me and I look forward to trying new things. I have tried patterns that I never thought I would and the great instructions made it easy. Thank you for all you do!

    Congratulations on 2 years and I look forward to many more.

  130. robin

    happy birthday!
    I love the sheer variety of patterns you have. And the testimonials where people say that there is soooo much info in the patterns that it makes creating them easy. So often there just isn’t enough info/photos in store bought patterns. Patterns from crafters (and not just designers) makes the difference I think.
    Thanks for a great site and the chance to win!

  131. Brenda

    Happy 2 years!:) I have found so many patterns on your site that I absolutely LOVE! My favorite is that they’re in e-book/tutorial format instead of the skimpy directions found in most in-store patterns. I’m definitely a satisfied customer!!

  132. I love all the real life photos in the patterns. It makes them so much easier to understand!

  133. Love It, Love It Love It!!!! This is the best web site ever!! I have learned how to do so many different things that I would never have tried if it hadn’t been for this site. Keep up the good work and keep designing those wonderful patterns!!!

  134. I absolutely love the versatility of the patterns, knowing that I can’t find them in any local store means that my daughters will be wearing something fun and unique and the sense of community that YCMT fosters–I know that if I have any questions an answer is only a quick email away and it’s so fun to see what others are making with the patterns. I check for new patterns almost daily and I really do LOVE everything that has happened in the last two years. Kudos!

  135. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

  136. I absolutely LOVE this website. I love the step by step instructions in the ebooks. I never thought I would be able to sew like I wanted to, but now I am unstoppable.

  137. Casey

    Happy 2nd Birthday YCMT!! I absolutely adore all the easy and fun patterns your site brings to everyday ppeople like me. I like knowing when I purchase a pattern, the instuctions will be clear and easy to follow. With kids and a busy home life, taking forever trying to learn a pattern is not something I have time for.

    Wishing you many more years of continuing success!!

  138. OH. HOW. I. LOVE. THIS. SITE.
    YOU GALS…. (AND GUYS) ***ROCK*** !

  139. Angela

    Happy 2nd Birthday YCMT! I love creating new & unique things. I love YCMT, it is my source for all things creative. I love looking for all the new e-books. The authors are all awesome and make it so easy to understand & fun! I don’t know what I would do without you, YCMT! Thanks and Happy Birthday!

  140. karla lovering

    Although I do not have much time with working full-time outside of the home, I absolutely love this site!! I have bought several books and made my very first handbag from one of these ebooks and it felt absolutely amazing!!! I have been buying all of these adorable outfits for my 5 year old since she was 2 and although I have adored every single one of them, I always had something a little diffrent in my mind that I would have added had I known how and then there was the birth of YouCanMakeThis and now I can make my very own one of a kind outfits for my angel and all of her little friends!!! Thank you so very much for helping me learn to turn all of my ideas into my very own work of art. Happy 2nd birthday and I look forward to sew many more!!!

  141. Missy

    Thank you for this website. I love all the inspiration and free patterns that are available. It showcases how talented we all are!

  142. Kathleen

    Happy Birthday x’s 2!! I love YCMT, I check every day for new patterns. I especially love the section “I made this”, seeing all of the beautiful creations gives me instant inspiration! I have several of the children’s patterns and love the instant e-books. On a rainy, overcast day, which I call my PSD (perfect sewing day) I can get a great pattern, look in my stash of fabric and create a darling outfit for my granddaughters. How much fun is that! Thank you for 2 wonderful years and I am looking forward to many, many more!

  143. Teresa Pomerantz

    Happy Birthday YCMT! I don’t think there is more than a day that passes that I don’t check the website for new ebooks and the blog to see what is going on. I had just had twin girls as my 3rd and 4th child (all under 5) and didn’t think I would be able to go back to work as 4 daycare tuitions would have been too much. I found your website and began sewing to contribute to our income. I love You Can Make This! It quite possibly saved my marriage to have the income I make to contribute to the household.

  144. Magda

    * H * A * P * P * Y * * B * I * R * T * H * D * A * Y * * Y * C * M * T*

    We love your website it has being a great inspiration to us.
    Very user and kid friendly. Thank You!

  145. Patty M

    OMG- How do I begin to tell you why I LOVE YCMT??? There are so many reasons, but her are my Top 3-
    The first thing I love about YCMT is- I can immediately download and begin the projects, whenever inspiration strikes!
    Second, the patterns and instructions are fantastic- I am always confident my project will turn out!
    Third- you are always adding new and exciting patterns and projects! I am constantly adding to my wishlist!
    I recommend your site constantly, you guys ROCK! 😀
    Have a Fabulous Second Birthday- I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!!!

  146. Ellen

    Thanks for the great website!! I have learned so much and had a lot of fun making all kinds of new things!!

  147. Kim

    Happy Birthday! I love the video tutorials, but I think my favorite part is looking through the photos people take of the things they made. It is neat to see what everyone can come up with!

  148. Stephanie

    I love YCMT, it is a great site, and I have learned so much! I look forward to sharing many more birthdays with you!

  149. Christy

    Happy Birthday, YCMT!! I love this site, it’s such a great concept, and very well put together. The patterns are all SO adorable, and so far the ones I’ve tried have been fantastically easy to follow. Great job, all!

  150. Amy

    Happy Birthday YCMT! Love all the goodies here =)

  151. Anne W

    I love love love What a great place for ideas and inspiration. I finally dusted the cobwebs off my sewing machine and played with fabric for the first time in years. Thank you!!!

  152. Cyndy Clairmont

    Happy Birthday. All I can say is I’m so glad I came across your website. I love your patterns because they are quick and easy.
    Thanks for all your hard work you do for all of us.

  153. Amy

    This is a great website. The patterns are wonderful, and I really appreciate the many photographs and step-by-step instructions. It’s fun to see the new patterns that are being offered all the time. And I love the instant gratification of being able to download the eBook as soon as I buy it! Thanks a bunch YCMT!

  154. Dwana

    Happy 2nd Birthday! I came across you site about 7 months ago and really love being able to get the e-books immediately. My daughter has loved the things I have made for her and is now ready to learn sewing. These ebooks will be a great start with the great pictures and easy to follow directions. Thanks so much for helping me bring sewing into my daughter’s life!!

  155. Cheri *hayward_cs*

    Goodness! I remember the first day YCMT was announce to us all on HCTS. I can’t believe that it has been 2 whole years, and what an amazing 2 years it has been! The site has grown in leaps and bounds since it first began. I am so happy for you all, and wish you many more “birthday”s for the future!
    Oh, yeah, and the reason I love is because the site never fails to have just the pattern I am looking for. I know that I can go there with whatever I am needing at the time, and there will be exactly what I want. And I can have it to me in minutes.

  156. Kathy

    Happy Birthday YCMT!!!! I love your website, I have made my granddaughter a few of the patterns, and they have turned out so cute. I always have a hard time deciding which one I want to buy because there are so many that I like. My daughter has even purchased a pattern, and the fabric, for one she wanted me to make my granddaughter. I am so glad I found this website. I recommend it to others quite often.

  157. Kimberly L

    Happy Birthday YCMT! I love browsing through all the e-books. I love how different and gorgeous all of the patterns are. This is not clothing patterns you find at your local craft store! My favorite part is seeing everyone’s interpretations of a pattern in the I Made That section. Keep up the great work!

  158. Cynthia S.

    Happy Birthday! I love being able to shop when ever I want and I eagerly await the newsletter that is sent to my email. I have bought several ebooks and all of them have been great!

  159. Happy Birthday! what I love about your site is having all the great ebooks/authors in one place! We would never find these site on our own if not specificially looking…but when I get a new listing of ebooks I almost always wind up buying at least one of them.

    plus NOW I know where to look for goodies no matter what I am working on!

    Keep up the great work!

  160. aj

    I love the newsletter. I love reading the updates and seeing what is new and unique.

  161. Judea

    Happy Birthday! I never thought I would ever be able to sew anything other than curtains and now I am feeling up to the challenge to try anything. You gave me the confidence in your easy step-by-step instructions to tackle my sewing fears since I never had a mom to show me how to sew and now my 9-year-old and I are having so much fun learning to sew together. My only hope is that eventually these adoreable boutique outfits will be available in bigger sizes as my little darling is 9 and wearing sizes 8-10. I wish I would have had this site when she was younger. Thanks again YCMT. I love being called a “crafty person” even though I have not inherited a crafty bone in my body. My 9-year-old says “this site rocks”!

  162. Lisa Wolf

    Happy Birthday! I LOVE YCMT because it has given me the chance to do something no one thought I could do. When I first learned about this website, I wanted so badly to purchase an ebook and sew my little girls matching outfits. I didn’t have a sewing machine, never had sewn in my life, and when I told my family what I wanted to do, they laughed. They didn’t think I could do it. Even my mother! I didn’t want to be discouraged, I was just that much more determined. I bought a sewing machine, bought the ebook and materials needed and with the help of the author created beautiful dresses for my two girls for Easter. When I emailed pictures to all of my family (we live in a different state) they couldn’t believe their eyes. They were really proud of me, which made me very proud of myself. And my mother said “I didn’t think you could do it, but I am so proud of you for it.” Even more importantly, my 3yr old kept telling everyone “My mommy made my dress.” She was more proud than anyone else. Now I’m working on another set of matching outfits for my girls. These ebooks are so easy and detailed, I love them. Thank you YCMT and thank you to all the authors for your simplicity.

  163. Brenda

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I can’t believe it’s been 2 years already. The wide selection available is wonderful along with the ability to instantly receive patterns purchased. Now, the children’s section I can’t imagine what you’ll come up with next. Congratulations on achieving such a wonderful site and I’m wishing you many more years of creating!!!

  164. Michelle Bui

    Happy Birthday! What I love about YCMT is that the designs are fresh and new and not something you can buy at the local craft store!

  165. Melinda

    I love YCMT. I gives me many ideas and gets me motivated.
    Thanks!! And many many many more years!!

  166. Stephanie

    Bonne Anniversaire YCMT! Merci beacoup – for all the great patterns. I only wish there had been a site like this when my children were babies! I would have sewn all their clothes. Commercial patterns have always confused me, so I haven’t sewn for years, but you have rekindled my love of creating. Thanks so much 🙂

    Stephanie in Canada

  167. Tanya G

    I love YCMT. I visit it daily to see what is new and what others have made. I get so much inspiration. I have made so many cute things for my kids and as gifts from the patterns I have purchased on YCMT. Keep up the good work on the site and thanks to the designers for all the great patterns….

  168. Happy Birthday! I love the fresh current styles available here and nowhere else….. Keep up the great work! Drooling over about 5 new things… Lana C.

  169. morgan

    YCMT is wonderful!!! I can’t wait to get lots of ebooks and get started on some great projects! Happy Birthday!!

  170. Jennifer

    YCMT is my ALL TIME FAVORITE website!! I have to check the site a couple times a day (seriously! I’m an addict!) just to make sure I’m not missing out on something new!!! And what’s better than the instant gratification of instant download! LOVE IT!! Keep it up!

  171. yelena

    Thank you ever so much for being there when there is this one littel thing that i would love to create and just dont know how! I have found so much help on this site! Keep up the great work i hope to be one the published authors on your site one day! Yelena

  172. I love that now, when people say, “That is so cute!” and I say, “Thanks, I made it.” I can tell them to go to and they make it too. I’m always encouraging people to sew, and this makes it even easier.

  173. Monica

    I love YCMT because they offer such a wide variety of patterns. I check the site at least once a day to see if anything new has been added. This site has taught me so much about sewing. It showed me that making a beautiful outfit doesn’t have to be hard. I just start sewing for the first time in Jan. 08 and I am addicted because of your site. It’s so much fun making things for my 3 yo daughter. I never thought I would be able to make clothes as nice as the patterns you offer (since I am a beginner). Thanks for a wonderful site. I tell everyone about it.

  174. Kimberly

    I love the variety of YCMT patterns and the detailed instructions/photographs offered by each of them. YCMT is wonderful and I can’t wait to see what is offered in the future.

  175. Lindsay R.

    I love being able to use all the great patterns and embroidery designs to make unique gifts for my friends’ children since I do not have kids of my own yet.

  176. Happy Birthday!

    Love your site and all the fun patterns you have. If you visit you’ll see the triple layer twirly skirts I made as well as the crocheted cucpake purse. I highly recommend both of these patterns!


  177. Jacquelyn

    I love the simplicity of the patterns. They are very easy to follow and the pictures make it even more easy. I also love that I can show off what I have made. I think it gives me the courage & inspires me to try different things.
    Thank you and Happy Birthday YCMT!!

  178. Jenny B

    I love that you provide very affordable instructions for precious, unique items that are so much fun to make. I am a stay-at-home mommy that makes everything on a budget, and you help me fulfill that dream! THANK YOU!!

  179. Mel

    I love seeing a beautiful product and knowing that it is within my ability to make it. The pictures and excellent pattern instructions have given me so much confidence and given me the ability to make things that I love.

  180. kristina

    Happy 2nd Birthday YCMT! I have to say there are so many things that I love about this site. I love that it has made me more talented at a hobby I love to do. I am so thankful for the moment I hear my daughter inhale and say “Oh Mommy! Is that dress for me?” It makes me so happy that she loves the things I make for her, even if they are a bit crooked or too big at times. 🙂 I have been gaining so much experience and tips for the site and the newsletter, and I love that I can share something so important to me with my children. Thank you YCMT staff! As a mommy, it’s nice to have something that makes me unique and feel like an individual, not just someone’s mom 24/7. (Of course I love that too)

  181. Melanie

    Happy 2nd Birthday YMCT!! Love the e-books and you have such a great site with inspiration and ideas!! Keep up the good work!

  182. Clare

    Happy Birthday YCMT! I have only recently started to make clothes for my daughter after several years of quilting and it is thanks to this website!! I love CarlaC’s patterns and can’t wait for Hope to grow a bit more so I can buy some of the designs that start in bigger sizes.

    I am over in the UK (not sure how many of us there are!) so if you ever need an official spokesperson this side of the pond, I’m a willing volunter!!

  183. Abbie

    I love YCMT! I am brand new to sewing, but the ebooks you offer make it soooo simple. People think I’ve been sewing for years. Thank you for causing a nee addiction in my life…!!!

  184. Aimee Larsen

    I just discovered YCMT and I think it’s awesome. It’s one of those concepts that you think would be neat to start but you don’t know how and I think you guys have done it right! Great job and keep up the good work!

  185. Hope Swenson

    I absolutely love YCMT! It is so much fum to browse through the new patterns and be able to purchase them and download immediately! I can start working on new projects in the middle of the night when my house is quiet! Happy Happy Birthday! Can’t wait for the coming year!

  186. Congrats to you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  187. Tom

    Happy Birthday YCMT! Love how easy and detailed the patterns are! Congrats and a huge Thank You! to the wonderfully talented designers who graciously let us in on their “secrets to sewing success”! I have learned more from these patterns than I ever could get from any other patterns! Looking forward to many more years!

  188. Annie

    Happy 2nd birthday, I can not believe it has been 2 years already..I have been with the site since it was created and I love to visit it every chance that I get…Congrats!! on your success, keep up the good work and keep all the great e-books coming!!

  189. Carey

    Happy Birthday!! There are so many things I love, but my favorite is there are always so many new ideas & projects!! Your site is just so much fun to browse!!

  190. Cynthia Jones

    I love YCMT and finding unique ideas for my grand daughters outfits…she is always the best dressed at daycare!

    Always open too is what i love since i work nights….

    Happy birthday!

  191. pookie

    First off let me say HAPPY BIRTHDAY YCMT!

    What I love about YCMT, I love all the ebooks, I am such an addict I log on everyday to see whats new. I look forward to it.
    I have learned so many techniques that I may otherwise not have even attempted, I am a self taught sewer and not I can do sleeves and buttons, 2 things I may not have attempted long less succesfully. I love making my daughter new outfits, and when I get compliment on them I gladly accept and say thank you, I usurally hear things like “I could never do that.” and then I tell them YES YOU CAN and tell them all about the site. The authers are so helpful I have even called a few for help. It was so nice for them to explain when I got stuck. I really love this place…



  192. Lisa

    Happy 2nd birthday! I love your site it really helps to inspire me . I enjoy your patterns because they are so different and exciting.

  193. Jenny

    I LOVE YCMT! Happy 2nd Birthday! Wow, is it that time already! I have been with you guys from the VERY beginning, so it is a JOY to watch YCMT grow and expand into what it is today. I feel like a proud mama, myself (and I haven’t done anything, except…buy, buy, buy….hehehehe!)!

    Anyways, I LOVE many things about this site…of course, learning new crafts, tricks and tips, but also the ease of use. I love shopping and browsing at night when my kiddos are asleep. YCMT allows that ease, by being able to get my instructions immediately after I purchase them, at ANY time…day or night! LOVE that! Plus, all of the instructions I have purchased through YCMT are easy to understand and easy to follow. I have purchased other e-books online (so, I can compare) and they had horrible pictures (too far away or not very clear) and difficult to follow. I thank YCMT and the authors for easy, clear instructions, supply lists and photos! Oh, and all of the WONDEFUL ideas, trick and tips you share with us! Thank you! =D

  194. Eliza in Germany

    I’ve been a huge fan of YCMT from the very beginning! I absolutely love the site, all the wonderful projects and freebies, the friendliness of the staff and the great contests and giveaways! Not to mention all the great charities that YCMT are a part of, as well as sharing the gift of giving with us and getting us involved in many great projects that benefit others.

    Although it’s been a while since I’ve been able to touch upon my creativeness, I’ve still been visiting the site every chance I get and stocking up on projects that I can start with, as soon as our new baby girl allows me to distribute my time on my hobbies/work. I managed to get some wonderful accessories done to complete both of my daughters’ outfit for some portraits. And I have YCMT to thank for the beautiful, easy-to-follow Ebooks for them!

    Thank you to all at YCMT for investing so much time and caring into helping others out with a passion for fashion! And most of all, thank you Kim for being the creative director and creator of this site! I’m beyond thankful for all you do to make YCMT the cozy place it is!

    Happy Birthday YCMT … and may this only be the beginning of something more exciting to come!

    Eliza in Germany
    Posh Tot Treasures

  195. Happy Birthday! I love YCMT because it offers easy patterns and patterns that teach me new skills.

  196. Alicia

    Sometimes you don’t even know how you touch peoples lives!!!! I have had this hobby of sewing since about the time you started this website. Before that I didn’t even know how to work the machine! So I make outfits here and there for kids and a couple of things I have made for my very best friend that she absolutely cherished.
    Well just on the first of this month when it was supposed to be one of the happiest times in her life from just adopting a little boy in China my best friend had been home less than a week when she was diagnosed with leukemia and we suddenly lost her 10 days later. It’s been life changing and pretty much life stopping for me. But this morning I got up and decided that I needed to get back to making things because it’s what I love to do and she loved to see what I was making next. And then I go to check my emails and low and behold you are on there with your 2nd birthday celebration. So I wish you a happy birthday, and thank you for the little gifts I learned how to make from your site that made my best friend smile when I gave them to her. They made for good memories for the both of us, and now I have them in my closet to remember her whenever I see them.
    Thank you! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  197. Amazing what can happen in two years! I am always thrilled, and always happy with my purchases from YCMT. The skills I’ve learned, both from the extremely visual (thank you! from a visual learner), to the instructional videos, have given me a newfound confidence in my sewing skills. It’s so wonderful to be complimented on my handmade items! I eagerly await every new pattern, and every new newsletter!

    Wow! Has it really only been two years! I dont know what I would do without YCMT!!! Kim, when I met you in Utah, I just knew you would make this site a success! Your bubbly personality shines, even through the computer! You have the most amazing and friendly staff!

    I love YCMT because without it, I wouldn’t be able to make half of the things I make! Patters from the major pattern companies are so hard to follow, but not patterns from YCMT!
    They also give me the ability to “customize” my outfits so my daughter doesnt look like a cookie cutter!

    Thank you to the YCMT team for everything you do! You have made the sewing community a better place!

    Happy Happy Birthday, from all of us to you! We wish it was our birthday, so we could party too! Hey!!! 🙂


  199. Sasha

    Your site has opened my imagnation up to a whole new world, where I can make my daughter’s every dream come true. Thank you for providing such a gift to us, Happy Birthday YCMT!

  200. Amy

    Happy 2nd Birthday YCMT!!! I just love this site because of all the awesome patterns. I think that the way that your authors put together the patterns, with all the photos, blow all the other pattern companies out of the water!!! They are the BEST!!! Thanks for being GREAT!!!

  201. Ninette Ortiz-Romanos

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY “2” YOU!! I love YCMT! I have forever tried to follow store-bought patterns, in fact I’m trying to do one right now that is fustrating me. For some reason I just can’t follow them or even get the result I’m looking for. One day I stumbled upon the YCMT website and I was hooked. Although most of the prices are a bit more than regular patterns, I think the price is well worth the e-book. I have purchased quite few of them and can follow them with no problems and the end result is what I was going for. I like the visuals and the instructions are undertandable. Thank you to all the contributors who take the time to make their e-books, I love them and please keep them coming.

  202. I love that I can see the latest looks in one place and be able to make them myself!! Your patterns showcase some of the cutest clothing around!

  203. Tina James

    I didn’t find your site until a few months ago but now I check it very regularly for new patterns and new photos. I love that the patterns are the trendy “special” things we want to sew for our little ones as opposed to the basic plain ones found in the pattern book. Thank you for what you offer!

  204. Amanda Wright

    I love YCMT because there is such a wide variety of patterns and e-books readily available, and they are all so stylish!!! Happy Birthday YCMT!

  205. Angela M

    Happy Birthday! I love the unique patterns available on YCMT.

  206. mary lou

    happy 2nd birthday!! this site is great for ideas. i especially like the pictures and reviews from ‘real’ sewers.

  207. Laura W.

    Thank you for such a life changing site! I have learned SO much about sewing and about myself through all the unique creations I have made. When my little girl wears anything have made with my YCMT e-books no one can believe I made it! She loves telling everyone, “My Mommy made this.” People often say that they wish they could sew such wonderful things and I encouage them to visit YCMT.
    On another note, the community created by the folks at YCMT is one I am proud to be a part of.
    Happy Birthday & I look forward to the next 2 (or 20) years!

  208. Jenni

    Happy Birthday!!!

    I love the ease of navigating through the website and the great availability of ebooks. You have EVERYTHING!!!

  209. linda

    Happy Birthday YCMT! Keep up the great work! I hope to be able to purchase many more ebooks in the future!

  210. Karen

    I was so very happy when I stumbled upon this web site !
    All of the epatterns were so unique. I’ve been a very happy customer ever since!
    I absolutely love the instant download; I can start creating right away!
    Please, keep up the fabulous work!

  211. Tonya

    I love the videos and the great patterns I’ve gotten so far. My favorite thing is looking through the I made this section. I love to get ideas, and honestly, that’s the way I choose which patterns to buy!!!!

  212. Rose Morrow

    I love YCMT. I haven’t sewed for decades, yes last time I used a sewing machine was in Home Ec. But YCMT has really taken the fear out of sewing. The simple but complete instructions/patterns are just perfect because whatever skill level you are they just adapt to what you need. Thank you YCMT I don’t feel like a complete idiot when it comes to sewing.

  213. Happy 2nd Birthday! Your site is amazing and helpful to so many. Here’s to many more years of success!

  214. Vicky

    The thing I love most about You Can Make This is the fact that it is helping me learn to sew. People seem to cherish handmade items, I know I do, and now I can make things for my family that will be cherished and possibly even passed down.

  215. Kathy

    What I love about YCMT is that I can get the pattern exactly when I need it. Print it and I am off on my new project and it didn’t cost me $4 a gallon for gas to go get it.

  216. Christina Zacny

    I have to say, what I love about YCMT is that even though initially I was interested in the ebooks to learn how to make things for my children, now I get so proud of my daughter when she sees something in the store she likes and LOOKS TO SEE HOW IT IS CONSTRUCTED!!! Then she says, “you could Soooooo make this mom for so much less and it would be way cooler”. Now, that’s something to be proud of, impressing a tween!!

    Thanks YCMT for making me a Cool mom!!!

  217. Happy Birthday, You Can Make This, I love your site, you have made sewing super fun again. Your E-Books are so easy to follow, with great results. I will be buying many more.

  218. Tamara

    Happy Birthday and Thank you- I have started sewing on a regular basis again because the wonderful services you provide. I love the ebooks and the designers. Thank you.

  219. Sandra McNease

    I love YCMT because as soon as I buy it I get it. I’ve bought several patterns,I loved all of them. Thanks and Happy

  220. Karen Newsome

    As a sewer since about the age of 12, I am always looking for new information and creative ideas. I currently have little time for sewing because of my family and full-time job, but I look longingly at my sewing machine, fondle fabric, and imagine what I would sew if I had more time. I’ve really enjoyed YCMT for the ideas and ebooks–I will certainly not run out of things to sew and create anytime soon!

  221. Dottie

    Ever since I discovered YCMT from an ad in a crochet magazine, I’ve been hooked (pun intended)! The funny thing is…I went to the site for crochet patterns and found so many other great eBooks! I’ve purchased so many projects for sewing, embroidering, etc that I’m seriously thinking that I’m an addict. Thanks to all the talented contributors out there! I’m envious of all the great ideas and show it through my numerous purchases.

  222. Doreen Musson

    Happy 2nd Birthday! I LOVE that my desired to start a new crochet project is instantly gratified by an instant download and my historical passion for sewing has been rekindled anew!

  223. Renae

    Happy 2nd birthday. I LOVE YCMT! I taught myself to sew and I wouldn’t have done it without this site. Whenever I need something new to make. I check out this site. I love the newsletters! Thanks Kim for 2 fun years. I know there will be many many more!

  224. Pam

    I love the e-books with pictures! It makes it so much easier to learn… Thank you!

  225. Alexis

    I love the step by step directions and how easy it is to use the patterns for different sized children. I have made several things from the site and everything has turned out great!

  226. Happy Birthday! I still haven’t bought a pattern because I can’t decide which one to get first!!! I love them all!

  227. With being new to sewing, I really like the YCMT 101 videos. I learn visually, so I find them extremely helpful. I am confident that I can go and sew a zipper, a seam and much more. I can’t wait until more videos come out!

    I absolutely love all the patterns that are on the YCMT site. I wish I could afford them all! Ha Ha!

    The authors of the e-books have always been extremely nice and very helpful.

    I have truly enjoyed all my buying experiences on the YCMT site!

    Thank you so much for putting it together!!


  228. Claire

    I am not much of a ‘blogger’ but I thought you deserved a big “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”
    I also would like to tell you that late last year I was hospitalised for several month with Post-natal depression. I forgot the alphabet, couldn’t count properly, couldn’t spell & could hardly string a sentence together. I had no idea how debilitating depression could be. Since my crash course in mental health, things have picked up alot for myself & my family.
    Anyway…I might have lost my mind (LOL) but I seem to have found inner-peace & creativeness in the form of sewing thanks to YCMT. You guys have given me back my confidence, inspiration & a fabric fetish!
    So, even if I don’t win this competion, I am already a winner!
    THANKYOU YCMT best wishes,

  229. Gioncarla

    Happy Birthday YCMT! Your site is so wonderful! It taught me the basics and no matter how my skill increases I still seem to always find new, useful patterns when I go to this site! Thank you!

  230. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I know from experience that building a business is no easy task. You have done an outstanding job! Your site offers something for all and, best of all, gets the “next” generations sewing! Keep up the great work.

  231. Jennifer

    Happy Birthday YCMT!!!! I love this site, and the main reason is because the ebooks are so much more than a pattern. They are beautifully illustrated with pictures that make the instructions 100% clear. And they often come with extra tips that have made sewing and embellishing those outfits so much easier and more professional!

  232. Happy 2nd Birthday! My birthday is this month too!!

    I love YCMT! Checking YCMT and seeing what many of my friends have been making inspired me to get sewing again. I was fortunate to be able to buy a newer machine and I’ve been having so much fun!

    Thank you for a place to buy adorable creations and for wonderful service!!

    Leigh Ann

  233. Melanie W.

    I just adore It is fabulous. And I super admire all you brilliant ladies that created the site and create the super patterns / ebooks!!!! I love all the books, patterns,newsletters, tips, & ideas. I also love all the fabulous people who send their photos for the “I made this section”. It is so fun to see how others make unique creations from the same patterns. This site has given me the opprotunity to learn how to create clothing that I would have just imagined before. Thank You Kim and all your fabulous co-creators!! It is YCMT’s birthday but we have received the gift!

  234. Marann

    Happy 2nd Birthday!! WOO!HOO! how exciting! I am a new YCMT member and have downloaded my first pattern. I love the ease of ordering, clarity of the pattern and instructions. I can’t wait to share my first creation. Keep up the great work inspiring others to use their creative talents! Marann

  235. Beth Buster

    This is a brand new community to me! I love being able to come here and find the unique pattern, or the “just what I was looking for” how-to. I have been able to become much more creative, and it’s nice to pamper my girls too. Not to mention the really neat stuff I have made other people now too. They think I have spent days on their gifts, when truth be told, it only took me a few hours thanks to the easy and wonderful instructions your team has put together. Happy Birthday, and here’s to many more!

  236. Susiekaye

    Happy Birthday! and thanks for providing a fun website for daydreamers like me.
    One that inspires and helps to make dreams realities.

  237. carrie

    Oh wow…what do I not love about YCMT?!!! I had not sewn in years until I came across your website, and I still cannot believe some of the things I have made and how easy they were. I do not follow a store pattern well, so your format of ebooks has opened a whole new world to me of things that I can make. I sure hope I win some points, because my wish list is a mile long…you guys have so many great things! Thanks YCMT for giving me the tools and confidence to renew my love of sewing!

  238. DeAnn

    Happy birthday, YCMT! I love looking through the e-mails, and have enjoyed the website so much since finding you not too long ago. It’s definitely in my top 10 most visited sites! Thanks for an awesome site!

  239. Shannon

    I absolutely LOVE YCMT and I am thankful every day that it exists! My family is too as they always know what to get me for a gift (a YCMT gift certificate of course). I have learned so much and I am thankful to everyone who has made YCMT possible. Keep it up ladies. I will be with you to celebrate many more birthdays : )

  240. Crissie

    Oh my gosh Kim… What DON’T I love about YCMT would be a shorter list!! What I don’t love is that there aren’t new ebooks each and every day of the week!!!! lol!! I am making things that I never thought I would be able to say that I made… I love seeing the creativity of women all over the world. I love making my kids feel special when they are wearing something that mommy made them! I love being able to sew unique things for friends and family. I love that I can sit down in the comfort of my own home and shop for a pattern and start making it right away. I love the way that you support moms by enabling them to suppliment their incomes, either by authoring ebooks and sharing their talents, or making products for sale from the wonderful instructions that you offer. You are an amazing success story and an inspiration to all of us. It is so nice and refreshing to see a mom flourish in business by being a great and innovative marketer AND a genuinely wonderful person.


  241. Happy Birthday! Thank you YCMT for encouraging talented people to write ebooks and sharing them here for other creative people to learn and enjoy. You have been such an inspiration for me in so many ways. Thanks to all that make YCMT what it is today. I am looking forward to more birthdays.

  242. Amy

    Happy Birthday!! I love your website and love to purchase ebooks from you guys! You guys have come along way and I can’t wait to see what other new, exciting things YCMT will come up with in the future!

  243. Debra

    Happy Birthday YMCT!!!! They have said it all. You have done great and many more years. Not a Grandma yet, but lost of great nieces and nephews and it is nice to be able to stay on top of what they all love. Also like the crochet and sewing. Keep it up. Thanks Deb

  244. Clo

    Awesome site. You really gave me the confidence to get in and sew for my children. I love the site and the patterns you stock and the new video clips are brilliant. Living in a remote area with very little access to any patterns etc I find your site a blessing. Happy 2nd Birthday!

  245. Allison S

    Happy Birthday YCMT!!! I just love your site! I do daily checks on the ‘what’s new” and “I made this” links! It is so fun. I love that the patterns are so easy to follow and are tried & true how-to’s from moms like me. Thank you for starting such a wonderful site!

  246. We just recently found YCMT and we love it! I have soo many ideas now to have fun with my children! Happy Birthday! I’m telling all my friends!

  247. Juanita

    What do I love about YCMT?? Oh, my, words fail me here. First, the community of crafters and the designers are amazing. This site has the growth and variety of a much older site. HAPPY 2ND!! YCMT will certainly spike the creativity level of any crafter.
    Second, YCMT helped me accomplish my lifelong dream of making a quilt. The Mystery Quilt project was a lot of fun and a great learning experience.
    Third, YCMT is helping me lose weight!!! Before I found YCMT, I was involved in a couple dieting web-communities. The focus was encouragement and ideas–always centering around food. When I found YCMT, my focus changed to crafting and creativity. The only food mentioned is in the form of fabric or thread! I don’t think so much about eating and, now, don’t have time to eat. I have too many projects going!!

    Thanks, YCMT, and God Bless!! I wish you many more birthdays!!

  248. What I love about YCMT! I love how if I ever need help with a project I can always come here and find what I need. I love how detailed and how the instructions are easy to follow with a beginner like myself. When I first started buying patterns I didn’t even know how to sew and now I am making and selling my creations on ebay for good money to allow me to say at home with my children. THANK you YCMT from the bottom of my heart because without you I wouldn’t know how to sew or even where to begin.

  249. Suzanne from Omaha, NE

    I am so thankful that I ever found this website. I love the fact that I can find and print what I want to make all hours of the night. With a 2 y/o and a 4 y/o this is very important as time is of the essence.

    I love making things and my kids love saying my mom made this for me. My daughter loves the twirl tops and my son loves to wear matching ties. We get stopped all the time with people commenting how cute they are and their outfits and where we got them. My husband never understood why I would spend the time before without buying, besides price. Now he sees and understands, it is so gratifying to be able to say I made it.

    I am also thankful on how easy they are to make many times or understand how to make. My son who is 4 begs me all the time to teach him how to say. Who knows maybe we will end up with a fashion designer in the family.

    Thanks again YCMT and happy 2nd birthday! Suzanne

  250. Ticia

    I love the fact that I can get some of my favorite patterns bundled together, that the people making these often made a matching outfit for the doll.

  251. Shelli

    Happy 2nd Birthday!!! I love how creative Kim and her Crew are at “packaging” so many beautiful ebooks and creations on this website! There is always a fun challenge, an amazing free pattern, a contest, or something exciting up their sleeves to entice us and motivate us to try something new! It makes returning to this website irrisistible!

    I’ve tried projects from ebooks that I probably wouldn’t have been motivated to try, and I’ve loved it. When I’ve needed just the right gift or pattern, rather than having to run to a store, I can shop right online, and find just the thing I’m looking for! Thanks for all you do for all of us!!! Wishing you many more years of success!

  252. Evelyn

    From the start you guys have been part of my sewing journey. I never liked traditional patterns because they’ve been difficult for me. I’ve learn how to sew with various items from the site and even how to make jewelry in a way that anyone can understand. This site is unique and wish that you guys can be around for many more years. You’ve definitely made a difference in my life.

  253. You can make this has been an inspiration to me. I could not sew and loved all the things around the net. This site has taught me so much and confidence to try it. I have the site in my toolbar and you can catch me looking a couple times a day for new patterns. The books are so refreshing and modern. Patterns at stores are so complicated for the beginner, this shows you how to do it. That has made all the difference in the world. Thanks for the best website around!!

  254. I LOVE everything about YCMT!!!! It’s just pure genious!

  255. Misty

    Happy Birthday! I have enjoyed YCMT from the very start (when there were only a handful of ebooks). I own most of them, and I can honestly say that I have had the best sewing “teachers!” I now have confidence that I “can make this!” I check out the “What’s New” section every day because I think I am addicted…. I really appreciate how good YCMT is to its customers. The bonus points, freebies, etc. are really great! Customer service is friendly and helpful. I love YCMT, and hope that it will always be around!!!

  256. I love all the ideas I get from YCMT! And I love that I can find an ebook I want and download it immediately (I’m rather impatient and I don’t like to have to wait for things!!!) All the ebooks I have purchased have been well-written and very easy to understand! Thank you!!

  257. Kristina S.

    YCMT has the freshest ideas and patterns that I have seen anywhere and they just keep coming. There are always clear instructions and they truly make you feel that “You CAN Make This”! Happy Birthday!

  258. Jenny Milewski

    Happy 2nd Birthday! It’s been 2 years and I’m still just as excited about YCMT as I was the first time I found it. I still have SOOO many on my wishlist… I don’t think it ever shortens!

    What I love MOST about YCMT is the fact I’m buying patterns that support work at home moms. It’s amazing how many women are talented enough to make so many patterns. I love the fact the patterns are easy to understand and read.

    The second best thing about YCMT is the cuteness of everything! I don’t think there has ever been something that I’ve come acrossed that I thought was “ugly”. All the items are adorable!

    I’ve recommended YCMT to so many friends and will continue to do so. Thanks for bringing us the cutest patterns ever!

  259. Tricia

    I love all that YCMT has to offer. Inspiration 24/7.


  260. Brooke Granger

    What I love the most about YCMT is how detailed all of the e-books are and how quick after your payment you get your e-book so you can start on the project right away. Where else can you get step by step detailed instructions with pictures and have them asap! Not to mention the free section!!!

  261. Tiffany

    Happy Birthday! I am SO glad YCMT was created! I LOVE all the ebooks I buy. I love to be able to sew (mostly for my girls) and not be frustrated during the process. Each pattern I buy gives me such great directions that I feel like I can do it. I get compliments all the time on all the outfits I sew. People say, “You are such a great seamstress.” I stop them and tell them I am NOT a seamstress, I go to All of the authors are great and I just can’t say enough about how much I love this website.

    I also love the I Made This section. It is fun to see my own projects on the screen, but even more fun is to see all the great projects done by others that give me such great ideas. I love to see how a project might turn out before I buy a pattern. It also lets me get ideas that I might not have thought of before.

    Thank you YCMT! Happy Birthday!

  262. Jess

    Happy Birthday YCMT!! Thank you so much for all that I have learned here. I am looking forward to many years to come!

  263. Keiki Gifts

    Happy Birthday! Thank you so much for supporting crafters and providing opportunities for others to share their talents and become published authors while allowing still more to learn a new craft and make a little side income from what he/she has learned.

    The service you provide is wonderful ~ you seem to know exactly what I need!

  264. Rachel

    Happy Birthday YCMT! I love the variaty of ebooks you can find on here and that I get them immeadiatly. I love making clothes for my kids that I am proud to say I made. Thank you YCMT!

  265. Denise

    WOW–it’s 2! One of the best sites!

  266. Colleen Fleming

    I just started cruising your site today! It’s awesome! Thanks Tori for sharing this cool site!

  267. Wendi

    Happy Birthday YCMT! I love your stuff!

  268. Janelle

    I have loved this site! I was a beginner and it’s amazing how clear the instructios are that even the newest sewer can follow along!! IF i have to buy a pattern at the store…well I don’t…I wait for something to come out on here! it’s so much easier and I get compliments on my creations all the time!! THANK YOU for giving back a little self-confidence!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! it’s been a great 2 years! I can’t wait to see what else you come up with!!

  269. Barbara

    I really love how much variety this site is made up of. Some things are so adorable and before I saw them on the site I never would have known that I NEED to make them. Congrats on 2 great years!

  270. Mishelle

    Happy Birthday to you!!!! Well, where should I begin!! I LOVE EVERYTHING from the wonderful, fun patterns and the way they all make sewing so much easier to understand!! I can’t believe some of the things I have made, thanks to YCMT!! Hope you are around for many years to come!!!


  271. dawn

    Happy 2nd Birthday! There is so much I love about YCMT. I love the variety of patterns. I love your children’s crafts for the summer. I love how you share the pictures people have sent in to inspire me. I also love how you’ve listened to suggestions from others to make your site even better. Thyank you!

  272. I just love YCMT ideas and books! I have been inspired to make and try new things. One night when I couldn’t sleep, I downloaded a book and learned to crochet a hat! It’s a wonderful place to get cute ideas to make things for our girls! Happy 2nd Birthday!!

  273. Susan

    Happy 2nd Birthday! And thank you for helping me make such a beautiful outfit for my daughter for the fourth of July!

  274. Kara

    Happy 2nd birthday YCMT!!!!! I’ve been visiting your site for about a year now, and I can’t seem to get enough of it! It’s helped me realize how creative I can be in my daughter’s clothing and I can get that look for her that I just can’t seem to find (or afford) in the stores! My son is even benefiting from all of this, he gets some fun pants or great ideas for projects for us to do together and when his little sister gets compliments about her outfit or hairbow, he’s always the first to proudly say “My Mommy made it!” and that make me so happy!
    Thank you YMCT, and as soon as I fix my sewing machine or get a new one, I’ll be back to sewing!! Although, I won’t stop checking out the “I Made This!” section, it’s my addiction! And thank you to everyone who has shown me making your kids clothes are BACK IN STYLE!

  275. pookie

    Happy birthday, I love everything about YCMT! It’s a great site and a wonderful place to grow and learn as a new sewer.

  276. Ami

    what i love about ycmt is how easy the patterns are also how fast your get them!!! I am always wanting a new one!!!

  277. Christie

    Happy Birthday YCMT! Thank you for giving me the inspiration to pull out my hoard of fabric and actually make cute things for my dd.

  278. Jodie Potter

    Happy Birthday YCMT!!!

    Thanks for so much fun and information. I have learned so much from your authors and your generosity is unparalled!!

    Here’s to many more years to come!!


  279. Kami

    Happy Birthday YCMT!!!!

    Thanks for creating such easy patterns and great e-books.

  280. Elizabeth

    I love everything! I love the designers, the tips, the emaIl updates, the pictures, the contests, the instant patterns……… I could go on and on…… Happy, Happy Birthday and many more!

  281. Stephanie

    Congratulations on the 2nd year! This is a great site to visit. I have learned so much and taken away many new ideas and inspirations!

  282. Happy Birthday YCMT! I love that you have sparked my creativity and love of sewing again. I live in a very rural area with absolutely nowhere to buy patterns in at least a 100-mile radius of my home. And I love that the e-books are so much easier to understand than most commercial patterns. And so many of the authors give their e-mail address in case you have questions or problems. How can you beat that?? Thanks for continually bringing us new patterns and new ideas. I’m looking forward to a third year!

  283. Jen


  284. I love YCMT! I have been a fan since you first started and love it.

    I blogged ya

  285. Susan Smith

    Just wanted to say Happy Birthday and love your newsletter, blog and patterns BUT can you please have more boy stuff in your newsletter. Ta, Susan

  286. Suzi

    Happy Birthday YCMT! After only recently finding this fantastic site, i am definately hooked! The patterns are all gorgeous and i can make some fabulous unique items for my little angel in no time at all! Love it Love it Love it!

  287. HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY YCMT !!! I absolutely adore YCMT. There is no where else I could ever think of getting awesome patterns/instructions/ebooks. I love creating new items for my girls and I love combining other YCMT designs to create something really special. I am so addicted to YCMT and look forward to what the years to come bring. Congratulations on 2 successful and amazing years.

  288. norma

    Happy Birthday! I sooo look forward to every YCMT I receive. It’s wonderful that people have this opportunity to grow their creative ideas. Keep up the great work.

  289. heather

    Happy Birthday! What I love about your site is that you are supporting all those WAHM and other crafters by giving them an outlet for their work! And of course I love the beaituful patterns. I want them all!!

    Keep it up!

  290. Jan

    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to YCMT
    Happy Birthday to you!
    And many mooorrre.

    Wow, pretty amazing for a 2 year old, you are YCMT.

    You asked us to tell you what we love about YCMT….well, what’s NOT to love?

    You provide a means of creative outlet for the wonderfully talented artists, you provide a means for us not quite as talented to be able to create as though we were talented, lol.

    You provide love and support, encouragement, not to mention instant gratification in the form of downloadable ebooks, so no trips to the store to find mediocre patterns, no waiting for the mail to arrive with patterns we ordered weeks ago, and no disappointment when those other patterns prove to be so flawed that you have to have a lot of talent just to get them to turn out right! Instead we get quality patterns, that have been tested by others and so we get to see not only the artists’ edition of their own pattern, but a copy of it made by someone else, which means it IS possible to reproduce.

    As a novice sewer who struggles with complicated, poorly worded instructions, I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate the clear concise instructions that even come with pictures to make it even clearer! Can’t find that in even the “for dummies” patterns, lol.

    Variety….well, can’t even begin to describe how happy that makes me! It’s not cookie cutter tops that when analyzed closer the main difference seems to be the fabric the model is wearing and maybe a choice of long or short sleeves, but they all tend to be basically the same shirt with a little change here or there. After buying a half dozen of these patterns and making them I realize the finished products in my kids’ closests all run together in your memory. YCMT outfits on the other hand, my kids can describe them by features and “coolness” and each one has a personality all it’s own.

    What’s not to love??
    So….happy happy happy birthday, and may you grow bigger and stronger throughout the coming year. May everyone come to love you like I do. Those aren’t wishes for you, they’re predictions.

  291. Thanks so much for all of the wonderful patterns and keeping sewing and creating alive for today’s moms! Thanks for helping to support all of the stay at home moms out there! It is wonderful that you are able to help so many people!

    You are wonderful! Thanks so much!

  292. Allison Laurion

    Oh my gosh I love everything about this site! I think the whole idea of it is just awesome. The only thing I don’t like is that i don’t have enough money to buy every pattern available lol

  293. linda

    Thanks YCMT! I especially love the “I made this” section where we can show off our creativity and get inspiration from others!

  294. Tanyat

    I love ycmt.. I think what is so great is that it has made making cute things that a inexperienced sewer might not be able to make and has turned that into a reality..
    Thanks ycmt.

  295. Carol

    Wow… can it really be two years already? LOL I love YCMT and I send people here all the time for the patterns they are looking for.

    I love being able to get the pattern I want instantly no matter when it is and I don’t have to leave the house and search through catalogs.

    I’ve learned so much from all the YCMT designers! Not only do they share their patterns with us but tips and techniques too!


  296. Kristina

    I am a self taught sewer and I love how the ebooks have all the pictures and instructions right there and they are easy to understand as well! Thanks so much YCMT for making it easy on me!

  297. Amy

    Happy Birthday YCMT! What I love most about YCMT is that the website, blog and newsletters are packed full of great information and inspiration. My children have grown beyond the sizing for most YCMT patterns, but I still get excited to see a new e-mail in my box because I always learn something new or see something that inspires me. Keep up the great work ladies!

  298. I love getting the newsletters and seeing all the wonderful ideas. It really puts me in a creative mode. You have a great site and I hope you are here for many years to come! Happy 2nd Birthday!!!

  299. Jane

    Happy Birthday YCMT, and many more!!! The ebooks are soooooo much easier to follow than a pattern from the store. I check out the website about once a week to see if there is anything new I “need” and there always is!

  300. I love the inspiration I get when I log onto the website! Instant patterns for what ever mood I am in in! I love it! Congratulations on your 2nd Birthday!

  301. Margaret

    I love this url. I have been gently nudged to get back into
    sewing. Thanks for a great site with lots of hints, tips and
    great projects. Looking forward to some great afternoons
    of relaxing and sewing.


  302. Thank you for an awesome 2 years. I have loved being part of your family. Yoou guys have definately spoiled me with all of your creative projects and patterns. I have honestly considered making your website my homepage. lol Thanks again for all you have accomplished and shared.

  303. Valerie

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY YCMT!!!! I am fairly new to your wonderful products but am absolutely hooked for good! They are sooooo much easier to follow than store bought “patterns”. I loved that when I thought I had done something wrong the author of the pattern helped me bunches!!!

    By far my favorite part of this site is the “Look what I made”. I can be creative sometimes but not usually. And sometimes can’t get past what that particular item looks like with that specific fabric. So the look what I made section is a HUGE asset to this site. It helps people like me see what the item would look like in different fabrics and also small variations that can make the item look totally different! Adding that to your site was probably one of the best things you could have done!!! Way to go!!!

    I look forward to wishing you many many many more Happy Birthdays You Can Make This!!!!


  304. Cherry

    Thank you so very much for You Can Make This website. There are so many ideas, projects and fun stuff to do for all ages. My grandchildren and great grandchildren are benefiting from your project ideas as well as several charities that I do sewing for.

    Thanks again,

    Cherry in Texas

  305. Sharon

    I’m a new subscriber, but I am loving getting the newsletter and seeing all the new creations I can try to make for my daughter and other family and friends! Now I just have to find the time to actually make some of them! 🙂

  306. wondermommy

    Happy Birthday! I love your site and have loved watching it grow over the last two years. You have given me the tools to make my daughter’s clothes with love. Thanks!

  307. Happy 2nd birthday YCMT!! I have enjoyed making several of your patterns. I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with next!!

  308. Missy

    Wow! Has it been 2 years already! Congratulations!!! I enjoy checking out the new ideas on this website. I always feel so inspired after coming here. Keep up the good work.

  309. Jennifer

    You Can Make This has made it really easy to get back into sewing! I have recently purchased a lot of new patterns from YCMT and am really looking forward to making every single one of them! Scouring the fabric stores for the perfect fabric is easy when I know that I have wonderful patterns waiting for me at home.

    I also really love being able to see what other people have made using the same patterns I bought. I think that may be my favorite feature of the site!

    Thanks for everything!

  310. I am so excited to you guys have been around 2 years! I look forward to many more amazing patterns. I love the new patterns you have come out with lately Thanks for coming around AND HELPING US LEARN HOW TO BE DESIGNER SAVY!!

  311. Happy Birthday! I love the instant download available on your site. I also love how the patterns are written in simple english so anyone can understand them. The pictures are also very helpful. Thanks for just an outstanding site! Keep up the good work! You are an inspiration.

  312. Everything is always so adorable! What I love the very most is being able to see what the tester made. It is really helpful to see the projects in a variety of ways. Thanks for such a great site and fabulous newsletters!

  313. HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY YCMT!!!!!!!!!

    I just love your site. I find myself checking it several times a day to see if there are any new patterns and to look at the I made it section. I love ebooks. I love that you make an outfit with so few pattern pieces.

    Keep the great patterns coming. I hope that one day I can start making patterns too!

    Thanks for such a great site!

  314. Krista

    Happy Birthday !
    I love your site. I love the designers and the personal feel they give to their books. Being self taught when I go through a pattern from any of the wonderful designers I get a feeling that I’m sitting with a dear family member who is passing down a cherished family talent. I was blessed to have the most amazing seamtress (my grandma) work with me on one project before she passed away. I remember her telling me that it sadened her to know that I have this God given talent and noone to help me develop it. Thanks to you that is no longer true. God has blessed me through your site. Thank you!!! Happy Birthday. ~ Who knows, in a few years I may be writing books also.

  315. I love that there are so many new patterns that come out regularly – and that so many of them remind me of the styles I see in baby boutiques!

  316. MELISSA

    HEY YCMT – 2 years (good thing you aren’t like a child – terrible two’s!) Congratulations. I have just been introduced to this site by a friend, who made a lot of stuff for her new baby before she arrived! I will have the opportunity to use this site a lot, as I have many very talented friends and so many children in my life!
    Thanks for the great ideas and the ease of use!

  317. Tonya

    I love the response I get when someone sees my girls in something I’ve made them. I love the patterns here, and I use the I made this section to decide what to make next.

  318. Amy

    I love this site because I am such a do it yourself person! I see something and I know somehow I can make that myself. Now I have the perfect place to go and find out how to do it! Congratulations on two years!

  319. Lynaya

    Happy birthday YCMT. I love to see what others have made. YCMT has inspired me to do new things. I love it! Keep on with this site, I need all the inspiration I can get.

  320. HAPPY BIRTHDAY YCMT!!! It has been a wonderful second year! I am so happy to be a part of this growing family!!

  321. Kathy

    I can’t remember how I stumbled upon your wonderful website so long ago but I am so very happy that I did. I love so many of the patterns, and the ones that I made are so much easier to understand than conventional store bought patterns. But if I do need help on something, I can contact the author for advice, which you can’t do when you buy a pattern at the store. The patterns that I have made for my granddaughter have turned out so cute, the tutus, the princess corsets, and the ruffled halter tops and dresses. I am so glad you started this website and look forward to many more years of your wonderful projects. “HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY YCMT!!!” with many more to come.

  322. Christina

    I just wanted to say thank you for inspiring a creativity I didn’t know I had.

  323. Debbie

    YMCT is “way, way cool”
    With really fun fashions my kids want for school!
    They love to see the latest style-
    guess I’ll be sewing soon for quite a while…
    The directions are simple and the outfits are sweet.
    You Can Make This can’t be beat!
    Best wishes from me and my little girls too…
    YMCT- “Happy Birthday to you!”

  324. Charlotte

    I recently found YCMT and it is wonderful. Happy Birthday to you and many, many more!

  325. I can’t believe 2 years has past already, I was one of the lucky ones to happen to find this site shortly after you started.I wait for the newsletter each time even if I don’t purchase anything at that time. The ones I have purchased are well worth it and I look forward to the next pattern I can try.
    Keep up the good work. THANKS

  326. Thank you so much for all the wonderful projects you have to offer! It’s hard to pick just a couple!

    I would like to see more projects offered whose sizes can be scaled to teen or adult sizes.

    Thank you again and keep up the awesome work!


  327. Laura Versteeg

    I love getting the newsletter best… it always reminds me to get back into making stuff, even if it’s not the stuff from the website. It reminds me to keep crafting!

  328. Deonna Pinson

    I absolutely love YCMT for many reasons. First of all, I love the idea that someday my daughter can show pictures of herself to her children and say, “My mom made that for me.” Secondly, I have saved us money by making her portrait clothing myself for a fraction of what similar outfits would cost. Also, my husband is off work right now because of an injury (he’s a coal miner), so it helps that I can make most of her new school outfits from fabric I have purchased at sales over the past years.

    Making nice things for people you love is too fun and very rewarding. Thanks, YCMT!

  329. Cindy Longendelpher

    I am new to YCMT and I love it!!! I am buying all kinds of patterns and enjoying all of them. I know I will continue to find new ones that I love as much as the ones I have already bought. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas!!!!

  330. Nancy Saller

    Thank you and Happy Birthday to all involved with YCMT – how great is this website!? Super to say the least, not only for the novice, but for the experts as well. What a great opporunity for the designers to have a place to share and sell their ideas and patterns and the the buyers to experience new patterns and crafts! WONDERFUL!

  331. Judea

    I think my favorite section is the “I made this” section. It is a great place to get ideas and see what other people are doing with the patterns and it is also fun to have a place to show off your own special pieces of work.

  332. alissa

    Happy 2nd Birthday!!!! I love this site, I have bought several patterns and they are always so easy to put together and my dd just loves the outfits when I get them done.

  333. Cynthia S.

    I love the e-books and being able to buy and download in an instant!

  334. Oh my! I love this site. I wish I had time to do more, make more, buy more…and my daughter does like for me to make her things. My nieces too. It is nice being able to custom make the outfits for my daughters and nieces. We were the hit of the Fourth of July BBQ…It’s so much fun. Thanks for being around!

  335. nicole

    I appreciate what you do. Thanks for keeping me inspired. Nicole

  336. Shannon Dillard

    Happy Birthday!! I love YCMT because it has directions for everything I’ve always wanted to do but didn’t know how or couldn’t find anywhere else.
    Thank you!!

  337. Happy Birthday Again!!!!! I just want you wonderful people to know I have sewn for years and even taught sewing classes and I find this site so amazing everytime I log in!! I love browsing the new patterns and have learned so much from you guys. I have referred several people to this site that have ask me about teaching them to sew. I just tell them they can learn far more from here than I could teach them, not to mention how fun and easy the instructions are for these patterns. I absolutly love them. I can make 2 outfits for my grand daughters in 1 night. They are so easy and quick to whip up. Keep it up and I can’t wait to see what year 3 will bring!! Again, keep it up and HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

  338. Marlys

    Even though I have not been able to purchase any of your e-books yet I have MANY on my wish list and I hope to be able to start purchasing SOON! ALL of your e-books/patterns a so very cute!!! I appreciate that there are some available for adults who are young at heart and not just all for children. Keep up the adorable work!!!

  339. holly

    happy 2nd birthday ycmt! i LOVE your site so much. i really love the fact that the patterns are written by everyday people in everyday language. they are always so easy to follow along. and my results are perfect every time! thank you again for this wonderful website.

  340. I love the newsletters that accompany the site. I can appreciate it on two levels. As a customer, I appreciate an easy way to see all the new products without having to rely on myself, lol.

    As a a fellow wahm, it is great to have an example of a Mommy who “made it” with her business. It is inspiring.

  341. Jody

    I just LOVE this site!! It always seems when I need to know something or am looking for a particular style, and I can’t find it anywhere, it’s ALWAYS here:) I just love the easy directions and pictures (I am a picture person, need those pics w/ directions;) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  342. Oh man, I just love this site. It is my biggest find on the internet! I love the patterns. I’ve purchased quite a few of them and have made clothes to raise money for our adoption! I have three 3 year old little girls and they are always all dolled up, they love it when I make something for them. I’ve gotten so many compliments on the outfits. Thank you thank you!

  343. A. Perkins

    I love YCMT! I have been sewing for years, and the patterns continue to push my limits. I have mixed aspects patterns together to create one of a kind creations. I cant wait to check the new patterns section, and even the I made this section to see what everyone is doing! Thanks for providing unique patterns!

  344. My favorite thing about the ycmt site is that I can buy and download the patterns immediately any time day or night. That means when I get a creative inspiration, I can start right then. No waiting on the mail or my next trip into town. Thanks for a great site!


  345. Ellen

    I’m truly enjoying this site. It’s very inspiring (and motivating) to see all of the wonderful, creative ideas that are out there. I’ve already gotten some great tips & ideas to make my sewing and crafting better, and I like having access to products from designers that I wouldn’t normally have exposure to. Thanks to everyone for their hard work in making this site so special!

  346. Kim

    Happy Birthday to YCMT! I can’t believe the site has been up and running for two years now! Boy am I behind in my sewing. 😦 I love the site because of the uniqueness of the patterns. These are not your ordinary from the fabric store patterns. They are sew much more. 🙂 Not to mention a whole lot easier to decipher. Keep up the great work!

  347. Elizabeth M.

    What I love is the digital scrapbooking section. That’s always been a little overwhelming for me to think about jumping into that arena but you make it seem less daunting and more doable.

  348. Milia

    I love YCMT’s creativity, variety and uniqueness.

    Congratulations on reaching 2, YCMT!!! You have grown in leaps and bounds. May you have continued success in the years to come.

  349. Vennetta H.

    Happy 2nd Birthday YCMT! I love being able to see the new and creative things people come up with and share with all of us.

  350. BJ

    Fabulous site with helpful authors. Happy B-day!

  351. Audry

    As a single mom I make lots of my little girl’s clothes. This site helps me make her look like a million bucks without spending it. Each ourfit I make is so unique! I love the site!!! Happy birthday!

  352. Laura in VA

    !!!Happy 2nd Birthday!!!

    Wow, what wonderful things could I possibly say about your site that haven’t already been said… my story… after buying custom boutique outfits on eBay last year for my 2 girls (now 5 & 2), I decided to try my hand at sewing. I borrowed a machine from a friend and made a couple of decopauge outfits, and proved to my husband that I really was interested in taking sewing up as a new hobby. 🙂 Then I purchased a new machine, discovered your fantastic site & have been making adorable outfits for my girls for about 4 months now!

    I am addicted! I check the site daily to see what’s new, and to get inspiration for what I will attempt next. My girls love all of their custom outfits & my girl friends think I should go into business!

    Thanks for creating such an awesome & unique site for those of us that crave that creative outlet!

    I look forward to what’s to come next!


  353. Sarah Yefet

    Happy, Happy Birthday YCMT.
    Wow!!! two years already. Hard to believe. Time flies when we’re having fun (sewing). :-)))))
    Your site is so exciting that I just can’t wait to check out the next email. You really make my days more pleasant and worth while. I must tell you though that I just can’t get enough so I’m very happy to have made your aquaintance and I hope that this will be a long lasting relationship.
    You just keep getting better and better as you age. so I guess in this case aging doesn’t seem to be bothering me so much any more. Wishing you many more years
    Happy Birthday

  354. sara

    Happy Birthday! Thanks for a great year full of great products.

  355. Judi Rowan

    Happy Two-Two as my Granddaughter would say!
    I just love your site and have refered it to many of my crafty friends. I know that when I need a pattern, insperation, or something different to create I’ll find it here!
    Keep up the GREAT work and the WONDERFUL site.
    Love Ya,

  356. Amy

    I discovered your sight about a year ago and visit regularly to check out what everyone is making! I get so inspired seeing all of the great ideas on your site. Thank you so much and Happy Birthday!

  357. Karey

    I love YCMT! Whenever I need a new and fresh idea I just come see what these amazing ladies have cooked up.

    Being able to get new pattern in my hands or at least before my eyes day or night is just awesome.

    YCMT-What a great idea!

  358. Theresa

    I am not exactly an expert when it comes to using a sewing machine, but YCMT has given me the opportunity to make adorable items for my kids. I love the user friendly and fool proof e-books. I hope you continue to offer us great products !

  359. Jenny

    Happy Birthday YMCT! I love your patterns, and I have bought quite a few of them..and will keep doing so. I love how easy it is to understand, and the great pictures sure help.

  360. Kelli

    Kim, I just want to say congratulations! I absolutely LOVE YCMT and it is my go-to site for patterns online. You have encouraged me to start sewing again and have confidence in my sewing abilities because of your talented e-book writers. Thanks to you and all the ladies who take time to write these wonderful patterns and instructions for us! Here’s to more good years in the future!

  361. seemommysew

    Congratulations! I’ve been to YCMT many times, but never vistited the blog before. I have several friends that make and sell patterns on your site and I think it’s such a great opportunity for them! You guys are great!

  362. michelle greene

    Happy Birthday….I LOVE YCMT because the patterns are not only easy to understand but you choose patterns that are “in-style”

  363. pookie

    i also ove to see what other have come up with for each pattern……I check it several times a day…


  364. What I love about ycmt is that I can download and print the pattern right in my own home. Also, the pattern makers are so detailed that I feel like they’re right there with me sewing along!

    Thanks YCMT for all you do!

  365. Jennifer Lee

    I am a first time buyer and I’m amazed with the brilliant idea you guys have! thanks!

  366. Raychel Smith

    Happy Birthday! I love you guys I was blown away by the generous freebies for joining the newsletter.

  367. Pam

    I just joined, and I love the huge variety of projects! I love to craft and I can find just about anything I’d want to attempt at your site. Thanks for providing such a great site!!!

  368. lex

    i love that this site it’s so easy to understand. it provides many this that i love to create. i wish that i had found this site sooner. thank you so much for all of the creative ideas.

  369. Heather B

    Did we ever find out the winners of this contest?

  370. Heather B

    Did we find out the winners for this contest?

  371. Heather B

    Sorry it didn’t post the first time at first. i didn’t mean to do it twice 🙂

  372. ycmt

    Hi Heather B!
    Great question! All of the people that won 2000 or 200 points have been contacted and pointed added to their accounts. We’re still contacting the 200 people that received 20 points.

    Kim 🙂

  373. Christine Swanson

    Happy YCMT! Your site has made my journey of learning to sew for my daughter an enjoyable one. The ebooks I purchase here are wonderfully done and make teaching myself to sew doable.

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