Post & Win! We want to know…

Which eBook at is one that you think you’ll want for your “Back-to-School” creating?  It could be one that was recently featured on ABC4-TV’s “Good Things Utah” program, or even one that you’ve had your eye on for a long time!  Post one that you would like and you could win it!  Contest ends this Friday, August 15th. One blog post/entry per person.  Let’s see what you want to make!




Want to make what is shown in the photo above?  That is a classic “A-Line Dress” found at  It is reversible, too!  The applique apples are for those who machine embroider.  You can download that design at

Would you like to watch the video clip of our “Back to School” fashion segment? Click here to watch:



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92 responses to “Post & Win! We want to know…

  1. Char

    I want the Bowling Shirt!

  2. Patti

    The show was very cute! Everyone was so at ease and the children were adorable. Great job! I would love the Modern Accents Handbag.

  3. Peppermint Rushing

    I thought it was a cute segment. I loved the recycled shirt. Great way to relove items. And how cool to look just like dad. As for myself. I saw 2 things I would love to make for myself and my teen girls. The wrap skirt & the tween horiz. strip skirt. I want to let my girls make a skirt they would actually wear and be proud of. You can never go wrong when you teach a child to sew. It is a dying artform around my town. All the designers have done a fantastic job.
    Thanks for adding bigger sizes. Keep the mom items and teen comming.

  4. Kim what a wonderful show!! The kids were adorable and the teacher was just gorgeous in all of her YCMT stuff!

    I think the one Ebook I would love is the 3 in one skirt. How versatile would that be and you know how much Sophie loves skirts, lol!

    Keep up the great job!! I am so proud of you!

  5. Kelly Hampton

    I love all of the looks! I really should plead my case for something I can make for my kids, but who am I kidding momma needs a new outfit! If I win I would like the new wrap skirt!

    Thanks for all your hard work.

  6. holly

    the show was awesome! and the kids and teacher and doggie were so cute. wtg!

    i would love the bowling shirt!

  7. How amazing! So much fun and such great publicity for YCMT! The kids were adorable and the clothes looked great! And, Kim, you did great too!

    I would LOVE this pattern from Carla C:

    Portrait Peasant Tops and Dresses

  8. Tonya Froemel

    Great job on the show! I love the clothes, cute! The pattern I like the most is the How to Make a T-shirt Twirl Dress by Fairy Princess Boutique. I have three daughters who would be adorable in these dresses.

  9. I love the knit leggings and the bowling shirt. I love funky leggings and fabrics. How fun to wear under skirts and dresses. The segment was great, as always!

  10. Mindy

    EVERYTHING was sooo fantastic! It is hard to choose just one, but I have had my eye on that tiered flouncy dress forever!

  11. Carol

    Just one? LOL I want so many! I’d say the top of my wish list is the Ruffled Gauchos by Dainty Designs.

    Wanted to also thank YCMT for posting the link for the TV spotlight. I enjoyed watching it.


  12. Congrats on the wonderful show!
    And what a fun contest! I would give my left pinkie for the high key photography ebook. 🙂 Have been “thinking” of getting one for years.

    Keep up the great work!

  13. Shawnee

    Its so fun to turn on my TV and my kids go…mom you have some of those patterns! What a great show, the kids are excited to try making something themselves and I am so excited that I wont have to make it for them. So with my girls in mind, they would love the teen skirt pattern that was shown on the show, so they can see if they can make it too, in less then an hour!

  14. Tom

    The show looked great! Thanks for posting the link to those of us who live elsewhere!
    I hope to get the round neck top and sundress pattern.
    School starts in less than a week, so I better get busy!

  15. Marnie

    The fashions are fabulous. I am a new sewer and do not know what I would do without your site and all the great ideas….now if I just had more time….
    I loved the fashion show and would especially love to get my hands on the raglan T pattern – I have made stuff for my girls, but I think my 9 1/2 yr old boy would like the raglans – he liked the picture of them at I made this.
    Thanks for all you do…mommymarnie

  16. linda rose

    Great job on the show and congrats! There’s SOOO many ebooks that I would love it’s hard to pick just 1! I think for now my favorite is the tiered flouncy sundress–and it’s sizes available will allow me to make it for all 3 of my girls!

  17. Peggy

    I’m making things for a raffle that we do every year to benefit a children’s Christmas fund. I’m using fabrics from my stash & donated by other people at this company. I love making soft sculptures, so my pick would be the Mae doll.

  18. With two entering school this year I can see myself using the Peasant Dress pattern by Dainty Designs probably more than any other pattern for school this year–I’m just envisioning all sorts of combos for the first day, the pumpkin patch field trip, Christmas parties, Valentines day, etc… Oh, and of course for Kindergarten Graduation!! It’s such a whimsical pattern, I’ve been admiring it for a while now; playful enough for school, pretty enough for pictures.

  19. Allie

    Thanks for sharing the video ,everyone and everything was so cute.
    It’s so hard to pick and choose, but I will go with the Simply Sweet Tops and Dresses, so much to do with that pattern and just place a shirt under it in our mild winters.

  20. Mishelle

    That is so exciting!!! I loved the show!!

    I would be thrilled to have the package that has
    fabric covered headbands
    hand stamped pendants
    modern handbags
    Katelyn tween skirts

    Thanks!! =)

  21. mischievousmorozs

    OH my, I am not sure, I already have a TON of YCMT patterns and they are all wonderful. I have had my eye on the shirred gauze top(although with cooler weather approaching not sure how much I would use it now). I also am eying up the ruffles galore denim skirt enbook. If I were to win (which i NEVER win anything) either of those would be fine with me.

    Kristy M

  22. jody

    I love the look and size of the Aivilo Pocket Messenger Bag and tween flouncy skirt, although, theres a lot more I’d love to make too:)

  23. Shannon Dillard

    Great show. I’ve been hoping to buy the tiered flouncy dress… especially now after i saw the cute apple design example. Thanks! Keep up the good work.

  24. Alayna

    I would love the original Phoebe knit jumper – that is just too cute, and it can be for all seasons! Thanks for all the great patterns on this site!

  25. Judea

    Oh so hard to choose. My daughter started a new school this year and yeah no uniforms, so I asked my daughter if she could pick one pattern what would she pick and she said the “ribbons and ruffles: easy guide to embellishing jeans.” That pattern should really make her stand out! She is starting to sew and I think this one would be easy for her to do herself. Keep up the good work. We just love your site. I am addicted and have to check it everyday to see what everybody else is making and what is new.

  26. Jessica B.

    My daughter doesn’t start school for another year yet, but I just can’t wait to make her some special clothes for when she does go to school. What I would REALLY, REALLY love after seeing that fantastic clip is the Modern Accents Handbag. I didn’t realize it is as big as it is until I saw it next to a person. You all did such a great job! Thanks for sharing that clip with us!

  27. Heather B

    I would love the avilo (sp?) messenger bag pattern. I did not realize how cute it was until I saw it here.

  28. I love the tiered flouncy sundress with the growing up rosy leggings. So cute!

  29. Rachel

    i loved the segment, such cute stuff. I love the Perfect Dress pattern and it is at the top of my list, but was very impressed with the Modern Accents Handbag when I saw it on the the TV segment and it is now in my wishlist too.

  30. Angela

    I know it’s an old one, but I’ve always wanted it…..
    What? This Old Thing? Making a Denim Halter and Jean Skirt. This outfit is so cute. And it really does look like anyone can make it!

  31. Melanie

    I loved the show and all the versatile looks!! I would love the multiple sized raglan hoodie for my boys if I won a pattern!! What a great way to customize and recreate different looks!! Thank you for all your great products!!

  32. Elizabeth

    What a great show! So helpful to be shown all the ideas. I would love the tiered flouncy sundress. That pattern is so versatile and could be used for any season.

  33. Janelle

    Wow what a great segment!! loved the outfits and it totally motivated me to create new things, I have to say I’m always sewing for my kids so if I win i’d like the womans wrap skirt!! Just for me, me, me!!! How adorable was the round top outfit? I’m seriously going to try those triple ruffle pants now! 🙂 thanks for posting the link so we could all enjoy it too!


  34. That was a great segment….so nice to have the host so intriqued by the clothes!

    I would love the bowling shirt pattern. I get so many for my daughter, but can never find something my son would like. =)

  35. I loved watching the show! It was so fun to see these patterns come to life. I would love to have the ruffled capri’s pattern, but I am really tempted to get something for myself and ask for that reversable wrap skirt! So cute! I just need more money so I can buy all the patterns in my wish list.

  36. When I asked my daughter what she wants next, it’s shirts! So I’d have to say I’d love the bowling shirt pattern. She’s got to have something that goes with her shorts, skirts and jumpers I’ve learned to sew.

  37. Camie

    I loved the show! Since the kids are set for back to school, I decided I needed to look good taking them there, so I’m choosing the Reversible Wrap Skirt and the Modern Accents Handbag!! Can’t wait to make them both. Thanks!

  38. Missy

    I love all of the patterns used so far. I would like to see the bundle with the peasant blouse, twirl skirt, and corset. I know that pattern is used alot, but I’d love to see a back to school twist.

  39. Sandi

    what darling outfits! my 3 grandaughters would LOVE those leggings!!! that is what i would choose!

  40. Tonya

    Everyone looks soooo cute. Great job on the show. I would love the messenger bag!!!!! Thanks for the opportunity.

  41. Diane

    That crayon tote is the cutest! I would love to make those for gifts, too!

    Great show- you were a natural! What a fun way to share items from YCMT!

  42. Kelly

    Everything looked so cute and it looks like everyone had a blast too! Great job to all of you!
    I would love the Dainty Designs Halter Dress and Top with the shirred back for my daughters…it’s perfect for our hot weather! 🙂

  43. I’d love the how to crochet a scarf.

  44. I’d have to say my favorite right now of the ones I don’t own yet is Bundle Pack: Princess Corset, Ruffled Halter & Princess Top or Dress. LOVe those!

  45. I love the Chloe Cardigan – Crochet Pattern. Although it only goes up to 7, I could at least make it for my youngest and then see if I could adjust it just a tad larger for my oldest.

  46. Tanaya

    I’d love to have the twirl skort Ebook! I love for my daughter to look girly and wear skirts but going back to school means playtime during recess. I’d love her to have some things she can still be ultra girly in but not have to worry about her keeping her little legs closed while playing!

    Congrats on the success Kim! I’ve been a frequent buyer of all things YCMT and your business is just growing and growing!!

  47. I loved the Good Things Utah segment!!! So exciting! What a great presentation. All the outfits were adorable!

    The set I would choose for back to school crafting would be the Bundle Pack: Boutique Top, Bottoms, Romper, and Twirl Skort by SewSensible. Adorable things! You could sew a bunch of different ones for the entire week. Love it!

    Thanks for such a great website!!!

  48. Tina

    Congratulations on the TV spot! It’s great that more people will be exposed to these wonderful designers.

    I would love to won this pattern – seems like it’s one you could get a lot of milage out of: Bundle Pack: Ruffled Capris and Pants – ALL Sizes 1-8

  49. Allison S

    I just love the bowling shirt for boys! Such a wonderful episode for YCMT!

  50. Very cute items, If I win, I would like the wrap skirt ebook.

  51. Laurie

    Congratulations Kim on doing such a wonderful job with your site. You have come a long way since you started and the ebooks are getting better and better with so many talented designers. I love the segment on Good Things Utah! It was sooo well done. I love the messenger bag because it would be perfect for any age to go back to school with. The large size is the right size to hold a laptop and you can get a laptop sleeve that is available and slip that into the messenger bag and it would be perfect to take to college and also for someone to take when you travel as it would be easy to take your laptop out when you go to through security. I have two daughters who are are college and they would love the messenger bag and I take my laptop when i go to sewing classes or conferences and also when I travel and want to take my laptop with me. I love the messenger bag is so versatile for someone of all ages not matter what size you make.

  52. I loved the show. I was excited to see more tween things. I’d love the twirl skort, or woven headbands. It was good to see the boys outfit with the bowling skirt, and hat. I bought both of these patterns, because when I need something down the road for a boy, I’ll already have it. I know that it can work just as well for a girl. I just need the time to start sewing all of your cute things.

  53. You did a great job in the segment and the kids were so cute. I love how the shirt was made from a dad’s shirt. I have some dress pants that no longer fit (sigh) that I plan to cut down for my daughter.
    Although I have several ebooks on my wish list I’m trying to wait until we move back to the States in two months to buy them. I want to live close to a fabric store so I can give them all a proper try. However the one ebook I almost bought recently and would still love to get is The Versatile Bag.

  54. Beth

    The clothes are all adorable. You’re just making my wish list bigger. I have been eyeing the Tweens & Teens Flared skirt for a while now and know my 8 year old daughter would love it and love to help make it!

    Thanks for the wonderful resource!

  55. I definately would like to make the tiered flouncy sundress! It is sooo precious!

  56. How cute. I love everything. The dog outfit makes me giggle, I’m tempted to make it for my friend’s Bug (boston terrier/pug cross) because everyone mistakes her for a boy, except I think her husband would be too ashamed to walk her with that on, LOL!

    For back to school i would love Make an Apron Front Jumper Dress ebook!!! Too cute for the ever important back to school PICTURES!

  57. Paula Smith

    I think the Sunny Wrap dress would be great for pre-school pictures. That’s what I’d like ot have.

  58. Oh, I love all of the adorable back to school outfits. Thank you so much for all of the wonderful ideas. I love your site and am always keeping an eye on a lot of patterns, waiting for coupons! LOL. I would LOVE to make my daughter an outfit using the Boutique Top and Bottoms by Sew Sensible. I know you said to pick one, but you can’t make the bottoms without that cute matching top! =)

  59. JeanneLee

    Great show! I would love this reversible skirt pattern!

    Thanks for having such an awesome and inspiring website!

  60. Tiffany Hallman

    congratulations on the show, it was great!! My daughter who is six watched it with me and wants the ruffle pants and round neck top, but I am really interested in the skort because my little girl loves dresses but doesn’t like that I make her wear shorts or leggings under them, and the skorts in the store always seem to short to me. Truthfully I love all your patterns keep up the great work!! Tiffany

  61. Morgan

    There are soooo many!
    Probably the All the rage raglans! And bowling shirt, and the original phoebe, and the faith double layer top, and …..

    Can we have more than one….lol

  62. That messenger bag is just adorable. I know you are so pleased to have been featured on that morning segment. All the outfits turned out great! Way to go YCMT!!!!
    The Homestylemom

  63. Kelli

    If I have to choose one thing…I’m loving the Timeless Twirl Top and Dress.
    But now I have all kinds of new ideas for the ebooks I already have that you featured in the show.
    Thanks Kim!

  64. The segment was so well done, a great showcase of items for back to school.
    I would love to have the bucket hat pattern. My son received so many compliments on his bowling shirt and easy fit pants, I can’t think of a better pattern to complete the look than that hat!

  65. I would love the tierd flouncy sundress because it is so versatile. It could be used for the summer, spring and winter. And I would love to have the reversible wrap skirt. I need to make some things for myself too, not just my daughter. Everything looked beautiful. Too many great things to choose from. Thanks again for a great site.

  66. Well, my favorite ebook on my wishlist would have to be simply sweet tops and dresses. But after watching the adorable segment, I think I’ll be adding a few more books to my wishlist!

  67. Denise

    I absolutely love the round neck top or sundress. It is next on my list to get, and it won’t be long since I already have quite a selection. I LoVE this site!!!

  68. My daughter introduced me to your site, and I love the creativity displayed there! I am really intrigued with the reversible wrap skirt. Seeing and hearing actual people
    on TV and not just pictures brought your website to life.
    Keep up the good work, and I look forward to more
    patterns for women! We like to look good too!!! 🙂

  69. The All-The-Rage Raglan pattern would be fantastic for my kids’ fall clothes. I can already do pants and skirts, but I haven’t ventured into knits or raglan tops yet.

  70. I would love the Tween-Flared-Skirt


  71. Juanita

    The segment was amazing. The outfits were a perfect example of the YCMT treasures. I don’t have any school age children but I would love to make the Mae Doll for my great-niece who will be starting PreK this year.

  72. Christy Hewitt

    I love those models. What a great job they all did. The Katelyn Tween & Teen Skirt 6yrs-Jr7/9 is my pick. My daughter is getting to big for ruffles. At least that is what she tells me. UGH.

  73. Karla

    Great job!! Thanks so much for linking those of us who live elsewhere, so we could enjoy as well. Everyone did such a great job!! I loved everything as I do on the site as well!! If I had to pick one thing, I think it would be the ruffled up gauchos. I love recycling things and bringing new life to them. My daughter is 5 and she wears nothing from the store, only these types of clothes, unfortunately I haven’t sewn them myself yet, I have purchased the patterns and paid other very talented ladies to do the hard work for me as I just got my own machine and don’t feel comfortable enough yet. Thanks for everything and please keep up the great work!! Congratulations, I been here since the beginning and it’s been so much fun watching it evolve!!! I look forward to every newsletter!!! Keep it up.

  74. KJBrown

    Hmm, I’m already making a CarlaC twirl for my daughter and a CarlaC bowling shirt for my son. I would LOVE either the CarlaC Easy Fit Pants or the CarlaC Raglan Hoodie!

  75. Krista

    Spiral Skirts- Sizes 24M-Adult
    I’ve had my eye on this one for awhile and I never get tired of the design I’m gong to own this book sooner or later. I hope sooner YCMT. Great job on the show. I’m sure you’ll be hearing from other (Good) morning (America) shows real soon. Even though I’d like to keep your wonderful site all to my self at times I really do want the very best for you and I have a feeling that the amazing growth of the last two years is going to pale in comparison to the upcoming year.

  76. Cassie Smith

    OMG! I love all the new stuff that’s been published! But at the same time I think I’m still partial to the dresses (ANY of the them…LOL) and the new bucket hat too – it’s absolutely adorable! I also think it’s great that you’re stauting to have designers make patterns for the Mommies that work so ahrd to create boutique clothing for our little ones…now we can have some stuff too! =)

  77. J Raines

    I just love the wrap skirt by patchworkids. It is just so cute!

  78. Great video. Cute stuff. Glad to see your site is getting the attention it deserves!

    If I won, I’d chose:

    Bowznstuff Triple Ruffle Halter Dress. Love it!

  79. Sew Boutique 4 Dolly: A-Line Dresses & Tops Is my favorite pattern. I am sewing for the fall and would love to try to make some of these!

  80. Teresa Pomerantz

    I am going to say the bowling shirt too- since I find plenty of patterns for girls but not so much for my boys. Thanks for a great site and great pattners!

  81. kag

    I know I should get something for my kids (who are darling, btw) but I’d really like the women’s wrap skirt.

    That’s next on my wish list!

    Thanks for such great sites!

  82. Stephanie

    Wow! Do I really have to pick just one??? I can’t just pick one. I have loved seeing all the new creations people are making from all the great ebooks. But I would most be interested in an ebook on some bows and clips that use ribbon sculting! They look so fun and are different.

    I did not get to see the show, but the photos look like it was so much fun!

  83. Laura

    Thanks for the link to the show. Everything on the show looked great. My daughter loves anything that “feels like soft jammies” so the Original Phoebe Knit Jumper would be next on my list.

  84. Kristi

    It was so fun to see your website on Good Things Utah. I immediately downloaded lots! I would love the ,Bundle Pack: Wrap Skirt, Tween Flared Skirt, and Headband. My three girls are so into girly, but only like headbands!

  85. Melanie W.

    Thanks for the link to watch the segment!
    Super Cute!
    Well, I am so longing to make the knit leggings. I was hoping for a pattern for leggings. A great layering piece to help extend the wearing time of many of the cute tops and skirts.
    A must have!

  86. I really like the Bundle Packs, especially for Back to School sewing. I like being able to sew in outfits. My favorite is the Bundle Pack: Cloche, Ribbon Top, and Gauchos! It is so adorable with the hat!

  87. Karey

    The kids on the show look so great. Watching it was exciting.

    The e-book I would use most for back to school is the all the rage raglans. It looks so versitile and great for fall.

    Can’t wait to see more from YCMT!

  88. There are so many wonderful fabrics out there to make some lovely new/hip school supplies for this upcoming season.

    I would like to see an ebook that had a pattern for a zippered pencil holder, a backpack, lunchbox and fabric bookcovers.

    We don’t get the show where we live. : (

  89. Suzan

    I love this website. So many cool and interesting patterns. I would love one of the decoupage jeans books. I would like to make more skirts and dresses for my daughter, but she is too much of a tomboy! So I would like to learn this technique and girly up some jeans or maybe a pair of Carla C’s Easy Fit Pants (I love that pattern)!!

  90. Danielle Longenecker

    I am a bag girl! I love all of the cute bags you guys have. I want to make them all!

  91. dina

    I loved the show! I would absolutely want to get my hands on the belle elyse tiered dress, or the flouncy tiered dress, or the round neck top….do I have to just list one? LOL

  92. April W.

    I would LOVE the roundneck top/sundress. I got the best vintage cherries fabric that would be perfect for coordinating sets for my 2 girls.
    If I were to get a second choice, it’d have to be the Great Wallet….to go with the purse I want for me to match the girls in their roundneck tops!

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