So we couldn’t stop at 25….

instead we drew out 5o winners who each won a free eBook of their choice!  Have fun making new things for the “Back-to-School” time!  We’d love to see what you are making, too! You can post your fun creations in the I Made This section of the site. We can’t wait to see!!

-The YCMT Team 🙂



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14 responses to “So we couldn’t stop at 25….

  1. You guys are so amazing! Thank you for all you do for US!!!

  2. Melanie

    Thank you so much for all your hard work and fantastic products!!! I can’t wait to start using my newest pattern!!!!

  3. Mindy

    I LOVE YCMT! Thanks again and I can’t wait to try my new pattern!

  4. I’m so excited. YCMT is great! Thank you so much.

  5. Melanie W.

    Thank You!!!
    I love this site! You ladies are great!!!
    Thanks for the knit leggings pattern! I can’t wait to crank out tons of these!!!

  6. linda rose

    THANK YOU!!! My girls are so excited to have some new dresses–my 6yo simply adores dresses! You are AWESOME! and i LOVE your website—many times a day I look through all the stuff and DROOL over all of the patterns I’d like to have…

  7. Heather B

    Yeah I won! I can’t wait to get my new book. Thanks so much~

  8. Jessica B.

    What a wonderful group of people at YCMT! How exciting you ALWAYS make it to be a YCMT customer. Thank you so much for making a small wish come true for me and so many others! You guys are the best!

  9. Laura

    Thank you so much! I can’t wait to venture into the world of knits.

  10. mischievousmorozs

    THANK YOU SO MUCH, I am so excited, now i just need to finish up my other three projects (ycmt patterns also), so I can start on my new one, THANKS again


  11. You guys are so generous — and hey, nice TV spot you did! So happy to have been a behind-the-scenes part 🙂


  12. Juanita

    Thanks so much for the ebook! This is such a fantastic website. You make all of us feel like a part of it. Ideas have been going around and around in my head about making the Mae doll. My 3 yr. great-niece received a complete kitchen set for Christmas last year and loves it. So I am planning to make her a chef’s outfit for her birthday this year and I think I will make her a Mae doll with a matching chef’s outfit.
    It’s gorgeous in my mind! Hope my fingers manage to keep up with my mind.

    Thanks again, YCMT Team!!

  13. Paula Smith

    Thanks so much YCMT. I love my new e-pattern (Sunny Wrap Dress) as much as I knew I would.

  14. I was super excited when I got my pattern, and I can’t wait to make it! I think about it often when I’m at work (i work in a fabric store!) and I’m trying to decide what would be the perfect fabric for it!

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