What’s Your Favorite YCMT Applique Pattern? Tell us and WIN!


Do you own and love an applique pattern from YCMT?  Tell us about it and we’ll enter you to win 25 YCMT purchase points!  5 Winners will be chosen and announced in the September edition of the You Can SEW This Newsletter.  Don’t get the newsletter yet?  Sign up and get a package of free exclusive e-Books from YCMT, and a free project sheet every month!  Click here for a free subscription!

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39 responses to “What’s Your Favorite YCMT Applique Pattern? Tell us and WIN!

  1. Juanita

    I have the tea towel appliques which I love. I am planning to use a rooster theme in my father-in-law’s little farmhouse kitchen. This applique will be great for not only tea towels but for the curtains and maybe even framed art!

    YCMT blog is such fun!

  2. linda rose

    I like the apllique the easy way e-book. i actually got it for free when I joined ycmt.com and I LOVE how simple they make applique seem…and with the step by step instructions it’s impossible to mess up!

  3. Shannon Dillard

    I love the fireman applique. My son is having a firetruck themed birthday party so it is perfect!!

  4. Jessica B.

    I absolutely LOVE all of Kimberbell Kid’s applique designs with the sweet little girls. I look at them all the time, but haven’t gotten brave enough to try them yet. They just look so detailed and I’m afraid of messing it up. Kim’s How to Applique the Easy Way is awesome for learning how to do this. I just need to practice more. I did use Kim’s Little Lady applique set to save a pair of my daughter’s jeans that got a hole, and they turned out so stinkin’ cute, and I love that we can now get more use out of the jeans.

  5. Kelly

    I bought the lil punkin applique pattern last year for Halloween and made my daughter a pair of overalls…they turned out so cute! People were commenting on them everywhere we went! Thanks for ALL the great patterns here!

  6. Paula Smith

    I only have the one applique pattern and that’s the think spring frayed applique e-book. I really love the look of frayed applique.

  7. We got the Bonjour Paris Applique Patterns for my daughter’s “Pink Poodles in Paris” birthday party this spring. Her favorite dress is the reversible A-line dress from Sew Boutique 4 Dolly (A-Line Dresses & Tops) with the pink poodle and Eiffel Tower on each side. It was so much fun to make for her.

  8. Raychel Smith

    I love the Happy Birthday Boy applique! I enjoy the pattern and the rest on the site because they give options for boys. Boys are harder to sew for and thats all I have! Levi looked sew cute on his 2nd birthday with his little frog jeans and matching tee. I was complimented so much I lost count !
    Thanks so much for thinking of our little Prince Charmings!

  9. Kris

    I think one of my favorites has to be the personalized name pillows. I have used that book over and over and over again for baby showers, birthdays, Christmas gifts…you name it! (No pun intended!) 🙂

  10. Kelli

    I was glad to get the how to applique the easy way when I signed up–I hadn’t done applique in years (since I learned in 4-H when I was like 12) and it was like learning all over again. I appliqued a little Christmas tree shirt for my daughter last year and got so many compliments on it. Thanks for restoring my confidence!

  11. Tiffany Hallman

    My favorite applique book is the happy birhtday one with the cake and numbers, it is so cute!! I bought it and have used it for my daughter and friends and it always gets tons of compliments! Tiffany

  12. Karey

    I love the little lady ladybug pattern by Kimberbell Kids. I was so easy to understand and use. Applique is so much fun!

  13. Karey

    I love the little lady ladybug pattern by Kimberbell Kids. It was so easy to understand and use. Applique is so much fun!

  14. I love all the applique patterns I have seen. It’s so hard to choose! But I did notice the Rapunzel Overalls Applique on the most recent You Can Sew This — All About Applique Newsletter I received today and I would LOVE to get my hands on that pattern! Please help me LOL!!

  15. ycmt

    Hi Lynne –
    That was a fun pattern to put together. Here’s a link to what you are referring to:

    I call her the “Peek-a-Boo Princess.” 🙂

  16. Marie

    Personalized name pillows is the best applique pattern yet. It’s just letters, but mastering the art of applique was more difficult than I thought it would be. Using this pattern really helped me to learn going around curves, points, etc…plus, I’ve used it over and over to make gifts and it is always a hit with the endless fabric choices you have.

  17. dina

    I love Kimberbell Kids patterns and also Designs by JuJu! They are so easy to use and look soooo adorable!

  18. I love the personalzied name pillows the best. I use it the most often by far. I also like the lil pumpkin set. Its so hard to choose a favorite. They are all great!

  19. lorieatyoucanmakethis

    Hi all!

    Looks like my fav is also yours! I’ve made so many of the Kimberbell Kids name pillows for my girls and for others – I’ve lost count. I keep all the letters cut out on card stock in a bin on the shelf and pull it out whenever I need a quick gift.

    I also love the appliques by Starbright Designs–Kris has such a lovely and classic artistic style.

    Thanks for writing to us–we love to hear from you!


  20. holly

    i love the tea towels applique!

  21. Allison S

    I love the frayed Halloween appliqués! So cute and fun to make!

  22. My favorite right now is the Frayed Applique: Think Spring! It is so versitile and I have been able to do so many fun things with it.

    But, I just got the bonus ebooks yesterday and I already know I am going to LOVE them! Kimberbell Kids has some amazing patterns! She explains things so well and makes applique something that anyone can do! I love it!

    Thank you for offering such an amazing product as a bonus!

  23. Teresa Pomerantz

    All the applique patterns are cute- but my favorite is the pumpkin because it can be used for both fall and for halloween- which is right around the corner!

  24. Michelle H.

    My favorite applique e-book is ‘Applique the Easy Way’. The step-by-step insturctions are so easy to follow. Can’t wait to try it out on my next project.

  25. Pamela

    My favorite would have to be the Lil’ Punkin applique pattern set. I have made an adorable Halloween twirl skirt, and used the Lil Punkins to make a matching tee shirt. I have a set of overalls in teh works, as well as a Fall hoodie. This is such a versatile set, I come back to it over and over.

  26. Heather B

    My favorites are the imagine this aviator and the catch of the day. This way i can make up something quickly for my boys and they don’t get left out!

  27. Dawn

    I love the Little Miss Spider applique for Halloween. I think it looks so cute with the spider coming off the shoulder of a tshirt.

  28. I just LOVE the applique name pillow! I know I have made it at least 15 times – all the kids want one for their birthdays and I’m planning on using it for last names for the aunts and uncles in our family this year for Christmas! Thanks!!

  29. I don’t have it, but the appliqué’ pattern that has been on my wish list forever is the Frayed Applique: Think Spring! I’m not sure why I’ve been holding off buying it other then the fear my regular machine not being able to sew it. When I get up the nerve to try appliqué’ this will be the pattern I try first.

  30. Hey Everyone…

    Don’t forget about Polly Pumpkin. I made her and the twirl skirt from Pouty Princess for my girl’s 2nd Halloween and she was sooo cute! This is a great alternative to the full-out costume for Halloween!


    Have fun!


  31. Tonya

    I love the Applique the Easy Way book. It’s a great way to get started!

  32. Jaime

    I LOVE the personalized name pillow. Need a quick gift for the last minute birthday party invitation? Personalized name pillow is the way to go. I can make one in less than 2 hours with items already in my stash. If I really am feeling frisky I use the letters on shirts, bags, pants, you name it. Very versital and is great for boys, girls, and adults.

  33. holly

    love love LOVE the lady liberty and lil’ sam appliques!

  34. Kayce

    I like the turkey no sew applique. (It’s a Snap)

  35. I love the spider/halloween appliques. =)

  36. I love the pumpkin in the photo on the cards, but I can’t find the pattern. Could you provide a link? I’ve searched the applique section, but maybe I’m missing something. Thanks!

  37. Melanie

    I have the tea towels applique set. I love them all, they are so versatile and can go on anything, from a quilt to pillows, to jackets and other clothing, purses, and of course towels!! I also cant wait to get the fall applique set with the owl!! How cool!! Keep them coming!!!

  38. ycmt

    Hi Lisa — Here’s a link to the pumpkin pattern:

    I’m glad you like it! Thanks!

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