Boutique Secrets: Not Just for Designers!

I had the very great pleasure of working with Sandy from Crackerjack Shack  a few months ago when I featured one of her patterns.  At the time, she was working on “Going Pro:  Secret Boutique Sewing Tricks” which has now been released and is ready for you to purchase!  This handy reference isn’t just for the Boutique Design market, though–everyone needs a copy of this e-Book!

There are just some things about sewing that make all of us crazy–like finishing the ends of piping, sewing straight lines when inserting a zipper, or making truly gorgeous gathers.  Sandy has gathered her very unique methods into an invaluable resource for home sewers and boutique designers alike.  These methods make some of the most difficult sewing problems seem so easy–you will not believe how they change your life!

I encourage you to click the photo above to go to the product description page, where you can read all of the topics that Sandy covers in her e-Book.  It’s a gem!

Sew Now!




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5 responses to “Boutique Secrets: Not Just for Designers!

  1. Juanita

    An exceptional idea! I haven’t been able to get this yet but I definitely plan to. With all the gorgeous patterns on the YCMT site, this ebook seem like a must-have!

  2. april

    I agree. I love getting tips since I normally take the hard way around something. ha ha Thanks and keep the tips coming.

  3. What a great Idea! I can’t wait till payday! As a new sewer. I’m always searching easier ways to do techniques.

  4. As a self-taught sewer, this e-book is just what I need. Thanks so much!

  5. I was so excited when I started to read this ebook I ended up reading the entire book without stopping. Terrific ideas to save time. I love it.

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