Click, Post, and Win!

New at!

New at!

Visit the website to learn more about the new eBooks listed in tonight’s newsletter. Then post here about anything you find especially interesting. Did you like one of the tester photos? Did a product inspire you with its fabric? Are you more interested in learning more after reading a product description? Can you think of the many ways you could use one of the products?

Post about it on our blog and you could win 25 YCMT Points! 10 people will win!

So click through, take a look at the photos, read more about it, and post to win.

Have fun!



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63 responses to “Click, Post, and Win!

  1. liz

    fyi – the link on the “sew a filled tutu” actually takes you too “Edith Twirl Skirt” (which I would LOVE to buy, so it was a great reminder. . .)

    Just thought you’d like to know.

    I love the sweet hand embroidery on the skirt.

  2. Deanna

    I love the oversized ladybug purse. I am going to have to make those for Christmas Presents. I also like the new crayon apron that is reversible. That is perfect for Christmas Presents for my neices.

  3. ycmt

    oops! Thanks Liz for letting us know. Here’s the new link to the sewn filled tutu:

    I love that Edith Twirl, too!

    Kim 🙂

  4. ycmt

    Deanna – That crayon apron is definitely on my list of things to make. Did you see the version made for an adult? I think that would be so cute to wear at a craft fair or even working out in the garden.


  5. Kristi

    I really liked the Crayon Apron and the tutu. How absolutely darling! Love this site!!!!

  6. I love the filled tutus! How adorable!


  7. ycmt

    If you get a chance, take a look at the tester photos for the Pillow Pals eBook. They are precious!

    Kim 🙂

  8. Sonja

    I love the reversible apron, i think it is such a cute idea. All through the year I look for christmas present ideas… i think this one is just perfect.

  9. Pascha

    I think the filled tutu is an awesome idea! I live in a college town, so the idea listed for sports games? Hello! Great Idea!! 🙂
    And I also like the nap mat cover. That’s so great. So much more personal than the same thing everyone else has. It would really make a kid feel extra special, I think. They are both now on my wish list.

  10. Christine Swanson

    I have fallen in love with the double layer twirl skirt and that adorable crayon apron! My daughter went crazy for the apron when she saw it on the site with me.

    I am also thrilled to see the women’s wrap skirt. Maybe I can make me something now!

    So excited!!!!

  11. Rachel

    I love the tutu pattern and the crayon apron. I would love to make both for my daughter. I love this site. “Sew” many great ideas. I also love the “I made this section” I love looking at other crafters creations and getting inspired.

  12. LOVE the crayon apron! Buying that next! I would also LOVE to make the filled tutu! Cute, cute new stuff!

  13. Haha… I didn’t expect the tutu to send me to the new twirl skirt. I actually clicked the picture twice to make sure I hit the right thing. Actually, the fabric used on the Edith Twirl inspired me so much that I bought the pattern last night then went to her website and bought fabric. She actually sells fabric kits for the pattern. Her site is for all who want to check out what I’m talking about. I didn’t buy a kit this time, but I’m highly considering it for my daughter’s birthday.

    Out of the new patterns, I’m thinking about trying Pillow Pals. We are taking a 10 hour flight soon with 3 hours of collective drive time on both ends. I’m thinking a Pillow Pal could come in really handy on the trip and be fun for my daughter.

  14. Wow I adore the reversible crayon apron and the tutu, thanks for updating the link 🙂 I teach a lot of crafts and they would be just perfect. Nice to see one pattern with all sizes rather than having to buy seperate patterns or guessing on how to increase them. I always look forward to seeing recieving your newsletter to see what more gorgeous creations have been added. Keep up the good work 🙂

  15. I love the kindermat cover!!! Perfect for one of my upcoming projects… I’m a preschool teacher and center director and have about 20 mats to cover… =)

  16. linda rose

    Hmmm, I like them all, but I really like the fabric used in the crayon/ reversible apron. And I like the example pics of the filled tutus…so many ideas, so little time!

  17. valarie

    I like the pirate clippie (I had to zoom in to figure out it was made out of ribbon, but once I figured that out I thought it was adorable!)

    I need to figure out how to adapt some of these for my tweener. she’s a little too old for “cute” (*sigh*) She still loves the twirly skirts though!


  18. Peppermint Rushing

    I love the ladybug purse. I think it could have so many different looks just by how you place your fabrics. I think it would work for so many gifts. You could do solids, tonals or get down and funky with bright prints and solids.
    The crayon apron would be a neat gift for an art teacher and for your little budding artist.

  19. Selina

    I’m loving the pillow pals when I saw it I thought this would be a perfect transition for blankie (lol) holders like my little girl shes 10 and still sleeps with her blankie well its kind of embarrassing for her at sleepovers so if i use her blankie for fabric she will still get the comfort and it wont be so babyish cause all the girls bring a stuffy. Just a thought!


  20. Danielle Griffin

    I am TOTALLY in love with the kindermat cover pattern. I babysit in my home a total of 6 children. I am in the process of turning my guest bedroom into a playroom/naproom. I was just saying how I would love to make them their own personalized nap areas! This will be perfect! I have an embroidery machine as well. I would love to personalize these for them! I LOVE LOVE LOVE YCMT!!!! I am going to buy that pattern next! I have about 15 e-books in my wish-list!

  21. Patti

    I love the crayon apron. I think that it would make a great gardening apron for my mother-in-law. But it’s going to be hard to choose which e-book I’d like! Great patterns!

  22. Amy W

    My daughter wants to be “happy” witch for Halloween and I thought I would make a tutu for her costume. The filled tutu will be perfect! Thanks for so many wonderful patterns.

  23. I love the crayon apron. The fabrics are so cute and trendy. I cant wait to buy that one and give it a try. I love this site!

  24. Carol

    I Love the pictures of the sisters. They are soooo cute! I love the skirt and fabric on the little sister. I want that Growing up with Rosie double ruffle twirl skirt pattern to make my own daughter a cute Thanksgiving skirt. 🙂

  25. Michelle

    I love that crayon apron. I feel Christmas gifts coming on 🙂

  26. Lisa (Mary) Shine

    Well you definately have my attention… The little double layer ruffled skirt in the fall colors almost made my mouth water – it is so cute, BUT I only have little boys. 😦

    I would love to see some really cute and fresh ideas for the boys, that daddy would actually let them wear.

    Keep up the great work for the girls. Even though I don’t have one, I still have to buy some of the great patterns.


  27. Tonya

    I can’t wait to try a filled tu-tu!!!!! My girls will love it.

  28. holly

    ok, those pillow pals are something else! i just love them. and i know my kids will too!

  29. I am sew loving the Growing Up with Rosy Double Ruffle Twirl Skirt pattern! I love the fabric too!!!

  30. Mindy

    I really like the ladybug purse, but the crayon apron intrigued me! I have never made an apron before and this one is just sooo awesome! I may have to get this for Christmas gifts!

  31. Shannon Dillard

    We travel to grandparents a lot. The pillow pals will be perfect for car or plane rides. Then I’m wondering if we can pack the nap mat for sleeping on during the trip. I’ll have to make them and see!! 🙂

  32. I love the tip for altering the t-shirt. It’s one I’ll definitely try. Also, my favorite applique right now is the pumpkin that is shown in the photo. With the weather rapidly changing and Halloween and Thanksgiving practically nipping at my heels that pumpkin is going to get quite the workout.

  33. Amy

    I ended up at the Edith Twirl skirt as well and those fabrics and photos are so gorgeous!

    I also loved the Sandi Henderson fabrics used on the crayon aprons – I neve tire of seeing those in use. I’m thinking the crayon apron will make a great gift for my kids’ daycare teacher.

    My children would also love those pillow pals for car trips!

  34. I think the crayon apron is super adorable too, probably more ambitious than i’d make for anyone but my own DD so it would probably not be something i’d make for another few years… i like the ‘growing up with rosie’ angel wings, very cute addition for tanktops, i can see myself doing those with an applique and jazzing up plain tops, for sure… and I keep being reminded that I need to check out that wrap skirt pattern for myself! Even if I don’t necessarily want to buy all the ebooks they give me great ideas sometimes…

  35. I love the reversible crayon apron! I will be making one for myself to hold all of my sewing items that I use for each project. It is a great way not to lose one of your tools!


  36. The crayon apron is fabulous–I see teacher’s gifts in my future when I look at this pattern. My daughter’s teachers both have children so I envision making matching aprons for mother and child both.
    The ladybug bag is also fabulous! I am actually thinking this might be a good overnight bag for my little girl who has a thing for purses. Thanks YCMT!

  37. Juanita

    So many patterns, So little time! The amount of creative talent on this website is amazing! I haven’t seen even one item here that I wouldn’t love to make. I am trying to decide for Christmas gifts for several little ones and it is definitely not easy. Time and finances allowing, I would make all of them.

  38. Kathy

    Love love love the nap mat. Both of my kids are in daycare, the nap mat would be great! A good gift for friends with kids in daycare, too!

  39. I absolutely LOVE the reversible crayon apron – it would make such a great gift!! I can’t wait to get the pattern and get started on making some gifts:-)

  40. Rachel

    The fancy filled tutu has so many options and they are all so cute!

  41. I really like all the patterns but I think my favorite would have to be the adult crayon apron, very cleaver and could be useful for daycare providers and homedaycares

  42. Charlote Holtz

    I love the filled tutu’s and can’t wait to get those instructions, I will have to add it to my wish list until I have th funds, but I also love the picture of the two girls with the pumpkin shirt, and that skirt is amazing, I so need to make some time for sewing. I love this site, and all of the advice and help that I get from the authors, its the only one where EVERY AUTHOR helps when you need help with their patterns!!

    Thank you for helping us all out, with top quality, dedicated authors!!

  43. jennebeker

    I love the wire-mannequin that the reversible crayon apron designer used for her photos! It made the aprons look so cute. I haven’t sewn much and I bought this pattern hoping to get back into things. I may even have to adapt it to make something for my 2-year-old son (“boy” fabrics with no ruffle should work, right?). Thanks for all the great new ideas. My six-year-old daughter is totally impressed with the underpants pattern, and really wants new, prettier underwear.

  44. kidscottage

    I am loving all the new patterns.! I agree with some one else we need to make more boy stuff.. such as absic shorts, etc I have a lil girl and have 2 boys and I end up just trying to find something to adapt! I love the boy patterns we have on here now but we need some more…

  45. Tricia

    I love the filled tutu! I think it would be great for a flowergirl in an outdoors wedding. I also like the pillow pals. It would be great for my kids and myself!


  46. jessica

    CONGRATULATIONS for being awarded for outstanding website… its so true i knew a chick that does boutique selling and sewing and would ask her how she does it, but it was like pulling teeth she would never tell me anything so i stopped asking her and decided to do some research. and thats how i found yall, u were one of the first sites that came up. thats when i realized it was fate. I luv everything that u do, so keep up the good work, yall r AWESOME.
    Jessica B.

  47. lorieatyoucanmakethis

    Hey Kim…

    My favorite has to be the crayon apron–I think I’ll be making that for the teachers at my daughter’s pre-school. Couldn’t be a more perfect gift for the holidays!


  48. The reversible crayon apron is darling! I wish I had thought of it. I also loved the Edith Twirl Skirt. (Of course, I love Heather Bailey’s fabric lines). Now I just wish I had a little girl to sew for!


  49. love the crayon apron! and the whole fall set-up on the home page!!! yes, i want the edith twirl skirt too – so cute!! i just got some fabric from jona a couple weeks ago. 🙂

  50. i love the filled tutu! how fun would that be to make??

  51. Heather B

    I love the filled tutu. I have always done the tied ones and they take forever. I also had seen them embelished but never filled like that. A very cool idea.

  52. After I read the newsletter I just had to click on the filled tutu to find out more! I am amazed by that, and the extra 40 recipes! So fun!

    And, I just love the crayon apron. So cute and creative! It got added to my wishlist! 🙂

  53. Allison S

    I love the nappy mat! So cute and would be great to just keep in the living room for those popcorn and movie nights at home!

  54. dina

    I love the ladybug purse and the apron! What a cute idea on both accounts. I can’t wait to see what else is in store!

  55. I LOVE the crayon apron! ADORABLE!

  56. Tina

    I just discovered the “Boutique Secrets: Not Just for Designers” ebook and I am very interested in learning some new techniques that will make my projects have a more polished look

  57. Wendy Hillman

    I can’t wait to bling a T-shirt for my daughters with the Halloween “Spooktacular Bling Patterns” that were featured in the newsletter. They will have the cutest treat bags in the neighborhood!


  58. I can’t wait to get the ebook Organize Your Sewing Space. With 2 embroidery machines and a sewing machine and all the stuff that goes with them, I could really use some help. It looks like it is a great book with great information!

  59. lenna

    The crayon apron is a great idea to make for myself. In my sewing room my layout is big enough so I can spread things out enough but I always leave things behind and have to go and get them from the other table. If I can make this and alter some of the pockets to fit bigger items then this will be a great idea. Also my kids teachers use alot of over head makers and dry erase markers and They are also running around looking for them. I think they would enjoy one as well. Thanks

  60. Irma

    Love the crayon apron. It will definitely be on my Christmas list for several gifts.

  61. Cherie

    Hmm…I’m having a hard time deciding. I think I’ll just buy them all!

  62. Carlita Justus

    I think the felt food is sooo cute! I would love to know if anyone has made one of the sets. Is it easy? and fast? Do you think some of them will be in bundle packs soon? I am having a hard time picking just one! haha

  63. dorothy l

    i love the crocheted monkey purse so cute. I just love this site

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