Sneak Peek at Twirls for Girls 2008!

So I thought it would be fun to give you all more of a “behind-the-scenes” look at what happens here at YCMT. Today I am working on the finishing touches of our new “Twirls for Girls” campaign that we started last year.  We are working in conjunction with the Toys for Tots program and appreciate their support of this project! 

What little girl doesn’t want to dress up her new dolly, right? Well, for all those dolls that are donated each year to the Toys for Tots program, we are encouraging people to sew and donate tiny twirls, too! Those twirl skirts are matched up with dolls so that little girls all over can have something extra special with their gifts this year.

Last year Carla C made an amazing patchwork twirl pattern for all of us to use. This year we have worked together to make a very simple wrap skirt that only takes 2 fat quarters of fabric (You’ll be able to get 2 skirts out of that — one to keep, one to share… both to share… you name it!) 🙂  It is soooo sweet!!  Both patterns will be available for free on the site so you can make and donate them to your local areas.  All of the details will come out in tomorrow night’s newsletter, but hey, why not share with you a photo!? 🙂 

I am so excited! Let’s hope for A LOT of tiny twirls being donated this year!! SWEET!!!


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  1. holly

    i love these patterns and i love helping out at christmas. thank you so much for your hard work and for sharing these patterns.

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