A DIY Challenge…THRIFTY under 50!

This is for all of those who have even a tad of DIY in them!! This is the beginning sequence of a challenge we’re issuing! And it’s just in time for the holidays!  We’re not revealing the ENTIRE challenge quite yet…but here’s a few hints to get you guessing…

Want to know more? 🙂



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201 responses to “A DIY Challenge…THRIFTY under 50!

  1. Sounds like fun! I’m ready to know more.

  2. I want to know more! I love a challenge, especially with the likes of the sewing divas from YCMT!!


  3. margaret

    Wow what an awsome Idea, I love doing the whole handmade christmas each year but it can get really expensive.
    I will so be entering and if i dont make it as one of the finalist look forward to borrowing the ideas everyone comes up with ; )

  4. Can’t wait! I love to sew, and I love to be thrifty! What a perfect combination!

  5. I try to DIY every Christmas! What could be more special:) And on a budget…even better! that’s my kind of challenge. i can’t wait to hear more!

  6. Rachel

    Oh, this sounds fun. I can’t wait to know more. Whatever it is, I’m sure it’ll be wonderful coming from YCMT.

  7. Megann-N-Middle-TNC

    I love a challenge. And Thrifty should be my middle name. I shop bundles for clothing and accessories. Count me in. Tell me more…

  8. Oh this is right up my alley! Can’t wait to find out more!!

  9. What a great combination of three things I love: a challenge, creating things and being thrifty! Can’t wait to hear more and I’d love to participate!

  10. This sounds like fun! I’ll be watching for more details. I always try to do alot of handmade Christmas items but am always up to a challenge of doing it for less.

  11. Christine

    This definitely sounds like fun. What a great idea. Sounds like the perfect challenge. I’ll be watching closely over the weekend.

  12. Sivje

    Yes!! I want to know more too! And I always love a challange!

  13. Peggy Gorman

    I want to know more ,sounds like fun

  14. Connie T

    Tell me more?

  15. Cheryl W

    Great idea! Do tell! Please please please!!!!!!

  16. LeAnna

    I wanna know more…it’s tradition for me to make some of my gifts for the holidays. Count me in.

  17. Kristina S.

    I definitely want to know more!

  18. Can’t wait to hear more, would LOVE to play! 🙂

  19. Stacey

    I would love to join in!! Sounds like FUN!!

  20. Sarah in Germany

    Count me in! It is getting harder (and therefore more expensive) to buy for Christmas every year. I can’t wait to see what you all come up with!

  21. Lotta

    I’d love to know more about this challenge!

  22. This is awesome! I can’t wait.

    BTW- EVERYONE come and enter my giveaway!! You can win a YCMT e-book!


  23. I do so love a challenge! Can’t wait to hear the details!

    Dana in IN

  24. Looking forward to a new challenge! Can’t wait to see what you guys are up to!

  25. Deb K

    I love making home made gifts for Christmas. But it can get sooo expensive. Tell us more!!!!

  26. Judy P

    My Mom & I use this as a time to be together plus make Christmas gifts. We have been doing that for a few years now, so we’re always looking for new reasonably priced gifts to make.

  27. Karen

    Sounds interesting, can’t wait to find out more. Love a challenge

  28. leslie d.

    oooooh!!! I can’t wait!!! I wanna know more!!! 🙂

  29. Trish

    Sounds like fun! You’ve definitely got my curiousity up!!!

  30. Ok, I really want to know more … of how I hate being out in the dark about things like this. Please help us all see the light … SOON! 😉

  31. Tay

    Ok, Ok, tell me more! I’m up for a challenge, and this one sounds exciting.

  32. O.k. this sounds fun. I want to know more.

  33. The suspense…I need to know 🙂

  34. Vickie

    This sounds great! I’ve done homemade gifts for years, but I’d love some fresh ideas!

  35. Tammy

    Sounds like fun! I can’t wait to hear more!

  36. Jenny

    I’d love a challege and can’t wait to find out more

  37. Barbara

    I’m ready for a challenge. sounds interesting. Bring on the details.

  38. Gail

    I love to be creative so I would love to hear more about it. Can’t wait…Well…..Still Waiting!

  39. I love to sew. Can’t wait to find out more.

  40. Kimber Medley

    I’m fired up, ready to go! Bring on the challenge!

  41. Debbie

    sounds good…tell me more 🙂

  42. Kristi

    I am up for it! With my family growing by leaps and bounds I need all the help I can get to save money. I have always been a DIYer but it is getting harder to come up with cute creative ideas for the perfect gifts. Any help on that front is always a big plus.

  43. Dianna

    Yes!! Tell me more! My budget is super tight this year. I need help!

  44. Tom

    I am up for a challenge. Let me know more!

  45. Alexandra

    Ladies, let’s get started! Christmas is not far away ;-))

  46. Janet

    Yes – I want to know more!

  47. Donna

    this has me intrigued for sure! I want to know more. 🙂

  48. I can do a lot with $50. Sounds great! I can’t wait to learn more.


  49. Kim

    Im totallly IN! With 3 kids I like to make things and make them cheap! Bring it on girls!

  50. Would love to hear more. Sounds fun!!

  51. Sarah

    A challenge?? Bring it on! Can’t wait to find out more….

  52. Krista

    Count me in!
    Can’t wait to learn more.

  53. OKay..I want to know MORE! LOL!

  54. Patti

    I’m curious…count me in!

  55. Curious, very curious!!!!

  56. Carol

    Oh you’re killing me! I need to know. LOL 🙂

  57. I cant wait for this one! I try to make as much as possible for Christmas so I can save money especially with a family of 6! Can’t wait!!

  58. I definatly want to know more!!! 🙂

  59. Ann

    Oh, I love a challenge! Count me in!

  60. Kim

    I’m very intrigued! Hurry, times a ticking! This sounds like fun.

  61. Melanie W.

    so fun! I check the site several times a day! Looking forward to the big reveal!

  62. Danielle Griffin

    I want to know more!!!!!!! Sounds like fun!!!

  63. Jessica

    We’re definitely doing thrifty this year! I’d love to know more!

  64. Linda V

    I would love to learn more about this. My experiences with YCMT have been fabulous.

  65. Amy

    Sounds great to me!

  66. Lauren

    I’m a coupon clipping, bargain finding, clearance sale shopper who loves to DIY! I can’t wait to hear more!!

  67. lisa

    Sounds fun!!! Let’s hear more.

  68. Bridget

    This is the right idea at the right time. With five children to provide Christmas for and a very limited budget, thrifty is a must! Please count me in!

  69. Danielle

    Ohhh I want to know more!!

  70. Amy N.

    I REALLY need to keep costs down this year…I already told everyone to expect handmade gifts…can’t wait to know more!!!

  71. N

    cool so when can we sign up?

  72. I’m very curious about this. DIY is such a great idea in these hard economic times and I’m ready to refresh my craftsy side!

  73. Gayle

    For sure need to be Thrifty!!! Would love a challenge!!! Seating on the edge of my seat waiting to hear more………..

  74. Gosh! I saw fifty and THRIFTY and you had me hooked–I’m all about economizing and maximizing when it comes to the holidays! (Really, I’m just cheap but that “maximizing” word sounds so much nicer, doesn’t it?)

    YCMT, you’ve got me on the edge of my seat–I want to know more!

  75. Sandi

    I would like to know more!!!

  76. Nancy

    PLEASE don’t make me wait – I love a challenge!

  77. Glenda

    I can’t wait…………..Count me in on this one. Everyone is after me to make them gifts this year since I started sewing again. This will definitely help on the family budget. I can’t wait!!!!!!

  78. AAAGGGHHH, you’er killing me, what is it ? Can’t wait to read more.
    I love a good challenge

  79. linda rose

    I’m definitely in! I’m the queen of thrifty in my circle…you name it, I’ll find a way to be thrifty about it! I’ve even got a list made up of projects to be made for Christmas already! Can’t wait for more details!!!!

  80. Sandi

    Sounds fun! Can’t wait to hear more. 🙂 This is going to be my first handmade Christmas and thrifty would definitely be better! 🙂

  81. Vicki S

    I can’t wait to hear more !!!!!!

  82. carol

    sign me up… can’t wait for more details… 🙂

  83. Kathy

    I’m curious too. Please tell us more.

  84. Melissa

    Oh- I would like too!

  85. Carey

    I would love to know more!! This challenge is giving me hope that I can give gifts & not have it cost a fortune!! We simply can’t afford a lot at all this year. Can’t wait for more details!!!

  86. Mindy

    OK the suspense is killing me! I can’t wait to find out more! Sounds like so much fun!!!


  87. tanyat

    This sounds great.. Cant wait to find out more…

  88. Pam

    I would love to know too!! I have 9 grandkids and anything to save money is a great idea.

  89. kag

    Sign me up. We just had a really expensive last minute funeral to attend so Christmas is going to be tighter than expected.

    Sounds great.

  90. Amy

    I can’t wait to hear more!! I have a big list of crafy Christmas gifts to make and I’d love a few more ideas.

  91. Kim

    I love to be thrifty, and in these more difficult times, sewing is a great stress relief and chance to get be thrifty as well. Can’t wait to hear more.

  92. I cannot wait, tell me more, tell me more!!!!!!!

  93. Joye Starnes

    I WANT TO DO IT…..thrifty is deffinnitley my name this christmas.
    Im a single mom living on a small amount of child support getting by while in school full time

  94. April A.

    I hope you’ll let us all know, and not just 50! We have 5 kids, so I am all about thrifty, and I am teaching my kids to sew/craft as well. This can get pricey! This challenge is right up my alley!

  95. Love this idea! I try at least one new craft or sewing project every Christmas. I have to be thrifty because we are on a limited income and I have a large number of family and friends I want to give something nice to at Christmas and for special occasions. Would love to take part in the challenge since I have plenty of time to create as I sit around waiting for a liver transplant. Combining crafts is also a fun and challenging way to exercise many skills at one time.

  96. Pam

    What a tease! Can’t wait for more details. Could be really fun to see what others are thinking and doing.

  97. Crystal

    I can’t wait to hear more. Saving money on gift giving time is what I am looking for this year.

  98. Susan

    I too am excited to learn more. I too am very thrifty, love reconstructing things from the thrift store, etc.

  99. Erin

    Do tell! I can’t wait to find out what it is 😀

  100. Can’t wait to know more about this challenge! I love doing homemade Christmas gifts – but it’s always nice to be able to do them more economically!

  101. Leslie

    Very Cool! Sounds like fun, I’ll be checking in over the weekend to hear more details!

  102. Jennifer

    Count me in! I’m new to this website, but up for the challenge!

  103. This would be brilliant – I just read $100 dollar holiday by Bill McKibben…$50 would be even better!!

  104. Erika

    Love to know more! I’m in!

  105. can’t wait to see what is all up for the DIY, creative Christmas is so much fun!!

  106. Kaga

    I make a lot of my gifts every year and never even get close to $50 a gift. Maybe $50 for all of them. Bring it on!

  107. I love the thrill of getting a bargin. Whether it’s the clearance rack or making something fabulous for a fraction of what it would have cost to buy it. Definately count me in!!

  108. Jennifer

    Sounds like fun, can’t wait to hear more.

  109. I’ve never done a YCMT challenge…..’bout time I did!

  110. Peggy

    DIY gift are from the heart I thought they were the only kind whether it is making the gifts, decorating cookies or dressing up the house before the kids get into their DIY holiday outfits. Tell us more I cannot stand the waiting!

  111. Amy

    You guys are brilliant! I just attended a workshop on handling the stress of the holidays. Two things they emphasized, Spend less and make sure you do something therapeutic (like sewing) for yourself. But I love to multi-task, so spending less, crafting, and knocking out a few gifts so I don’t have to fight the holiday shopping mobs, works great for me!

  112. Denise

    I’m game…we have been thrifty with less for Christmas…I think this challenge would be fun!!!


  113. Rene

    Can’t wait to find out more!!!

  114. Cindy

    I’m all about saving money and a challenge!!!!!!!! Can’t wait

  115. I would love to be part of this. This year has been rough for us with Our 12yo having heart surgery. The money for bills and dr. visits isn’t there so of course there isn’t money for christmas Gifts. I have a large family (3 brothers, 3 SiLs, 3 Nephews, 3 neices, and I have 3 children myself & of course my parents, and my MIL). I would love to be able to still give them some gifts.. and I love new projects. This would allow me to do something and feel better about myself.

  116. It is going to be a thrifty holiday at my house, so count me in. I LOVE to sew and make stuff.

  117. Kendra

    It sounds interesting. I’d like to see something soon about this.

  118. I’m curious, I sure am. I want to make handmade gifts for my nearest and dearest this year without blowing the budget, and without being cheesy either. So I am definitely interested in this contest!

  119. Alison

    Ohhhh! Game on! Give us the details! I’m always up for a bargain and I love to make a lot for a little!

    Handmade all the way this Christmas!

  120. Betsyl

    I LOVE DIY Christmas. This sounds wonderful. I can’t wait to find out more!!

  121. Leslie

    Such teases!! Looking forward to learning more!!

  122. Sounds like fun, can’t wait to hear more about it!

  123. Kaysie

    The suspense is killing me!! I wanna know! Please? Please?

  124. Nicki

    A Challenge?!!? Thrifty is my middle name….LOL!! Can’t wait to see more.

  125. Amy

    I am in. I would love to participate.

  126. I was just thinking about this while washing dishes! Handmade and Homemade are always the most special gifts! My DH’s side there are 14 kids, plus we pick one person for secret santa out of the adults, on my side there are ten kids plus sisters and dh’s, and you can’t forget M&D-IL’s and parents! This should be fun!

  127. Oh my goodness. How exciting is this. I can not wait to participate. Count me in.

  128. Daniela

    Sounds fun! I am always up for a challenge!

  129. Ooh – that sounds like fun! We’re already planning on thrifty, attempting to be homemade and creative holidays this year. I can’t wait to see what’s being offered.

  130. Jamie

    OOOOO!! I can’t wait to no more. I am in if I can be. I loooove a thrifty challenge!

  131. Yea – Sounds like fun… Count me in…

  132. Would love a great challenge! I would like to know more 🙂

  133. Ginny

    Can’t wait to see what this is about! Can’t to know more about it! Looking for a exciting challenge!

  134. Patty

    Ooooh- I can’t wait to hear more!
    This sounds like a super fun challenge!

  135. J-me

    A CHALLENGE…I’m up for a CHALLENGE! When do we start!!!! Can’t wait to learn more about this CHALLENGE! Hurry up, lets get started already. Lets get our creative juices flowing for the Christmas season.


  136. Adi C

    I would love to be a part, from what I’ve read so far. I’m currently out of work, so I really need to stretch the budget this holiday season.

  137. I love a Challenge!! I am ready for the details!! Bring it on!! 🙂

  138. Shawnda

    I love DIY projects and am always looking for great gifts. Count me in.

  139. YEAH!!! I am excited and ready!!! Tell us more please!!!

  140. Wendy Hillman

    Ooh, the curiosity is killing me! I can’t wait to find out what it is!


  141. Sherri

    I think we are all getting to that point. While we are doing ok financially right now (not rich by any means) I know we need to really start watching what and how we spend. Being a military family we have met lots of friends and most of them have become family. We send out tons of cards and have lots of little ones to gift! I am trying to stretch between family, friends, Toys 4 Tots and other charities for church. I am SO up for a challenge to stretch the money this year! Count me in.

  142. Cathie

    I love this site….You Can Make It….Tell me moreeeee, Pleaseeee!

  143. I would love to be part of this!!! Tell me more!

  144. Kim

    I’m in for a challenge…tell me more, I’m more than ready!!

  145. Tina

    Excited to find out more! I’m typically thrifty but this year I am looking to find a way to make Christmas more meaningful and less material. My oldest daughter is 2 1/2 and we feel this year should set the tone for how our family celebrates the season.

  146. Erin

    I can’t wait to hear more!

  147. Heather

    I would DEFINITELY love to know more! I have a family of 8, and also nieces and nephews to make things for. I need more arms and more hours in the day! I always say, “I am going to start early this year” but never get into the mood until the Christmas season hits…Please let me in on what you know! 😉

  148. Sounds great, tell me more!

  149. Esmerelda

    I am so out of touch. I thought $50 was expensive for a gift.

    I can’t wait to get the details – I love a good challenge, but not the kind when it’s a challenge to get the details… Now I’m just impatient!!

  150. Patti B

    I would love to join in. Being crafty is so fun but can be so expensive.

  151. Paula Smith

    Tell us more!

  152. “Thrifty” is my middle name! I live for it! 🙂 I can’t wait to find out more…would love to take on the challenge! ….OHHH…the Suspense! Tell us more!!!!! 🙂

  153. Kellie

    Would love to be part of the “50” DIYers

  154. Nicky

    Great challenge. We have 5 young children and lots of relatives and friends.

  155. Lisa

    I’m ready to get some holiday gifts wrapped and ready to go

  156. Jen

    This is Perfect!!!! I hope it includes a little bit of everything – sewing, scrapping, etc… because I really want to ‘mix it up’ this holiday for the homemade gifts!!!!

  157. LInah

    Can’t wait to hear what it is, I can definately use ideas for ideas that are inexpensive, and if they are easy to make that will be even better.

  158. Sandra

    I am really interested in this! Anytime that I can use my hobby to help save money I’m for THAT!!!

  159. Judea

    That is the plan for Christmas. I want to save as much money as I can without appearing to my friends and loved ones that I love them any less$$$$ Count me in.

  160. Jaclyn

    Can’t wait to hear more!

  161. Sounds like GREAT fun! I’m always looking to make great products at even GREATER prices! Coupons our my families BEST friends!

  162. Stacy

    Tell me more, tell me more,
    Was it love at first sight?
    Tell me more, tell me more.

  163. I would love to more. I am just starting to have fun with my sewing machine. I love trying new things. 🙂

  164. Oh I’m really ready for this one have 8 kids and 11 grandbabys throw it at me !! I am always trying to find a way to cut corners and make it work !!!

  165. Joni

    Awesome! I’m rolling up my sleeves!

  166. stitchesbysara

    Count me in! I always do handmade gifts as often as possible. Tell me more!

  167. Jennifer F.

    Great idea!! Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!!

  168. Kelly

    I want to know more!!!

  169. Clare Davies

    Tell me more!!!!!

  170. Juanita

    This sounds fantastic!! I love to make gifts, especially thrifty but nifty ones! I am in Virginia and would love to be a part of this.

  171. Debbie

    I’m in! I can’t wait to hear more details! Looking forward to it!

  172. Debbie

    I am so excited! I’m trying to do a lot of handmade items this year! It makes the holidays much more meaningful!

  173. Mishelle

    I am so in!!!! PLEASE!!!

  174. Leena B

    I soooo want to be a part of this! I love challenges! I have a great plan for DIY gifts this year and I’ve already started!! Count me in =)

  175. I want to be part of this challenge! Please tell me more!!

  176. Rachel

    I’m interested… tell me more!

  177. Heidi

    Me too, Me too!!!

  178. Brenda

    sounds intriguing. just hope it is easier than arriving at this spot. still haven’t a clue

  179. I’m curious! I want to know more. 🙂

  180. Danielle

    I would love to do this. We decided awhile back that this was going to be a “homemade” Christmas for us this year. Please count me in!

  181. VickiT

    I’ll be keeping an eye out for the details and ANY ideas to help me with my holiday sewing and embroidery projects.

  182. i’ve already started making *some* gifts, but i’m definitely interested in hearing more!!! 🙂

  183. I would LOVE to participate! I get so much joy out of making gifts for friends and family each year. Count me in on the fun!!


  184. I really love making gifts for the holidays! Count me in!!

    YCMT rocks!!

  185. mama4kids

    Yes! Yes! Tell me tell me… Or I could even start trying myself (which I had been planning already for the holidays).
    I am planning on making cross stitch ornaments, cards, and framed pieces for family and friends. Should only cost me $1.50 a frame, so I am estimating $45 total in costs. Yay me!

  186. allnineofus

    What a fabulous idea, I am excited to see what you have been up to and what I can make for Christmas gifts, when will we get more info? I am ready now!
    Thanks for the inspiration, I love to make things!

  187. Melissa

    I would LOVE to know more….count me in!

  188. Nancy Saller

    Yes, you bet, I’m curious! Let me know more!

  189. Karey

    PLEEEEEASE don’t keep us waiting!

  190. I am ready will and waiting! I do some form of DIY every year but this year am hoping to do all DIY! Tell me more and tell me soon please!!!

  191. leapinlilies

    Sounds interesting. 🙂

  192. holly

    i’m catching up on the blog this morning and i love this challenge. it’s the best ever.

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