Start Thinking “Outside” the Box…

If we are going to keep our budget low and yet still have some DARLING things to make and give this year, then you’ll want to start thinking “outside” the box. (Dare I say, “outside the GIFT box?” Ack…that was bad.) Anyway… 🙂

I’ll never forget the day when an “I Made This!” photo came into the site. This amazing mom took the Portrait Peasant Top & Dress and made THREE…yes THREE nightgowns for her 3 daughters from….you’ll never believe this…ONE bedsheet! Now that is cool.  To me, that is thrifty, yet the nightgowns turned out gorgeous. And the smiles on those little girls’ faces were PRICELESS. Oh, I love that.

Then I saw a mom who made the Patchwork Bucket Hat for her little boy out of….drumroll please….out of Kool-aid Pouches!! (Yes, they were empty!) 🙂  And wow, what a hat it turned out to be. VERY, very cool. Again, the smile on this boy’s face was priceless.

See, it’s not all about going out and buying the most expensive fabrics, (but I do love gorgeous fabric no doubt!) It is about looking for ways to think creatively, to dig into the stash that you already have, to find ways to repurpose items and give new life to them.  It’s about taking the TIME to really think about the person you are making something for and knowing them so well, that you know just the right gift to make them. It is THE gift that you CAN NOT WAIT for them to open up. You can’t wait to see the smile on that person’s face. And it is a gift that will be treasured, appreciated, and remembered.

The 50 people that will take on this challenge will need to think creatively. Your team leaders can help. And I’m most certain YOU will also be the ones teaching us.  Does your entire gift-giving list need to come under $50? No. Can you still go out and buy certain materials needed for a project? Absolutely. Some will have 25 people to make or buy for, while others may have 3. We know that every circumstance is different. If you can do your entire list under that price, then GREAT! But if even a portion of your list is handmade and under $50, AND you’re better off then you were last year, then that is…VERY cool.

“How to Apply” and “What’s In It For Me?” (besides being that super-cool person who took on a challenge and succeeded) comes out soon!  After all, we need to get working! Ahh…that’s part of the challenge! 🙂




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8 responses to “Start Thinking “Outside” the Box…

  1. It’s funny that you mention the bedsheet. I sent in a photo of my daughter twiriling in a dress that was made from a Goodwill bedsheet!

    Can’t wait to see what’s next!


  2. Glenda

    I love to recycle and I can’t wait to hear more…………

  3. Tiffany

    I’m so excited to hear all the details. It will be fun to see what everyone (including myself) comes up with!

  4. Shannon

    Putting my thinking cap on! This is going to be fun!

  5. Jeannette

    This is only beat by making “twirls for girls” what a great idea~

  6. I hate to toss any type of fabric. I take my big kids clothes to make things for my little Grandkids. Almost every time I make a quilt, I try to add in some recycled fabric.

    I never throw out any jeans…they can be turned into so many new things 🙂

  7. Kristi

    This is going to be awsome! I hope I am one of the lucky fifty. But if not I look forward to seeing the others go for it!

  8. holly

    this is so awesome. recycling and saving money totally rocks.

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