We’re looking for 50 people!

We know you’ve learned much through YCMT-TV, downloadable instructions, our free newsletter projects, freebies, and your own creativity. Now is the time to show what you know (and make gifts that are under budget in the process!)  

Does your entire gift-giving list need to come under $50? No. Can you still go out and buy certain materials needed for a project? Absolutely. Some will have 25 people to make or buy for, while others may have 3. We know that every circumstance is different. If you can do your entire list under that price, then GREAT! But if even a portion of your list is handmade and under $50, AND you’re better off then you were last year, then that is…VERY cool.

If you would like to participate, please fill out the form here.  We want to keep this simple and fun for you! If you’re interested, take a few minutes to fill this out and we’ll post who the 50 are THIS Tuesday! We look forward to “meeting” you!



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20 responses to “We’re looking for 50 people!

  1. OOOOOOHHHHH this is exciting!!

  2. Jeannette

    I am so to check this today instead of tomorrow! LOL

  3. Courtney Braddock

    How cool! Can’t wait to see who is chosen!

  4. Very cool concept. Should be exciting to follow along…but I sure hope I get picked. What fun!

  5. Adi C

    Wishing and hoping!

  6. Kristi

    I have my fingers crossed!

  7. Rachel

    I hope I wasn’t too late. I just applied. What fun, here’s hoping I make it!

  8. Carey

    I have checked about 100 times to see if the 50 were announced yet 😆 hoping & praying I make it! 🙂

  9. Karey

    I can’t wait to find out!

  10. Sarah in Germany

    I filled out my form. Hope to win a spot on the team!!

  11. Form is filled out and submitted!!! Thanks Kim for always finding new ways to motivate and encourage me! With the economy as slow as it is, I was already thinking of adding more bang for my buck with some homemade gifts for the kids. I can’t wait to be inspired!


  12. linda rose

    SUPER excited here! WHEN will we know for sure that we are one of the “lucky” 50????

  13. Debbie

    I just filled out my form. I hope its not too late.

  14. Jennifer

    I just filled out the form also. I know it is probably too late, but this sounds like such a great thing.

  15. I keep checking the blog to see if they have been posted lol. I am anxious to see who all was picked and to begin sewing for Christmas!!

  16. Leisel

    The suspense is killing me!!!

  17. I just tried to fill out the app but it’s closed. If you happen to need more participants, I would LOVE to join in.

  18. kag

    Hey!!! I was out of town for a funeral!! I didn’t get to apply!

    I am glad I can still be a silent participant!

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