WOW! What a response!

Thanks to everyone who filled out our application to be one of the thrifty 50! 🙂  We just closed the form so that we could go through all of the applications.  There are 332 people that filled out one and I WISH we could have you all!  Of course, EVERYONE can still “follow the 50” so you can be inspired on what to make for your gift-giving lists!

Stay tuned…we’ll make the post late tonight (it may be real late!) and contact you by email, too!

PS — Did I happen to mention that even those who are FOLLOWING the 50 people will also have a chance to win cool prizes? More on that later. 😉



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19 responses to “WOW! What a response!

  1. Courtney B.

    Yeah! Thanks for letting us know! Glad you had such a great response! Can’t wait to see who made the cut!

  2. Alicia C.

    How exciting. I’m dying to find out. Luckily I’m a night owl so hopefully I’ll be up when you post the 50! Thanks for letting us know.

  3. Erin

    Oh, I can’t wait to see who the Fifty are!

  4. Like Alicia, I’m a night owl too, but with at least a six hour time difference… I’ll have to see who the 50 are tomorrow. It’s already 11PM here.

    I’m excited to see what all you have planned for the 50 and the followers.

  5. Wow that was a huge response!!! I am sure it will be hard to pick just 50 🙂 Oh well, back to the machine for some more Twirls for Girls. Just finished one….. Good luck to everyone who applied!

  6. Carey

    Wow!! That is a great response!!! Thanks for the update!!

  7. Glenda

    Can’t wait to see who wins…….even if I don’t win I’ll be sure to follow along and see what I can do for 50 for 50…………………..Sewlong…………………

  8. momtastic stitcher

    oooo i am anxious with anticipation

  9. Leslie

    Can’t wait to see who made the cut!! I’ll enjoy following along!!

  10. dina

    WOW is right! That is an amazing amount of people…I can’t wait to see who gets picked! (I hope I’m one!)

  11. Thanks for the update! Wow, what a great response! Cannot wait to see who got in. Thanks!!!

  12. I am really looking forward to participating, whether I make it on one of the teams or I am following along at home. This has been such a motivator for me already! I can’t wait for the projects to start rolling in from all of these talented ladies!

  13. leslie d.

    I am so un-patienly waiting to find out who the lucky 50 are… 🙂
    I have, the blog, facebook and email programed in to my iPod so I can keep checking in where ever I go! LOL 😀
    Good luck everone! I will be following if not picked!

  14. pookie

    This will be so cool. I can’t wait. My sewing machine in on the table waiting for me.


  15. WOW! Talk about a huge following! I have my hand raised up in the air RIGHT NOW, saying “OOOOooooo pick me, pick me!!!”


  16. I’ve been checking my email every 5 minutes all afternoon and evening! My fingers are crossed so tight I fear they will stay this way and put an end to my crafting! LOL!

  17. pookie

    I know I just checked my email too, it’s almost midnight here.


  18. Jeannette

    I too am waiting and wondering… just how does everyone define VERY LATE. 🙂 Good luck too all!

  19. holly

    i’m totally following along. wonder what the prizes might be…..

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