Things are Hopping!

These 49 ladies and 1 gentleman 🙂 are coming up with some fabulous ideas for saving! After all…they have to — with gift-giving lists as long as they have, they need to figure out how to keep a majority of those under $50! It definitely is a CHALLENGE.  It is a challenge they are excited about though and we’ll all be anxious to share our ideas with you over the coming weeks.  We’ll be compiling a list of how you can follow them and we’ll also provide team updates here on the blog!

So if you see a button like this on someone’s blog:

  or this one  

you’ll know they are 1 of those 50!  Next week we’ll provide a “Follow the Fifty” button that you can add to your blogs so that you can not only learn some very creative gift-giving ideas under budget, but you can also win prizes just by following along!

In the meantime, I have set a personal challenge for myself this week. I’m going to get 4 teacher gifts done by Thanksgiving! That’s in one week, but in years past I have always put it off till the last minute. Why tell you this on the blog? So I actually do it!  Nothing like a little pressure, right?  It’s also not going to cost me a dime.  I’m going to use this free download here.  I have PLENTY of scrap fabric I can use. I’ll check my ribbon stash but if I had to, I know I can buy a spool of ribbon for under $2. Worst case scenario: I would have spent 50 cents per project.  I’ll let you know how I do.  I *might* change the words to something about being a teacher (I know a little something about that having been a 4th grade teacher! :)) or I may just keep the Home for the Holidays theme.  If you hand-embroider, the pattern is also in that book. If you machine embroider, you can find the free download at our sister site, SWAKembroidery.






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10 responses to “Things are Hopping!

  1. I am thinking of making something similar for the teachers and using a teacher comment. I found some more free ones here that are pretty cute…

  2. I am loveing that red and blue combo!!!

  3. Krista Fields

    Very cute! These would also be great with messages for the outside of the door such as ~

    Baby’s sleeping
    (oh I can think of at leat a dozen more to go with this theme.) Hang on the front door so visitors don’t anounce their arrival too loudly.
    On interior doors~

    Ally Cat’s Domain ~ Meow (pet’s room or in our house it would be our daughters nick name)

    Mrs. Fields Welcomes you to room 7

    Teacher’s Bathroom

    Boo Boo Releif
    Mommy magic pain relief pillow
    Just add a big bandaid to the front (personalize optional) ~ Add a pocket large enough to lold a small ready freeze pouch or reuseable icecube. Then hang it on the fridge for the next bump or bruse.

    OK I’m going to stop here otherwise my mide will keep going and going and going.

    Boy I need some e-book from You Can Make This About About being PC savey, And how to write an e-book (the right way), Wed site design (I’d love to blog and share and perhaps sell a few thing along the way). Just some thoughts

  4. Tiffany

    I also love the red and blue “different” touch for the holidays. Thanks for the inspiration. I am going to get started on my teacher gifts as well. I was just trying to figure out what to make. What a blessing your “challenge” was. I even found some great sayings on the SWAK site for Christmas. I love your idea for changing the saying to more teacher related. I may use that in the future. Since I work at a Christian school I think I wil use the Let us Adore Him saying. Thank you Kim and YCMT!!

  5. Missy

    I look forward to reading more about the 50 Thrifty group.

  6. pookiemoon

    good luck with your 4 gift goal…GO KIM!

  7. Kim, great idea, I might make a few of these myself. And they’re free? Wow, that actually fits in my budget! 🙂
    I have plenty of scrap fabric, I’ll just need to get some filling.

    Check out my blog to see my goals as one of the thrifty fifty!

  8. Shannon Dillard

    Yes I am guilty of last minute gifts for sure. This is great inspiration to get started NOW! Good thing our children don’t have the same teachers because I am thinking of doing the same door hanger. 🙂 The price is right!

  9. alishasays

    I can’t wait to make some of those! They are so cute. And with money tight this year, I need as many things like this to make as I can get!

  10. holly

    so, did you get the 4 done?

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