Follow the Fifty…and Win!

I am so impressed with the ideas this group of 50 have for saving money and making their gifts!  I can’t wait to have you see what they’ve been up to!  They are truly stretching their dollars AND their stash! And it may not be what you think is your “typical” stash either. They are finding ways to repurpose items they already have, and oh my, the results are amazing! One member of my team, Kristina,  has already made 21 gifts for a grand total of $6.77! 

Beginning Monday, December 1st, each team leader will post updates on how their teams are doing. Want to follow along? Here are 2 buttons to choose from and the details! (The buttons can be linked back to





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81 responses to “Follow the Fifty…and Win!

  1. Tiffany

    I can’t wait to follow. I have already been inspired by Kim to start on the pillows for teachers. Thanks!

  2. I’m definitely following you guys!

  3. I’m following! I can’t wait to see what everyone is making 🙂

  4. I’m following! Posted today on my blog (, and also about Toys for Tots.

  5. Georgi

    I’m ready to follow! Hope I can keep up 🙂 Thanks!

  6. I’m following too!! I added the button to my blog. 🙂

  7. terrajones

    I’m following too! I’m ready to get inspired! Button is on my blog!

  8. Yeah! This is SOOO fun! PLEEEEEASE do this again next year so that I can try again to get on a team!!!!

  9. Erin

    I added it to my blog as well.
    I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!

  10. Following the progress… button is on my blog

  11. Karey

    I will be checking back on this!

  12. Jennifer Fraunfelder Mobile, AL

    Im definitely following the thrify 50. I posted to myspace, so far and am on my way to find my blog link (i know, i cant keep up with that site for nothing. LOL) and then I am gonna post to facebook. Will post the other links when i get the buttons up and linked back.
    Jennifer Fraunfelder from Mobile, Al

  13. Leslie D

    How do i ad the link to a myspace page… i can get a pic on there with photobucket but havent figure out how to link it back to the blog…… can some one please help me?

  14. val

    I’m following the 50, and put the button on my blog

  15. The button is on my blog, and I’m ready to follow (which is something I usually try NOT to do!) 😉

  16. I’m following! It will be so exciting to see what everyone makes…

  17. I put the button on my blog too! Can’t wait to see what everyone makes!

  18. I’m a follower! I’m a follower! I love the ideas I’ve seen already. I hope I can do as well this year.

  19. Embellishaholic

    I’m following along too, especially so that I can help my dd make some inexpensive gifts for her friends. Great idea!

  20. Sarah

    I’m following! Anybody know how to post it to facebook??

  21. Judea

    I am following and in the meantime my daughter and I are making lots of cute outfits for Toys for Tots using the new wrap skirt pattern. So easy to follow and so cute.

  22. Sandy

    I’m following along. Like Sarah , how do you post to facebook?

  23. Sandy

    I’m not sure my post went through., but I’m following and telling everyone about the site.

  24. Susan

    I added the button to my facebook. It is fun to see what everyone is making!

  25. linda rose

    I’m following along too…I really need to get cracking on my gifts too!

  26. Michele

    Hello! I think this is a fabulous idea!!! I have a question, though. I’m wondering how to put the button on my blog. Usually when I add buttons to my blog, there is a code given that we copy and paste into our HTML section which makes the button appear. Then, when anyone clicks on the button, it will take them to your site. What is the code for your Thrifty 50 button?

    Thanks so much!!
    Michele R.(CA)
    Butterfly Whispers

  27. Carol

    I just fond the nifty fifty, but I definitely am following this now. Thanks

  28. Lynda T

    I’m following along too. I am going to use some ideas for the many birthdays I have coming soon too.

  29. Sherri

    I can’t wait to see more. I have lots of little gifts I have to give…and many littles add up to a lot if you aren’t careful. I know this will be soooo helpful.

  30. Ok, you’re really persuading me into making some wallets – they’re soo cute – but would people really want one – they ARE really cute…hmmm…- following the Thrifty Under 50.

  31. I’m really looking for something ..practical.. for teachers. …

  32. Wendy Hillman

    I’m so excited! I can’t wait to see what all they’re going to make, especially for under $50. This should be fun (and helpful!)!


  33. snulfers

    I’m following! These people are good.

  34. Hello. How fun! I am soo looking forward to what everyone is involved in…….

  35. Mona

    I think this will be so much fun. Excited about following the blog

  36. I’m following! What an adventure!

  37. leslie d.

    I’m following! Still haven’t figured out how to ad the button to myspace yet…

  38. oh! I blogged about it too, lol! AMAZING!

  39. Mindy

    I am defintiely following along! I am needing to pinch pennies and this is sooo helping! Thanks!

  40. Sonja

    I can’t wait to see what the fifty comes up with…this is sooo exiting…and please do it again next year..i also want to take part

  41. Kristi

    I am following it too! I can hardly wait to see what everyone comes up with.

  42. What a great idea, especially this year. I am definately following along!

  43. Julie Barkley

    I don’t have a website or blog . But, I would love to follow this blog how do i get updates through email when there’s a new post?

  44. Mary Lou

    I’m following you, I’m right behind you too.

  45. holly

    i’m following along. i posted the button on my blog too.

  46. Melanie

    I will be following along, too! I hope to get some great new ideas!!

  47. I’m following along, put the button on my craft blog ~

  48. Nancy

    I love it!! I’m adding the button to my facebook as soon as I figure it out. Suggestions, anyone?

  49. Teresa Pomerantz

    I am following and participating as I am one of the Thrifty Fifty- I am so excited to be taking part in this and there are so many neat ideas you are sure to get inspiration from some of them. My blog is

  50. I’m following! i put the button on my facebook. =)

  51. Tonya

    I’m a follower!!!!

  52. Could someone tell me how to add it to my facebook page?

  53. Camie

    I can’t wait to see what they’re doing! My family calls me the “Thirty Dollar Girl”…seems neary all of my my bargain shopping finds are 30 bucks…by the time I haggle them down that is. =) So this Thrifty under Fifty is right down my alley and I know I’ll find some great ideas to make gifts for under 30 bucks! LOL!

  54. Laura

    I’m following along and am TRULY impressed with what I’ve seen so far. Great work!

  55. I’m following you guys! I added the button to my blog here:

    I can’t wait to see what all everyone comes up with! 🙂

  56. I am following, too! I just added the button to my blog! 🙂

  57. I’m following! Can’t wait to see what you all come up with next!

  58. Jan

    I’m following!! I love this idea…and I love the fact that it is working!!

  59. I’m following. Thanks, everyone, for the great ideas and beautiful gifts!

  60. I’ve been following. Love what everyone is doing. I’m at home following surgery and wish I felt like making my Christmas presents. 🙂 Maybe I will be inspired to get out of my haze and do some work.

  61. I have added the button to my blog. I’m loving all the wonderful ideas!

  62. I have the button on my blog and am loving all the great ideas! Thanks to everyone involved!

  63. Pingback: Top Posts «

  64. I added the button to my blog.

  65. I love this site !! Thanks !!

    Just added you to my blog. Now..i’m gonna look for you in Twitter !!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Sorry… inserted wrong location for my blog.

    Thanks !!

  67. tamara

    I don’t have blog but I am still following- very talented ladies.

  68. Krista

    I’m following the group and I’m one of the fifty. Oh you really must keep watching. I’m surrounded by some very creative people. Prepare to be inspired. The talent, kindness, and desire to share are sure to bless you.
    Also I have always loved YCMT but now I can say beyond doubt that this is a one of a kind company. YMCT staff truely cares and there passion for our craft is contagious.
    Thank you YCMT!

  69. I’m following too! I am so excited about this!!!!

  70. I’m following! How exciting and FUN! I can’t wait to get inspired!!! YCMT is the best!

  71. I’m following! I’ve put the button on 3 of my blogs. 🙂 I love this!

  72. Hi, I’m following! But i’m not sure that my button will bring me back here! Maybe someone can help with that!

    Thanks for all ya’ll do at YCMT…you make me believe I truly CAN make these projects!

  73. Debbie

    I am following. But could someone please tell me how to add the button to my Facebook page? Thanks.

  74. Dina

    I am following the fifty! I even started a blog just so I could post the button!

  75. Elizabeth

    I am following and have added the button on my blog.

  76. I’ve been following and think I’m going to revamp my very dusty blog and do a major de-stash in the coming year. For now, I’m putting the button on my facebook page.
    This was such a great idea!


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