A Sneak Peek…



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24 responses to “A Sneak Peek…

  1. Heather B

    oh it looks so cute!

  2. Linda Rose

    OOO! I want one too!

  3. Jenn H

    Adorable! Perfect for Christmas.

  4. Wow – she’s (they’re) gorgeous!

  5. Kim when you said you were making a doll I thought it would be a little one. I like that you made her a big rag doll.

  6. ginnyM

    Kim – she is so sweet! Can’t wait!

  7. Lauren

    This doll reminds me of a doll I had when I was little (mine was smaller). I can’t wait to make one for my girls!

  8. Audry

    I LOVE it! I showed it to my Hazel Mae and she cant wait to have a doll that matches all of her appliqued clothes!

  9. Jennifer Fraunfelder

    What a cutie. Is this doll pattern available at ycmt? I so want to make this for my girls. Such a sweet doll and i love that she is a larger sized doll. Great for cuddling and playing dress up with. My girls want me to make them a gazillion (as Emily just stated, my 5 yo). Love it.. Great work
    happy Holidays, Jenn

  10. Dina

    The doll and the the sweet little girl are just adorable!

  11. OH this is SOOOO darling… I want one!

  12. sistertosisterdesigns

    So, so cute! I can’t wait!

  13. Autumn

    Oh I soo want this pattern. I hope it will be on the site soon. Both my girls saw the pic and already want one.

  14. Oh KIM! I am salivating! I pictured them as being smaller too!! This will be at the very top of my Fifty list! WOW!!!! Great job my friend!!!!


  15. pookie

    That is adorable I was planning on making a doll soon…
    yes, I thought they would be smaller too. LOVE IT!

  16. Karey

    I must make that doll. It is sew cute!!!!

  17. Bridget

    I love this, and so will my girls. When will it be coming out???

  18. ycmt

    Thank you so much everyone! What kind comments! You’ve really made my day!

    The pattern is now available here:


  19. Yeah!!! I just downloaded this pattern and cannot wait to get started on it!! It’s simply adorable!


  20. Jennifer Fraunfelder

    Yippee!!!. Im SOOOO excited. SHE”S HERE… I just got my email and the dolly is here. I just purchased her and am going to start on one tonight. Will share pics when im done. My girls are gonna love this doll for Christmas.
    Thanks for creating her. Hugs. and Happy Holidays.

  21. holly

    so precious. i love it.

  22. alishasays

    Oh my that is SO adorable! My girls MUST have! 🙂

    And it actually reminds me of a doll my aunt made for me when I was very little. I still have it. The eyes are “A’s” for the first letter of my name. And it has great hair like yours too! I still love that doll. I simply must make each of my daughters one of these!

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