Here’s what Team Kris has been up to!

Wow! What a week we’ve had! Each of us have been working hard behind-the-scenes to get the most “bang for our buck” with the thrifty 50 challenge! What a sweet challenge this has been. It truly has been more beneficial than what just lies on the surface with saving money. Here’s just some of the things we have been working on!

headband22   hats   beads1   ashxmaswear-19   bookmarks   button_flowers

I have been madly putting together a denim rag quilt to give to my DH for Christmas. The best part is that it has cost me 0 dollars! That’s right- nada! With old jeans I’ve been saving for years, I’m going to be able to make a quilt that does not have any batting or binding. I’ve been documenting my process on video and you can view it here. Yes, go ahead and tell me how fab my hair looks pulled back in a pony with no make-up on, but hey! I was on a long car ride and I was able to cut out 128 squares for my quilt! 🙂

Courtney has been blogging about her stash and I really love some of her thoughts about it.  I’m sure you can all relate. This girl has some great ideas for her list including one major project she hopes to finish tonight! You’re going to want to see what it is! And how in the world did Nikki make this popular-all-the-rage-look right now go from upwards of $60 to just $1.52 total?! Check out her blog HERE to find out and be sure to post your congrats to her!


Dawn has finished her first 2 projects- wallets for teacher gifts! Read all about her experience in making them and take a guess at how much she spent! How does about $1 for BOTH wallets sound? And her choice to use the stunning Amy Butler fabric makes them look like she spent a fortune! Then there’s Melissa, and this gal is on fire!  I can’t wait to see the mosaic birdhouses she’s making with some broken dishes. You’ll be able to view these and her many other projects here! Flower button pins, I Spy Bags…you name it! Go over there and cheer her on!


Rachel has been sewing up a storm! You know what she was able to do with 1 bed sheet she purchased on clearance? She used the free chef’s hat from YCMT and made 7 hats from the one sheet! Wowza!


And don’t forget to take a look at Rachel’s daughter’s dress she made for family Christmas pictures by repurposing a pair of jeans she bought for just a quarter! And speaking of darling Christmas outfits, you need to find your way over to Keri’s blog to see the TDF dress she made using patterns from YCMT! Go ahead and make her day by letting her know how adorable her daughter is!


Lauren had a great idea for some simple bookmarks to make with ribbon and buttons! She’ll take you step-by-step on how to put them together. So you’ll not only learn something new, but she has quite a sense of humor as well! You’ll love her take on “The Plan” for all of this. Oh, that girl cracks me up!


Now Crystal is a true supporter of everyone & has been very busy putting her list together. The only one she’s not sure about yet is what to make for her father-in-law. I’m sure she’d appreciate any input you might have! Heather has been making some beaded gifts to give and ornaments to hang. They’re beautiful! You’ll want to take a look! And Alison is working like crazy to put together something she’s never done before…a blog! Can’t wait to see what she can do! We’ll keep you posted!


OK, I know this post is becoming a novel, but I don’t want to leave you without giving a really quick tutorial on how to make twiggy, fabric-covered stars! Depending on the fabrics you choose, you can use these as holiday ornaments or even in a child’s bedroom! Your cost will be ZERO if you’ve got some extra sticks in the yard and fabric in your stash…and who doesn’t?! 🙂 So send the kids outside to collect some twigs and branches! Enjoy!



·         Strips of coordinating fabrics (app. 1” x 5”, but does not have to be exact!)

·         5 small branches for each star  ·         Hot glue gun and glue sticks


 Connect your fabric scraps by tying together in knots. You will now have one long fabric piece. Carefully wrap each stick tightly with fabric. Dab blue on at ends to secure. Continue this process until each stick is fully covered with fabric.




You’re just about done! Now finish off by tying one last fabric knot around each intersection! Wala! You’re finished! Tell us what you think! We’d love to see what you are making, too!




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10 responses to “Here’s what Team Kris has been up to!

  1. Courtney B.

    WHOO HOOO! Go team Kris!

  2. dawn

    Kris-Love the twiggy stars-this looks like a great activity to do with the girls. I know I have the fabric in my stash 🙂 Team Kris all the way!!!!

  3. I just spent the better part of the morning reading everybody’s blogs over at Team Kris. Wow! I’m amazed! Excellent work everybody. Thanks for all of the great ideas!

  4. Crystal

    Thanks for the star idea. Jenna needs a topper for her tree that’s in her room. This would look perfect on top and she will be able to make it herself.

  5. Kristi

    Wow! Everyone has been so busy! And everything looks amazing! Keep up the awesome work!

  6. holly

    team kris is on fire!

  7. alishasays

    Love it all!

  8. lorieatyoucanmakethis

    Cewl! Love that star–and it’s so nice of you guys to share it with us. Wow–look at all those squares–that’s multi-tasking if I’ve ever seen it. I’m off to look at the video…Keep up the good work!


  9. yay team kris!! I have loved this challenge so much, it has really made me think about my presents and what they mean to the people that I am making them for! This is going to be the BEST christmas ever, all thanks to YCMT and the Thrifty under $50 challenge!!!!

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