Team Carla Reporting In!

WOW! I can’t believe it is already December, and we are halfway into the challenge!   Team Carla has been a busy bunch, and I have lots of amazing thrifty creations to share with you tonight.  Without further ado, here they are:

Amber is a bundle of energy.  She has four little ones, but is still managing to plow through her gift list. amber

She made 10 of these great wellness packs for a little bit of nothing.  And check out the raglan she made from repurposed T-shirts and deep discount fabric.  I love the special details she added like the stripes on the arms and the pocket.  Her son is going to so thrilled to see those dinosaurs on Christmas morning!

Mellissa is mom of two and a true sewing superhero.   She wowed us with this wonderful basket of Wees.


I love how she used the detail in fabric to give a really ornate look.  Do you know how much these cost her to make?  Nothing!  She worked entirely from stash and didn’t have to buy a thing.  Head on over to her blog to meet these cuties individually.  She’s got lots of projects in the works, and an amazing blog in general, so check in often for updates!

Teresa is another mom of four who is a font of fun and thrifty ideas.  She is a photographer, and everything she makes is so visually appealing.  Her latest creations are tres yummy!  teresaI ladore the beribboned blankies and crocs, and the little hairbows are just the sweetest.  Check out her blog for lots of laughs and inspiration.

Monica is keeping us in stitches!  She is smart, funny, and thrifty (oh, and she can sew really, really well).  Something very important happened to her this week…she broke down and started MACHINE EMBROIDERING!!!  Life will never be the same.  monicaCheck out the cute flannel she’s working with right now.  It’s actually a queen sheet set that she picked up at Target for $19.99!  She’s made two pairs of girls size 6 jammie pants and tops, a size 4 jammie set, and three pairs of matching dolly jammie sets.  And she STILL has fabric left over, can you believe?  Visit her blog to find out what she is going to do with the remaining yardage.

Jennifer is another funny lady with great taste in fabric.  Look at these gorgeous cuts she has picked out for her projects.  jennifer

She is a homeschooling mama, so she is all about organization and fun.  Check out her blog to see her classroom.  It is such a perfect space for learning and creating.

Our other Jennifer (aka Jinkies) has a big list to fill, but is on top of it with lots of great gift ideas.  Her whole crew has had a bug 😦 , but that isn’t going to get in the way of her crafting.  She has a big order of fabric on the way, and is jazzed to make some duet aprons this week.

Carrie is just bursting with great, money-saving ideas.  She’s got excellent insight into sewing for tween boys (doesn’t get much harder than that)  because she has two of them.  She also has a beautiful little princess that she loves to deck out in pink (which translates to a predominance of pink in her fabric stash)!  Even her dog is ready for the holidays with a custom collar!carrie1

Laura is a talented jewelry-maker, and she has had lots of order this week – yay!!!  Once she gets her customers taken care of, she is going to knock out some fabulous gifts.

Our guy Tom has been organizing his stash and carefully planning his projects.  tom1 Are you ladies jealous or what???  Check out his blog to see more of his amazing fabric collection and read his hilarious encounters of the Cranky Quilt Lady.   His daughter’s teacher is going to be getting a gorgeous door hanger this year.  What a clever use of that beautiful stash!

Krista is another homeschooling mom with three girls.  She has lots of girlies on her list, so it is going to be so fun to see what she comes up with.  I do know that she is planning to make some of the adorable Kimberbell Kids dolls – YAY!

So what have I been up to (other than drooling over my team-mates creations)?   Well, all our talk of cleaning and organizing really had an impact on me.  I went a little crazy, in fact (check out my blog to see more of the big mess).  Everything is now nicely folded, and it is making the creative process so much easier!  carlaSo far, I’ve made a diaper bag from the Aivilo Pocket handbag pattern, a Ladybug shoulder bag, and two Duet aprons.   I still have lots work to do, but my fabulous team–mates are keeping me inspired!

Tune in next week to see more of our thrifty creations!




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12 responses to “Team Carla Reporting In!

  1. Kristi

    Everything is so Beautiful! Way to go everyone! Mr. Tom, Bless your sweet heart. I wish my husband understood that 1/2 yard just isn’t good and that I will need the other 2 1/2 yards for later. Keep up to good work! It looks like loads of fun!

  2. Melanie

    Keep up the excellent work!! Can’t wait to see more fun gift ideas!! I love homemade/handmade, there is nothing else like it in the world!!!

  3. Helen C.

    Wow! So inspiring. I so need ideas for my 9 yr old boy! Can’t wait to see what Carrie does next!

  4. Looks like Team Carla is doing an AWESOME JOB! I am off to read more on the blogs!

  5. Beautiful, inspiring and amazing – and instead of going out and creating, I’m sitting here reading all about it. We’ll have to change that.

  6. alishasays

    Wow! I love all of it! Especially the aprons!

  7. Can’t wait to see what she comes up with for the tween boys – I have one – HElp!@ :<) Funny how he says he would NEVER wear…something I sewed but when his younger brother get outfits….lol…He is into NFL pj’s now – what else can I do???

  8. Dawn

    What great ideas you all have. I loved reading your blogs. Great job team Carla!

  9. Jeannette

    As a new homeschooling mom myself, it is great to see others on YCMT! What great inspiration from everyone so far!

  10. Tamara

    I am not a blogger- I have no clue but I love all the ideas and would really like to know how to reply to each participate so they can share their ideas. Like Amber, I would very much like to know the know how for the spa set. Thank you,

  11. fantastic post.

    thanks for sharing.

  12. lorieatyoucanmakethis

    You guys have some absolutely gorgeous gifts made–I can’t get over those Croc’s! I’m very proud to be in the challenge with you all and I’m inspired daily by you. Nothing new here–Carla is an inspiration to anyone (even though she’s kind of nerdy) OK–you’re only going to hear this once, so listen up….Go Team Carla!

    Loranz (aka Lorie)

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