Thrifty Under $50 – Ve goina pomp u op!

Hello all from the team muscle–also known as Team Lorie.  Yes, we’re fighting all those girlie men and those manly women and we’re going to triumph to the sound of Queen-“Ve ah da champ yons!” 

But really, we’re having a wonderfully creative and choked up time over at Team Lorie on the Thrifty Under $50 challenge forums.  We have lots of wonderful ideas, many focusing on what we already have.  When you go to make holiday gifts, it would be so easy to just go to a store and buy new items–whether by manufacturer, or supplies to make the items.  I’m really proud that my team is going above and beyond to find those items around their houses that can be put to good use to make gifts.  Many of us have those UFO’s-unfinished objects–that aren’t costing us anything now because they’ve been gathering dust.  Well, Team Lorie is finding those and getting them finished – this year! 

One of the most wonderful gift sets we’ve seen on the forum is the handing down of the sewing tradition, with gift baskets made up from our own stashes.  Here are two lovely sewing baskets made for new sewers by Teresa and Mickey:







We have a few UFO’s posted–including a fabric book made from a panel from Carey (OK–who doesn’t have one of those? I do!), and a beautiful cowboy flannel quilt by Mickey:










  Here’s a really fun idea–put together favorite cookie or quick bread mixes from your own ingredients, put them into mason jars, and add some fun cooking items from the dollar store – these are by Teresa:




 Pookie is our resident paper craft expert and she’s made an “Explosion Box”….cewl!:



Here’s a great idea–Carey’s kiddos get toy horses every year, so she and her hubby made these corrals for them: 





 I can see making all sorts of doll house items for my kids with my stash–YOU CAN TOO!

 And, of course, my all time favorite Kimberbell Kids pattern (though starting to run second to the new dollies!) had to come out and get used again this year–this one has paid for itself with its versatility:





And, you oughtta hear all the other ideas floating around–dress up boxes, movie night blankets, decoupage, slumber-party-in-a-bag….we are rockin’ it over at Team Lorie. 

Before I go, I also have to say that we have just an amazing group of ladies and gentlemen in the Thrifty Under $50 challenge and we choke each other up daily with the sense of sharing and community we’ve established in these short weeks.  For me, the most cathartic thing that’s happening is the knowledge that I don’t have to run out and buy stuff-what I make will be treasured, and I’m handing down that thought to my girls.  This chalenge is all about being thrifty, but it’s also about being GREEN and sharing of ourselves.  I’m proud to be in the group. 

Ok, all you girly men–get out there and lift those fabrics, stretch those dollars, run those sewing machines, and work out all those ideas you’ve had–PUMP!


Loranz (aka Lorie)



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8 responses to “Thrifty Under $50 – Ve goina pomp u op!

  1. Wow! I’m shaking in my boots! 🙂

    You guys have some amazing ideas!!!!

  2. Shelli

    Lorie, my friend!

    Your team is a rockin! I’m jealous–I want in! 🙂 But all the reports of how resourceful everyone has been is really inspiring! I find myself tempted to run get the newest fabric from my fav fabric shop (yeah–you out there with a fabric addiction know what I’m talking about!), but then I stop short, and remember that I have sooo much to work with. And I’m finding fun ways to use what I have without spending another dime! Just today, I cut out the darling Katelyn Tween Skirt from Patchworkids, along with the TDF Bucket Hat from Carla C and Starbright Designs—all from 4 coordinating fat quarters of fabric I had in my stash. Yes, Lor, I am pumped! Tomorrow comes another bucket hat and I HAVE to make those chef hats for my girlies that love helping out in the kitchen.

    Keep up the fine work, ladies (and gentleman)! Can’t wait to see more!

    Shelli C.

  3. swakembroidery

    Lorie and Team- You guys are awesome! I was so inspired by reading the blog tonight. I just LOVE the idea of handing down the gift of sewing to someone. Now how cool is that? And they were so beautifully prepared, too. Everything posted is looking really, really great. Way to go!

  4. Teresa Pomerantz

    Wow! you guys are doing great. Course Team Carla is going to be hard to beat- but your giving us some tough inspiring competition. Love the sewing basket idea!

  5. Teresa B

    YAY team Lorie!

  6. Debbie

    Awesome! I’m working on some of the personalized name pillows for my kids now.

  7. Kristi

    Everything is sew cute! I am just amazed at all the beautiful gifts! Keep up the awesome work!

  8. Melanie

    I just can’t believe all the great ideas I am getting from everyone!! Keep up the great work! And as I follow along, I am sewing away too! Trying to get as much made as I can without going to the store for gifts and/or supplies, I really wish I had been an actual team member, but maybe next year??!! Anyway, keep those sewing machines humming, and I will too!! Great work everyone!!

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