It’s a TEAM KIM Report!

What a FUN couple of weeks it has been! Not only am I learning new ways to stretch a dollar, but I’ve met some new cyber-friends through this process, too. Their enthusiasm inspires me and I hope you’ve been inspired, too.  I’m excited to report on what the members of Team Kim have been up to.  And this is just the beginning! Wait till you see next week’s report! 🙂

Let’s start with the go-go-go girl herself…Kristina!  You won’t believe the amount of projects this gal can do…AND she happens to be a full-time student (getting her BA in Science on December 22nd!) and mom of two, too! So despite papers, homework, housework, and all, you’ll see this girl sewing up a storm on her blog.  Here are a few highlights! Oh, and as of today, Kristina has 54 gifts made for $42. Not too shabby, not too shabby.

Now Kat…well she’s the queen of rubber stamping first of all. Love her stuff.  She has made some great gifts for the teachers in her children’s life…school, religious, and piano.  I love how she personalizes things and you know that’s going to make those recipients feel pretty special. She used a dollar store frame and scrapbooking supplies she had on hand to create this framed gift. Then she put to use her super-power stampin’ skills and made the cutest notecards, too. She also made 3 chef hats for her nieces from the free Chef Hat pattern at YCMT.

I love Holly’s idea of getting organized.  Here’s what she said: “Yesterday I cut out: 4 duet aprons, 2 chef hats, 3 scripture cases, 1 little girl’s dress and 1 purse to match the dress. I like to organize my projects by putting them in a ziploc bag with a note inside saying which project it is, what size it is and if it needs anything special to go with it like a zipper or some buttons.” Great idea!  She has also been busy making some sweet-smelling ornaments.

Here’s the recipe she used:
3/4 cup ground cinnamon
1 cup applesauce
2 tablespoons ground nutmeg
1 tablespoon ground cloves
straw and ribbons

Mix together and roll out between wax paper. Then cut or use cookie cutter, if making ornaments, poke hole with straw, if making magnets glue magnet on back when dry. They are supposed to take 2-3 days to dry, and they are still moist after 1 day.

Despite having 2 sick kiddos this week (and that certainly puts everything on hold, right?) Karyn was able to squeeze in some time to create a beautiful centerpiece for her mom. Isnt’ it gorgeous? Karen has a tremendous talent for graphic design. I’m excited to see what she’ll be coming up with in that area as well as others.

Ginny is a wonder woman in my book. She’s a mom and an avid promoter of Down Syndrome Awareness. I have really enjoyed learning  from her. Plus, she’s got another talent! She has been making chef hats, aprons, oven mitts, angel wings, and the cutest lil’ crowns and wands you ever did see. As a side-note, Ginny sits on the board of directors for the Down Syndrome Association. (I told you she’s a pretty neat lady!)

I love Alicia’s enthusiasm. She said it so well when she wrote: “Here I am now, blogging, staying up late (again), planning out all of the Christmas gifts I can make with the stash of supplies I already have on hand, stressing out about my December 15th deadline, and loving every minute of it! I can’t wait to get started creating and getting my Christmas presents done early this year!”  That is so true! Even though the deadline is less than 2 weeks away, I think all of us are loving every minute of it.  Alicia is a creative thinker and I love her idea of trading services — you see, Alicia is a bow-maker (and a good one I think!) She wants to make chef hats and put the child’s names on them, but she does not have an embroidery machine. So she found someone who does, and is looking at the idea of making bows for the one who is embroidering the names on the hats. Now that is SMART!

Danielle is a homeschooling mom and and mom of five children. Needless to say, she is a busy woman! She’s working on a blog and I’m excited for you to see what she is creating!

“Grandma Pam” has been embroidering like crazy and will soon have some photos of some cute bags she’s been working on!

Bridget is putting together some sweet gift sets for her daughters — I love when she said that she found her thoughts returning to the children and their gift wants and needs. So, she decided to start “where the heart is,” with gifts for her two youngest girls. Among the things she’d like to see under the tree for them is a chef set, complete with cake mixes, cooking gear from the thrift store, reversible crayon aprons, and chef hats. Sounds like a perfect gift to me!

As for me? Well, I’ve been sorting through the material I already have on hand and can’t believe the stuff that I’m seeing which was purchased…oh…let’s just say YEARS ago. (eek!)  Do you ever buy  fabric or notions knowing that you’ll use it “some day”. I think the time is here! 🙂

I did manage to get the teacher gifts done.  I used an apple applique by Starbright Designs and the free pattern for the holiday door hanger (and free embroidery design from SWAK).  To save money, I didn’t add the beaded trim and I used half of the ribbon the instructions called for.  3 of them are door hangers and one was made into a pillow itself.

I have some ideas for TWEEN gifts that I’m very excited about.  I gathered supplies yesterday and will be working on these tween gifts over the next few days, so I’ll be sure to post the pics and tutorials on making them.  My supplies for those sets include, scrap wood, scrapbook paper, ribbon, buttons, notepads, cardboard, modpodge, and sheet metal! Should be fun! 🙂



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12 responses to “It’s a TEAM KIM Report!

  1. Ann

    I love the door hangers, the doll is adorable and the aprons and mitts are so cute. What a great challenge. I am so glad I found your blog!

  2. wondermommy

    Those are all some great projects…I need to do some catching up!

  3. Shelli

    Wow! More inspiration! The door ornaments you’ve created look fabulous, Kim! The teachers will really love those! And my kidlets will love making those ornaments–thanks for sharing the recipe with us! Great job, team!

  4. swakembroidery

    Way to go, Team Kim! I have just LOVED reading this morning all that you’ve been up to. Great job everyone!

  5. These are just great and so inspirational. I hope you do this again next year. Maybe then I can plan to participate!! Awesome creations!!

  6. ADORABLE door hangers Kim and WAY TO GO TEAM KIM!!!!!! 🙂 Question for you – how do you let people know that your gifts are “door hangers”?? I would love to give those to my kids’ teachers, but I can see them trying to figure out what the heck to do with them… lol! Do you attach a little tag with instructions or are you just letting them figure it out?

  7. Dawn

    I just finished looking at all the blogs and pictures-great job!! Thanks for all the ideas.

  8. val

    Really cute stuff! Very inspirational. I love all the pictures.

  9. Dina

    You gals are doing a wonderful job! I’m getting so inspired by all of your hard work and beautiful gifts and of course many great ideas! I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

  10. Debbie

    Great job! I love the doorhangers.

  11. lorieatyoucanmakethis

    Oh my goodness-you guys have done so much! Congratulations on all those gorgeous gifts!!!


  12. Kristi

    Wow! I love them all! The teacher gifts are very cute! I love them all. Keep up the awesome work.

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