7 Simple Steps for Making Your Tween/Teen Gifts!

When it all comes down to it, you basically do the same simple seven steps! (Try saying that 10 times fast!) So to make it REALLY easy, I’ve quickly labeled the photo steps here.

Most everything was done with a bottle of “Mod Podge” (purchase at any craft or large retail store), scrapbook paper, and ribbon. Other materials are listed on their individual photos shown throughout the blog. If you are looking for scrap wood, look no further than around your own yard or your local lumber yard. I went to Lowe’s and asked them if they had any scrap wood for sale. They took me to the area where they make “cuts” of wood for people and there is always bound to be some left over. Often times they will sell this for an extremely low price or some may just say you can have it. If they give it to you for free, don’t ask them to make more cuts. ūüėČ Have fun with the odd shaped pieces and you’ll love the possibilities of making something truly unique. Have fun!


Step 1: Gather your supplies: glue, papers, ribbons, buttons, you name it…anything goes!


Step 2: Trace your item onto scrapbook paper.


Step 3:¬† Cut paper along traced lines and¬†apply “Mod Podge” onto the back with a sponge brush.

 Step 4:  Place the paper onto your item (wood, cardboard, frame, CD, etc.) and smooth out any bubbles. If the paper overlaps the item a little, that is ok.  Simply take a piece of sand paper and smooth out the edges.

¬†Step 5:¬† Cut or tear more paper. The fun part about these projects is the “layering” you can do.¬† With so many fun papers to choose from, why not combine several onto one piece?!¬† Now is the time to make those paper layers.

Step 6:¬† Gently brush another layer of “Mod Podge” over the papers to seal them and make a nice finish.
Smooth out any bubbles at this time, as well.  The glue will dry clear.

Step 7:¬† This is the most fun part! After your items are dry, it is time to embellish! Pull everything out of your craft drawers and have fun! You can see that the ribbons are mis-matched and that’s ok!¬† Enjoy the process!


Find more photos and the materials list for the CD CLOCKS here:

For more tips on making the clocks, visit here:

For how-to videos, photos and the materials list  on making FLOWER HEADBANDS, visit here: https://ycmt.wordpress.com/2008/12/09/flower-headbands/

For photos and material lists on a CLIPPIE & MIRROR BOARD, visit here:

For photos and material list on making a JEWELRY & PURSE HOLDER, visit here:

For photos and material list on making a RIBBON NOTEBOOK, visit here:

For photos and material list on making a MAGNET BOARD, visit here:

For extra tips and instructions on making that MAGNET BOARD, visit here:

For photos and material list on making her FIRST INITIAL, visit here:

For photos and material list on making a PHOTO FRAME, visit here:



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17 responses to “7 Simple Steps for Making Your Tween/Teen Gifts!

  1. alishasays

    OH I HAVE TO MAKE THIS! I was searching for a way to do something just like this for my daughters! They would LOVE this! And they could help design it and help put it together!

  2. Oh, please no more projects! I’m drooling here, now I have so many more ideas and not enough time! Neeeeeed—-to—-catch—-my breath!
    I will be finding time to make some of these! There has to be time somewhere!
    Thank you for sharing all these awesome ideas!

  3. Thank you for the tutorials Kim! I can’t wait to make some of these!

  4. Amy

    I love this and have made several similar projects for teachers using giant wooden clothes pins. (In fact, I just finished one last night! ) Perfect to clip in a picture or a gift card! Very fun and easy to personalize.

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  6. OMG these are just too great! Tweens? My tween teenager and adults (19-21 year olds) will love these! They’re not too “kiddish” not too grown-up!! Perfect for dorm rooms!!! Now all I have to do is find more time to do all that is still on Santa’s Helper List!!!!!! And I thought I could get to bed early this year during Christmas vacation! NOT!!! I agree with Monica–no more projects. Wait, no, keep the projects coming, I can use for birthdays and …… next year!!!

  7. leapinlilies

    I am thrilled that I checked the blog tonight. I have a teen that is very special to our family and wanted to go “all out” for her, but a boatload of money isn’t exactly included in our Christmas budget. These projects are absolutely perfect! Thank you so very much!!

  8. nattierose

    I am so glad I looked this up. So many great ideas that will not break my budget. I see some last minute gift ideas this year!!!

  9. I had SUCH a great time making so many things for my “tweens”! Thank you so much for the great ideas! My girls LOVED the initial letters, the journals and the flower pens I made for them! I even made them Kimberbell Kids new doll…she is the cutest! My 13, 12 and 1 1/2 year old LOVED them! I had a great time creating gifts this year, rather than going to Target and buying everything! The kids loved it too! Handmade is just a little more special and memorable, I think! YCMT is my absolute favorite! Your patterns are WONDERFUL and your authors are the best! Keep up the AMAZING work! I can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with next!

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