EASY Project! Get your kids involved!

This only cost $1 since I purchased the spiral notebook at the dollar store. To keep it with the same color scheme as the rest of the tween/teen set, I used the same ribbons and scrapbook papers.  It doesn’t get any easier than this so it’s a great project to get the kids involved in, too!


Here are 7 steps for making anything with this technique:



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4 responses to “EASY Project! Get your kids involved!

  1. patchworkids

    I am loving all of these!! Isn’t Jessica so happy she got all this fun stuff. 🙂

    Can’t wait to try them. Thanks for some cheap but super cute gift ideas.


  2. I’m loving all these ideas Kim! My 5 y/o daughter will love this one for sure!

  3. alishasays

    Please keep these ideas coming!

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