Flower Headbands!

Here’s another idea — make the reversible headbands you received when you signed up for our “You Can Make This” newsletter and turn them into a dozen “roses” (or a half-dozen in this case!) 🙂  We showed a how-to video last year on how to do this, so I’ll upload that here as well.  The best part is that this gift doesn’t have to cost a lot, but shows you put some time into making something cute for her. (These make nice teacher gifts, too!)

Note: There are 2 videos below – The first one is on making the “container” and the second is on turning the reversible headbands into “flowers.” 





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8 responses to “Flower Headbands!

  1. Carey

    I get the newsletter but don’t remember getting any patterns. Is there a way to look them up? I have been signed up for the newsletter for quite a while, is this a new promotion? Thanks!

  2. This would be a really cute idea for my 10 y/o goddaughter! She loves headbands.

    I don’t remember getting this pattern either. Ugh… I hope it is not on my old computer (buried in our storage unit). I think I might have forgotten about a few e-books that were on there and never transferred them to my new one!

  3. Kim, I just went back and realized there were videos! How wonderful and easy! I think I may make these for my little Sister in Law!


  4. Is it possible to get a copy of the newsletter to get the info on the headbands. Thanks!

  5. ycmt

    Hi Leigh Anne! The download is automatically sent to people after sign-up. You’ll receive a follow-up email which asks you to confirm subscription. Then you are re-directed to a page filled with free download products, and the headband is one of those. Thanks!!

  6. alishasays

    Love this! I will be trying it tonight!

  7. Hi–

    I can not hear the video how to make a flower headband. I am trying to find the download for this pattern of Flower Headband. Can you tell me where to find that pattern. I would love to make this for my girls christmas gifts.

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