Last one! It’s Tween Time! (and they’re made from old CD’s!)

This was probably my favorite project. It’s also the one that cost more than the others, but it was so fun to make. When I do this again (I have a few people on my list that I’d like to make one of these for!) I will use up my 40% coupons at Michaels and Hobby Lobby and get an even better deal.

Do you have CD’s that have been so scratched, they can’t be used anymore? Don’t throw them out — make them into clocks! This project actually started out with an idea to make ONE CLOCK. They were so fast and fun to make that it ended up being a 3-clock project showing a few different time zones (and places THIS tween might rather be in! LOL!)

Directions are coming up next, but here it is! Oh, and the letters came from some stick-on letters used in scrapbooking! Do you ever get those peel-and-stick sheets and only use a few of the letters? Well, fortunately, I had enough left over to make the words for Home, Paris, and New York!



Here are 7 steps for making anything with this technique:

For extra tips assembling the clock, click here:



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14 responses to “Last one! It’s Tween Time! (and they’re made from old CD’s!)

  1. Shelli

    Kim, every one of these tween/teen gift ideas is so fun and darling! Thank you for allowing us all to benefit from your vast amount of creativity! You have my wheels turning….my 11 year old boy would think it so cool to have clocks covered with his favorite sports teams’ fabric, with the times for where those teams are located–and so economical. Love it! Thanks, Kim!


  2. Dina

    Kim you are just so darn creative! I love every single idea that you have come up with and I wish I would have had a “cool” aunt to make all of these fun things for me when I was a tween. I guess that will have to be me for my nieces and nephews!

  3. WOW Kim! That is such a cute idea! And so fun to see what time it is in other places!

  4. You can also get clock movements from Klockit. I like their quartz movements with push-on hands ($2.79 each).

  5. What an awesome idea Kim! You are so clever & creative! I am so glad to be on your team!!!

  6. Oh I love this!!! I think the boys would even like a boyish one…

  7. alishasays

    This is brilliant! Could totally be done for boys as well! And for any age range!

  8. I love the clock! I might just have to make one for myself…one could probably use a large paint-stick and free CD’s that come in the mail to help cut cost…
    I’m thinking, a single CD would be a great size for a child’s room, and could be decorated, using stickers, with their favorite things.

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  10. Nancy

    I love this! We’re actually making one for the grandparents on our list. They have grandchildren in different time zones. We’re putting pictures of the kids on the CD instead of scrapbook paper & putting the cities where the grandchildren live above that. Thanks for the great idea!

  11. Cindi

    These are so cute!
    Are there detailed instructions posted showing how to make these? I’m trying to figure out where the battery for the clockworks is located. The CD’s look like they are flat against the wood. Are the batteries behind the wood? I’d like to make some of these! Thanks for the cute idea!

  12. This is so cute! I found it via Blissful Home. I’m going to be linking to the project in a few weeks from Dollar Store Crafts!


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  14. I love this idea!! I am going to make a clock for my mom for mothers’ day, b/c her kids/grandkids are in three different time zones, and she’s always forgetting how many hours different our zones are:) I think she’s gonna love it.

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