Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall – a Gift for the Tweens/Teens!

They may have outgrown cutsie hairbows, but they still love those headbands and clips!  So this gift is one that is multi-functional — a mirror and a place to hold those clips!  The mirror was purchased at the dollar store for…you’ve guessed it – a dollar. 🙂  It was a mirror meant to hold a candle, but I hot-glued it to the wood and wa-la…it’s a mirror to look into! 😉  The next post will show what can be done with headbands!

Oh, and a tweens room wouldn’t be complete without a poster of a Jonas Brother, right?


Here are 7 steps for making anything with this technique:



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9 responses to “Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall – a Gift for the Tweens/Teens!

  1. This is a really cute project! I cannot name the Jonas Brother in the background, but I know my 10 y/o Goddaughter could — she is obsessed! My DD is too young to know anything about them yet – thankfully!!!

    All these tween projects are too cool!

  2. Dawn

    I’m going to guess Nick. My girls love the Jonas Brothers. Your ideas are so awesome!! Thanks so much for the ideas and directions. My 11 yr old would love all of these.

  3. Dezzi

    HI i a a tween and i luv it of corse and that iz nick jonas i like joe betta but they r all hottttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. So cute and versatile! I am going to link to this from Dollar Store Crafts in a few weeks!


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  6. I really like this project. My teens clips are all over her bedroom floor, so this cute clip organizer would be great for her. And oh how we love the dollar store!

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