ZERO extra dollars! Make a Purse & Jewelry Holder

This one was a fun one. You may recognize the purse — it’s the same one I made for the instructions on “The Debut” purse at YCMT. ( if you are just learning about us!) 🙂  The instructions for this purse are free when you sign up for our “You Can Make This” or “You Can SEW This” newsletter.  Besides the purse, you’ll also receive another bundle of books for free. Fun stuff.

The rest of the items needed to make this came from the ol’ stash of stuff I had on hand — hooks, scrapbook papers, and wood. (Well, I’ll tell you about where to get the free scrap wood later tonight.) Any tween/teen is bound to have lots of jewelry so this will be a fun gift for her. And if you’re up to making some jewelry, we have some great e-books that will also show you how to do that.

Here’s the project photo!


Here are 7 steps for making anything with this technique:



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6 responses to “ZERO extra dollars! Make a Purse & Jewelry Holder

  1. alishasays

    This is GREAT! Could be used for my daughters’ headband collection and necklaces as well!

  2. I love this idea and the execution is superb! I LOVE the dots and other papers you chose!

  3. sarah

    My daughter has so many purses (most of them made by me!) and tons of play jewelry. Just yesterday I was thiking about what I could do to organize it all better. Great idea Kim!!!!

  4. I love the fabric this purse is made from! Check out a few of my over 150 pages here at

  5. Your site displays incorrectly in Mozilla, but content excellent! Thank you for your wise words.

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