Team Lorie: Working it Out Under $50

I admit that, when we began this challenge, I thought it was all about beating the other teams.  The competitive side of me took over, and I took on the persona of a Schwarzenegger-esque, big talker with a furrow on my brow and my shoulders hunched for the battle.  I was almost immediately humbled by something much greater than the power of talk–it was the power of creativity that had me cornered from almost the first day.

The members of Team Lorie began work immediately, and within days had a number of projects done.  More–those projects ran the gamut from beautifully stamped tiles and embroidered handbags, to name pillows and stuffed toys.  Each time I went out to one of our member’s blogs and saw photos of the work they were doing–I caught myself saying, “Oh! How awesome is that?” 


Not only are these projects beautiful, creative, and made with such love and consideration for their intended recipients, they are a reflection of the great potential we hold outside the daily grind.  These gifts are important.  They will be remembered.  They were made, not in the comforts of big studios with unlimited resources and a pick of the best materials and supplies on the market–quite the contrary!  These were made by women who have day jobs, who have sick children, who have large families to care for, who have loads of laundry and dishes in the sink, and far more to do than can be done in a day.  And behind each of these gifts is the gift of kind and thoughtful intention. 

So, beyond the muscle, and even beyond the $50, is value well beyond what we ever imagined this challenge to have brought. 

Thank you to each and every member of the Thrifty Under $50 challenge, and most especially to the members of Team Lorie.  We’re in the home stretch!




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4 responses to “Team Lorie: Working it Out Under $50

  1. Kris

    Lorie, well-said my friend. 😉

  2. That was very well said! This challenge has been amazing!

  3. ycmt

    Love it all. Thank you Lorie for posting your thoughts on this, too.

  4. alishasays

    All the teams are doing such a fantastic job!

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