Tell us about your “Twirls for Girls” experience!

There was also a number of patterns in the last month where 100% of the proceeds went directly to the Toys for Tots foundation. Those patterns included the Embellished Patchwork Twirl, Christmas Doodles, and more. I am happy to report that we were able to raise $1,014.70 for such a great cause. Thank you for your support!

If you made twirl skirts for the Toys for Tots program, we’d love to hear about your experience! You can post to our “I Made This!” section of the site and here on our blog. Let us know how many you made and where they were donated.

The mom of an eleven year old girl shared with me her experience in teaching her daughter how to make these tiny twirls to donate. With her permission, I am sharing it with you.

“I would just like to share with you something kind of tender that is taking place right now in my sewing room. In the competing age of ipods, video games, cell phones, etc, etc…. I decided to sit down yesterday with my 11-year-old daughter, Jessica to teach her some sewing skills. She has sewn a pillow once -4 straight sides and has become somewhat familiar with the sewing machine. But this was the first time they she sewed something for someone else…and I haven’t seen her beam like this in a long time.

I decided this Christmas season that I was going to teach her how to sew the simple wrap skirt for the “Twirls for Girls” campaign. I had no idea the transformation that would take place within her in such a short amount if time, as she and I sat down together and learned how to put this pattern together. I walked it through with her once and she has been on fire since.

We only were able to make 1 last night before bedtime and she could hardly wait to wake up this morning so she could start again. She’s now made 2 more and is starting on another one. She is so pleased with the results. With every skirt, you can just see her smile get bigger. She keeps talking about what little girl might open up this skirt, or that doll outfit…or “Oh, I bet she’ll love this Strawberry Shortcake fabric…” It is so fun to listen to. She then turned to me and said, “Thanks mom for teaching me how to do this.”

I believe the 2nd part of this sweet experience will happen in just a few short days when we take these items she has made to our local Toys for Tots drop-off center. If you could have been a fly on our wall last night, you would be able to hear and see such a treasured experience I had with her. With the age she is at, sometimes it is hard to figure her out. That middle-school age is a tough one and so many things are happening in their lives. I just felt that by giving her an opportunity to think of someone else would be something that could really help her find herself.”



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5 responses to “Tell us about your “Twirls for Girls” experience!

  1. Thank you for the opportunity. I was only able to make two and I donated them to a local teenage mom’s program instead of toys for tots (hope that is ok?). If I get some time I will make a couple more for toys for tots. There is a pic of them on my blog. I used Teddies and the skirts are a little hard to see. My teddies were only 17″ and I just used the two layers instead of 3. Thanks again, Angela

  2. Oh my goodness – I just loved reading about Jessica’s “Twirls for Girls” experience!!! What a great girl, and what a wonderful mom for teaching her the joy of giving! Last year, my “tween” stepdaughter, Emily, and I made some dolly skirts to donate. I saw that same excited, loving spark in her, and it was a amazing bonding experience for the two of us.

    Toys for Tots started with one little handmade dolly, and it is so wonderful to see that this incredible organization still embraces and encourages donations of our time and talent.

  3. Kris had shared that story with us – SO NEAT! What a great memory for both of them!

    Awesome job raising so much for Toys For Tots! I loved seeing the items on YCMT that were 100% Toys for Tots! So kind of you!

    We still have not been able to take our little doll by. I wanted all the girls to have the experience of dropping it off, and they are just now all well at once! We are going to take it in the morning!

  4. I loved that story, so inspiring. I sat down with my oldest and made a few this weekend. She wanted to watch more so than help sew because she is still learning (8 yr old) but she is getting there. We made 8 little skirts and plan to take them this morning and drop them off. I’ll post pics on my blog…

  5. alishasays

    I am so disappointed that I was unable to find the time to participate in this! Next year I will be starting my Christmas sewing MUCH earlier so I will have time for things like this!!

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