Part 3 — It’s an EASY one!

I hope you all had a nice weekend! Are you all caught up on your quilts? 🙂

Alrighty…who is ready for the next step? This one is an easy one!  All I want you to do today  is get out that iron! (Oh, and those super-cute, half-square triangles you’ve just made! Don’t you just love how those look?)

The key to a good pressing (I think anyway) is to “lift and press…lift and press.” You don’t want to run your iron all over the square like you normally might because it may pull too much on your fabric and distort it. 

I always learned that a general rule of thumb in quilting is to press your seams towards the darker side. Some patterns may tell you otherwise so if you are creating other quilts it may give suggestions for which way to iron them.  For today…let’s iron them towards the darker fabric. 🙂

Step 1: Press your seam towards the darker fabric.  Your “square” will now look like the 2nd photo, with little portions of fabric sticking out beyond the square.  I also like to press on the front, too.

Step 2:  Simply take your rotary cutter or scissors and cut that excess fabric right off! Ba-bye!  NOW you have a really cute square, don’t you?

Set aside and do all those other things on your mile-long list of to-do’s. (You have one of those lists like mine, don’t you?) 

I’ll be back with the next steps shortly because this is when it gets really fun!! 🙂




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22 responses to “Part 3 — It’s an EASY one!

  1. Yeehaw… a new step… Can’t wait to see what’s next.


  2. Looking good! I love half square triangles. You can make so many different designs with them. I really like the polka dot fabric you chose.

    I like to watch the quilting shows on TV. When they iron their squares they “set” the seam first. What they do is place the iron on the sewn seam first, then open up the square and iron the seams to one side or another. I don’t know if it makes much difference, but it seems to make it easier for me to iron the seams over. Any little bit helps…

  3. Cindy C.

    I am so excited to begin this project. I have a question about step number 2. I know we have to cut out even numbers of each fabric. Say I cut out 8 out of one dark color and 8 out of one light color. Do I have to stitch all 8 together the same way? Or can I do 2 blocks and then mix the other 6 with different light and dark fabrics? I have never made a quilt before so I am trying to get all the details straight in my mind! LOL

  4. Ok! I went over to the “dark side”…LOL!

  5. ycmt

    That is a great tip Robin. Thank you!

    Cindy – No, you do not need to stitch all 8 out of that same color combination. You just need to pair up a “green with a white” and then another “same green with the same white” (example). Does that help?

  6. ycmt

    Carla — I knew someone would say that! LOL! 😉

  7. Cindy C.

    Thanks for answering my question. After I sat and thought about it I figured that I only need to make 2 squares exactly alike.

    Thanks again!

  8. Gosh–I’m so far behind! I only have my squares cut… I’d better get crackin!

  9. Helen C.

    This is so cool and very exciting… can’t wait for more!

  10. This is easier than I thought it was going to be .Still on step two
    thanks Lisa

  11. Oh, this is a quilt that will NOT make it to my UFO list. Can’t wait for the next step.

  12. Can’t believe I am actually on track with all the steps! I love this because your steps are so simple (so far) that it’s not so complicated that I put it off till later – know what I mean?

    Anyway, so far so good!

  13. OK, now that you have told us how to iron them, now I feel stupid for trying to iron open all those 1/4″ seams in my calendar quilt! I’ve always been told “press your seams open” so I figured it applied in quilting too. Don’t I feel dumb!!!

    Carla, I’m joining you on the “dark side”. That way we can “be strong together ‘Luke’!” Nice to see we have “The Force” aka Kim on our side!
    Quilting together, Shelly

  14. I joined this party late, and I’m still cutting mine out, but I’m cutting 84 of both the dark and the light. I’m almost done and then will start stitching them together. I’ll be caught up pretty quick!

  15. I don’t know what happened to the comment I posted this morning from my desk at work, but it didn’t get here. So, here I go again! I want to thank you for telling us how to iron it. You see, for everything I’ve ever sewn you “press the seams open.” So I’ve been killing my fingers trying to figure out how to press open these 1\4″ seams on the calendar quilt I’m doing! Lordy, do I feel stupid. This will be a breeze to do this step then!
    Quilting together,

  16. Ok I too am a little late but I got all mine cut out, sewn together, cut again and ironed all in one day!! I also managed to cut out all my stuff for a stripwork jumper 😉 so I can get that sewn for one of the kiddos. Can’t wait for the next steps, hoping to get it done in time for my mom’s 50th birthday next Tuesday, the 20th!! Woo hoo!!

  17. Glenda

    I’m anxiously awaiting the next step. I was a little late starting but happened to be able to get all of the steps done in one day and even cut out a couple of dresses for my daughter. Im ready to get going so I can give this away at a baby shower.

  18. Jen

    Blogged it here:

    And moving along a question I posted on step 1: does anyone have a guess at a finished size using 64 4″x4″ squares?

  19. Anxiously awaiting the next step! Any idea how big this is going to be? I got a little carried away and cut extra squares.

  20. alishasays

    I really want to do this! I will have some catching up to do!

  21. Kei

    Yay! I’ve finished this step. Now only another 4 steps till I’ve caught up!

  22. Claudine

    Is there a printer friendly link to the make it as you go quilt? I have many many scraps and this seems a good project for them.

    I love your site.

    This may be a repeat, sorry

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