Part 7 — I Think You’ll Like This One!

I wanted to wait a few extra days before posting this in order to give everyone time to catch up. I’ve been visiting your blogs and your quilts are looking GREAT!! 

The last step wasn’t the most fun, but this one sure is! 

As you know, I’m making this up as I go. So my initial idea was to have the center of the quilt, created in this way: 4 pinwheels across, and 4 pinwheels down.  So you’d have a 16-pinwheel quilt center. Something like this:


Do I like that? Sure! It works. It’s cute. It’s “Option 1.”  And if you’d like to go ahead and sew those rows together, then you’re ready to go there and do that step.  And it will be adorable. 

But before you do….let me show you “Option 2.”  (heehee) This option was one that I fell in love with once I turned my squares “on point.”  See the difference this makes?


Now you may notice something right away — Option 2 only has 13 pinwheels. I had you make 16 pinwheels since I was first going to go with option 1.  So if you are going with Option 2, choose your favorite 13 blocks and keep the extra 3 for pillows, other quilts, etc. 😉

This tutorial is going to be a little longer, but I’m telling ya…IT WILL BE FUN!! 🙂  (Plus, you just may learn something new, too!)  Again, the following steps are for OPTION 2 ONLY.

Notice how there are missing triangles? No worries! I’ll show you how to put those in there.  There’s a little trick to it,  so you’ll want to follow closely so that your quilt top lays nicely.  PART 7 will only show you how to do those SIDE TRIANGLES.  The corner triangles will come in Part 8. 😉


Step 1:  Cut 2, 9×9 inch squares.  I based the 9×9 inch measurement on the fact that my pinwheels finished as a 6 inch square. So if your finished square is 5 inches, cut 8×8 inch squares.  There are many fancy math formulas out there for getting an exact size for cutting your side  triangles, but I’m going to follow the advice of Rochelle from Cottage Quilts and simply add 3 inches to my finished block.


Step 2: You’ll be cutting 4 triangles out of this 9×9 inch square. Confused? Don’t be. Here’s what you do: With your ruler and rotary cutter, cut across at a diagonal.

Step 3: Cut across along the other diagonal.



Since your bias cuts are on the inside of the square, making your cuts like this prevents the border of your quilt from becoming “wavy.” Now you have 4 triangles that you can place on the sides of your quilt.  Cutting your 2nd, 9×9″ square will give you 4 more triangles.

Step 4:  Place your triangles along each side.  The long side of the triangle will be on the outside border.  *Note: If you want a more “scrappy” looking quilt, simply cut more 9×9 inch squares. You’ll have a few extra triangles that you won’t need, but you’ll get the amount of different fabric triangles you want. 


Remember, don’t worry about those corner triangles right now. Those are cut differently and we’ll do that on another day. 🙂


Step 5:   Now you’re going to sew these “diagonal” rows. Starting in the top left-hand corner, sew triangle 1 to block 2. Then sew block 2 to triangle 3.  Use a 1/4 inch seam allowance.  The photos below will help you “see” what is happening.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket


Step 6:  Press your seams towards each triangle.


Step 7:  Repeat steps 5 & 6 for the rest of the diagonal rows.  Example:



OK, that’s all for today! Part 8 will include how to sew the rows together and adding on your corner triangles! Have fun! I’ll be watching for your updates!




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17 responses to “Part 7 — I Think You’ll Like This One!

  1. New instructions!!! Yeppie!!!

    Now to go find some fabric in my stash to try to match… 🙂

    Carol C.

  2. Teresa Pomerantz

    yay! I have been stalking for the update. Since I am doing two quilts- I think I will do one of each option 🙂 Thanks Kim!

  3. Well worth the wait…this looks great! Thank you!

  4. Before I start putting mine together–with whichever option I decide on–is it going to matter that my pinwheel squares ended up looking more like the ones here: than YOURS? I guess I didn’t realize that the same 2 colors needed to be in each square–and therefore GOOFED. Mine have 2 different darks and 2 different lites in each block. Is that a problem? If so, I need to know NOW before I sew them together! Or I need to know if I need to start over! Kim please help me here!

  5. ycmt

    Shelly — I just checked out your blog. I LOVE IT. Seriously, no worries on the pinwheels not matching up — that is part of the fun of quilting…especially for me, the more scrappy, the better! Do not do a re-do…keep going with it because it is turning out beautifully!!


  6. Rachel Harper

    Yippee! How do you do such beautiful fabric combos? If I were to put those together, they would look ????? Looks like I need to do some more blocks!


  7. Yippeee!! I have been looking every day for a new step. Now I just have to eek out some time to do it. It looks too complex for my brain right now.

  8. Debbie Samuelson

    Yeah!! I’ve been waiting for the next step, and I’ve knocked it out already 😦 I’m doing this along with 2 friends, I’ve only done a rag quilt, one friend has never quilted and the other (look above Rachel), has many under her belt!!

    Thanks for this, I’m really enjoying this quilt along 🙂

  9. Jen

    This is perfect! I was wishing I had put some more brown in my pinwheels, now I will do option #2 and use the brown fabric for the triangles. I can also weed out 3 of the squares that don’t have brown. Thanks for the update, Kim!

  10. swakembroidery

    Wonderful instruction yet again Kim! Thank you so much! Your quilt is turning out beautiful! This has been a lot of fun.

  11. Jen

    Caught up – it looks great! Blogged it here with some pics:

  12. Barb

    i think im going to try this one ,im not a quilter but have done several machine embroideried quilts for my kids.this looks great, thanks Barb. keep it coming.

  13. OOOH! I love how these are coming together!
    I just posted a progress report 🙂 .

  14. Kim thanks for taking a look at mine (again) and letting me know that it will be ok to put together as is. With your “babysteps” I’ve been able to tackle a couple of other quilts or quilt swaps. I can’t wait to see everybody’s. Are you going to get pics of everyones when they are done to show all of us? Or do we need to go from blog to blog to see them when they are done?

  15. Kathy Henk

    I had just been sorting my stash and I had 12 blocks left over from another scrappy quilt. So a couple more & I was ready to start. My blocks are 5″ so I made my triangle 8″ and then cut. They seem too big, but I guess I can trim them off. Great directions. Thanks.

  16. KIM:
    I really need your HELP!!! Please go to my blog and tell me what I did wrong! I’ve done everything you said to for Option 2 but it sure doesn’t look like yours!

  17. I’m new to You Can Make This. I’ll not jump into the quilt now. I’m going to follow along. I look forward to seeing the finished products.
    At this point I’m up to my ears in little girl clothes and doll clothes. My daughter is a tall and thin one and store clothes simply do not fit, not even close. Thankfully my mom taught me to sew. Now that I’ve found your site and the wonderful web world of tutorials, I’m inspired. I always wanted to be a designer. Who knew my little girl would give me the opportunity. 🙂
    Thanks for letting me bud in.
    PS…I’m also new to twitter and trying to follow along. Do you all have a time to together there? It looks like there was some sort of “chat” last Fri.

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