Super Sew Sunday & Part 8…

I hope you all had a nice weekend! I’m guessing many of you got out the chips, dip, and grill for a Super SEW Sunday! Am I right? 🙂 What?!? You think I mean, “Super BOWL Sunday?” Nahhh….I mean, I *think* I heard “something” about tackles, interceptions, a neat story about a guy by the name of Kurt Warner, maybe some “Steelers” talk and all…

LOL! Just kidding, of course!  So while Super Bowl Sunday was happening around here, I did sneak off for a little super-sewing, too. 😉

Part 8 & 9 will go by really fast. So let’s start with part 8: sewing those rows together! 

Step 1: Arrange your diagonal rows as I have done in the photo below. The numbers just help with step 2.


Step 2: Right sides together, line up the bottom of row 1, to the top of row 2.


Step 3: Pin rows together. Carefully match up seams and use a lot of pins. 🙂


Step 4: Using a 1/4″ seam allowance, sew row 1 to row 2.  Continue sewing rows together by sewing row 2 to row 3, and so on. Repeat until all 5 rows are sewn together. Press seams.


In keeping with the idea of making this quilt in “baby steps,” I’ll wait a few hours until posting the instructions for the corners. Resist the temptation to trim your quilt just yet. 🙂 It’s ok if you have, but we’ll take care of it all in one big step when we put on those corners.

I’ll post again later on today! Have fun!!




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4 responses to “Super Sew Sunday & Part 8…

  1. Cindy C.

    Waiting for part 9 even though I’m only on part 7! LOL How many more steps are there? I was hoping to be able to give mine as a baby shower gift. The shower is Feb 8th…. I might have to figure out the ending myself. LOL Hoping to start a blog soon so I can post pictures.

  2. I’m on step 6 1/2. I’ve completed step 6 and most of step 7 but not all. Hopefully, I be able to post pics of what I’ve done so far later in the week:)

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  4. Oops, I thought sewing the rows together was part of step 7. I guess I just imagined it. I did that and squared off the corners (guess I wasn’t supposed to do that either). So much for learning as I go WITH the teacher. As usual, I seem to jump ahead of myself! Going to go look to see what I need to do in Step 9 now. Thanks Kim for your help and kind words earlier.~Shelly~

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