Welcome to the official, “YouCanMakeThis.com” blog! Here is where I’ll be making posts about upcoming eBooks, sneak peeks, video blog posts, and our newest adventure…YCMT TV! I welcome your comments and hope to make this blog a fun place to come and check out what’s new at www.YouCanMakeThis.com

If you’ve never been to our site, you’ll definitely want to take a look. We sell downloadable patterns and “how-to” eBooks on just about anything you can MAKE! Learn to make boutique clothing, handbags, jewelry, home decor, digital scrapbooking, crochet, start a business, and more!


-Kim 🙂


22 responses to “About

  1. meagan chesnut

    Wow! I am so excited! I have so many E books already! TV will be so much better!!!!!!!

  2. Tonja

    I love you’re site and love purchasing patterns from there.I think your new venture is great and cannot wait for your TV debut!!!!

  3. Amy

    That is such a wonderful idea. I have some e books, but tv will be SO GREAT!!! I can’t wait for this to debut.

  4. Jenny

    this is cool. can’t wait to see it full length. awesome!

  5. Amy

    WOW! I’m so excited to see the debut! Good luck!!

  6. Joni

    Kim, I think your Imagination and Creativity are growing to yet another media! BRAVO! Please do not take the e-books off as you add the video. As a grandma who sews for kids; it is nice to see the items and the people YES. But for sewing instructions I NEED to have them in writing so I can refer back to them right next to my sewing machine. Hope you don’t read this as a criticism just a thoughtful reminder not all of your subscribers are 20+ year olds.*smile* but we are all still “Kids at Heart”.

  7. Hayley

    Ohhhh…Kim I am so excited!! I actually have the personalized pillow ebook featured on the video clip. That’s awesome that you will be offering tips on that book and others! It’s nice to have someone hold your hand through the process sometimes! Can’t wait for the entire “Big Reveal!!”

  8. Jan

    I believe the first Applique Ebook was by kinderbell kids!
    I love all the patterns on this site. I have purchased some and plan on purchasing more. I think this place is great!!!

  9. Monica

    Thanks for this site. I was looking everywhere to learn how to make jewelry and found the ebook on this site. It was so helpful.

  10. Kathy

    I love the downloadable e-books. Since I’m in the past 50 age group, please don’t forget to include navagation directions for the older generation—blogging is new to a lot of us as web TV will also be! I’m excited and looking forward to the new advancements YCMT is making!! Good Luck!!

  11. Nadine

    I’m so excited about the new website. Thanks so much for your support at the Material Girls Quilts. We will continue to tell our customers about you!!

  12. Andi

    Another great site!!! Thanks!!! Your hard work and drive are amazing. I love this blog site. Bummer, I missed the drawing.

    I also wanted to mention…. Please do not take the e-books off as you add the video. I still have dial-up {since where I live they don’t offer anything else :{ So to watch a video is near impossible. Or it would take forever and a day to load. Also I love to be able to print the books out and have a reference right there next to me while sewing.

    Thank you for all your hard work; it truly is appreciated. Have a fantastic day. Andi

  13. ~Deanna

    I’m new to the site, but have purchased 2 e-books in the last 2 days, and can’t wait to get started on the projects!

    Thanks for including some free e-books on the site. I just kind of stumbled upon them, but for anyone who doesn’t know, just click the Search button on the site and enter “free” in the search box. There are some great things there! :o)

    Can’t wait to peruse the site more, and see what all else I can find… I’ll be making things for years to come! Thanks for this great site!



    I immediately bought the pillow directions and made two pillows that night, they turned out so adorable and my granddaughters love them.

    I’ve been watching since the beginning of the website and has been fun watching it grow. It’s an awesome website and so much fun to buy the patterns and see what your can do with it. I have bought about 6 patterns and have had so much fun with them.

    keep up the great work


  15. Connie Douty

    Name for the new bag: Knots to go!

  16. for no-name bag—Bow “not”

  17. Deb

    I LOVE getting the newsletters in my email! Although I am currently working 3 part-time jobs, I try to sneak in a little sewing time at least 3 days a week, so I look for quick projects. Being able to download my patterns and instructions is an awesome time-saver for me!

  18. Vikkie Lovinsun

    “Knot Your Mama’s Bag” came to mind the moment I first seen this terrific bag

  19. I found a Treasure Chest in the blocks in the top section of the YCMT Newsletter! Hopefully this is where one=one so that my blog herein counts. How exciting!!

  20. Carolyn

    I can’t believe how much I have learned from purchases from your site. The idea’s are so inspirational and I have made so many cute things for my 4 grandchildren as well as others. I’m certainly not creative but I can follow all the easy patterns . Best of all my g/c think I’m the best. lol. Thanks so much for making me look good to so many.

  21. Sarah

    Happy birthday, YCMT! Your site helped to inspire my daughter and I to start our own sewing business, and we continue to be inspired, especially by the positive attitude that just radiates from your website. Every time I visit the site or receive your newsletter, I think, yes, I can do this!

  22. Kim and Kris,

    One of the highlights of this past weekend at Startup was meeting you two!! My two cute new friends! I can’t wait to connect and talk more about how we can work together. I would love to help in any way I can. I am back home now after two days at the beach after getting home from Utah – I’ll be in the office tomorrow. If you have time I’d love to chat some more!

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